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    This month's installment of Monster of the Month is now live! Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most entries include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players. Geiron, Lord of Elephants is available on DriveThruRPG here. This new bestiary entry includes: Description of Geiron—his powers, where he appears, and what he remembers of the God Time Two adventure seeds to help the gamemaster utilize Geiron in their campaign A spirit cult by which players can initiate their adventurers into the worship of the Lord of Elephants Publisher's Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games
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    HotOE will eventually be back in a new edition—most likely in a slipcase rather than a box—sometime in the next several years (no firm date yet).
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    I came across these pieces while looking for something else in Google Images. I think they are awesome. They must belong to some Orlanthi campaign. I don't know if the author is OK with me sharing them here, but if she/he is not, I will immediately erase them (or ask the admins to erase them). I'm specially intrigued by Ara Cloudpointer. And the Humakti naked warrior gives the creeps. He looks like a psycho, so Humakt. I'm wishing this is someone readying something for the Jonstown Compendium.
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    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/304768/Stone-and-Bone New from Beer with Teeth!!!!
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    I think this is a classic Glorantha-ism, with one "provably true" myth in one place, and an incompatible (but also "provably true") myth in another place. Keep them both. Develop them both. Let them both breathe and grow. Let them both ... Be.
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    Okay, here's my first pass at a unifying myth for dogs in Prax. Actually, it's v1.3 -- it's difficult to organise the order of events in a time before Time. I don't doubt that contradictions will abound. Also, I'm open to suggestions on the identity of Brother Dog's father. (Rowdril, perhaps? I'm sure that son of a bitch got around.) Thanks to @Sir_Godspeed for inspiration regarding the Morokanth. Brother Dog The Loyal Companion Brother Dog was born to Eiritha by one of her earlier lovers prior to the Great Darkness. In those days, he walked on two legs. He was a good god, alert and sharp of senses, able to track and uncover deeply hidden secrets, and he roamed widely. After the coming the Darkness and destruction of the Devil, he welcomed the birth of his new half-brother Waha into the surface world. Brother Dog walked ever with Waha as his brother sought out the People who wandered in the Darkness. However, when Waha turned to the cleansing of the Devil’s corpse, Brother Dog betrayed Waha’s purpose, coveting the Devil’s Bone for his own. He stole the withered, leathery member and ran off into the wastes to bury it, returning in secret to roll and gnaw upon it. But when left alone, the Bone’s malignant nature continued to sire many lesser evils that plagued the land with foul odors and stains upon the landscape. Waha smelled the evil on his brother, though, and eventually tracked it down, following Brother Dog to his hideaway. Waha seized the Bone and destroyed it with mighty magics, then turned his wrath upon his brother. Brother Dog bowed low in supplication, pledging eternal service in return for mercy. Waha relented, but only after transforming his brother into a beast and denying him a place at the Survival Covenant, consigning him instead to stand watch at the outskirts of camp on four legs instead of two. Thereafter, Brother Dog enjoyed the meager favor of the Men whose camps he swore to protect, but ever felt the fear and contempt of the herd beasts who still smelled the rank odor of the Devil’s Bone upon his maw and recoiled nervously from him. The greatest contempt of all, though, came from the Morokanth, who knew of Brother Dog’s disobedience to Waha, and who sneered at his subservience as he stole a seat at the camp of Men; and Brother Dog returned disdain upon the Morokanth who turned the Covenant on its ear, walking about on four legs themselves, yet herding men-who-were-beasts. Although with a place near Waha’s campfire, Brother Dog remained a beast and found himself with few allies in a hostile and hungry landscape. During the Great Darkness, Waha introduced the young Foundchild to Prax to teach the ways of the hunt to the People that they could find the food that no longer availed itself in plenty. Brother Dog followed the hunter from afar as he grew to manhood. Sensing the mighty hunter as an able companion, Brother Dog approached Foundchild, eagerly demonstrated his many talents to both protect and aid in the hunt, and proposed a partnership that he would be spared as prey and they would instead hunt together. Foundchild admired this beast greatly and they embraced as brothers, following each other in turn where the hunt would take them. Foundchild introduced his new brother to Men over whom Waha did not hold such sway, to whom Brother Dog became a loyal companion and not a lowly cur. Since Time began, Brother Dog has committed his being to the hunt, the herd, and the hearth, ever in service to Man, sharing in his plenty and his want. !i!
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    Howdy- Will Horror on The Orient Express ever see a reprint? thanks
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    Greetings, all! My apologies if this has been covered before, but, Rick Meints invited me to start a thread here regarding the RQ2 Supplements Reprints, so, here goes! For those not in the know, Chaosium ran a Kickstarter in 2015, raising $206,000 on the promise that various products would be reprinted in 2016: Well, as I think most people know, Chaosium had some trouble in finalizing the layout for all these products, but, in July 2019, we received the happy news that they were all done, and the printed books were on the way. Starting a thread about it is my way of hopefully drumming up a little excitement. What’s kind of cool is that these can be used with RQ2 and with RQG. In fact, I believe that was the main reason stated for keeping RQG so closely compatible with RQ2, i.e., to keep this incredible back library accessible. Speaking personally, I am too young to have collected, let alone played, any of these “back in the day” when they were first released for RQ2, but I have heard about them for a long time. Some of these are very famous. I’ve been able to pick up three of them on the secondhand market, but, most of them are just too rare, and therefore expensive. I really, really look forward to completing my collection. I will even re-buy the ones I already have. The core book reprint looks really great!
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    Two more to add to the upcoming list: A Time to Harvest - campaign originally released via the Cult of Chaos (source: Mike Mason mentioned this in a thread over on YSDC) Let Sleeping Gods Lie(?) - a new collection of scenarios for Down Darker Trails (I can't remember where I read this one, nor if I've remembered the title correctly).
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    BGees are canonically none of the sort, they are avengers of kinslaying and guards of Earth priestesses and temples as well as warriors against enemies like Lunars and Chaos (i.e. of anti-Orlanthis). Babeester the Gor myth resonates with the story of Sekhmet, who was let loose to kill and her bloodlust got so bad they had to invent beer to make her dead drunk so she'd stop. "Initiates (commonly known as Axe Sisters) must never love, make love, have sex, become pregnant, or even fake affection with anything but their goddess." - Sartar Companion not lesbians, just Death Rune.
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    Wait a minute here...I think you may be right. But does that make Waha a herd mammal? I mean, yeah, he's the son of the "mother of cattle" (The Glorantha Sourcebook) and the Storm Bull, but aside from being depicted as wearing a horned helmet I've never read any reference to him bearing a beast-like form. He's a god -- is he fixed to a particular form? And that takes us back to the lineage of Rowdril, the first "true dog". Is he restricted to a conventional canine form, or can he walk about in man-form while bearing the essence of a true dog? Must all of his divine offspring also start out locked into beast-form? This is where my myth played loosey-goosey with the nature of divinity and the Godtime. Things don't start out fixed until a mythopoeic event happens that locks it down. Eiritha had any number of lovers before she gave it up to marry Storm Bull (again, all the way back to Cults of Prax). Were all of them cattle-themed, too? Probably not. And did she have other offspring by any of those earlier paramours? I haven't read anything to the contrary, so...sure. And were all of those other offspring necessarily "cattle"? Maybe not. While marriage to Storm Bull and giving birth to the various cattle of Prax has become her defining myth, there are plenty of other possibilities that preceded it. If some other god came along, like, say, Rowdril, and turned on the charm in the Godtime before Storm Bull, she might have had one or more previous children who, like Waha, are beast-oriented, but not in beast-form. Baby, I'm sticking with v1.4 and putting an Eritha-Rowdril tryst back on the table. !i!
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    There is absolutely no reason why your warriors can’t cast ‘Befuddle and whatnot’, almost every warrior cult grants such spells, Demoralise for example, cult spell for Orlanth and Humakt.
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    In some ways I think it makes thematic sense. Umath did not originally have a domain or terrain of his own, he had to make it, counter to the Court's plans for the Cosmos. Orlanth did not originally have a kingdom or people of his own, but rather formed the Storm Tribe by accepting in many different outsiders in marriage-alliance with his wife. The Vingkotlings grew not just by conquest, but by allying and assimilating/integrating neighboring peoples. The story of the Storm Tribe is not the story of a self-sufficient, "pure" group procreating, it's very much a story of adoption, exploration and in many ways not really having a thing of their own, as it were, until they make or take something.
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    By the way, have we all read this bit from Greg, c.1999? Who Are the Dog Fathers? https://www.glorantha.com/docs/doggods/ !i!
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    There are an awful lot of Air Elementals (including sentient, self-willed ones), as well as wind children, sky bulls, griffins, hippogriffs, giant hawks, giant eagles, giant wasps, wyrms, wyverns, dragons, and other fliers. The skies are pretty full of beings!
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    The Orlanthi consider the clouds, or at least certain types of clouds, to be living beings. Cloudhawks, cloudcats, cloudsheep and so on. They comprise Orlanth's flock, although they are also tied to Heler as both Orlanth's companion and (sometimes female) lover. There is a section on Orlanthi cloud lore in the Book of Heortling Mythology. The section can be understood literally (ie. clouds are literally living beings that would appear as animals when viewed from the Storm Realm), allegorically (ie. as a means to explain weather patterns, as cloudhawks are the wispiest clouds the highest up, while cloudsheep are the thickest clouds furthest down), or genealogically (explaining the creation of both natural phenomena, as well as sapient beings and even some clans that may claim descent from them). I believe also sandstorms are associated with Storm Bull in the same section. If we move beyond that, we have Heler's original people, who were the Helerings, a "Cloud People". Described as people in flying boats who raided the Vingkotlings in the God Time, they were originally sea beings who appear to have made the Middle Air their home - much like Lorion was a sea god who made the Sky his home and so on. The Helerings later "landed" on the ground and sea, and were absorbed into the Vingkotlings, but their ancestry sometimes shines through in blue-skinned Orlanthi - allegedly moreso in Maniria than other regions (but I'm not sure how canon this latter point is). There are also actual, flesh-and-bone hawks that are associated with Storm in Dragon Pass (although not in all of Glorantha). Then there are of course the Wind Children. Both of these make their home on the physical ground, but are intimately associated with the Air. The same probably goes for the Sky Bulls (who, despite the name, are not associated with Sky but with Storm, slip of the tongue I guess). There might be more. I haven't yet found evidence of any people living ON the clouds as if they were islands, but I think that would be cool as hell, so IMG it's likely that some kind of demigod race (or maybe just sufficiently "stormy"/"helerite" Wind Children) live like that.
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    I do think hunters need some love. Leather Crafting, Butchery, Peaceful cut, Devise (Trapping in Dark and Storm season!) etc. Plus their cults do seem a bit weak. I mean I know balance isnt a thing. But still.
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    Based on Dagon. I rather enjoyed it
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    Sort of inspired by the a thread in the Glorantha section and for my own convenience. Obviously not related to Chaosium or their staff (since I'm just a random dude). A list of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition books published by Chaosium and books that have been announced or hinted in Chaosium's staff in this forum or social media. This list do not include books from the Miskatonic Repository, Special Editions, Classic edition books or Vault/Monographs. Rules: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules Call of Cthulhu Starter Set Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook (7th Ed.) Call of Cthulhu Investigator Handbook (7th ed.) Call of Cthulhu Keeper Screen Pack (7th ed.) The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors Pulp Cthulhu Scenarios: Dead Light and Other Dark Turns Doors to Darkness Gateways to Terror Nameless Horrors Petersens Abominations – Hardcover Reign of Terror The Shadow Over Providence Campaign Books: A Cold Fire Within (Pulp Cthulhu Campaign) Masks of Nyarlathotep - Slipcase Set Shadows over Stillwater (Down Darker Trails Campaign) The Two-Headed Serpent (Pulp Cthulhu Campaign) Setting Books: Cthulhu Dark Ages 3rd edition (Setting Book) Berlin - The Wicked City Down Darker Trails Harlem Unbound Terror Australis - 2nd Edition PDF Only: Cthulhu Through the Ages (Print on Demand copies are available in Chaosium's Lulu page) Cold Harvest (Print on Demand copies are available in Chaosium's Lulu page) The Derelict (Originally released released fro Free RPG day 2016, Print on Demand available in Chaosium's Lulu page and it is also found in Petersens Abominations ) Horror on The Orient Express (Campaign) The Lightless Beacon (found here) Mansions of Madness Vol 1: Behind Closed Doors* Malleus Monstrorum 7e* Ripples From Carcosa (Print on Demand copies available in Chaosium's Lulu page) Scritch Scratch (Originally released for Free RPG day 2018, Print on Demand copies Available in Chaosium's Lulu page) Secrets of Tibet *Will get a print release Solo Books: Alone Against the Dark Alone Against the Flames Alone Against the Frost Out of Print: Horror on The Orient Express – Boxset (7th Ed.) (May get a reprint as a slipcase in a few years) Dead Light (reprinted in Dead Light and Other Dark Turns) Secrets of Tibet Accessories: Call of Cthulhu Keeper Decks Sanitarium Miskatonic University and Arkham forms bundle Upcoming, hinted or announced: Arkham/H. P. Lovecraft's Arkham (Mike's Post, Interview Link) A Time to Harvest (Blog Post) Beyond the Mountains of Madness (Interview Link) Blood Brothers III Children of Fear - (Mob's Thread) Colonial Lovecraftian Setting (Mike's Post) The Curse of Seven - Gaslight campaign (Mike's Post) Cthulhu by Gaslight (Mike's Post) The Dead of Winter (Live play-through here) Dreamlands (Mike's post and Cover) Elizabethan/Middle Ages Cthulhu (Interview around 12pm section, Post by Mob) Escape from Innsmouth (Interview Link, Mike's Post) Flotsam and Jetsam (Blog Post) Guide to the Miskatonic Valley (Mike's Post) H. P. Lovecraft's Dunwich (Interview Link) H. P. Lovecraft's Kingsport (Interview Link) Let Sleeping Gods Lie (Blog Post) Mansions of Madness (Live play of scenario "Mr. Corbin", Vol 1 is already available in. Future Volumes upcoming) Modern-day superhero campaign book for the Pulp Cthulhu (Blog Post) Shadows of Yog-Sothoth (Good friends of Jackson Elias Podcast Episode) Sci-Fi/Future Cthulhu (Mike's posts, here and here) I’m missing something?
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    I've had a Mythras Gateway license for some time now and this is the year I dust it off and use it. A sneak peek of what I'm up to is featured in the Grogzilla fanzine I've already funded as part of Kickstarter's ZineQuest 2, and this article on my Sorcerer Under the Mountain goes into detail. Six for Mythras.
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    Brankist Farlow was an Orlanth Rune Lord-Priest, Associate Priest of Lhankor Mhy and Storm Bull. He became the Neck of Thanatar in our RQ2/RQ3 Campaign, by replacing the old one, under the assumption that he would be a better one than the current one. He also became Beloved of Krarsht, by putting a Krarsht Egg onto the Red Moon, allowing Krarsht to tunnel through the Air to the Red Moon. Among his claims to fame was binding Argrath in a Lunar Hell, because he thought that Argrath was a personal rival. Brankist Farlow was described as like one of the Three Musketeers, probably more like Aramis than the others. Then we watched Rob Roy and one of the characters was Brankist down to a tee. Probably isn't canonical, though.
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    Understandable. Australia is largely desert, not conducive to the growth of mushrooms. While I enjoy them, I eat only domestic varieties. Even experts occasionally die from eating the wrong wild-picked fungus. It is sometimes hard to tell the good stuff from deadly toadstools. Does your setting have the equivalent of truffles, and the nosey beasts needed to hunt them down? Our ancestors must have been brave, or starving, to figure out what was edible and what wasn't.
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    Yeah, all that grim-dark vengeance... So a Humakti, a Babeester Gori, and a Zorak Zorani walk into a bar. The Yanafal Tarnils bartender says, "Hey, why the long faces?" !i!
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    The cult write-up in Sartar Companion describes BGs as "seek[ing] murderous vengeance...hard, cold, and dangerous women intent upon the sacred duty of revenge" who "must never love, make love...or even fake affection with anything but their goddess" and who are "cut off from society". In my opinion that's unplayable as a PC, and it feels very much like a misogynist stereotype of feminine anger. I had to re-write the cult write-up to make it less extreme.
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    * Babeester Gori are not psychotic man-hating lesbians. Some of them may be, but many are simply warriors. * Foundchild is a shamanistic cult, just like Waha and Eiritha. Its survival skills are secondary to Waha and Eiritha's, but still very important for surviving in the wastes. Similarly, Helpwoman is somewhat more prominent as well. * Praxian men's names don't all use 'Waha'. * Morokanths are omnivores. Praxian society views them as people but not humans, while gern are human but not people. * Kallyr Starbrow might manage to become Prince of Sartar--still haven't had to make up my mind about that. * Sartarites recognize three sexes: male, female, and Helerite. Sexless, intersex and hermaphrodite people freak them out and seem Chaotic. Helerites are sex-fluid, but not genderfluid (they present as either male or female as feels right to them, but abide by the male/female dichotomy). * Dara Happa is misogynistic, but not quite as oppressive toward women. Yelornans are a thing, although most Dara Happens dislike them. * Sartarite cities are mostly hill forts, not Minoan/Mycenaean citadels.
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    As I read the rules, it doesn't matter how many points a spell has. Get a new rune point, learn a new rune spell, and it doesn't matter whether it costs one rune point or three, or even more.
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    Me too. I only say no to "empty" checks like "I check for ambushes" when there is no reason to expect one and you're doing regular scanning anyway. Or if someone wants to climb a tree for no clear reason.
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    I don't! A successful Disruption very seldom takes an enemy out of the fight, even temporarily, while Demoralise or Befuddle often do (and you still get that POW gain tick). Though Disruption is still handy. A character from a cult with no powerful attack magic but access to common magic can use Disruption and Multispell, and its good for sniping at your enemies bound/allied spirits. Orlanthi and Humakti characters usually find it very easy to get Demoralise - Lunars usually find it very easy to get Befuddle.
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    Consider that not every Illumination school teaches all the Illumination abilities and that you can learn more through study, and that the abilities may start out unreliable and gradually become reliable, and that the way Illluminate abilities work may differ (Nysalor riddles is not the only way of teaching, for example). And consider that abilities like Meditation or Mystic Cult Lore are going to be useful. And yet hat some mystic cults will teach abilities that either are more useful after Illumination, or can only be thought to the Illuminated. I think there is room in that for a more gradualist approach for sure - it’s just that much of it happens after Illumination, to unlock the full potential of the path. Illumination is a major dramatic step on the way, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t further travel. (personally, I’d quite like the HQG concept of Lunar phases back in RQG too, and at least some ideas of what draconic magic can be learnt, and some development of ‘austerities’ as a form of magic that isn’t mystic per se, but often used by mystics - forms of magic that are used by mystics, as we progress into the Hero Wars and the deep contest between Argraths dragon mystics and the Lunar elite really heats up and gets transgressive and weird) Of course, mysticism is also often far more individualist in how people progress. And if your individual characters path includes Chaos and exploitation and falling to the dark side, well, that’s a potentially interesting story too.
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    Yes, I checked my spam folder and nothing was there. I then e-mailed Dustin and I am waiting for his reply. Need that Dead Light book ASAP!
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    Gateways to Terror will be released in print later next month. Check your spam and junk mail folders in case the email with the coupon ended up there. Otherwise, email Dustin at customerservice@chaosium.com and he'll be able to assist.
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    I think people in shapechanging cultures are supposed to shapechange about as often as, say, Orlanthi fly. As it is, the rules say they do it a LOT less (except those pesky Telmori)
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    Which could also account for the Orlanthi dislike of dogs. They're too close to Prax and the myth and attitude has seeped in.
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    Yes its a mistake on the Screen - please see the Errata thread for all corrections (inc. this one).
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    These are very surprising points of view to me. I mean, straight up Guide to Glorantha Vol.1, p. 9 and for military power, Guide to Glorantha Vol 1, p. 13 I'm not sure I agree with the "wealth = military victory". Nomads are typically quite poor and often ferocious. Barbarians ravaged ancient Rome (the city state), but even if you accept that premise, which tribe will be richer and how does it get and stay that way? So how does a tribe get wealth in peace time? Will it gain wealth in peace time better with fewer Issaries initiates, or more? My money is on the tribe with more followers of the trader god, as well as other gods that help crafting, farming, herding, and other wealth generating activities. What's the first thing you do in King of Dragon Pass game when you need wealth? Increase the size of the Issaries temple to allow/attract more worshipers. How does a tribe get wealth via warfare? Will it be more successful and gain more plunder with fewer war-cult followers, or more? Clearly more better. Besides the above quote from the Guide (which is repeated in the Arms and Armies of Dragon Pass p.6) there is again the visceral example of the two Glorantha video games. Having trouble with combat? Build up your Orlanth/Elmal temple is always the first answer. More followers, more combat power. Maybe you subscribe to the point of view that the Rune magic comes mainly from the Priests, but Priests have to come from a pool of Initiates, and which tribe is likely to have more Priests? Well honestly, all other things being equal, the one with more Initiates in the first place. Between these thoughts, and all the many publications where pretty much everyone is an Initiate, I have a hard time understanding the point of view that the majority of Glorantha theists are NOT initiated to some god or other. From the very beginning, Initiate status was a big deal. And not just for Rune spells. You also get Divine Intervention, limited access to Rune spells, of course, and: So the initiates are not just sporting Rune spells around. They also can be expected to pop Divine Interventions (think of it this way -- they negate 10% of the deaths in a battle. That's no small thing.), and they also have better skills and spirit magic too.
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    I already have some follow-up thoughts, potential edits, and possible heresies: Eiritha at the time of Brother Dog’s birth is not yet the “mother of cattle” by Storm Bull. She is, however, “an animal goddess, a daughter of Ernalda, Mother Earth, and Hykim, Father of Beasts.” (Cults of Prax) Rowdril, the Father of Dogs is not a dog himself, but is the sire of "dog-ness," the traits that make a dog a dog. He’s a randy fellow, and gets around during the Godtime. Dog-ness has been sired in several places throughout Glorantha as a result of his travels, including Saird, where he sired Ensoval, the dog-god commonly associated with more civilised breeds (and possibly in Sartar where alynxes inexplicably behave like dogs). Grodrulf is the proper name of Brother Dog in Balazar. Perhaps this his name in Prax, too? Grodrulf, Brother Dog, is thus the son of Eiritha and Rowdril from a tryst that preceded her union with Storm Bull. !i!
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    There's evidence that there were entire 'regiments' of Sarmatians in Britannia at one point, and the Romans had adopted their draco standards earlier. But... the entire period lapses into such confusion that finding the real war leader Artorius is nigh impossible. [It always strikes me as amusing that few people realise that C.J. Cherryh's Morgaine sf books have a heavy Arthurian background, in which the reason the terrestrial period is such a mess is the results of time quakes caused by the qhal misuse of the Gates, and the human cultures encountered are developments of Brythonic cultures lost in time and space, sometimes by thousands of years...] Maybe in six months or more I'll have some illustrations to share...
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    That's why I love the spell! That "Ohhhh.... wow, ok that is pretty amazing" reaction when people realise what a self-only illusion can be used for. I don't think that most people in "shapechanging" cultures are actually supposed to be able to shapechange regularly. I think it's supposed to be rare, like the Beornings in Middle Earth. And if they need a whole bunch of them to go wolfy? That's what a wyter is for. 10 POW, 15 full-on werewolves. Rawr!
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    Standing on the top a tower, chased by guards. Glue a rope to the wall, ecape via the rope. The rope will fall down after the spell has expired. Your hand was broken in fight. Glue your sword to your glove and keep fighting even if you can´t hold your sword any more. You are chased by people that might fire missiles in your way. Glue your shield to your back and run!
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    Knight is one of those terms that can be either very loaded towards the idea of a European knight, chivalry etc. or more generally as simply a cavalry soldier (though given the cost of supplying and maintaining a mount, unless the army is heavily state run, often such cavalry are drawn from the elite...) I am tending to use it as an aristocratic rider. Of course a Man-of-All riding a Daron horse is a member of their society's elite, but I am tending to use the term to relate to a talari mounted fighter, but am not using 'squire' or 'page', even though there's evidence of the Sassanid cavalry, for example, having very similar posts, but they come with too much medieval baggage.
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    Just like Dehori aren't all disembodied, and they and shades may have permanently material presence in the surface world (in addition to the Underworld), there are bound to be a huge number of minor air and storm deities or cloud entities who may merge with larger ones. Quite a lot of the magical sea entities are not offspring of Triolina, yet still very alive - the tidal waves, the rivers and sea currents, whirlpools and other very local phenomena of water movement (or lack thereof). Many may be of similar mixed origin like Choralinthor, child of Esrola and the sea current then still body of water Faralinthor. If you look at the cult of Heler in Hero Wars Storm Tribe, all the ram manifestations of the deity are atmospheric entities, some with the ability to form a separate body, others content to form a body out of the rainclouds. Heler's offspring by Yinkin and Orlanth has already been mentioned, and while some may appear as ephemeral existences, it is as possible that these clouds can "discorporate" into a greater body of storm or cloud and re-appear when the conditions are fine. Another potential encounter in the Middle Air are low-hanging Fire Tribe or independent star folk, possibly with permanent outposts. If Liorn and Forosil were heroes of Orlanth who inhabited their own low-hanging stars, there may be other such entities, or possibly a few abandoned roosts that survived Tyram's invasion of the sky and defeat at the hands of Orlanth and his celestial host.
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    I'm fond of "leveraging" the Eurmali. YOU may not be able to walk across his hallucinatory bridge... but you can ride piggy-back on the Eurmali as he crosses! So can the party Storm-Bull (which IS a sight to behold)...
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    without rules I would manage it like that Illumination power is activated like a "spell" based on this passion Illumination capacity to break religion rules would succeed if an opposite roll between god devotion and illumination passion But I m waiting for gogagogogagagog before decide anything !
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    I always saw it as, anywhere between Earth and Sky that there's Air to breathe and you can feel wind on your skin? That's the Middle Air. Earth and Air are married, it only makes sense they're very close.
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    Maran Gor has outstanding AoE. For a mere 46 Rune Points (achievable for a big Wyter or when using Allied Spirit shenanigans) , you can cast a Blast Earth that affects all of Glorantha. You can get away with less if you just want to Blast all of Genertela. Not sure why you would want to, but you can! Similarly, it only takes 46 Magic Points (which should be all but trivial) to cast a Shake Earth that affects all of Glorantha.
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    Imagine an average Farmer (Orlanth initiate). He's married (Ernalda initiate) with 2 children. Together they farm their land near Apple Lane. Regardless of their rune points, Orlanth initiates get to renew their magic twice per season (hopefully the floating days are evenly spread out RQG p300) and during sacred time. RQG p300. Ernaldans, ignoring the minor holy days get 5 seasonal holy days, sacred time and 2 others RQG p293. Initiation on page 275 says you get 1 special rune spell, so what does an Orlanthi farmer choose for rune magic? Pick well as to get more you need to pay 100L per point (page 275) 100L is 5 cows. Look at what's available for farmers, Orlanth is rubbish. Personally I believe flight is the best, it lets you fly to the holy peaks on holy days. but really they are all Weather or Air based or only useful in a fight. Thunderbolt is likely the best otherwise. Ernalda initiates? Bless crops wins every time. So what about the common rune magic? Divination - what are farmers going to ask about? causes of sick animals, crop blight, where is my lost brother, will the harvest go well, should I buy Bert's spare bull... Warding - what are you going to ward - likely the cows, but that's fine, that's what it's for. You don't get the RP back until it expires. So that puts you down points. Likely you only do it when treble is expected. Heal Wound is the single most important spell, it's what reduces overall mortality from simple problems (no one normal bleeds to death, through normal accident or childbirth issues). This an important thing for Glorantha as a setting I believe. The only other one that i believe is of any import is Multispell, as it lets you loose off multiple healing and disruption. The rest are very specialist. Overall your family can benefit from rune magic every few weeks but I don't think they use it very often. Most save it up for an emergency. should I cast divination or save it just in case of an accident. so I don't think they do, unless they are specialists. The farmers above use thunderbolt. Most farmers rarely fight. Divination is still unreliable and people will likely put off using it except in emergency. Yes, it's now a fantasy world where accidents don't kill you, but combat still can and is why no one squanders their rune points. If you have the rune points and choose well. Adventurers on the other hand are entirely different.
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    First off, way more than 10% are initiates in Sartar. The conservative number is 2/3rds of adults. I think this is butting up against the question "How many initiates are game-mechanic initiates and how many are initiated as lay members?" Which seems to arise each time this topic pops up. While I do think the number of game-initiates is higher than 10%, as I recall previous iterations of this discussion Jeff et al clarified that when the book says "most Gloranthans are initiates" what it really means is "most gloranthans are lay members." From the Well of Daliath: Likewise: Which retains consistency with prior representations of Glorantha—notably the Guide.
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    A very critical piece to bear in mind with RQG is the assumption that you are running One session per season. In practice that means one opportunity to renew Rune points before the next session. This is a general framework, and if you are running scenarios that are extending across many weeks, you will need to adjust the framework to fit. The framework is meant for adventurers, not the general populace. If you are running extended weekly adventures and don't adjust, then you are just encouraging a form of munchkinery (and yes you will feel like it is "too much"). There are a number of factors to consider with this: 1) The basic starts with this: "Rune points may only be replenished through worship of the deity on a holy day and participation in cult rites." I.e. at a temple on a holy day, succeed in Worship roll, spend 2 MP. 2) The specific holy day matters. Sacred Time/High Holy Day: success = all; fail = 2d6. Seasonal holy day: success = 2d6; fail = 1d3. Minor holy day: success = 1d6; fail = 0. 3) The size of temple could matter. It certainly matters as to the availability of Rune spells to learn. Does it matter to your game? Normally, no. But, it's a place the framework can be adjusted. Shrine = 1 special rune spell. Minor temple = all cult special spells + 1 local subcult. Major temple = all cult common and special spells + local subcults + 1 associated cult. Great temple = all spells + some/most associated cults. You can apply restrictions to replenishing Rune points by several means: capping at the # of available spells; limiting by a factor (e.g. shrine = 1/4, minor = 1/2, etc.); restricting to only renewal where the available spells equal those the character knows; etc. 4) Adjusting the effect of the Worship roll could be leveraged. Fail might always be 0. Success = 1d3. Special = 1d6. Critical = 2d6 (or all). Or some other metric. 5) Worship rolls can be adjusted/restricted. This, of course, still favors the adventurer who can be in the city in time for the seasonal holy day. My players are always factoring this in to their timetables - which is fine as it is what we do in real life. This, too, can be restricted, and you do it based on 1) whether you are known to the temple priests (which can be abstracted as Loyalty to the city); 2) whether you are known to be Loyal to the temple. If you aren't known, then you don't get invited into the ritual parts of the ceremonies where all of your Rune points are replenished (instead treat what you gain as the next level down).
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    I solve the problem by playing RQ2 instead of RQG, and just plundering the latter for ideas and lore 😛
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