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    Thank you. Well, I have finished another sketch, after three attempts. This isn't as I'd like, but I lose fine control due to the flare-up. This noble should be riding a horse, but I decided to attempt to draw the articulated leg armor. I think that tomorrow I will attempt to do some needed illustrations that should be simpler.
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    One of the most widely used red colourants (even in our modern world!) is made of cochineal scale (Dactylopious spp.) a small ugly insect. It has been used since antiquity to dye textiles. Nowadays we daily consume it in red-coloured soft drinks, ice cream, joghurt and candy. Yes, some truths are hard to swallow. 🤭
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    What would the trolls offer for sale that might sell in Pavis? Trolls have really interesting Tech. It's biological in nature. So things that can be made via insects, fermented or brewed. They are BioChem and Lead and Stone not Bronze. Silk. Likely the top level trade item. Can you imagine the fantastic things that can be made from such silk? (https://www.wired.com/2009/09/spider-silk/#:~:text=The resulting 11-foot by,who co-led the project.) although colours may be ...off....until Trolls have a long conversation about what regular trading partners might want. Honey! Royal Jelly! In a world without sugar cane or sugar beet processing large amounts of sweet goodness is important. Insect eggs. Lead crafted items (lead is really useful for plumbing, roofing and many other things in the human world). We know Trolls are masters of brewing and fermenting and other odd chemical processes. Pickled insects and other foods. Vinegar, other acids and alkaline chemicals in stone jars sealed with wax. All really useful to bronze age humans. Trolls Drinks are famous but think what other alchemy they may have for sale, for the right price. Mushrooms! Dried as food or for other purposes. Mushroom Jerky is ace and that's air dried.
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    Orlanth: "Chaos is utterly antithetical to existence. So the Gods made a Great Compromise to bind Chaos into its place within the world of Glorantha, creating the new world of Time." Sedenya: "Chaos is now a part of Glorantha. You don't have to like it, you don't have to use it, but it's there: that's the world the Old Gods made. Now let me teach you how we can use it for good." I can see plenty of room for reconciliation between these positions. But I'm a cheerful optimist, and believe in progress. (In the nineties, Greg Stafford once wrote that the mythic opposition between Sedenya and Orlanth was necessary, was required by the cosmos, and could only end if Orlanth were slain; at the time, I talked him around to "bound," instead, but we agreed that might be Lunar propaganda. But as Jeff has wisely said elsewhere recently, leveraging Greg's unpublished musings is a mug's game)
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    Past ideas I have had: Vashanti is Lhankor Mhy Sheng Seleris and Argrath heroquested back to the Nights of Horrors to kill the Red Emperor and stuff up the Lunar Empire. Shargash is Zorak Zoran. GanEstoro is Argan Argar. Ompalam is Pamalt. Xemela is Chalana Arroy.
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    Dear Phil, I have recently started a campaign from the Blackwater Creek scenario, that can be found in the Keeper's Screen. We are playing as a group of Miskatonic University students + janitor + one professor and it worked very well as a "not-too-simple" introduction to CoC. The adventure is very flexible: you can make it straightforward and easy for your players, or very complex/ hard, depending on what are your needs. It is very well written and has a lot of potential for linking it with other MU-related scenarios (e.g. from Doors to Darkness). 4Acrossisemu mentioned Crimson Letters and I also think it is a good starting point. If you need something for more experienced players, I would suggest an old but great supplement, The Great Old Ones. It has five scenarios that can be played as one campaign. It would probably need more work than 7th edition adventures, but seeing faces of your players when they reach the last one, Bad Moon Rising, is absolutely worth it.
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    French polish is shellac, an insect secretion.
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    I also use it to decide what happens when the adventurers don’t have the abilities of the players.
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    Bouncing off of Jeff's comments over in the Kallyr's LBQ thread... It's suspicious to me just how similar the Seven Mothers' story is to the Lightbringer's Quest, and I believe there's some canon/apocryphal stuff about God Learnerism and using the LBQ or whatnot, but here's an extra Theory: they didn't just use the LBQ, they actually did the LBQ. The LBQ brings back what's needed for a Good Cosmos. For some reason, what was needed when the 7M did the LBQ was the Red Goddess.
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    It came to me many years ago wondering if Shargash was so important, why wasn't he mentioned in Cults of Prax? I qualify the theory somewhat these days by making Shargash the equivalent of Amastan, the fire spirit caught by Zorak Zoran and that Shargash has his own dark shadow, through which he can obtain darkness magics. So really Shargash and Zorak Zoran have become Cosmic Twins of Fire and Darkness, worshipped throughout glorantha by many people unaware of their true nature.
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    Also, we have an agreed upon summary of the game: "A Rockstar, her manager, and their spiritual adviser fight an evil conspiracy of evil." I submit that Comic Sans is the correct font for that sentence.
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    Copies of the Great Old Ones are difficult to find, but it is available on DriveThru. I don't recall that specific supplement being on the "short list" of updates that have been referenced by Chaosium employees at Cons. I want to say that Shadows of Yog-Sothoth is near the top of the list of old campaigns to get a redux? Regardless, Black Moon Rising is a classic scenario and deserves a look.
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    It's been a very long time since I have played any of the scenarios from The Great Old Ones, but I was just thinking about it the other day. Has there been any discussion of a new edition of this supplement? If it's not on the "to be updated" list, I wonder how challenging it would be to update to 7th edition rules... 🤔
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    I have fun questions, because we have discussed Ompalam being one of the faces of Pamalt (the Chaos face) Shargash as Zorak Zoran is very fun, and while it contradicts "canon", insofar as canon exists, does that make Shargash the Darkness Sun?
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    The strongest troll drinks could be useful to humans as cleaning agents, vermin poison and herbicides. The strongest mushrooms would be interesting for shamans. Some may have varied magical properties.
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    In case you didn't know about them: Daniel Harm's The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia is an invaluable resource for Keepers wanting to understand the lore of the Mythos better. There are also two major Podcasts with an incredible backlog of tips for running the game: The Good Friends of Jackson Elias Podcast, and The Miskatonic University Podcast. Both have major authors/designers of Call of Cthulhu as hosts.
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    There is only one heroquest with 4 steps you start, you challenge, you finish, you come back with something Failure and success don't exist, it is just what you bring back (curse , death...) that describe if the quest is a failure or a success
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    I haven't posted in a while. Sorry. It's been a complicated few weeks. The short version is yes, though I also had a very wrong understanding of how the pass / fail cycle, so I didn't use it at all last session. I don't think I'm bring it back this next session. Anyways, last week, I was 1 player short, so the other two decided to be investigative, and the session abbreviated. All three players have decided they are all shocked and appalled that someone would dare to assassinate a spirit, and they have more or less sworn revenge. They tried to investigate the murder scene with minimal success, and then they realized they could look up help through their communities. And thus began me making some improvised NPCs very quickly. The Musicians Hall of Selgos is basically a Temple to Donandar. I'm not 100% sure such things are common in the setting, but bah. So, musicians often travel with the caravans, and there is often a musician's collective somewhere in or near the walled cities of the Trader Princes. "The Conductor" gave them rumours of ogres, though he has no idea what is true and what isn't. He also told them there was strange, discordant music coming from a nearby hill out of the city about a month ago. They checked it out later and found nothing, but the music sounded wrong to the magically sensitive musicians. The musician PC has a magic item, an intelligent musical instrument. The conductor failed his lying roll VERY badly when he claimed he didn't know anything about the magic item. The musician PC, for political reasons, decided not to call the Conductor on the lie. Next, they went to "Old Patch" of the Yellow Campers. The Yellow Campers are a spirit society I developed with one of the players for his character. They are, in short, the non-warrior auxilliaries that follow Manirian war-bands. They hold camp, tend the wounded, make food, take care of animals and prisoners, etc. His healer is a member of teh Yellow Campers, having turned his back on being a warrior. The Yellow Campers are found throughout the Manirian Tribes, and they have a hospital camp just outside the walls of Selgos. Old Patch in their unofficial leader. The PCs were VERY diplomatic and repectful, and that paid off well. They were told details about how the spirit that was killed was part of razing a village to the ground in an attempt to kill an ogre there. They were also told where that vilage used to be, and that the shaman of the village probably is still there. They were also told some details about the ogres, who are DEFINITELY in town. (What the PCs do not know yet is that the ogres are working on a ritual to summon the cacodemon) So, next session, they are debating whether to go out to the village, or do something in town. They're probably going out of town.
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    Our Call of Cthulhu group began as you did with the three Starter Set scenarios and then The Haunting. After that, we moved on to the four scenarios in the Keeper Set slipcase: Amidst the Ancient Trees, Crimson Letters, Missed Dues, and then finally Blackwater Creek. Returning to Arkham from Blackwater Creek, we ran the one-shot Dead Light scenario. We are now in Doors to Darkness, on the second scenario, "Genius Loci." All of this was about a year's worth of biweekly Saturday evening sessions.
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    Wherever they find it, though. Under most circumstances, that's a defensive posture, because you're finding Chaos because Chaos is sticking its nose in your business or that of your community. There are no communities of Wind Lords forming sanitary cordons around Larnste's Print or Snakepipe Hollow or the Devil's Marsh, it's Storm Bulls who form those special communities. Because it's not about crusading against Chaos, it's about maintaining the integrity of the world where Chaos actively intrudes into the world. Which opens up room for philosophical debate about whether the Red Goddess's approach to Chaos is one of actively welcoming further intrusions or one of maintaining the integrity of the world by binding Chaos up further and tighter within it. Obviously, this latter is going to be a bit disingenuous in that the Lunar Way sees Chaos as a vital essence of the universe, but there's still that room to hash things out, rather than an absolute conflict.
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    Thanks guys - I’ll check those ideas out!
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    As far as I understand, Orlanthi notions of rulership derives from marriage to the sovereignty powers of the Earth. Orlanth is not an exception to this; he is the model for it. I honestly think, at least in deep time, that the Dara Happans believed the same, but they either forgot, or consciously supressed it, hence Aether and Gata's relationship, followed by Yelm's much more patriarchal marriage to Dendara, who is severely neutered in nature compared to Ernalda. Hm. There's some myth-theorizing here that's better left for another thread.
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    a lot of groups serialise the 1 shots into a grander campaign that you can tailor to your own needs, I've just finished a year long arc of these. However you can make the arc as long or short as you feel you would need for your groups tastes. I recommend Crimson Letters as a gateway into something grander. Its a scenario that should take about 6-10 hours to complete and is fairly open ended, and has some nice NPCs to build contacts and receive work (or build as reoccurring villains) from such as Abner Wick, and Dean Fallon. From there i'd have a look at some of the mentioned collections of 1 shots, Doors to Darkness, and Mansions of Madness. Threading the 1 shots you find appealing into their adventures with a bit of personal spin. I took a bunch of witch based scenarios and tied them into the opening of Shadows of Yog-Sothoth, where their quest givers were all members of the silver twilight and they went to their gentlemen's club for downtime and talking to the NPCs. worked a charm when thats where the opening is for SOYS.
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    You might consider some of the intermediate collections: The newly released Mansions of Madness Volume 1, or Nameless Horrors. I would still recommend Doors to Darkness even though it is an "introductory" story collection, simply for ideas. Most of those scenarios can be modified for more experienced players. Also, the two scenarios in Deadlight and Other Dark Turns work really well for groups of all experience levels. At present, published campaigns are either Pulp (A Cold Fire Within or Two-Headed Serpent) or niche (Shadows Over Stillwater, and Terror Australis and Berlin:The Wicked City aren't truly campaigns and are set in specific settings.) I'm thinking that Lynne Hardy's forthcoming Tibetan Campaign is going to be filling the gap of "shorter non-pulp" campaign that is missing in the 7E catalog.
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    A Time to Harvest was a great campaign and not humongous. Took our group about 8 sessions.
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    Sasa Radivojevic (the cover artist on Treasures and The Throat of Winter) posted this over on FB, and I thought it was too funny to not share over here, for those who aren't in both places. Before and after! This is why I need artists.
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    TREASURES OF GLORANTHA VOLUME ONE — DRAGON PASS I'm excited to share that Treasures of Glorantha is now available Print On Demand! You don't even have to skin your own Aldryami to get a copy. If you're hungering for even more content after the recent wave of releases, I'm planning to release July's Monster of the Month tomorrow. His name's Dolorous Edd, and I love him. Treasures of Glorantha is an irregular series from Akhelas providing magic treasures, secrets, and gamemaster advice to enrich your game of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. This inaugural volume lays eyes on the core game region of Dragon Pass. It describes thirty magic items found throughout Dragon Pass, curated to provide exciting play opportunities for players and gamemasters alike. In addition, this supplement has three articles delving into more detail relating to Gloranthan magic items: Treasure Among the Orlanthi discusses different ways players and gamemasters might handle receiving and distributing treasure in their game through the cultural lens of the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass. True Dragon's Blood explores the powers this exotic substance possesses—and the costs of wielding it. Finally, Medicine Bundles describes a plethora of magical options for shaman and assistant shaman adventurers—especially those from the Wastelands of Prax. You can get it here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/317421/Treasures-of-Glorantha-V1--Dragon-Pass?affiliate_id=546342 WHAT DO THE REVIEWS SAY? "Treasures of Glorantha: Volume One — Dragon Pass is a fantastic treatment of treasure in Dragon Pass, combining thoughtful and interesting essays on the subject with numerous relics to help the Game Master weave treasure into the fabric of her Glorantha campaign." — Matthew Pook, Reviews from R'lyeh "If you like to spice your game with magical artefacts, this is the book for you (PLUNDER has been around for so long and been, well, plundered of everything)." — Herve C., customer review
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    Folks, On June 20th I will be running a scenario of my own devising - Black Thumb - live on Twitch. Only this has one or two very special guests. The players are: Dr Paul Mitchener - the author of ENnie nominated Liminal Guy Milner - burnafterrunning.com owner and all-round nice guy (pun unintended) @pookie - you all know who he is Seth Skorkowsky - you also all know who he is and... wait for it... Shane Ivey - President of Arc Dream Publishing and co-author of Delta Green: the roleplaying game It is going to be on JamesCORP's Twitch stream - starting 7.30pm UK time (not sure about the over-the-pond). So make sure to tune in to watch me either really impress everyone or fall flat on my face while I get pwned on the rules by the guy... who wrote the rules.
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    I respect the fact that you are contributing free options. Everyone's financial situation is different and it is up to anyone to decide how much they are willing to spend on role-playing games. I think that it is worth mentioning that this is the official message board of a game company. Game companies have to make money to survive. They don't sell product, the game doesn't grow. My goal in creating this post was two-fold: 1) As an information resource to help prospective Keepers. I think it does this. Note that I suggest several free resources as well. and 2) To showcase some of the products available for sale that, as an experienced gamer, I think could be useful to people. You seem to be making the argument that I'm being disingenuous in making a bunch of suggestions for people. I am not saying to buy all these things. The post starts with "Pick up the Starter Set." The PDF costs 10 USD and the physical product is 25 USD. I then follow with a variety of options. I'm trusting the reader to make some informed judgments on their own. I recognize that you also may be interpreting the word "need" literally. I'm using "need" in a very casual way here. When I talk to gamers they ask "What do I need?" and I suggest several options to them.
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    Vol II, pg 61. Leviathan's stat block is instead Cthugha's.
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    Inspired by this message I propose a different approach, which I find more reasonable. Why? If you sum up the prices of just pdfs of the books mentioned by klecser in the first post (I ignore "After that?" paragraph and use current DriveThruRPG values) you get $88. If you constrain yourself just to pdfs of the Starter Set and the Rulebook you get around $38. Probably in the USA it is a fair price, but people in poorer countries might not be able to spend that much on their hobby. Especially, not knowing much about the game, not sure if they will like it after all, if they can find interested players, if the official adventures suit their style of playing etc. etc. So, to those who ask themself "Do I really have to spend so much, if I am just starting my adventure with CoC?" I tell: do not despair! There is a light of hope shining on the horizon! My approach requires $0 from you: Download and read Quick-Start Rules. There are all the rules you need for the start and one classic scenario. You can also watch an introduction by Don't Stop Thinking on YouTube. Download free solo adventure Alone Against the Flames. Play it through once, to get a flavour of the rules. Find one friend that wants to play with you. Before playing with larger group, try one-on-one sessions in more controllable conditions. Start with the scenario from the Quick-Start Rules booklet. If you like the mood, story, rules etc. and want to play more, try another one-on-one scenarios from this excellent free collection: Monophobia. If you are ready, gather a larger group of friends and run some of the free one-shot adventures by Chaosium: Scritch Scratch ot The Lightless Beacon. There is also a free adventure by students of the Taylor University: Refractions of Glasston. If have not already, read some of the Lovecraft's fiction stories, which can be found at The H.P. Lovecraft Archive. If you feel capable, adapt some of the stories to RPG scenarios, and play them with your friends.* I think this is what you need as a New Keeper. Going through this list will entertain you for several weeks, during which you can decide if you want more or not. Do not trust anyone who says that you need to spend money to start playing a game that requires just... imagination. However, if you enjoy it, I encourage you to buy the Rulebook and other supplements from Chaosium. *How to make a scenario out of Lovecraft's story? Here is an example algorithm for lazy folk (for free!): Read the story. Identify the mystery/ problem. Identify a set of information that was crucial to solve the problem. Identify a set information that served as a hint to solution, but was not crucial. Assign some skill rolls to the process of obtaining them. Identify who is the investigator (main character(s)). Your players will take his/ her/ their role. What pushed the investigator to solve the mystery? This will be a role-playing hook for your players. The rest of the characters are NPC. Copy their descriptions from the story. Divide information about the problem between them. Prepare handouts, put some information there as well. Was there some handout description in the story (of a book, journal, letter)? If yes, just copy it. Identify the locations, copy their descriptions from the book. They will serve as a stage for your scenario. Identify the main events of the story. Divide them into two groups: those that happen irrespectively from the investigators, and those that can be altered by the investigators. This will build a rough time frame of the scenario. Use stats for NPC and monsters from the free sources that I mentioned above.
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    I really like the visual of a twin god, back-to-back with opposite natures. Every time they turn around to see what the other is doing, the other turns as well. Fire never sees Darkness, Darkness never sees Fire. Sorry, sir, your theory is too intriguing to be "dumb". You lose! Next!! !i!
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    Given the people who wrote original RQ, i've always assumed that the woad rune magic is a skyclad (digambara) ritual magic. So naked is naked - just your weapon and shield. No belts, backpacks, hats, etc. Skyclad symbolising the unclothed truth. There are a few similar practices in Glorantha - Waha Khan making - naked ritual fight against chaos in the Marsh and the Great hunt.
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    Just a reminder folks - it is this Saturday, 20th June, that I am running Delta Green.
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    Plus there's already stuff like the Gorakiki Dragonfly cult selling its services to deal with the giant mosquito problem in Corflu.
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    That discussion has been held elsewhere, barding is certainly a thing in glorantha. Remember it's already in the art of published RQG and the Guide/Sourcebooks (and not by accident) and indeed as I mention above in The Smoking Ruins. Glorantha Bronze Age does not = Earth Bronze age and their tech trees DO vary. Barding, Crossbows, Great Swords and a host of stuff I cant recall as I have only drunk 1/2 of my first cup of coffee today, exist.
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    “The King in Yellow” page fragments
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    It would be cool to see unusual alternate body plans, things like environmentally/planetary-tailored forms to crazy Bug Eyed Monster-types.
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    I mean, Lunar cooperation is pretty much essential for something like this. Not just in a pragmatic sense, but in a mythical sense, a forced marriage would be invalid and would catastrophically backfire on anyone attempting it. But never mind that, the biggest problem is that if we acknowledge that Sedenya and Orlanth are essentially similar, then we would be faced with a bigamous marriage of equals, something Heortlings don't really accept. Where polygamous marriage occurs, it's between one superior partner and several inferior partners (eg Vingkot's wives don't have names). So to this extent, the Heortlings would require somebody to be demoted to a side piece. Which, in the most direct formulation, where Sedenya and Orlanth are scrapping over sovereignty right now, just means that one or the other must triumph and become the Monarch of the Gods. (We can presume Sedenya would demand to be addressed as "Queen of the Gods") Granted, in Esrolia Orlanth is a subordinate partner to Ernalda, and the Esrolians developed a much more powerful pro-Lunar contingent, in part because Sedenya wasn't inherently a cosmological threat. I think that personal animosity between the gods is pretty overstated. Followers of Orlanth aren't commanded by their god to automatically go murder any Lunar priestesses, after all. There's clearly some extent to which coexistence is possible. And the Chaos thing is, well, Orlanth doesn't actually command that you go out and fight Chaos. That's Storm Bull, and Storm Bullies are not exactly the model of ideal behavior for Orlanthi. Orlanth commands that you hold to the laws in order to defend against the threat of Chaos. So there's still room for coexistence even before we get into the complex attitude towards Chaos that the Lunar Way has.
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    I am doing Soloquest (Scorpion Hall) with RQG iconics. They are more survivable than RQ2 characters but not MUCH so! They look like superheroes compared to a fresh RQ2 characters but they are still very vulnerable. When the scorp critted Harmast was suddenly a goner, despite his high sword skill.
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    I've not made a firm decision as yet, but I imagine if people like the way I have done it in in Vol 2, with more focus on the narrative and less on the stats (or those stats that are useful, like POW etc.), then future Rulebook editions will probably follow the same or a similar format.
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    Fixed to now actually be the 2.1 version! 😀
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    Wow, this has been my favourite thread here at BRP Central for a long, long time - and I feel like by reading it I've added a significant percentage on to my chance of Illumination next Sacred Time. Here's one from me, it was found scribbled in the visitor's book at the Jonstown Lhankor Mhy temple: If you are reading this, then I have finally succeeded. My name is unimportant, but my dire warning is. I speak of the return of the God Learners, for their foul seed lies within us all - and we must forget it! The language we call Tradetalk is their seed. Do not mock! Think! Is it not convenient that there is one language which all can speak, that reduces the problems of communication between nations across all of the continents, known and unknown? Is it not unnatural or unusual that while Tradetalk exists our own languages exist too? It is because it is, was, and will be, the language of the foul God Learners! It contains within it their secret - a secret which must not be known lest they return and the world be destroyed and Chaos reclaim all. I have warned the peddlers of this doom, the cults of Issaries and Etyries, but they paid me no heed, and their leaders have tried to poison and kill me to stop my warnings from reaching you. Can those cults be God Learner constructs too? My last chance before the assassins reach me is this book. We must forget Tradetalk, we must embrace our own languages again! Before it is too late..
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    The God-Egg was, as the dragonewts claimed, a True Dragon egg, and Nysalor was originally a draconic being who had it suppressed by the council to further separate from the dragonewts. Of course, you can't really kill a dragon, and that's why his curse on the dragonewts didn't work - his dragon mind rose up to eat it in a draconically circular fashion. Similarly, all forms of illumination ultimately derive from the draconic origin of the universe, Ouroboros. I may also believe that dragons are the only things that have everything "right" and are in some way connected to and partially responsible for everything.
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    (Politely refrains from sharing “Argrath was Harrek’s Cabin Boy” theory, because that’s too dumb even for this thread)
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    Woke up more convinced than ever that Brithos has never been a place you can physically travel to or from. "Emigrants" are pure intellectual entities devolving into matter like angels falling in Milton and facilitated by waertagi psychopomps whose boats are often purely allegorical. Humans make receptive hosts, especially when properly groomed. An effective "emigration" or conversion experience replaces the host consciousness with something ageless and immortal, creating opportunities for the rest of us to interact with personas who were always already present in prehistory and can occupy new hosts under precisely defined parameters when the old ones break down. The island itself is somewhere like the sky and physically recedes further every year. Dawn Age reports of direct interactions with the island reflect early hrestolite heroquest mysteries now mostly lost. This makes Belintar even more interesting.
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    There's a lot of material on Glorantha spanning decades. Sometimes you pick up something old and reread a bit you read years ago and thought nothing of at the time. Knowing the origin of the name Corflu now gives a very different reading to this stray passage from the RQ2 Pavis book (p.50): Corflu was the settlement’s name. It was named after the wife of Tolkazzi; who is unknown to history except through her husband’s compliment that, “she corrects all my mistakes, treading upon my life and erasing the errors of my record from my weary mind.” 😮
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    Mortals preexist the gods and exist independently of them, and all of the gods and the entire Gods World is retrocreated through subjective belief and worship. There is nothing about a god that isn't in a myth, as they have no separate existence. (Prove me wrong, though!)
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    My issue is that I view Glorantha primarily as a roleplaying game rather than an interactive reality. Many adventures take longer than a week - indeed, many adventures the travel time alone is more than a week. These become unreasonably complicated to schedule if, in a party of 4, there are 4 different minor holy days that have to be respected each week or risk invoking spirits of retribution. I realise that a pat answer is that "Well, RQG isn't a game about adventurers, it's a game about members of a clan" which is fair enough, but there's plenty of published material that requires the PCs to travel and doesn't assume that the travel time will be interrupted several times per week for minor worship ceremonies (even assuming there are enough priests scattered en route to conduct them - which is itself pretty unlikely). And not all adventures can be "special exceptions because you're on temple business", especially with multiple PCs that have multiple temples to keep happy. So at least IMG I'm going to rule that for initiates, you are required to attend the High Holy Day and Sacred Time events, you are expected to attend Holy Day events, and you are merely welcome to attend minor holy day events. That seems fair to me, while still being reasonably playable.
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    This thread will hold various creatures as I create them. Dara Happan Lunar Footman Officer More experienced, he leads the unit and expects his orders to be obeyed. He's better aware of the strengths of non-Dara Happans than the rest of his forces. Level 2 Leader [human] Initiative: +7 Heartland One-Handed Spear +7 vs AC - 7 damage R Brace of Javelins +8 vs AC - 5 damage and the next ally to attack the target gets +2 to hit. Command Trooper - He can give one of his actions to an ally within nearby; the ally adds +2 to any rolls he makes when obeying the order. This uses up whatever kind of action he is giving. AC 18 PD 16 HP 36 MD 12 Dara Happan Lunar Footman Veteran An experienced warrior who has learned more about spear fighting than most people ever will. But not enough about leading to take charge. Level 3 Blocker [human] Initiative: +6 Spear +8 vs AC - 10 damage Natural Even Hit: He can either pop free from his foe (pushing the foe away) or inflict dazed (save ends). Miss: An unengaged ally can move to join him in the engagement as a free action. Coordinated Assault - Three Veterans can attack the same target together, using their standard actions. This is +12 to hit - 30 damage. Clever players will find ways to break up the formation. R: Hurled Javelin +6 vs AC - 8 damage AC 20 PD 16 HP 45 MD 12 Dara Happan Lunar Champion This warrior is strong in the power of one of the warrior gods of the Dara Happans, like Yelmalio. He is confident of his own superiority to others. Level 4 Wrecker [human] Initiative: +9 Spear +9 vs AC - 14 damage Natural Even Hit: He inflicts 10 ongoing fire damage (save ends) Miss: 4 fire damage R: Arrows of Flame +7 vs AC - 10 fire damage Resist Fire 12+ Nastier Specials: Anti-Rebel Blessing: He gains Resist Lighting 12+ if he's expecting to fight storm tribe folk. Starfall: 1/Battle: R: +7 vs PD (1d3 nearby targets): +7 vs AC - 10 fire damage and 10 ongoing fire damage (save ends) AC 20 PD 16 HP 54 MD 16
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