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    The moment of the unveiling of our next project is approaching. Soon we will have all the paperworks in place and make the announcement to our closest partners. And in a few days' time, our fans will know, too. What is Project Z, then? To make it short, it is... the Roleplaying Game you have been waiting for more than forty years! We will reveal the details about the project one little bit at a time. Maybe I will answer some questions about the game, and maybe not. For sure, I will answer the following four questions, one at a time and over a period of some weeks. And when all questions have a reply, everything will become clear. WHERE will evil come from? WHEN will justice triumph? WHO will fight for mankind? WHAT is the sound of justice?
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    Since as it says in RQG p.371 "The Spirit World is a vast singularity without strict internal borders", and "regions are indistinct from each other, often overlapping and including the lesser within the greater. They tend to shift and meld at times, merging and offering no distinct boundaries. This is one of the great dangers of the Spirit World...", so they could in theory end up anywhere. But also note p.372 "Shamans, however, can perceive their own local Inner Region, and they define the look and feel of that area according to their traditions." I would play it that part of their time as assistant shaman is learning how to control where they appear, and, yes, it would depend on their tradition and where they are when they discorporate. So, Joseph Greenbeak, preeminent duck shaman perhaps with affinities to Kolat and Sky River Titan, is with the Orlmarth and needs to investigate a disturbance in the Spirit World. He can readily control "where" he discorporates so might choose from: 1) the Duck Nest - favorite home of duck shamans; 2) Kolat's eyrie - where the playful sylphs swirl about; 3) the Guardian Woods of the Orlmarth; 4) the Starfire Ridge - a reflection of the real Starfire Ridges, but where ghosts of the Illavan and evil fire spirits and demons reside. Depends on where he starts from. He would likely develop "maps" to get there. Maybe the simplest one goes from the Duck Nest to Grandfather Duck to the Gates of Dusk to Daka Fal's Fire. Yes, travel to something like Gorakiki's Beetle Cave or the Grub Hall or the Fields of Great Eating, etc.
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    It's my firm belief/firmly part of my Glorantha that the traditionalist Ernalda priestess attitude towards the Lunar Way can be summed up as: "If Sedenya thinks she's so important she can marry Ernalda too."
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    Sounds like something I'd see on the History Channel, with some unqualified "expert" explaining how it was used by Ancient Aliens."Was King Arthur an alien. Merlin a genic hybrid with some alien race? Was Stonehenge really a spaceport for extraterrestrials? And did an airport exist in Gaul?"
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    Whether the map includes the ancient airstrips. SDLeary
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    I posted these notes on the FB Runequest page and thought I'd repost them here: The Old Tarshites have about 10 clans. Wintertop Fort is shared by several clans, including the Hendarli. Wintertop previously served as a sacred city and place of pilgrimage - it was not the capital of Tarsh (that was traditionally Bagnot, and later Furthest). WINTERTOP FORT At 1200 meters, Wintertop Fort is in a deep valley at the base of Kero Fin. The valley gets over 3 meters of snow each winter. The locals herd cattle and sheep, hunt and raid for a living. What little agriculture they have is mainly dedicated to growing emmer wheat. Sacred shadow cats wander around freely throughout Wintertop valley; it is forbidden to harm these cats. At the base of the valley, the Squat Inn provides accommodations for pilgrims and merchants. Wintertop Fort itself is a small city ready to provide porters, climbers, and haulers to anyone who pays. The city is best known for its great temple to Orlanth Son of the Mountain Goddess that is regularly visited by Orlanthi pilgrims from as far away as Talastar and Maniria. A group of hot springs right below the temple has curative powers. ----- Here are more notes. Wintertop Fort has a population of 3000 people. I suspect that is most of the population of the valley. Maybe another 1000 live outside the urban area in the valley. This means there are probably four clans in the Wintertop Fort. One of these is the Hendarli clan (not tribe). Politically, they are dominated by the Shaker's Temple, who has raised a king for the whole of the Tarsh Exiles (Unstey of the Hendarli). A maintained road connects Wintertop to the Shaker's Temple. An trader's road connects Wintertop with the Solthon Valley. Wintertop maintains close ties to their kinfolk in the Solthon Valley (which is as close as Arim's Valley). The great temple to Orlanth and Kero Fin is supported by Orlanthi pilgrims. Local bandits generally leave the pilgrims alone. Orlanth gets Snow here from his half-sister. The locals grow emmer not barley. Emmer actually grows better than barley in mountainous areas, and is Kero Fin's special grain. You can also make beer out of it. A hot spiced beer is particularly popular with the locals. Architecturally, Wintertop was founded in the 14th century. I think the primary fortifications are the valley itself, although the main settlement has fortifications built in the 1570s (Sartarite stone-masons, I think). The largest and most-impressive looking building in the town is the great temple, made of stone, and likely rebuilt in the 1570s as well. The lesser buildings are made out of stone and wood (which is easier to heat). Houses are simply square block structures with peaked roofs. The ground floor is usually stone, and wooden floors built atop it.
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    Regular ashlar masonry is far less resistant to earthquakes and tremors than polygonal ashlar. The Inca used both types but polygonal has much greater strength. I thought the detail might be of interest, though not in those notes.
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    There's sure to be small shrines here and there, wherever there were significant converts among the locals. Massacring foreign occupiers is one thing, but converted cousins are stil kin.
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    I'm really skeptical that any production will be able to get the tone right, but there's always hope (at least until the end when Stormbringer destroys the world).
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    another one from 7thsea2e.com a ships manifest written by user BluSponge ship manifest.pdf
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    Also, apart from the Chaos thing, it worked out great. The Storm Age has no Yelm, but to the Storm Gods, it's just the best!
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    Have two plots going on. Some cultists full of crap who need help from the investigators because they're being swallowed up by real Cthulhu cultists.
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    Hey Clarence, Just signed up for your Elevation giveaway... Just curious when did that book come out? Thanks, Ronnie
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    I think that the Feathered Horse Queen of the Grazers is a special case, as she proved herself to be an Avatar of Sorana Tor, so she was the Queen of the Earth People of the area. Of course, the area could be the Grazelands or Dragon Pass as a whole, as marrying the Feathered Horse Queen means you become King of Dragon Pass. Wasn't the FHQ around before Hon Eel did her stuff in Tarsh? I can't remember. I have always treated them as slaves. Of course they are slaves who can marry, own things and become Priests and Priestesses, but they are controlled in many ways by the Grazers. The FHQ is their Queen and they are her slaves, with her being their Protectoress. Oh, they don't need anything against drought, they just ask Yelm to put Daga back in his jar. They have a HeroQuest for that. Orlanth needs to fight Daga, Yelm just commands him. My impression was that Lokamayadon had a lot of support among the Talastari, they were his people after all. He had a lot of support and worship throughout his tenure. The mistake he made was to support a Light God rather than a Storm God and the general population of Storm People didn't much like that. Yes, that is the impression that I got from the older sources. Lots of Storm heroes try for Apotheosis. His mistake was that he tried to prove himself the equal or superior of Orlanth and failed, He famously could not Thunder, so was not Orlanth's equal. However, had he not tried to challenge Orlanth, he would have been a reasonable Storm God, a Sky Friend. In fact, I would expect some Lunars to try and access him as an equal to, or replacement for, Orlanth. My personal opinion is that Argrath uses some of the powers of High Storm, especially when he creates the Temple of the Reaching Storm. No, they can't, unless the Compromise is broken, in which case they do, in order to mend the Compromise. One of the Heroes of Castle Blue was pleased that his sword rose into the air, as that meant the Compromise was broken and he could fight against the Red Goddess. I can't remember the source for that. What normally happens is that heroes do things that are so powerful that they break the Compromise, which allows the Deities to act. Orlanth killed the Emperor, as he was an evil Emperor who enslaved the people. Orlanth's Father had also attacked the Evil Emperor, in a different guise, so Orlanth just did his father's deeds a bit better, as he wielded Death. How was Orlanth to know that the Emperor was also the Sun? There were other Suns around, so killing one of them wouldn't be that bad, surely.
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    There is confusion between Subcults and Deities, I think. A separate Deity could be worshipped in a SubCult of a larger deity and also have a separate Cult. So, all local Lodril Temples would have a Shrine, or even Small Temple, to Gerendetho, that would grant some spells, but the particular Holy Places may well have a Temple to Gerendetho with a SubCult of Lodril the Father as a Shrine or Small temple within the main Temple. I think that Lodril expresses his control of the Earth through his Children or different Aspects. Also, each Aspect of Lodril has its own sphere of influence, so, Lodril Sky Spear would be different to Lodril the Volcano or Lodril the Husband. Monster Man is a different Aspect of Lodril that has no Heat powers at all, but is the collective spirits of Peasants rising up against oppressors and wicked Emperors.
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    Then there's the issue that even if the Solar Pelorians don't belive that the seting itself imply the Orlanthi do because their Storm god married Glorantha's strongest/highest/most supreme Earth goddess to whom all other earth goddesses and land goddesses are ultimately (and mythically?) subserviernt to. In addition, due to that and a few other thing it appears like in the end, everyone is ultimately dependent upon said Earth goddess. The Orlanthi certainly believe that their gods are the best, sure. Who doesn't? The Dara Happans don't place high value in Earth, they consider it beneath them. It's for Lodril & his people to be soiled with its dirty work and fecund drives, so to speak. From the DH perspective, that the Southern barbarians crow about their Rebel God's union with the Earth is just another sign of their uncouth nature. This is another reason why Dendara as an Earth Queen doesn't make much sense, in my view.
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    Not really: Common thug - 10HP, MWL 5, no armour, all skills 25%, drops immediately on Major Wound, all attacks do 1D6 damage. cosmic Elder God fighting superhero - Heroic Hit points (CON+SIZ), Stats rolled on 2D6+6 and allowed to increase to any value, skills allowed over 100%. Campaign starting level Superhuman... It remains within the bounds of probability that the Thug can drop the PC, but it is vanishingly unlikely. I have run very OTT / pulp BRP games with no issue: one needs to be very aware of the action economy (as in any game) and ratio of opponent skill to PC skill, but once one has a solid grasp of how BRP hangs together it is actually a remarkably forgiving system for dialling between harsh gritty realism and pulp heroics. To a degree, but also, if the intent is for PCs to "mow" their way through the horde, make the horde "mooks": any hit from a PC drops them (Special drops two, crit drops 3, subject to suitable player narration of appropriate pulp heroic move), they have a 20% skills and do 1D4 if they hit. Cheers, Nick
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    okay but uh it turns it into "the land is just as much a person as every other divine thing and it has its own grown-up opinions about who should be in charge" You're sort of sounding pretty negative about Ernalda and her fowk when them's doing nothing that all the top-level actors in the game are. Of course she's trying to be boss! That's what the powerful gods do, largely, including but not limited to: Storm Bull, Yeld (including all holders of that title), Lodril, Umath, Orlanth, Shepelkirt (Sedenya aka the Red Goddess), Flamal, various gods of the Water rune, and so forth. Name a rune, we can name the god(s) who vie to take over the world from that rune. What do you think the Great Flood was? Exceptions are the ones who find alternative power outlets, like Humakt.
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    Nah. I'm pretty sure there's an NPC that's the GM's MarySue. But I'm not sure if the MarySue is Conan or NubilePrincess.
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    Nah, the goblin horde will double-cross Conan and he'll be forced to aid the PCs to ensure his own survival. Then he will run off with the nubile princess the adventurers just rescued from the Goblin King (but she won't mind even if they and her father do). Darn! How does he keep getting away with this stuff?
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    Yeah... In BRP (all variants I've seen) sheer numbers are a credible threat. HP don't scale up as PC's advance; those crits/specials stay almost as dangerous from a wimpy little Goblin as from a Conan. Of course, a Conan is gonna Crit a lot MORE of the time... But that's why the mooks are a credible threat IN NUMBERS. Their collective chance-to-crit can be every bit as high. Admittedly -- even Conan's non-Crit is pretty scary! But hey -- the GM's can't have everything! Oh, wait... Yes they can!!! Horde of Goblins led by Conan FTW!!! In fact, FTTPK...
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    Yes, BRP heroes are much more fragile than PCs in other games, so using tactics and terrain to your advantage is a must. Better to sneak around and pick off your foes one at a time than to wade into a crowd, even if they are mooks.
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    Yes, and that is something of a general rule for a campaign too. In D&D it is the overall attrion that makes combat scary, and weak monsters are little threat as PC's will be able to take multiple hits without being affected. In BRP one good hit past the defenses from practically anyone or anything can drop a character. So that wimpy goblin or starting bandit is always a threat. A 30% opponent vs. a PC with 75% in his combat skills is very different than a 1st level opponent against a 10th level fighter. Thus you can still use them against highly experienced characters and they will still be something of a threat.This will allow you to be able to use a somewhat fixed scale for competency instead of continually raising the bar as the PC improve. The town guard can always be in the 40-60% range and never really turn into a joke.
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    Thanks for you replies, guys!
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    That sounds more like an Earth goddess than a Water goddes to me, or did I misunderstand something? I know the water gods are pretty hostile to pretty much everything not in the water (possibly excluding Heler) and was curious if there were more (other than the occasional river godthat has adopted the people living along said god's river). Both Biselenslib and Surensliba are the goddesses of wetlands, amphibious terrain that embodies both Earth and Water. Neither are elemental goddesses, although both have sovereign claims to their bi-elemental territory. Both are fertility goddesses and nourishers, and protectresses, if hungry and occasionally vengeful ones (see the Dorkath rites). With their wading bird aspects, these goddesses are sky entities, too. What they aren't is deities of Darkness or Storm. Sea brings an additional level of fluidity, while the first act of Darkness was to solidify reality. Darkness doesn't worry much about shape, but cares a lot about its roles. I have no idea how gendered Himile and Dehore, the brothers of Subere, are. None of that primal trio offers much in terms of a family life. Kyger Litor on the other hand is an entity of parthenogenic birthing, as is her daughter Korasting. The rest of her offspring mate normally, as per the rules of the Man Rune. Seas multiply by mingling their essences and producing something new. Most birthing falls on Triolina and her offspring, and on Varchulanga in the Depths, but lots of procreation goes on between seas, rivers etc. Dendara has some complex/complicated mythology hidden between even more complex ancient mythology in the Entekosiad. Her main role is that of the celestial mother of the Planetary Sons (including the female or hermaphrodite ones). She ascended from below, other than her beloved husband, by attaining and maintaining purity. I don't see her as wielding the powers of Earth, although she has a wide set of wifely powers that overlaps significantly with Ernalda's set of wifely attributes. Wife and mother and comforter of the powerful, those are her attributes in Dara Happan urban nobility. With the mother role including the strife for the betterment of her sons, i.e. "soft" politicking. Which I concider a very good point. Not to mention that Solar panthen to my knowledge don't (unlike the Storm pantheon) have a big thing about joining with the Earth patheon which make it even odder to have Dendara be an Earth goddes. Lodril is the typical male god of Dara Happa, and he is all about joining with the Earth, in sex or work. Yelm's roles is to stand above all that and to oversee it, and Dendara has risen to support him in that. Ernalda subsumes a great many of lesser wifely deities. Thunder Rebels presented Mahome as an aspect of Ernalda the Housewife (Allmother), an over-emphasized role in the Hero Wars era, but still a real one. Hearthmistress is a very real role shared by Ernalda and Mahome, and it doesn't make sense rules-wise to have every hearthmistress initiate to both Ernalda and Mahome as per standard RQG rules, does it? Really? Really. 6 out of 7 Orlanthi males worship Orlanth not because he is the Storm King, but because he is the everyman - warrior, farmer, leader of friends, and magician. There is no separate cult for Orlanthi nobility, only the Rex cult for kings that gives the King power over the priests of Orlanth. (Given that most of the Orlanthi aren't priests, that is a very limited authority, even though those priests hold a lot of magical power.) Lodril is both the normal worker (the Ten Sons and Servants) and the foreman. In Pelanda, Turos is even the ruling god and the culture-giver, with Idovanus (their variation on Yelm) more in the role of a celestial advisor. Yelm is the top administrator, but anything productive or effective comes from Lodril (when he isn't slacking off). Orlanth's idea of administration is to give precious metal broken from rings to proven companions and to receive their boasts as their application to do a task. For all the other stuff (other than sitting in judgement) he has a wife and a scribe. The Judgement aspect is held by Yelm. The warrior aspect is weak in either Yelm or Lodril as per Dara Happan expression. Wouldn't have expected that. At the same time I feel like I should have guessed what with Dara Happan stratification. The Guide section on Pelorian society says so quite explicitely. There appear to be two layers of Yelmic administrative families - highest nobility, and middling overseers and priests (the Enverinus priesthood) as a more pedestrian form of Yelm. Below that come the Buserian scribes. Subservient - yes. She is the Queen of the Earth Cube, after all. Lesser extensions - yes and no. The land goddesses are not parthenogenic births like the major earth deities (Asrelia and TKT, Ernalda, Esrola and Maran, Babeester and (half of the time) Voria), but have the Earth King as their father. Ernalda's undiluted claim outweights theirs. Entekos, not Dendara. Entekos is more than Dendara, even though they share a (celestial) body. There are two male storm gods in the East who are exceptions, too - Kahar, who studied Stillness under Nenduren to win the hand of Harantara, and Veldru the defender storm who fights to hold off the World Hurricane. There aren't that many named air goddesses in all of Glorantha. Vinga (aka female Orlanth), Brastalos (dauhter of Umath? - goddess of the doldrums in the eye of the World Hurricane), Iphara (Vadrus' daughter of the murder fog), Molanni (Vadrus' daughter of still air, mistress of the evil emperor and mother of Daga the demon of drought), Entekos (Pelorian goddess of the Middle Air), Keraun (Pamaltelan bringer of the monsoon). Yes, the Kralori have little fondness towards storm (whose main manifestations are the "East Stng Wind" aka Storm Bull storm to their west and the "North Death Wind" from the winter wastes, aka Humakt). The entire eastern civilization is Solar in nature, with variations in the details. Kralorela was solar before it became solar and draconic. Not quite, IMO. The ocean myths (last published in Tales of the Reaching Moon #10 and The Missing Lands) have a name for the Earth Cube: Bab, the food goddess. The oceans welcomed its formation in their midst, and they took nourishment from all six surfaces of the cube while it remained submerged, creating layers of sediment/mother of pearl on it. Then Earth rose above the surface, and only five of their customary six sides of nourishment remained available. To rectify this, Sea pushed to recover that food. Hence rivers, tidal waves, and floods. Umath's birth helped, as did Heler's predicament of separation from the Ocean. Sky River Titan's self-sacrifice completed the cycle. Basically, earth used to be the Ocean's treasure alone, and it isn't any more. The river gods and the coastal water entities have human worshipers who take most of their living out of the water, and the rice farmers have aquaculture or some "fishing" on the side, too. There is probably a dozen of different cultivars of rice in Glorantha - the Dara Happans alone know several kinds. The Helerings were a great power of their own before they remained as powerful as part of the Vingkotlings, at least until the onset of the Greater Darkness. The Banthites were a naval culture that ran afoul of the Waertagi (another naval culture). The Diroti and Sofali suffered from predations of the Sky, leading to the extinction of the western two tribes of the Sofali (although the ancestress of the northwestern Sofali still fulfilled her pledge to pay back the favor of Orlanth fighting off the Seabird Army and saving her Diroti folk when she carried him to Luathela). The Artmali had a naval culture. The surviving cultures in the East became great sailors out of necessity. The Safelstrans are worshipers of their lake goddess and the rivers, and profit greatly from that. Peloria survives because of irrigation - without that, the Pelorian bowl would be a fairly dry steppe or (if the Aldryami get their way) a rather hardy forest (like Erigia used to be before the Char-un burned it down). Lodril is one of the part time husbands of the rivers. And it is because of irrigation that their culture has a need of overseers and bureaucrats in the first place.
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    Okay, I'll try to get some basic timelime stuff and the tables for 367-410 avlaible ASAP. That would be the stuff he would "need" as opposed to other stuff he may or may not want. I'll look at the tables tonight I've got two or three tables to fix, a duplicate event, so it shouldn't take long to update. Maybe I can put the othe rstuff onto the table too.
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    Don't get excited. Someone just optioned the rights to do Elric on TV, but is only at the "shopping around" stage of trying to find a way to actually make it happen. Get excited when it goes into production and some network is starting to promote it. There is more reason to be excited about the Runestaff novels coming to TV, though. They are much further along. I hope they don't screw it up.
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    I hate to keep mentioning this stuff but I feel that some folk might actually be running this game. Spoiler tags are the respectful way to discuss details that players might want to avold.To do a spoilers simply type [Spoileroo] spelled as spoiler and place it in the brackets
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    Still chugging along. I finish at least 1 detailed store/temple/residence/misc building with NPCs, maps, furniture, contents, every day. With a sprinkling of side quests and hooks. This is gonna be huge. Might split it up into separate books.
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    Well in that case you shouldn't have too much trouble with NPC stats, as D&D uses the average stats for monsters and generic NPCs. One thing I'd reccomened is that it is better to err towards the side of weak opponents as opposed to strong ones. BRP isn't as forgiving as D&D and it's harder to bounce back for getting killed. Since Hit points are mostly fixed, a good fight can be one where nobody gets hurt, unlike D&D where you might expect people to take 25-50% of this hit points in damage.
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    Wow. Thanks for all the advice guys. I will be sure to use it. I am a bit new to the whole basic role playing system, most of my RPG experience comes from AD&D, so I was more used to that.
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    It wasn't clear to me that you meant to alter the background rather than find the niche in the background where this was provided. I think part of the reason I want to is because it feels to me like the Lunar Empire overwrites the solar civilizations, Which I thinkis a little wastful. I also feel a little sad that Yelm is pushed into the sidelines (again?). He is suposed to be a major god of the setting but it sees like his only real role was to be the Bad Emperor that Orlanth overthrew. The other rerason is that I don't know that much about the Lunar Empire's internal politics, and apprently not about Pent either ( I recognize the name but everything else eludes me, if I ever knew anything). Looking from the outside like this the lunars look like one monolithic power whose main purpose is to give the orlanthi yet another opportunity to be gutsy, righteous rebels, despite Orlanth being the established ruler of the middle air and not some mere upstart anymore. That said I really like the Lunar Empire's experiments with Chaos for one. I just don't think they need the solar civilizations, they are already their own thing.
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    Part Three of Geek & Sundry's 'Starter Kit' series for the 7th Sea RPG is now up: ENTER THE VILLIAN (and talk like a pirate...)
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    It wasn't clear to me that you meant to alter the background rather than find the niche in the background where this was provided. But sure, it is possible to overthrow the Lunar Empire into two separate units that unite only at times. This makes the presence (and size) of the Lunar Provinical Army a lot smaller in the early conflicts of the Hero Wars. In a way, I have always had at least two major factions for the Lunars - e.g. Fazzur (Tarsh) vs. Tatius (Dara Happa), or Fazzur&Sons vs. Pharandros, or Tarsh vs. Sylila. The empire is already facing two major external foes (Sartar and Pent) and internal unrest (the White Moonies), plus there is the imminent Thaw of Charg releasing bull barbarians into Carmania. Rather than splitting Lunars and Dara Happans, it might be easier to split off the Carmanians and western Peloria (parts of Doblian and Oronin). Even so, that could be a recent split (as a consequence of the Dragonrise and other recent events in Peloria), or you could re-write history a lot further back. Weakening the Empire retroactively would make the struggle of the Sartar dynasty weirder, though. Why would the two Pelorian empires have cooperated that much in the conquest and administration of Sartar and the rest of the region? The empire is about to fracture anyway. Jar-eel has a big apotheosis campaign going on and is preparing the way for her and Moirades' son Phargentes, and Great Sister is going to overthrow the current mask of the Red Emperor. The problem with the Lunar Empire is that it has a few staunchly Lunar strongholds, which are oddly distributed - the centers from which the Empire was regrown after Sheng's death. Those were the West Reaches (Carmania) and Glamour, Doblian, Sylila, and Torang. The Eel-ariash have lost Doblian, but they are still in control of Oronin and Oraya and are highly influential in Tarsh. How and where would you introduce a Solar empire in between? It is almost easier to alter the map of the north if you want an independent Dara Happan / Solar faction. Perhaps not Dara Happa, but an urban Arkos Valley civilization?
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    Doesn’t have to be RQ, agree. Also, hopefully, we will some day get something for RQ that is something beside Dragon Pass & Prax. Not that I can blame them, but Chaosium is playing things incredibly safe, with new versions of all the old mainstays and less straying from Dragon Pass than any earlier version.
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    I can’t help- but I would advise you to state your time-zone, as this helps people offering games.
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    Well, I guess it's at least useful to have it all collected rather than have to dig through mountains of apocrypha from 40+ years of publishing.
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    The Red Cow campaign books (especially the 2nd one, The Eleven Lights) also have more detailed versions of some of those events (they cover things from 1618 to 1625). Generally speaking, as someone said already, it's the problem with meta-plots, as seen in many other well-known RPGs before, and has been dividing gamers since at least the late 1980s. Many WoD gamers just completely ignored the meta-plot for instance.
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    I don't really have any advice to give which the other fine folks around here haven't said, but I'd just like to chime in and reassure that you're not alone in feeling this way . I often say "most detailed" fantasy setting over "best" fantasy setting to describe Glorantha for a reason. I've been playing an RQG campaign for about a year now (and about a year in-game, too!) and it's a devil of a thing to organize a house campaign such that, if and when cool new canon-fitting scenarios are published, I'll be able to slot them in and finally stop writing as much material on my own. Now, this is doable. I promise. But there's other gamemasters getting Gloranthan brain-cramps out there too.
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    I used the Old Glory figures with one or two exceptions for the leader types (I am no longer sure where I found them). The riders are Sarmatians, the armor meant to bone, and the Buffalo themselves are from the West Wind Cowboy line up. In retrospect I might have made the bases more Praxian, but the whole campaign was being run in Dragon Pass at the time. The bases also need more vegetation, but I got photo-happy before I finished them. https://www.oldgloryminiatures.com/proddetail.asp?prod=ZCW-53
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    There was an issue of Heroes that had a fully worked-up RQ3 shaman. I remember thinking that really wasn't what I expected. Of course, RQ3 shamans had all sorts of rules-derived spirits like INT and POW spirits that aren't reflected in the current rules (thank goodness). It'd be really helpful to see a powerful RQG shaman (and sorcerer, for that matter).
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    We have released two Glorantha scenarios to commemorate Greg Stafford on the first anniversary of his passing. You can download them at the links: For HeroQuest Glorantha, "Highwall Inn" by Ian Cooper: For RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, "The Rattling Wind" by Helena Nash 🙂 a preview chapter of the forthcoming Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories
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    Ray Turney, Steve Perrin and Greg Stafford created something that had a more enduring influence on me than any of my rock heroes. Probably more of an influence than Tolkien himself! Heroes indeed!!
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    An open letter to Ray Turney Really sorry to hear about how a young fanboy's hero got laid low Mr Turney. I am hoping that @MOB can relay this missive to you (and I am sure the feelings that follow are not mine alone) and let you know how saddened the news of your stroke made me. Now, the picture above tells me things, well, work... I am gladdened to see you well enough to enjoy other heroes of my youth in your company enjoying a game you helped create, that I have enjoyed many a time. Fantastic! May all your rolls be critical and what few fumbles you make (if any) be the thing of legend! Thanks for decades of gaming!
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    Because RQG just provides the bare bones of the spirit world, there's not actually much detail. For example the Inner World of the Praxians encompasses nearly all of their spirit world Geography (currently about 25 regions with 4 or so frontier and 6 or so outer, 5 beyond in the heroplane, and 1 on the edge of the Primal Plasma). A praxian shaman wanting to travel outside, for example from the Fireground (middle world monkey ruins) to the sky realm, would have to deal with the hostile spirits in this frontier region, then find the vortex to the sky realm. spirit travel would be needed to get into the fireground, then through the portal. The same would for the Stormgate (the raging storm), and the pathway to the Greener that leads to the Green Age Spike. You'd also need to roll to get back. All of these regions have their own encounters too, many are specific. The fireground has the Fire Guardians, Stormgate has the Storm Warriors, the Greener has the Changer folk, all of these spirits are dangerous, i'd say starting at 4D6 POW and hostile unless somehow affiliated - an Orlanthi shaman can likely pass Stormgate with little effort. The whole praxian spirit world is a map that overlays some of the real world. Here for example is the spirit skin of a newly initiated Waha Bison Shaman. He has painted Eiritha at the centre of the his Great Herd (Inner World, animal spirits), within that lies his Clan Hearth (Inner World) with Bison-Eiritha at their Campfire (Mahome). Around the campfire are the clan ancestors (Summon Ancestor, Summon Specific Ancestor). Just outside the Great Herd is the Herd Guard (Inner World) where Waha patrols. In the distance he has seen the Spike (heroplane) but not the route to it. As he progresses and get more experienced, more will be filled in. He knows the other areas exist just not how they fit into his spirit world.
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