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    Since as it says in RQG p.371 "The Spirit World is a vast singularity without strict internal borders", and "regions are indistinct from each other, often overlapping and including the lesser within the greater. They tend to shift and meld at times, merging and offering no distinct boundaries. This is one of the great dangers of the Spirit World...", so they could in theory end up anywhere. But also note p.372 "Shamans, however, can perceive their own local Inner Region, and they define the look and feel of that area according to their traditions." I would play it that part of their time as assistant shaman is learning how to control where they appear, and, yes, it would depend on their tradition and where they are when they discorporate. So, Joseph Greenbeak, preeminent duck shaman perhaps with affinities to Kolat and Sky River Titan, is with the Orlmarth and needs to investigate a disturbance in the Spirit World. He can readily control "where" he discorporates so might choose from: 1) the Duck Nest - favorite home of duck shamans; 2) Kolat's eyrie - where the playful sylphs swirl about; 3) the Guardian Woods of the Orlmarth; 4) the Starfire Ridge - a reflection of the real Starfire Ridges, but where ghosts of the Illavan and evil fire spirits and demons reside. Depends on where he starts from. He would likely develop "maps" to get there. Maybe the simplest one goes from the Duck Nest to Grandfather Duck to the Gates of Dusk to Daka Fal's Fire. Yes, travel to something like Gorakiki's Beetle Cave or the Grub Hall or the Fields of Great Eating, etc.
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    Sounds like something I'd see on the History Channel, with some unqualified "expert" explaining how it was used by Ancient Aliens."Was King Arthur an alien. Merlin a genic hybrid with some alien race? Was Stonehenge really a spaceport for extraterrestrials? And did an airport exist in Gaul?"
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    Whether the map includes the ancient airstrips. SDLeary
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    I'm really skeptical that any production will be able to get the tone right, but there's always hope (at least until the end when Stormbringer destroys the world).
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    More of a test post today, seeing how this forum displays photos. -Wayne
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    I am about to start a campaign next month in the Borderlands. Yes, I have finally found the courage to gather some long time friends and share my love of Glorantha with them. The campaign will start in 1615 and will be based on the first five adventures published in Borderlands & beyond. I am currently reviewing the background and what puzzles me a bit is that the various sourcebooks don't tell me much about the domains that are granted from 1615 to 1621, which would help to figure out the evolution of the Grantlands along this same period. The Guide to Glorantha does not help, Pavis: Gateway to Adventure and River of Cradles are rather vague and just tell us the following : "Over the period 1615-1621 the boundaries of seven domains were marked and established by the Lunar Governor at Pavis. Weis Domain (that of Duke Raus of Rone) was the first and largest grant. Subsequent grants were made by Governor Sor-Eel, sometimes at the direction of the Red Emperor, sometimes to reward a loyal Lunar general with a land grant, sometimes to favor ambitious enterprises with schemes of producing agricultural products for export through the seaport of Corflu. The prominent candidates to receive grants at this time are as follow : - A popular but politically-suspect Dara Happan general of the Lunar Army in Heortland was slated to receive the Red Cliff Domain. - An infamous Lunar carpetbagger was expected to receive Bilos Gap. - An entrepreneur proposing to establish a number of slave-cultivated rice plantations for export hopes to receive Lokazzi Grant." In other words, we just know that the Weis Domain was the first to have been granted and to whom, how several domains have been granted but not which ones nor to whom, and that there are prominent candidates for Red Cliff, Bilos and Lokazzi Grants (and who the said prominent candidates are but not who the other candidates are). Are there other sources telling us more about the Grantlands Domains and their concessionaire ? If we consider what is written in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, is it safe to assume that the Red Cliff, Bilos and Lokazzi Grants are the only ones that have not yet been granted ? Whatever the answer to these two questions, I am interested in reading how you have populated your Grantlands. This would help a lot as it seems I am rather bad at coming with my own ideas without good firestarters.
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    In Robert E. Howard’s tales, the Mythos entities encountered are considerably less powerful than those in stories by others in Lovecraft’s circle. For instance, superstition and incomprehension/misunderstanding rather than cosmic pessimism feature in his “Tale Black Stone” and “The Tower of the Elephant”. Generally, his bold and brawny heroes can dispatch them with honest steel (no worrying about failed sanity with them). One could brew up a BRP horror campaign around those stories instead of those by HPL, CAS, Bloch, Campbell, et al. In any case, it sounds as though CoC’s Lovecraftian cosmic horror may not be quite to your taste, especially considering your forum handle Have you checked out The Esoterrorists or Monster of the Week?
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    Chaosium doesn't want to do this as a KS project. But... huh... y'know, that doesn't mean they cannot take some of those same KS notions and apply them to their own business practices, and come out with a best-of-both-worlds situation This is actually a decent notion, IMHO... I realize the art & layout need to be done, the printing, etc. But for those of us who are REALLY eager -- and see some of this content as "essential" -- what about a "very-early-access" PDF? I mean, you see (quoted above) that this group won't even consider playing without this content (I presume they are not alone); the entire production is wonderful, but the writing is essential. So: let us buy the PDF (text-only), at the regular PDF price, just as if it were ready for commercial release: text-complete but without art & layout. It could give the "tribal edit" crew all that much more time to work before Chaosium places the order for the print run. As per normal Chaosium practice, you can update the PDF and provide customers with periodic updates (art&layout, tribal-edit, etc.), and (also as per normal Chaosium practice) an e-coupon for the price-of-PDF discount on the printed-copy. Everything the same... except early access to the text. And -- not to put too fine a point on it -- early access to the revenue! Which kinda looks win-win, to me. @Jeff or @Neil(and/or whoever else @Chaosium) ?
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    I don't know per say, but some books have been mentioned. AFAIK: The Book of the Magician: Rules for running a magician in the game including player magicians. It is supposed to be different than the magician rules in 4th edition, and is allegedly going to allow the magician character to some how send PKs on a quest similar to how Merlin sometimes does. The Book of Castles: A book with fortifications and siege rules. It is based upon the earlier fortification rules from earlier editions but has been updated and adjusted. I worked on/seen a very early version of this a decade ago, and I have to say that just from what's been revealed in Book of the Estate, it seems to be a big improvement over the older rules. The Book of Salisbury: A more detailed guide to the lands of Salisbury. I've no idea what it actually has inside, but I suspect it probably give a more detailed breakdown of the area per Estate/Warlord, plus lists some notable manors and knights in Salisbury, and have a map a gazetteer with many of the terrain features listed and described. Maybe a bit of history on important local events. But that's just speculation. Pendragon related.... The Ancient Greek RPG: Possibly called Myrmidon, or something else, this is a stand alone RPG that adapts the Pendragon rules to handle an Ancient Greek/Age of Heroes setting. Just exactly when it is set, and what Heroes exist, I don't know. Maybe Jason, Haracles, and Odysseys are about, or maybe it comes later during the time of one of the Athenaian Leagues? The Feudal Japan RPG: This is another stand alone RPG, similar to Charlemagne, that adapts the Pendragon rules to a Feudal Japan setting. Player will probably be playing samurai instead of knights.
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    Hey Clarence, Just signed up for your Elevation giveaway... Just curious when did that book come out? Thanks, Ronnie
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    There is confusion between Subcults and Deities, I think. A separate Deity could be worshipped in a SubCult of a larger deity and also have a separate Cult. So, all local Lodril Temples would have a Shrine, or even Small Temple, to Gerendetho, that would grant some spells, but the particular Holy Places may well have a Temple to Gerendetho with a SubCult of Lodril the Father as a Shrine or Small temple within the main Temple. I think that Lodril expresses his control of the Earth through his Children or different Aspects. Also, each Aspect of Lodril has its own sphere of influence, so, Lodril Sky Spear would be different to Lodril the Volcano or Lodril the Husband. Monster Man is a different Aspect of Lodril that has no Heat powers at all, but is the collective spirits of Peasants rising up against oppressors and wicked Emperors.
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    They might. It depends a lot of which options you use, or even which ruleset as there are several games based on the core rules. I once killed Cthulhu in a permanent way in RQ, but it was a special case crossover that should really have happened. Yes, but very dangerous. The problem is that with a big jump a PC could get caught in between power levels and be vulnerable. It's usually better to just let experience and time work to increase the pwoer level over time. Uh no. That's why we mean about odds. In D&D it doesn't matter because it is about hit points number of attacks and damage done. If a PC has five times the hit points of the opposition, attacks three times as often, and does twice as much damage, they can effectively, offset the odds. If something unexpected happens, it can usually be fixed up with healing magic or even a raise dead. But in BRP all the extra attack from grenades, SMG etc, do not offset the increased chances of a bad guy getting a critical or impale, nor do they offset the lack of defense for the PCs. It's not so much that the fight is even or not, only that, ultimately, it doesn't matter if a NPC or twenty get killed in an adventure, as that is what they are for, but just one PC death can causes some problems. Either a player isn't playing or they have to create a new character. Dead characters tend to stay dead, and lots of plot threads and such might not matter any more, and so on. Even be careful if they are important. In most cases an ambush will kill at least one PC, and is the best chance for a Total Party Kill you'll generally see. Even Conan isn't so tough in BRP if he take an impaling arrow to the head. Just do a playtest ambush with your players and see what happens, and how quickly. Mary Sues tend to be boring. Railroading in general is bad, since players like to have (or at least believe) that they have some sort of freedom and can choose what they do. Otherwise they don't need to be there. Now as GM you can craft adventures in such a way that the players have a strong incentive to take the path you want them to take on an adventure, but ultimately it should be up to them, and any strong-arming should be done by NPCs in game, as opposed tot he GM. I run a lot of Pendragon, a sort of cousin to BRP (if you saw it you could figure out most of it just by knowing BRP), and, because it has a setting with a somewhat fixed timeline, there are a lot of scripted events- that is things that are going to happen. It also has it's own Mary Sue figures, such as Lancelot, and the Christ-like Galahad. Now as GM one of the tricks to running a good Pendragon campaign is to make sure that the characters always have some choice of action and that their actions can impact the adventure in some way. The players should never feel that their characters don't matter or can't affect things. Art times they might have to take orders (although they can choose to disobey and suffer the consequences), or just be a small part in a big army , but they still get to make choices and those choices matter.
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    That depends upon which rule tweaks you use, but overall BRP isn't really well suited towards Cosmic Elder Gods. They can be done, and in several ways (Strombringer's Lords of Law and Chaos write ups, Chthlhu's Elder God stats, Gloratha's stats for semi-divine beings such as the Crimson Bat), but most are beyond the comfort zone of the game mechanics. But usually, when the game is adjusted to handled superheros and elder gods, the common thugs are sort of left behind. I'd try to avoid that. Realistically, and not surprisingly, it's a situation that would kill most heroes. One thing I would try to do is give the PCs some sort of terrain where they could bottleneck the horde and face them a little at a time. There is a point where it turns into an exercise in the laws of probability rather than a fight. For instance, a hundred orcs, each with only 5% skill, fought in succession, will probably take down a master swordman just through the nature of dice and random rolls. So it no longer becomes about how the characters fighters or skill, but more a matter of when those critical hits show up. Oh, and along a similar note, don't ambush your PC very often. I know D&D loves ambushes and does a ot of them, but in D&D it is because an extra round of attacks can make a minor menace more of a threat. In BRP a good ambush means people getting hit with no defense other than armor, and can often wipe out half a group of PCs before they even get to react. Mary Sues are bad for storytelling and adventuring purposes, so I'd wouldn't try to run that sort of situation. When you get to the point where you know the characters cannot fail or be beaten it becomes very boring. Yes, we all know that in most stories the hero has a certain degree of script immunity, but most stories also make some effort to hide that, and many will surprise us by allowing a hero to lose or at least suffer a major set back or injury. If a GM wants to run a Mary Sue in their campaign, then just dictate it, like they do in those sorts of films. Just don't be surprised when most of your players are less than impressed.
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    It's one of the reasons. Generally an impale or even just a high damage normal hit are all factors. The main reason why numbers are so telling is because of the limits to the number of attacks and parries a character can make, and the effect of multiple actions on a character's skill. A warrior with 100% skill fighting two guys with 50% skill is almost in an even fight. That doesn't happen in , say D&D, where two 5th level fighters do not equal one 10th level fighter.
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    Orlanth was supposed to be the outreached hand, the open mind. His Initiation was the Prison of Enemy Gods, and only his ability to befriend these aliens with foreign needs and thoughts enabled them all to escape. That's what makes him Rex.
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    Firstly, I've written two RQG examples of travelling in the Spirit world that you might find helpful, make sure you are using the latest version of the rules as they were corrected based on these examples. Normally in the same place he is in the Middle World. The shaman is always careful to choose the right spot as it will often be a safe place. Yes. So a Praxian shaman will start a ceremony inside the current camp so he appears in the Great Herd. An Orlanthi shaman (a kolati) would like start on top of a hill so that he's surrounded by the winds, a daka fal shaman (any culture) would start in a place relevant to the ancestors of those present, etc. These would be already known to the shaman and so safe place to begin the journey, As a temple is a focus for a god, it's likely full of spirits related to that god. Hopefully that god has shaman or it's going to get difficult. If an enemy temple then it's a dangerous task. Data Fal's fire likely exists in all homelands. In the Middle world it's "Any abandoned campfire that has not been hidden" .For the Praxians: For the Praxians it's in the Wide Plains, the spirit World of the Praxians so its in the same region, so none. However, I would look at the map and draw a line between where the ceremony is taking place and Daka's cave eg. The clan are outside Horngate, so Daka's fire is roughly where the circle is. If you just want the journey to be quick, no rolls are required. If you want an adventure. you could have the shaman make a spirit travel roll to avoid Traskar spirits in the Bog or have an encounter with water spirits. There's also likely Condor by the Condor Craigs and perhaps Broo in the Bleak Hills, but that's your adventure.To avoid all this the shaman could physically go to the spot and have the ceremony there - there will be an abandoned fire there. If the shaman was in Sartar, I'd treat Sartar and Prax as separate regions. The border would be the Stormwalks in the south and Dagori Inkarth in the north with a safe passage near Jaldon's Rest. Be general with the areas. Beetle cave is good, dependant on the type of Gorakiki shaman. Foe example there's a Gorakiki Mosquito shrine in the Mosquito Marsh. A Gorakki mosquito shaman might have to visit First Drop of Blood which is halfway between the shrine and the start location. There's always a drop of Blood there in the Middle World. I treat raw Hazia as a more uncontrolled Discorporation. 1D3 hours but you can't spirit dance to escape, no meditation roll needed costs 1mp per hour. If a knowledgable shaman prepares it and uses it with a group. It matches the shaman's discorporation time and rolls. cost 1mp per hour. Meditation rolls are required when stressful situations happen or the adventurer is unfocussed (-20% to all rolls). Another dose is needed to do an extended discorporation. It's addictive...
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    Hmmm, she escaped with the Handsome Lead (tm) in Lowlander IX, the LEGO Disney Princess Movie, The Revengers: Iron Legacy, Man, and with the evil emperor's hunky great-grandson in Solar Wars -- Absolutely No Hope. I suspect it is the princess. 🤔
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    Nah. I'm pretty sure there's an NPC that's the GM's MarySue. But I'm not sure if the MarySue is Conan or NubilePrincess.
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    Nah, the goblin horde will double-cross Conan and he'll be forced to aid the PCs to ensure his own survival. Then he will run off with the nubile princess the adventurers just rescued from the Goblin King (but she won't mind even if they and her father do). Darn! How does he keep getting away with this stuff?
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    Yeah... In BRP (all variants I've seen) sheer numbers are a credible threat. HP don't scale up as PC's advance; those crits/specials stay almost as dangerous from a wimpy little Goblin as from a Conan. Of course, a Conan is gonna Crit a lot MORE of the time... But that's why the mooks are a credible threat IN NUMBERS. Their collective chance-to-crit can be every bit as high. Admittedly -- even Conan's non-Crit is pretty scary! But hey -- the GM's can't have everything! Oh, wait... Yes they can!!! Horde of Goblins led by Conan FTW!!! In fact, FTTPK...
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    Yes, BRP heroes are much more fragile than PCs in other games, so using tactics and terrain to your advantage is a must. Better to sneak around and pick off your foes one at a time than to wade into a crowd, even if they are mooks.
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    Yes, and that is something of a general rule for a campaign too. In D&D it is the overall attrion that makes combat scary, and weak monsters are little threat as PC's will be able to take multiple hits without being affected. In BRP one good hit past the defenses from practically anyone or anything can drop a character. So that wimpy goblin or starting bandit is always a threat. A 30% opponent vs. a PC with 75% in his combat skills is very different than a 1st level opponent against a 10th level fighter. Thus you can still use them against highly experienced characters and they will still be something of a threat.This will allow you to be able to use a somewhat fixed scale for competency instead of continually raising the bar as the PC improve. The town guard can always be in the 40-60% range and never really turn into a joke.
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    Yeah, e-mail's. I set up to follow you (and this thread), and to get e-mail's; at least, that's what I tried to do.. I get that maybe it doesn't report to me what I post in the thread... but I should have seen your reply to me, and did NOT see it (yes, I checked the Spam folde But I /have/ gotten other emails from BRPCentral. @Trifletraxor ?
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    A more subtle aspect of Sedenya is that her cycle is not a circle, but rather what Douglas Hofstadter calls a "strange loop"- a circle-like object that nevertheless changes slightly every time it completes a loop. (Imagine a Lunar missionary drawing the Moon Rune, and then, in a flash of crimson light, pulling it up from the ground to reveal that it's a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional barred helix.) The basic way to illustrate this is through what Rashorana tells Gerra- "to live is to suffer, but suffering is not life". Life = Suffering, Suffering ≠ Life. For the everyday Lunar follower (apart from providing an aphorism you can quote whenever things go poorly or you want to annoy people), what does this mean? I would suggest that the most exalted way to perform Lunar magic is to complete a circuit but do so in a way that produces something new. Which means that if you can do that for your everyday activities as much as possible, then you'll surely have luck and the Goddess's blessing! In addition, the Goddess moves in an unexpected direction (the barred helix interpretation of the Moon Rune would be spiraling towards or away from the viewer). Misdirection is a holy art for Lunars to practice. Easier than meditation to work into the adventuring life, too.
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    This isn't limited to the first two elements. The first generation of all the Srvuali (pure elemental pantheons) are special in their multiplication. Earth goddesses are parthenogenic, and Aether spawned the three sons Dayzatar, Arraz and Lodril and placed them beneath/inside his hemisphere. Umath is the odd elemental out in the Celestial Court, born from sex between two elements, first of the Burtae. (First in the sense of his importance and power rather than in the sense of being the prototype - look e.g. at Styx.) Unless this (nice) myth has been scrapped, Thunder Rebels names a dozen handmaidens of Ernalda and their Lowfire husbands (brothers of Mahome) that made up a good portion of the household Ernalda brought home from the court of the Evil Emperor. If you follow the empirical analysis performed by the God Learners, the land goddesses listed on page 3 of the Sourcebook are of a different quality than Ernalda (or her daughters/nieces serving as local aspects of the land). The God Learners appreciate her parthenogenic descent as superior to the fathered cousins like Seshna and Frona. Even though many of the Land Goddesses may qualify as Srvuali (Kero Fin for instance doesn't), Ernalda is from the pure self-replicating strain of Empress Earth. Ernalda is the only actively fertile goddess from the pure Srvuali strain from Empress Earth, the Erasanchula of Female Earth, in the God Learner monomyth terminology. That sets her apart. Oria's and Dendara's ancestry is similar, but so full of names no God Learner ever had to parse that they haven't been covered systematically. The God Learners and their classifications tend to go more and more wrong the more aboriginal the myths are they encounter. They failed to parse the Eastern pantheons, or mislabeled them (in Eest=Teshnos and Kralorela) base on their false but ideologically founded premises. This doesn't quite apply to the greater gods, though.
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    Don't get excited. Someone just optioned the rights to do Elric on TV, but is only at the "shopping around" stage of trying to find a way to actually make it happen. Get excited when it goes into production and some network is starting to promote it. There is more reason to be excited about the Runestaff novels coming to TV, though. They are much further along. I hope they don't screw it up.
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    I hate to keep mentioning this stuff but I feel that some folk might actually be running this game. Spoiler tags are the respectful way to discuss details that players might want to avold.To do a spoilers simply type [Spoileroo] spelled as spoiler and place it in the brackets
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    Still chugging along. I finish at least 1 detailed store/temple/residence/misc building with NPCs, maps, furniture, contents, every day. With a sprinkling of side quests and hooks. This is gonna be huge. Might split it up into separate books.
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    Wow. Thanks for all the advice guys. I will be sure to use it. I am a bit new to the whole basic role playing system, most of my RPG experience comes from AD&D, so I was more used to that.
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    There's nobody that's played RQ(any) for any length of time that hasn't become adept at more or less CONSTANTLY repurposing everything from RQ2, RQ3, MRQ1/2, RQ6, and now RQG into whatever niche-flavored rules they're using. CONSTANTLY.
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    It wasn't clear to me that you meant to alter the background rather than find the niche in the background where this was provided. I think part of the reason I want to is because it feels to me like the Lunar Empire overwrites the solar civilizations, Which I thinkis a little wastful. I also feel a little sad that Yelm is pushed into the sidelines (again?). He is suposed to be a major god of the setting but it sees like his only real role was to be the Bad Emperor that Orlanth overthrew. The other rerason is that I don't know that much about the Lunar Empire's internal politics, and apprently not about Pent either ( I recognize the name but everything else eludes me, if I ever knew anything). Looking from the outside like this the lunars look like one monolithic power whose main purpose is to give the orlanthi yet another opportunity to be gutsy, righteous rebels, despite Orlanth being the established ruler of the middle air and not some mere upstart anymore. That said I really like the Lunar Empire's experiments with Chaos for one. I just don't think they need the solar civilizations, they are already their own thing.
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    Part Three of Geek & Sundry's 'Starter Kit' series for the 7th Sea RPG is now up: ENTER THE VILLIAN (and talk like a pirate...)
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    1981, from the guy who brought you flesh-eating zombies in the first place.
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    Doesn’t have to be RQ, agree. Also, hopefully, we will some day get something for RQ that is something beside Dragon Pass & Prax. Not that I can blame them, but Chaosium is playing things incredibly safe, with new versions of all the old mainstays and less straying from Dragon Pass than any earlier version.
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    I can’t help- but I would advise you to state your time-zone, as this helps people offering games.
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    Took my nephew and his friend to a Con and they got to try 7th Sea. My nephew's friend fell in love with it and due to limited access to RPG's where we live, he cannot find a local game. Is there any groups available on line that he could play with? Any infor would be appreciated.
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    The Red Cow campaign books (especially the 2nd one, The Eleven Lights) also have more detailed versions of some of those events (they cover things from 1618 to 1625). Generally speaking, as someone said already, it's the problem with meta-plots, as seen in many other well-known RPGs before, and has been dividing gamers since at least the late 1980s. Many WoD gamers just completely ignored the meta-plot for instance.
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    I don't really have any advice to give which the other fine folks around here haven't said, but I'd just like to chime in and reassure that you're not alone in feeling this way . I often say "most detailed" fantasy setting over "best" fantasy setting to describe Glorantha for a reason. I've been playing an RQG campaign for about a year now (and about a year in-game, too!) and it's a devil of a thing to organize a house campaign such that, if and when cool new canon-fitting scenarios are published, I'll be able to slot them in and finally stop writing as much material on my own. Now, this is doable. I promise. But there's other gamemasters getting Gloranthan brain-cramps out there too.
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    I used the Old Glory figures with one or two exceptions for the leader types (I am no longer sure where I found them). The riders are Sarmatians, the armor meant to bone, and the Buffalo themselves are from the West Wind Cowboy line up. In retrospect I might have made the bases more Praxian, but the whole campaign was being run in Dragon Pass at the time. The bases also need more vegetation, but I got photo-happy before I finished them. https://www.oldgloryminiatures.com/proddetail.asp?prod=ZCW-53
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    We have released two Glorantha scenarios to commemorate Greg Stafford on the first anniversary of his passing. You can download them at the links: For HeroQuest Glorantha, "Highwall Inn" by Ian Cooper: For RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, "The Rattling Wind" by Helena Nash 🙂 a preview chapter of the forthcoming Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories
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    Ray Turney, Steve Perrin and Greg Stafford created something that had a more enduring influence on me than any of my rock heroes. Probably more of an influence than Tolkien himself! Heroes indeed!!
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    Or... Elmal exists not as some grand hero but a loyal servant. Elmal did not go in the light bringers quest, he was stuck keeping the hall and making sure Orlanth had a throne to come home to. His is the god servants and stewards. Loyal but often forgotten till needed. The position is important but never wins honor. Yelmalio cults arrival and importance in Sartar is only because of diplomacy. What about Heortland or other Orlanthi civilizations? Would Elmal not have a place at the table then? Plus one can assume not every Orlanthi in dragon pass was ruled by Sartar or his short lived dynasty (almost a century) beyond name. Plus what about the Ducks. Dont they hate Yelm and his progeny, I could definitely see them being Elmal hold outs.
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    Maybe some of them regard him as a friend
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    Vishi Dunn is going to travel to the Sky World to contact the Twinstars to follow up on some troubling information. The obvious place to begin his journey would be in the Monkey Ruins, where the Fireground is close by. This would mean setting up a camp in baboon territory and hoping that the group is either not spotted and if so can hold off an attack. This is very risky, so he plans to do it from within his home camp. Before sunrise on Fireday, his assistants prepare the sacred ground by casting Sanctify 4 and building a huge fire in the centre. Everyone takes their place around it. Beginning a day long Worship ceremony to Waha, there is much chanting and dancing. At the height of the ceremony Vishi spends 5 magic points, collapsing into sleep he discorporates and appears inside the Great Herd at his Power Place. Surrounding those are thousands of the favorite herd beast, all contented and healthy, milling about with calves and bulls among them. Meanwhile at the ceremony his huge high llama fetch appears and stands over his body. The dancing slows and the crowd begins to settle down into a different dance, high llama stalking, the men mimic a male high llama's lookout stance in the herd, whilst the women (who are lay members) continue to dance and drum just outside the edge of the sanctified circle. Vishi's player has already stated that this is an extended discorporation and rolls a D6 to find out how long his discorporation lasts and rolls 2 hours. His spirit high llama Attuk (a specific 4-legged high llama ancestor ) is waiting, he mounts up and sets off through the herd. Eiritha in the centre of the herd quickly fades and the edge of the herd approaches and he enters the Wide Plains. From the Wide Plains he makes a Scan roll and sees the Fireground in the distance. It takes a hour of travel to reach the Fireground, so he must make an encounter roll. He rolls POWx3 and gets 82, failing so gets a hostile encounter. Rolling a 4, the spirit has 1D6, POW, 4 points. Spirit combat starts and the weak spirit is quickly dispatched. Finally he reaches the edge of the Fireground. This is a different region, so to enter it he must make a Spirit travel roll, it's one step removed from the Inner realm so -10%, he rolls 38, succeeding. Now inside the burning Fireground to find his way to the Star Steps that lead to the Skyworld. Almost immediately the Fire Guardians appear. These are a pair of humanoid shaped burning forms, each holding a burning spear. They lunge, Vishi knows this is very dangerous, they are 6D6+6 POW & 3D6+6 CHA: POW 24, CHA 14, spirit combat 96%, 1D6+3 damage POW 26, CHA 21, spirit combat 104%, 2D6+3 damage So he rolls his Dance to augment his Spirit Dance rolling 14, a success, adding 20% on to his Spirit Dance of 90%, so 115% - 50 for the spirits magic points, 65%. he rolls a 03, a critical, avoiding the encounter and staying in the Spirit World. His 2 hours are up, he's had 1 spirit travel roll and one planned encounter. He now spends 1 magic point to extend his declared extended Discorporation and rolls a D6, for 5 extra hours. His next spirit travel roll is to find the Star Steps into the Sky World. He augments his Spirit Travel with his Spirit lore, rolls 30, succeeding, bringing his spirit travel to 120%, leaving this region is -20 as it's 2 steps removed from the inner realm so 100%. He searches amongst the burning land, taking an hour to locate the steps. The edge of the sky dome now rises up in front of him. His high llama jumps onto it and fails his jump roll with 97. Vishi is thrown off and the Llama disappears back to his Power Place. As planned, Vishi now begins an hour long ritual to Summon Lucky Star, an important patron of the Blue Llama clan. Spending 20 of his stored magic points, a tiny blue floating stars appear and he asks them to lead him to the Twin Stars. Following the stars he begins to traverse the edge of the Sky Dome. After an hour a POW x1 roll is needed to avoid an encounter in this outer region, rolling 98, a fumble! A hostile spirit encounter, I've added 25% to the roll to reflect the fumble, 68+25=93, 5D6+6 POW & 3D6+6 APP POW 24, CHA 17, spirit combat 120%, 2D6+3 damage. Clearly a Sky Guardian (place Gods War Phoenix figure on table). Vishi is currently POW 18, CHA 15, spirit combat 95%, 1D6+3 +3 (shaman) +6 (Spirit Mastery 2) = 1D6+12 damage. Vishi augments his spirit combat with his Death rune rolling 88, just a success, 90+20=110. Round 1 Guardian 54, success, Vishi 32, success, tie. Round 2 Guardian 47, success, Vishi 95, success, tie. Round 3 Guardian 73, success, Vishi 85, success, tie. Round 5 Guardian 67, success, Vishi 37, success, tie. Round 6 Guardian 68, success, Vishi 40, success, tie. Round 7 Guardian 09, special, Vishi 78, success, Guardian wins, 5 special doubled +3= 13, Vishi has 5 mp left. (not corporeal so no extra damage) Round 8 Guardian 00, fumble, Vishi 78, success, Vishi wins, 3+12= 15, Guardian has 3 mp left. Fumble roll, Combatant’s energies become unfocused; lose 1D6 magic points = 6. Guardian has 0 mp left. Vishi forces it to teach a sky based spirit magic and asks for a new sky spirit magic spell (to be determined later) Another hour passes. Vishi has spent 5 hours in the spirit world. He's got an hour left to find the Twinstars or has to make a POW x 4 (90%) to avoid a d6 hit points loss, he's also down to 5 mp and they don't regenerate. He decides to return and reach the Sky World another way, using Lucky Star to reach the Sky World directly. He attempts his Spirit Dance to return to his body, succeeding on a 38. He stands up slightly disorientated next to the still roaring fire. A rain of arrows falls around him. A Sable attack is in progress. Clearly he was on to something. (all rolls are random)
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    They are places in the Praxian spirit world, here is an edited down entry for each: Here is the current full version of the Great Herd Many of these places are starting points for cult heroquests. But these are all normal parts of Praxian spirit world (and many more). Hunters camp and earth camp likely exist in other traditions too in their own form. All of these places have an associated Middle world place. The shaman will likely hold a big ceremony at the middle world place and visit then. For example, the Great Herd would be done inside the shaman's clan herd, Bulldry under the Raging Storm, The Roost near a sacred dead tree (there are likely many).
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    RIP Gahan Wilson, who died today aged 89. During a long and illustrious career of weird and wonderful art, Gahan Wilson memorably created a number of works for Chaosium, including the cover of the Miskatonic University Graduate Kit (1989), and "Us" and "Them". Our condolences to his family, friends, and many fans around the world.
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