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    I just had an interesting experience of opening an e-mail, and finding one of my congregation asking if I was a pagan! Since I use Blogger for posting Bible studies as well as matters Gloranthan it carries my user name. He had googled Helering, and was now concerned for me....
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    My thoughts on the White Moon Movement are fairly unformed and focused more on the everyday aspects of the White Moon than on the higher cosmology, but: I see the White Moon Movement as existing in a position vis a vis the orthodox/orthopraxic Lunar Way as Pure Land Buddhism in Japan existed in relationship to the existing Japanese Buddhist traditions. The Pure Land movement emphasized the potential for anyone and everyone to achieve enlightenment through the direct intervention of the Buddha Amitabha without the absolute necessity of long decades of scholasticism as an ordained monk or nun. And as such, the White Moon as a whole emphasizes the potential to achieve the transcendent Sevening/"high enlightenment" (contra the "low enlightenment" of Rashoranic/Nysalorean/Yelmic Illumination) without the formal process of going before the Examiners. And so as a consequence, any and every crackpot idea that would ordinarily be Mindblasted out finds a home in the White Moon, so you have divergent traditions like Fiscal Anarchists alongside radical conscientious objectors and people who merely question the received wisdom that the White Moon won't rise until the light of the Red Moon shines over all of Glorantha, in turn leading to the (semi) familiar story where there's repression and crackdowns leading to a steady radicalization, a massive rebellion in the Heartlands right as Pent and Dragon Pass become major problems again, etc. etc. etc. (And then, IMHW, the White Moon's remnants after close to a decade of civil war backs Phargentes the Younger to the hilt, much as the equivalent Ikko-ikki remnants ended up backing Toyotomi Hideyoshi before dissolving.) Of course, to wade into the muck of cosmology for a bit, the Seven prior Masks of Sedenya seem to represent a pair of cycles: the youth-maturity-old age (or innocence-compassion-grief) cycle of Red-Blue-Black of Verithurusa/Lesilla/Gerra, and the Blue-Red(and-Black?)-White cycle of Orogeria-Ulurda/Natha/Zaytenera, which appears to be a cycle of sensing, acting on what is sensed, then relaxing in the balance created by action. These are joined/mediated by the invisible/absent/clear Rashorana. So in that sense, the White Moon exists "outside of the text"- She is the peace that is disturbed by the beginning of the story, as it were, and the peace that is contained in the words "The End" or "And they all lived happily ever after."* As such, it is not possible to have the full White Moon of Peace truly rise, because if She does so, then that means Glorantha comes to a halt. (Now, of course, if She were to rise and set, wax and wane, as it were, then Glorantha/the metastory would be able to continue on, in the periods of the White Moon.) And this allows us to perhaps understand why Zaytenera is such a shadowy figure- absent from Her appointed city of Senthoros, only appearing in the Lives of Sedenya in the very first paragraph. She is less a person than a philosophical concept, or the idea of a person. And the White Sun that predates Brightface, perhaps, never really existed as an entity until the moment of Brightface's usurpation, created in that disjuncture as someone to usurp, as primordial consciousness forms. So in this light, the Lunar Empire's quest to bring the Lunar Way to every corner of Glorantha to make the White Moon rise is inherently quixotic (perhaps even deliberately so), an impossibility that can motivate the Lunar Empire to continue on infinitely, or an acknowledgement that all empires are temporal and fleeting and will pass. But maybe, to paraphrase Pink Floyd, there's no White Moon, really. As a matter of fact, the Moon is always White. *As such, the White Moon is white because She's an incarnation of the endpapers...
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    Can I also say just how much I love the cover artwork of this book. In fact, the quality of artwork in the RiG books in general has been outstanding, hat's off to you guys for this.
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    May need to redo the rider's face-mask. Horse may be too large (though the breed is supposed to be large). Hmm. Don't know how I didn't notice this when preparing, but the rider's upper leg is too short. Will see if I can rework...
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    One thing I should make absolutely clear is that the Glorantha of HeroQuest and that of RuneQuest are not identical. This is a deliberate editorial decision and we're leaving it up to fans to determine whether to reconcile them or not. RQG is its own line, a new interpretation of the setting based on prior versions but also incorporating previous unpublished materials from Greg and based on lengthy discussions with Greg and Jeff. Anyone expecting RQG and HQG to be completely synchronous will be sorely disappointed.
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    An unfortunate oversight (due to some shifting of contents between this and another book) that has been noted and fixed. There'll be an update soon.
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    RuneQuest Classic is part of DriveThruRPG's Cov-19 World Food Programme Bundle. This charity bundle contains titles worth a total of $625.51, but is available for $19.95 – a saving of 97%! Assisting 100 million people in 83 countries each year, the World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization delivering emergency food assistance. All proceeds from this bundle will go towards the WFP's efforts to prevent hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other ways Chaosium is supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts Until May 30, all proceeds of the print-and-play Gloranthan board game Last Faction Hero will be donated to the World Health Organisation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The game is available as 'Pay-What-You-Want' at Chaosium's new page at itch.io. Our merchandising partner Redbubble is donating a mask to Heart-to-Heart International for every face mask sold – check our our 'Mask of Nyarlathotep' and dozens of other face-covering designs at our Redbubble store.
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    Reviving this due to a random thought I had thanks to the "Trolls Don't Cry" thread: Could it be convincingly argued that Crushing Noise is actually a name for Hedkoranth? Hedkoranth is the Thunder Slinger, whose casts of Great Weighty are both very noisy and very crushing (and he's also described as a loud, boastful figure). He is described as the Thunderbolt of Orlanth made manifest in a stone but also as the son of Orlanth by a woman named Arvena, of whom nothing but that name is known, and so could easily just be another name for the Dark Lady i.e. Kyger Litor. The sling (and just straight-up throwing rocks) is a weapon often associated with trolls, and he's stated to have defeated a Darkness champion called Opanbobos (Vaneekara? One of her children/followers?) to obtain the power of the sling. Was that a normal battle, or was it him proving himself to his kin? If you want to find a way to provide a way "in" for Darkness people to gain the powers of Storm, you could certainly do worse than Hedkoranth. Your average troll warrior might not even have to change how he fights all that much, and he's got the mythic "oomph" that it wouldn't be hard to make him suitably impressive to convince at least a few that this "new" son of Kyger Litor might be one worth allowing in.
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    Looking back into the archives I encounter myself again and again like immature arkats. I would do it all differently today but those kids got me where I am now so I can't blame them. I apologize for the times they irritated you. But in the archives I find surprisingly little substantive about where the White Moon Movement comes from and what they're really all about. Yeah, they're hippies. What kind of hippies? Pacifists? Fourierists? Waldensians? Answers would be useful as I try harder to anticipate the Hero Wars from the Lunar point of view and uh gin up some prophetic complexity. Otherwise Argrath simply gets everything he wants and I know you hate that. Let's make it a little tough for him. What I know is that they come out of Oraya, which was largely settled by refugees fleeting the Arrolian diaspora, which had originally Gone West carrying a mass of pre-Seleran heresies as well as more orthodox aspects of the lunar way now lost in the heartland. Think of the Nationalist retreat to Taiwan stripping the museums and taking the old-school Beijing Opera companies, etc. That community had a few generations out there to develop in relative isolation. Then, the eastern threat evaporates and the west gets hot, leading many to once again take what they can, this time to the redland frontier. There was already a Temple of the White Heart out there before the Fourth Wane so those with white moon sympathies would have a special reason to head all the way across the empire and try to make another fresh start. The farming is good. Amazing soil, the kind of yields that would have made grandpa cry back in Arrolia. And you're on one of the most important caravan routes in the world so wealth and exotic ideas get captured on the way across. The nomads are quiet. Your kids have time and leisure to study and nurse idealisms. It's great soil for idealism. The empire isn't paying attention. There was a white "moon" goddess acknowledged among Jonat's people in old drafts. Maybe just a planet, who knows. Maybe a ghost of a former sky only visible in the far north. Moon people fleeing what looked then like the end of the world would have found that out and brought it back with them. What else? What I can trade is that some people say that when Yelmdrya's people died out the trolls came. Were these the original northern forests? The "Spike," sure. But look at the alternation of color, black for white fringed by a kind of "yellow" that might not actually represent conventional embyli in their jungles. Possibly more of an amber or an alabaster color, an elf mood now lost or hidden. The Twin stars pulse red to "yellow-white." Flamal's color is amber . . . again, wherever amber comes from in your Glorantha. The Pelorians put amber in the far east and that was the direction prehistoric Yelm faced. Alabaster and whiteness were in the north. A white queen ruled before Brightface as part of the sprawling and complex Naverian complex. Arroin is sometimes translated as "healing waters" by those who know him best. He does not provide magic but instead knows herbal medicine. As owner of a Power Rune, Chalana is a little more complicated than the Leonard Cohen in-jokes suggest. Jar-eel favors the harp and I don't see the White Moon Debates as having been conclusive one way or the other. Deezola as modern healing goddess who ruled a minor fief in the Arcos valley. She was learned in the pre-lunar earth complex. Some sources even associate her with "Arachne Solara," whatever that means up in bird country. The "white" goddess associated with the (Permanent) full phase is obscured with redness. They have to let go. Like Dayzatar makes way, let go. Entekos is a white goddess. I am not convinced Zaytenerus is either, but what do I know?
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    Quest to Ourania to gain the secrets of Purification. Quest to the Bath of Nelat to get the right "water" so you can test it out. Then get access to the Empty Jar - the vessel to carry the "water" up from the deep realms/Underworld where the Baths lie. Resurrect Arroin as your water bearer, and now all you need to do is find the Moon Chariot. As for the last, perhaps the dwarfs have it in hiding somewhere? or Sedenya swallowed it so it is hidden inside her body? Actually I guess they both can be True. It was the dwarfs secret plot to keep the White Moon from being destroyed by the Storm Gods - they tricked Sedenya into swallowing the Egg (it was in the Earth where the Crater now is), and it is hidden and dormant within her. But she must commit utuma for the Egg to be released.
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    Diana Probst & Dom Twist doesn´t get mentioned as authors on the credits page (nor the cover).
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    I've thought they were a continuation of the Ancient Moon religion who worshipped the Great Moon Goddess (now called Tareltara). I don't think it ever ended and has always existed, much like storm worship has always existed under the influence of the Sacred Mountains. Those who are drawn to it are strong in the moon rune. Tareltara becomes Verithurusa is the North Goddess, White Queen of Heaven who dips down following Umatum into the Underworld and meets Death (White Moon era). Here she changes from White to Red and is now called Sedenya (Red Moon era).The women of her tribe are born very pale (white) and become red as they grow older. I think it's these descendants that form the ancestral worship of the White moon. Later she becomes Lesilla (Gerra) the Blue Moon (Blue Moon era), who dies when the moon falls (Black Moon era). Orogeria rises, the Green Moon (Green Moon era). Time begins. Sunstop, Natha is the Moon goddess here, 75 years as Nysalor. She is only in the sky at Sunstop. I think she's invisible except to illuminates. Castle Blue, Full Goddess returns, her brief time in the sky beset by conflict. She is physically red to black and back. I think is is a by product of the way she was assembled. Moon falls again and the cycle starts again. The White Moon is revealed and the ancient moon religion is once again predominates (new White Moon era assuming followers believe that the original era ended). I've always imagined that the Moon after Sunstop should have risen white, but the Seven Mothers made something different (a bit like Dune where Paul is a generation too soon and is not what the plan was meant to make). It was the tampering that made Nysalor that was the problem. It birthed Natha into the world not Tareltara. This is based on discussions with Greg at Gailcon 94, odd notes, etc and should be considered heretical by the Empire 🙂
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    In @Nick J.'s Magic World game last week we lost one of our two fighter type characters. And it wasn't just any character but a hulking killing machine often referred to as an Iron Golem. Not only did Diedtrich have a powerful damage bonus and a magic sword but also a sword profiency in the 90% percentile range. My character, Dietrich's man servant and the other fighter type is at best a mediocre fighter and will probably have a short life time now that Dietrich is gone. That said I thought it would be good to write an obituary for the fair Sir Dietrich. It goes something like this... --------------------- “Wilhelm Dietrich “Sir Dietrich” von Buddenbrock made his last wildly inappropriate and sarcastic comment on July 28th. Dietrich was born and immediately dubbed “our favorite child” to Wilhelm and Joan Buddenbrock (deceased) in March of 1993. Their constant love, support, caring far exceeded anything Dietrich deserved. He is survived by his five wives, sixteen girlfriends, forty three children and overly dedicated warhorse named Sica. He will miss Sica. He had three basic philosophies“work is for the unimaginative”, “never use your real name” and “failure to consume a proferred glass of ale is a terrible waste.” Dietrich died knowing that the Black Labrador Pub in High Hankle is the best place to get a buzz and that a visit to the Daisy Club in Lankshorn will give you a rash that just won’t go away. Dietrich’s demise will now allow all his children to emerge from his shadow. A variety of boys and girls with no upbringing whatsoever complete the list of those left to embellish his memory. Dietrich’s service included five years serving as the Commander of his Lord’s guard and seven years as a professional ale taster and womanizer. His time and position afforded hundreds of people exposure to Dietrich’s unique personality. Half a dozen or so of these might speak of him fondly if pressed. His regrets were few but include eating a falafel from a street merchant in Dreg, opening a door in Dun Cru covered with runes and that no evidence exists of his prowess on the jousting field or in the bedroom. There will be no viewing since his comrades refuses to honor his request to have him standing in the corner of the room with a glass of ale in his hand so that he would appear natural to visitors. Cremation will take place at the earliest convenience and his ashes will be kept in an urn until the party gets tired of having it around. Everyone who remembers him is asked to celebrate Dietrich’s life in their own way. Raising a glass of their favorite drink in his memory would be quite appropriate.
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    After a very successful Kickstarter last year, the folks at New Comet Games announced this morning that their upcoming adventure book, A Time for Sacrifice, is nearing completion. They’re fortunately only about a month behind schedule due to the current situation in the world, and frankly I find that incredible. According to this morning’s update, all they have left to do is a final proof read before they send it off to Chaosium for their approval. Hopefully, all said and done, the PDFs will be available through DriveThruRPG by end of June. The book will feature five complete adventures for the 1920s set in Mesoamerica. If you’d like to check out more, I’ll provide a link to the Kickstarter below. http://kck.st/2pYhraS
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    Introducing Character of the Week. With the M-Space Companion coming out soon, I couldn't contain myself and decided to start creating a character of the week for each week until the Companion comes out using the new Origins rules as well as the cybernetics and robotics rules. Today - this very morning moments ago in fact - my daughter just finished rolling up a Space Bard. The first thing I noticed is M-Space doesn't have an Entertainer career so I created one and created an Origins template to go along with it. We decided this space bard travels from planet to planet around the core worlds, living much of her life in the deep void of space. So her cultural Origin is Space Transient and her career is Entertainer. For ease of reading, I will only list those standard skills which are greater than her base starting skill. And so, with much ado, I give you Nicky Nova STR 8 CON 15 SIZ 14 DEX 15 INT 15 POW 11 CHA 17 Standard Skills: Athletics 28%, Dance 47%, Deceit 57%, Endurance 60%, Evade 45%, First Aid 35%, Influence 69%, Insight 41%, Sing 68%, Willpower 57%, Combat Style (Starfarer) 48% Professional Skills: Astrogation 35%, Pilot (Everything) 35%, Gunnery 40%, Survival (Space) 41%, Musicianship 87%, Disguise 47%, Culture (Inner Core) 40% Psionics: Friendship 22%, Empathy 22%, Move Object 22% Passions: Hate Journalists 46%, Loves Music 66%, Loves Stardom 56% Background story: (Origins just gives a framework from which to work. How you interpret the events it generates is the key to how much depth and story each new character has. You could make the exact same dice rolls and have a radically different interpretation than the one we have below.) Nicky grew up traveling the space lanes as a child. Her rise to fame began in the void of space when she came upon a derelict alien ship and retrieved a piece of alien cybernetic technology. With her meager resources, she managed to find a biohacker who would install the tech. This tech gave her an illegal ID Scanner that could bypass security protocols, giving her access to law enforcement data files. She could use it's facial recognition and DNA database to identify anyone almost instantly. She immediately used her new found power to promote her career. With her insider knowledge of those in the entertainment industry, she was able to get her foot in the door in clubs and studios. Everyone loves when you remember their name, plus having the goods on people didn't hurt either! Soon she had made a contact, her new manager, and gained in her Influence skill. Work began immediately on her first album - Zero Gravity - and her Musicianship skill only got better. Unbeknownst to her, however, the aliens were tracking down their lost spy technology. They finally caught up to Nicky traveling between the stars and gave her a choice: They could kill her and take back their tech or she could be their infiltrator and they'd give her even more tech. She took the latter offer and they installed her with tech guaranteed to launch her career to heights she'd never dreamed of. Nicky now had a psionic mod installed in her head. This gave her three psionic arcs at POWx2 (22%) Friendship, empathy and Move Object. She used Move Object to enhance her stage shows. She would spin her guitar and make it leap into her hands and at the end of the show toss a part of her costume all the way up to the nosebleed seats. The fans loved it. She became an overnight sensation. And then it all came crashing down. A journalist uncovered her ties to the aliens, who were not trusted and her career went into a tailspin. Her Insight into people and her Willpower both increased as she learned to deal with the scandal that rocked her world. Fortunately, her cybernetics remained a secret. Her pocketbook suffered, however. She hates Journalists. She retreated from the public, traveling with her people along the space lanes until one day a disaster occurred. A food processing system failed and there was a food shortage. Things got so tough that she considered having to kill for food, but she sucked it up and tightened her belt, riding out the crisis. She increased her willpower but lost even more of her starting money. It was during those dark days that she resolved to restore her image and so she wrote a new album - Starburst - and restyled herself as an ambassador in space, singing about peace and friendship, tolerance for alien races and bringing people together. Her musicianship continued to increase as she went on tour. It was a smashing success. She found herself performing in front of sold out crowds. Money started rolling in. She quickly produced a third album - Beyond Infinity - and went on another tour. And as that tour begins, dear readers, so does our tale...... I'm just a lonely space cowgirl, riding in the void No one to talk to but my faithful droid....
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    Shaman of Kolat Required: You must be a devotee of Kolat, the Orlanthi god of spirits and shamans Play Style: You mix commanding your spirits to fight for you, attacking with wind or spirit power directly, and assisting your allies. Ability Scores: Charisma is your most important ability score because you make deals with spirits or sometimes control them by force of will. Dexterity is important because the storm pantheon is all about motion and winds are literal motion and you are linked to wind spirits. Shamans of Kolat gain a +2 class bonus to Charisma or Dexterrity, as long as it isn't the same ability you increased with your +2 racial bonus. Backgrounds: You might be a wandering shaman, who travels where the spirits tell him to go. You might see yourself as the guardian of a spirit grove, a place where spirits like to frolic. You might be a tribal shaman, affiliated with a particular tribe or clan. Some Kolati are Spirit Seekers, who wander the land, identifying and befriending new spirits. You might hold the duty of fetish releaser, finding old fetishes and freeing the bound spirits who did their duty long ago. Others become song line masters, learning the songs which contain lore of an area which they can use to navigate it. Gods: You serve Kolat, Orlanthi god of spirits. His runes are Air and Spirit Runes: You must have the Spirit rune; your other two runes can include Kolat's Air rune but don't have to. (Though it's unusual for an Orlanthi to not have the Air rune.) Level Advancement: I can't do the chart worth squat, so use the Necromancer level advancement from Thirteen True Ways. Shaman of Kolat Stats Initiative, AC, PD, MD, Hit Points, Recovery Dice, Icon Points, and Feats are level dependent. Ability Bonus +2 Intelligence or Charisma (different from racial bonus) Initiative Dex mod + Level Armor Class (light armor) 10 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level Physical Defense 10 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + Level Mental Defense 11 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + Level Hit Points (6 + Con mod) x Level modifier (see level progression chart) Recoveries (probably) 8 Recovery Dice (1d6 x Level) + Con mod Backgrounds 8 points, max 5 in any one background Runes Spirit (all), Air (Unless you're some odd shaman who serves Kolat and another god), a personal rune of your choice Talents 3 Feats 1 per Level Gear You begin with a tunic and underwear, leggings and boots, a staff, a belt you string your fetishes on, and various fetishes for your spirits. You also have a bag with a blanket and two weeks of bread and cheese and dried fruit. Armor and Weapons as Necromancer Class Features Ritual Magic Shamans can cast their spells as rituals (13th Age core rulebook, page 192). Spell Choices Like the standard spellcasters in the 13th Age core rulebook, you choose the spells you will be able to cast after each full heal-up. Spirit Sense You can make a Wisdom check with a +5 bonus to sense anything relating to spirits. This bonus counts as a background, Spirit Sense. Summoning Your summoning spells use the standard summoning rules from page 67. The following feats enable you to improve your summoning powers. Adventurer Feat: Your summoned creatures can add the escalation die to their attacks. Champion Feat: When you summon mooks, increase the number of mooks you summon by 1. Epic Feat: The first time one of your non-mook summoned creatures is dropped each battle, roll a normal save. If you succeed, the summoned creature is not slain but instead remains in the battle with 10 hp. Talents You get three talents at creation, but do not get more. You gain +2 to hit with any Daily spell related to one of your talents. Breath Friend Contract: Geas: You must remain faithful to your spouse or lover or lose any ability to use Breath Friend magic until your next full heal-up. Power: Even if naked at the bottom of the ocean, you can call on Wind spirits to attack foes with a range of up to far away, rolling your Dex to hit and inflicting 1d6 per level + Dex bonus damage. Adventurer Level Feat: Anyone you hit with this attack is dazed until the end of your next turn. Champion Level Feat: Anyone you hit with this attack is dazed until they make a saving throw. Epic Level Feat: You now inflict 1d8 per level + Dex bonus. Deep Well Spirit Contract: Geas: You must refrain from alcohol or lose any ability to use Deep Well magic until your next full heal-up. Power: Any spirit which attacks you is treated as if it was dazed. Adventurer Level Feat: You gain +4 to hit dazed creatures. Champion Level Feat: You gain +4 to save against conditions imposed by spirits. Epic Level Feat: If you hit a dazed creature, add two to the number of damage dice you roll. Hell Demons Contract Geas: If you kill anything other than the undead, death spirits, or disease spirits, you lose your ability to use Hell Demon magic until your next full heal-up. Power: You can call on Hell Demons (darkness) spirits to attack foes with a range of up to far away, rolling your Cha to hit and inflicting 1d6 per level + Cha necrotic bonus damage. Adventurer Level Feat: Anyone you hit with this attack is vulnerable until the end of your next turn. Champion Level Feat: Anyone you hit with this attack is vulnerable until they make a saving throw. Epic Level Feat: Your crit range with this attack is 18 or higher. Sky Defenders Contract Geas: You must sleep under the open sky or lose your Sky Defender powers until your next heal-up. Power: Once per battle, when someone imposes a condition on you, you can roll a save against it; if you succeed, it it imposed on the attacker instead. Adventurer Level Feat: If you make the save, you can impose the condition on any foe you wish within far away range. Champion Level Feat: When you activate this power, roll twice and take the better result. Epic Level Feat: If you make the save, the foe you impose this on suffers a penalty equal to your charisma bonus (without your level added) to the saving throw. Uncle Frost's Family: Geas: You must spend some of your time tending oak trees; if you harm one, you can't use your Uncle Frost's Famiy powers until your next heal-up. Power: Resist Cold 16+ Adventurer Level Feat: You can share your resistance with one nearby ally. Champion Level Feat: You can share your resistance with a number of allies equal to your Charisma bonus. Epic Level Feat: Add your Charisma bonus to any saves against conditions imposed with cold damage. Wrong Seasons Geas: You must rise from bed an hour before dawn and pray with them in the early morning chill, or you lose your Wrong Seasons powers until your next heal-up. Power: You gain +4 to any needed rolls when using Ritual Magic to manipulate the weather. Adventurer Level Feat: Add an extra target when making Wrong Seasons Daily spell attacks. Champion Level Feat: If you forfeit your move action, add 2 damage dice to any Wrong Seasons Daily spell attacks Epic Level Feat: If you take cold, lightning, or thunder damage, immediately save against all ongoing conditions as a free action. I will work on dailys tomorrow or down the road, anyway.
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    I'm running a nautical campaign and would like to hear other people's suggestions on what would Gloranthan nautical flags look like? Would the merchant ships fly their own city's flag, or their national flag? I'd need the flags for the Quinpolic League, Seshnela before Nolos left, Holy Country's Navy, Nochet, Rhigos, Esrolia, Heortland and Shadow Plateau. And Jrustelan Vadeli flags. Quinpolic league could perhaps have five city gates on a blue background. And Holy Country's Navy's flag could be divided to six parts, each with different color. For Shadow Plateau I'm thinking grey or dark blue with Night Rune in the center. Esrolia's flag could be green with a copper colored Ernalda in the center.
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    This is not the final cover, a few more tweaks to make, but here's the near complete cover for Valley of Plenty. Edits are complete. We've sent the book off to our layout guru and when she is done it gets a final round of edits and will be ready to go into your hands. If the cover isn't enough, here's a nice splash page peek as well. The "poor kid" in our playtest game has had quite the adventure. He's nearly started a feud by some PCs not thinking when daring him to do something. Typical kid stuff!
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    Flags would also be lost on mer people unless they breach for a look at the topside of the ship, and I'd figure signaling to the triolini would be at least as important for Gloranthan ships as the role signal flags play in real world navigation. How do you proclaim your allegiances to the merfolk? Painting or carving on the keel or the outer hull?
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    So who is Zaytenara(s), and what is she doing in the Copper Tablets? A manifestation of Dayzatar?
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    The parent in your birth clan, I suppose. One of your parents will have moved into the clan of the other. Thus we have Yoristina Enerasdottir and Saronil Sartarson.
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    The tricky part is that full scenario books can be hard to find, or scenarios are isolated within other collections. The Dreaming Stone, which is difficult to find, is a classic supplement. In addition, Dennis Detweiler's Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man contains a lot of lore and situations that are great fodder for any Dreamlands scenario ideas or campaign arcs. I carved a lot of material from this supplement for my Dreamlands section. There are some interesting artifacts and characters to draw from. I'd also recommend that, if you'd like more, just spend some time reading scenario synopses of various collections. Many of them have one Dreamlands scenario as part of them.
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    I’ve been rereading the entire Dream Cycle recently and just got a copy of the 5th edition Dreamlands sourcebook. Does anyone have any suggestions for some good pre-written Dreamlands modules?
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    As far as I have understood, in matrilineal clans, the name of the mother, in patrilineal clans, the name of the father, and in the other clans, the name of the parent with the higher status.
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    Very, very important point - it should be stressed hard in any "Keeper-ing 101" course.
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    Intro - me The Pegasus Plateau - Steffie The Locaem - Jeff The Rattling Wind - Helena The Grey Crane and Renekot's Hope - John and myself Crimson Petals - Diana and Dom The Ruin on the Stream - Rachael Gloomwillow's Hollow - Jason B. The Pairing Stones - Steve
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    I've posted this before on this topic, but I always thought this was a great comic on this issue.
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    Thats how it works for modern Icelanders who choose avoid a gendered patronymic.
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    First Level Spells Breath of Life (Breath Friend) Ranged spell Daily Triggers when an ally falls to 0 HP Effect: A nearby ally can heal using a free recovery. 3rd level spell The target can also roll a save against each save ends effect. 5th level spell This spell is now recharge 16+ after battle instead of daily. 7th level spell The target can heal using two free recoveries instead of one. 9th level spell This spell is now recharge 11+ instead. Deep Well Guardian (Deep Well) Ranged spell Daily Standard Action Effect: This summons a Deep Well Guardian, which fights at your command. It functions as an ordinary creature (you must use your standard action to command him.) If you don't command him, roll on the default behavior table. Deep Well Guardian (Level 1) 1st level Blocker Initiative +4 Watery Slap +6 vs AC; 4 damage and the Deep Well Guardian gains +2 to all defenses against its target until the end of its next turn Ordinary Creature Action Table: 1-4: It braces for impact (it does nothing, but adds +4 to all defenses) 5+: If unengaged, it engages the closest enemy. If engaged, it gains +2 to hit with any opportunity attacks it gets to use. AC 18, PD 16, MD 12. 17 HP Deep Well Guardian (Level 3) 3rd level Blocker Initiative +6 Watery Slap +8 vs AC; 8 damage and the Deep Well Guardian gains +2 to all defenses against its target until the end of its next turn Ordinary Creature Action Table: 1-4: It braces for impact (it does nothing, but adds +4 to all defenses) 5+: If unengaged, it engages the closest enemy. If engaged, it gains +2 to hit with any opportunity attacks it gets to use. AC 20, PD 18, MD 14. 35 HP Deep Well Guardian (Level 5) 5th level Blocker Initiative +8 Watery Slap +10 vs AC; 14 damage and the Deep Well Guardian gains +2 to all defenses against its target until the end of its next turn Ordinary Creature Action Table: 1-4: It braces for impact (it does nothing, but adds +4 to all defenses) 5+: If unengaged, it engages the closest enemy. If engaged, it gains +2 to hit with any opportunity attacks it gets to use. AC 22, PD 20, MD 16. 50 HP Deep Well Guardian (Level 7) 7th level Blocker Initiative +10 Watery Slap +12 vs AC; 30 damage and the Deep Well Guardian gains +2 to all defenses against its target until the end of its next turn Ordinary Creature Action Table: 1-4: It braces for impact (it does nothing, but adds +4 to all defenses) 5+: If unengaged, it engages the closest enemy. If engaged, it gains +2 to hit with any opportunity attacks it gets to use. AC 24, PD 22, MD 18. 90 HP Deep Well Guardian (Level 9) 9th level Blocker Initiative +12 Watery Slap +14 vs AC; 50 damage and the Deep Well Guardian gains +2 to all defenses against its target until the end of its next turn Ordinary Creature Action Table: 1-4: It braces for impact (it does nothing, but adds +4 to all defenses) 5+: If unengaged, it engages the closest enemy. If engaged, it gains +2 to hit with any opportunity attacks it gets to use. AC 26, PD 24, MD 20. 180 HP More first level tomorrow
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    For visual references of parrying gigantic creature with weapons (admittedly oversized ones) I can only recommend checking videos of any Monster Hunter game (especially MHW). But that is if you lean more towards a more heroic representation. And obviously I would also recommend checking Baahubali (1 and 2 on Netflix) because it has so much Glorantha and Heroquest in it...
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    Third short Stormbringer session tonight. The players characters bested the demons an clackars of the Tower of Yrkath Florn. The only casualty was Little Mylos. Whom they left crazed on the stairs landing, only to discover that he had jumped to his death trying to escape tornado demons of Vezhan that existed only in his imagination. They are now in Old Hrolmar drinking too much at the Cardinal's Nose and reminiscing about their adventures. Tomorrow they will meet the Duke Avan Astran at the Scales of Goldar on Quayside. They are bunch of chaotic-leaning misfits and stick like a sore thumb in a Vilmirian city. Even in Old Hrolmar.
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    I think if it's clear that a thread is about an edition other than RQG, in a non-confrontational way, then no-one is going to object. That suggestion is just to keep things clear for newcomers who aren't aware of older editions.
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    Based on the award winning fantasy trilogy by one of Science Fiction and Fantasy's greatest wordsmiths, Lyonesse transports you to the Elder Isles, where King Casmir plots to seize control of the Ten Kingdoms, assassinate his foes, and prevent a disturbing prophecy from being fulfilled. Elsewhere, the magicians Shimrod, Murgen, and Tamurello are locked in a private battle of wit, will and magical intrigue. All the while, the brutal, disdainful Ska are drawing their own plans of conquest. And in the immense Forest of Tantrevalles, the secretive fairies watch all that happens with wry amusement, and occasionally meddle in mortal affairs for reasons of their own. Players in Lyonesse take on the roles of adventurers of the Elder Isles, seeking fame, glory, profit, magic, or simply the promise of a good meal and a soft bed for the night. Characters can be mercenaries or spies in the service of one (or several) kingdoms; oath-sworn knights eager to do battle with their lord's enemies; thieves, tricksters or even honest merchants, out to make a just living (sometimes). Perhaps characters are aspiring magicians, keen to emulate the likes of Shimrod, Tamurello, or even the mighty Murgen himself. Lyonesse is a complete roleplaying game. This book contains everything needed (except dice and friends) for creating fabulous adventures in the Elder Isles. Exhaustive information on the kingdoms and lands of the islands; full rules for characters, skills, combat, magic, and monsters. Great care has been taken to recreate the style and atmosphere of Jack Vance's novels, so that Games Masters and Players can fully immerse themselves in the Lyonesse setting. Special rules for creating towns, taverns, tavernkeeper, and even lovingly described meals are all included, emulating the quintessential elements of the books. Don your armour! Take up your weapons! Sharpen your wits! Get ready for adventure across Hybras and beyond! We're delighted to announce that Lyonesse, the roleplaying game based on Jack Vance's award-winning trilogy (Suldrun's Garden, The Green Pearl, and Madouc) is available to buy from our DrivethruRPG store in Print+PDF versions. We're offering the game in hardcover and softcover formats. The softcover is slightly cheaper than the hardcover (and yes the prices really are meant to be that close - one of the quirks of POD publishing), and both formats are Print On Demand, largely because in these uncertain times, we do not know how long it will take our regular printer to get back to normal operations, and our distributor, Alliance, is still closed for business. The book costs $79.99 (hard cover), $74.99 (soft), or $25 (PDF only). You also received a free download of the main interior maps at full size, regardless of the format you buy. For UK, Europe and Australian customers, Aeon Games will also be producing Lyonesse, and you should keep an eye on their store for release details.
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    Noticed that the upcoming theatrical film includes Blue Falcon and Captain Caveman as well as the Mystery, Inc., gang.
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    The White Moon is one of those prophetic symbols that everyone seizes on in order to oppose the current order, but they oppose each other too. 1. One White Moon cult supposedly worships Dendara. Conservative Dara Happan women who view the Red Moon as basically a foreign whore who has usurped Yelm's affection from his rightful wife. In my Glorantha, a lot of Dara Happan women have abandoned traditional ways, joined the Lunar cult, and basically do what they want. The White Moon Dendarans see them all as traitors and their cult is devoted to undercutting and destroying those women, with the eventual goal of destroying the Red Moon and replacing it with the White Moon of Dendara. They see themselves as washed white by the shedding of foreigner and traitor blood. The Lunars keep rooting these cults out but by existing, the Lunars spur the creation of yet more. 2. The Pure Moon sect argues that the Red Goddess is red and black because she was reborn to kill people. That's what the Seven Mothers wanted -- a gore-soaked killer who would punish their enemies -- and that's what they got. The Red Goddess must die so she can be reborn as the White Moon of Harmony, to rule over a golden age. The cult faces a fundamental problem - they can't kill her without tainting themselves, so they are basically just predicting a better day to come and perserverance during the current age. The Lunars keep an eye on them but basically, they're waiting to be saved and behaving well in the meantime. 3. The White Mask sect basically preaches that all who wear the White Mask and recite the appropriate mantras each day will know paradise on the White Moon after death. Highly popular because it promises much for very little, it is basically a giant scam to give your magical potential to its high priest, who gives a substantial tithe of the power to the Lunars so they don't just kill him. (He developed this scam from studying the Rokari church.) 4. A variety of white moon sects spread among the slaves, depicting the White Moon as one of themselves, who will rise up, slaughter the Lunars and then rule in their place. The Lunars keep frantically trying to kill this off and it just pops up again.
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    Hm. Yeah, cardinal direction in a world where the Sun sits eternally unchanging in the centre, and planets are immobile above terrestrial cities don't make a whole lot of sense. At best, one would base directions on which celestial body one movies towards/away from relative to the immobile Sun. Unless of course, the Sun was not always immobile - which I think most people in this thread already are onboard with. Yelm the Usurper, and all that.
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    I've seen very little over the years on the White Moon Movement. Maybe they all follow the words of an Altinae "guru" dressed in the robes of Chalana who speaks words of "harmony and understanding".
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    As you appear to be a fan of Golden Goblin Press, I was wondering if you had a copy of their 7th Edition Cthulhu Invictus sourcebook. I studied Roman history in college so the Invictus setting has always intrigued me so I’ve been planning to get a copy of that book. Unfortunately, I never got a copy of Chaosium’s original version, but I’ve heard good things about GGP’s quality. I joined their Kickstarter for Britannia & Beyond and so I’d say I’m already pretty much sold on getting a copy of Cthulhu Invictus added on to my pledge, but I’d appreciate any insight.
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    Except of course The Coming Storm is no longer Canon and the authors knowledge predates that reference. /gronard off
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    I would guess that in addition to hearing the thunder with their ears just like humans and seeing the lightning with their poor eyes, each peal of thunder would produce echoes to 'light up' the terrain to darksense, adding a layer to the display to trolls that humans can't even perceive.
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    As a GM telling a story, if the dinosaur wasnt acting with killing intent and was simply angry/attempting to scare the characters away, I'd likely run it as a character that didnt get away would suffer enough damage to leave them hampered but I wouldnt necessarily strictly follow the actual dice roll damage. As a story teller it is in your power to have things work in a way that ensures the story and situation is interesting. Getting gored by a triceratops and left in a really bad way might be better for the overall narrative and everyone's enjoyment. It's a wild animal and is more than capable of killing, but doesnt mean it's going out of it's way to do so. Equally, as a means of showing how dangerous the world can be? Might be better to have someone die. But parrying a dinosaur seems dumb anyway, realistically dodging is the right option. Perhaps house rule allowing a dodge that leaves the character prone as they simply dive out of the way is an option. Again, control the narrative and situation, make the rules work with what you need/want to convey to the players that ensures "maximum fun".
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    if you buy a PDF from us, shops won't discount you the cost of the PDF from their sale. If a shop is part of Bricks and Mortar, you will get the PDF free when you buy the physical book. If you buy the PDF from us before the physical book is printed, you get a voucher from us off the cost of buying the book from us (effectively the PDF is free).
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    The point of the bear hunt is the identification of the hunter with the hunted. In the end, the successful bear hunter slays himself, that's the mystery.
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    Given the strong expressions noted for trolls (great waling, hooting, etc), it may be a sign of the weakness of trollkin that their expressions are all quietly muted: whimpers, trembling, chattering, etc.
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    http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/ptt/images/tt-0923.pdf Best I could find. That’s for the New York Central Railroad in 1923. However, the more direct route would be the New York, New Haven, Hartford line (or New Haven Line for short). I haven’t been able to find a timetable for 1923. Best I located was for 1915. http://streamlinermemories.info/Eastern/NH15-6TT.pdf EDIT: Found this on eBay: 1926. Hope it helps.
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    Yep, I ran Robinson Gruesome in a One Shot for my oldest friend (know him from before kindergarten), like me a roleplaying veteran (whe started gaming together in 1983 and are still playing in the same group as the founding members). Great adventure, great fun. He even survived and managed to kill the Big Deepie ... barely. I like the other secnarios, too, but hadn't had the chance to run them yet.
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    Mythras 1.3 so wie das Begleitbuch sind nun Verfügbar und können bestellt werden. Zwei weitere Abenteuerhefte sind kurzfristig mit ins Programm genommen worden und werden schon im Juni verfügbar sein: 1000 Schrein der Verräter-Götter - Ein Abenteuer in Meeros (inkl. Mythras-Kurzregeln) 1013 Die gute Nadel - Ein Abenteuer in den Kernlanden (deutsche Autoren)
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    A local Sartarite crafting god is Wilms, who is the patron of sculpting, painting, and other physical arts. His cult is a Spirit Cult, and freely associates with Orlanth, Issaries, and Ernalda. He provides the spirit magic spell Glue spell at 1/2 price and training in Craft (Sculpture), Craft (Painting) at 1/2 price. Wilms is associated with the Illusion Rune and provides members of his cult with the special Rune of Breathe Life into Stone. BREATHE LIFE INTO STONE Illusion 1 Point Ritual, Stackable, One-use This spell is cast as the sculptor creates a sculpture out of stone, metal, or other appropriate materials. The sculptor must succeed in a special or better with a Craft (sculpture) skill roll (or its equivalent) to be able to cast the spell. For each Rune point stacked with the spell, a spirit is awakened within the statue with a CHA and POW of 1D6 each. Both characteristics become available to the subject of the sculpture (normally a cult), similar to an allied spirit or wyter.
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    We'll be publishing our stuff as Troupe Games. Since I like how it came out, here's our logo!
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    I like the logic emerging here. Two observations: that 12-point holy woman is also going to be drawn into more rarefied spiritual adventures whether she wants them or not, and for every 12-point holy woman in one place there's a witch a few valleys away to depress local outcomes and normalize life across the lozenge. I suspect the gods will bring these factors into opposition and burn the points. On the other hand, the abundance or famine are themselves the opposition showing where the points get spent: plump babies glorify one goddess and insult another; sick ones tip the score the opposite way. As for Pelorian wyter-based systems, I don't know enough about their fertility complex in general. Let's find out!
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