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    Idea to boost crushing damage weapons The above thread led me to fire my trusty excel to check whether crushing weapons specials were really in need of an upgrade. So, I calculated the average damage for several weapons with different damage bonuses: Weapon dagger sh-sword L-mace Br-Sword Btl-axe Hy mace 2HL spr sh-spear Dmg dice 1D4+2 1D6+1 1D6+2 1D8+1 1D8+2 1D8+2 1D10+1 Avg dmg 4.5 4.5 5.5 5.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 Avg special (0 bonus) 9 9 5.5 11 13 6.5 13 Avg special (1D4 bonus) 11.5 11.5 12 13.5 15.5 13 15.5 Avg special (1D6 bonus) 12.5 12.5 15 14.5 16.5 16 16.5 Avg special (2D6 bonus) 16 16 24.5 18 20 25.5 20 Analyzing the above table shows that specials with crushing weapons absolutely suck for no damage bonus. For 1D4 damage bonus, the light mace is slightly better than short sword or short spear. On the other hand, for heavier weapons, battle axe rules with 15.5 on average compared with 13.5 for broadsword and 13 for heavy mace. In the 1D6 damage bonus class, light mace is much better that short spear and short sword (15 vs 12.5 on average). For heavier weapons, battle axe is still better with 16.5 vs 16 for heavy mace and 14.5 for the broadsword. The table reveals that, based on average damage from special hits, the battle axe is really an uber-weapon, but that broadsword and heavy mace are pretty comparable. For lighter weapons, the light mace is consistently better than others, for non-zero damage bonus. So, if crushing weapons are in need of an upgrade, it must be rather subtle. A second look at the table shows that good armor (6 AP over all body) protects well from the average non-special damage. On the other hand, except for 0-damage-bonus crushing weapons, specials do enough damage on average to reduce an armored body location to zero HP. Also, a heavy shield can absorb the average special hit, as does a medium shield with good armor. The last column of the table shows the average damage for the 2-handed long spear. It has the same average damage as the battle axe. Of course, it is a two-handed weapon, but if you are a yelmalion that doesn’t prevent you from using a shield. This is one of the strength of the Yelmalio cult : it can give an uber weapon to many people (74% of 3D6 have strength greater or equal to 9) while keeping the benefit of a shield, while a high strength is needed to wield a battle axe one-handed (only 26% of 3D6 have strength greater or equal to 13), the others must use a lesser weapon or forfeit the protection of a shield. This explains why Jeff Richards claims that Yelmalio cultists don’t need strong combat-oriented rune magic in order to rule the battlefield. They can field masses of templars with uber-weapons and the protection of a shield, while other cults must choose between high damage and shield protection for the bulk of the fighters. On top of that, Yelmalio insists on Honor which helps maintain the phalanx formation, helping even more the military efficiency of templars. Now, if we focus on missile weapons, for projectile weapons (for which damage bonus don’t apply), crushing weapons suck. Slings are really terrible. On average, they don’t do enough damage do penetrate plate armor, and they can’t count on special hits to do so: they must count on critical hits! The only thing going for slings is that it is a S/MR weapon, which means that they can potentially fire up to three times par round (prepared, with high dexterity or with the help of the coordination or/and mobility spirit magic spells). Now, we can play the “Eolian roulette” (named after the thunder delta slingers) thought experiment, and one is standing for one round in front a squad of 5 slingers, which can each fire 3 times a round at 80% chance to hit (thus 4% chance of a critical). That’s a total of 15 shots per round! Asking worfram alpha for the answer: link to wolfram alpha yields 0.45=45% chance of at least one critical hit. Not bad! I, personally, would not take that chance. Of course, for archers, which can count on impale, the chances are even better (or worse depending on your point of view). On top of 45% chance of one or more criticals, there is a 92% chance of at least one impale. As we saw before, on average, one impale means that one body location is reduced to zero HP, even with good armor. The most probable number of impales is 2 and there are even non-negligible chances for 3, 4 and 5 impales. See for yourself: another link to wolfram alpha. This is no longer “Eolian roulette” but a death wish! That shows the power of massed archers: the cream of the French nobility was literally mowed by the Welsh archers at the battle of Azincourt (or Agincourt). How can one be protected from massed archers? A shield (the larger the better) and armor help, but there is one spirit magic spell that ruins an archer’s day: lightwall. From the wrong side, lightwall prevents aiming (-75% to hit as in full darkness), it even prevents targeting of spells, thus no Demoralize, no Befuddle, no Sever Spirit, no Thunderbolt, no Sun Spear! It is a MP intensive spell, but one casting can protect several people. This spirit magic spell is so good it deserves to be a rune spell, and it’s a special spell for Yelmalio! Another spirit spell that can reduce the time spent in the line of fire is Mobility. Conversely, for archers, Slow can buy extra rounds of fire. Well, doing statistics can give an almost God-Learner-like insight into the mechanics of RuneQuest. I hope that this didn’t ruin the magic of the game for you. I was surprised to see that, indeed, the Yelmalio cult has some mechanical advantage over other cults on the battlefield.
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    In case you needed even more Gloranthan goodness in your life, July's #MOTM is now live at DriveThruRPG! This month's issue describes an odd, sorrowful beast with inscrutable instincts. Also he's just so damn sad. Don't you want to hug his widdle face? You can purchase Dolorous Edd here.
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    MGF says absolutely yes; much as other Godlearner stuff (and even living/undead sorcerors!) remains despite the Gift Carriers of the Sending Gods. They're not supposed to be there, which is why their presence in-game makes them more fun and special. And heck, even the GCotSGs won't be 100.000% effective. Makes sense. Just don't overdo it.
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    This reminds me of playing Star Wars D6 years ago: one character was Force-sensitive and would put people to sleep with his Jedi powers, then the rascal pirate character would say "hey, go see what's up in the other room" and promptly execute the NPC. I'm pretty sure you can do the same munchkinery with Chalana Arroy characters in RuneQuest Even if a cult-specific spirit spell isn't as "locked down" as a cult-specific Rune spell, it doesn't mean that it will suddenly spread to entire world. Of the people who would be willing to (ab)use Sleep in an offensive manner (i.e. fighting cults), you have several cults like Humakt who would consider it dishonourable anyway, and wouldn't take that spell, or at least not use it that way. Chalana Arroy temples would refuse to teach it to non-initiates, which leaves you with only 2 possibilities: attack and loot spirits, or find a shady shaman who would teach it to you. Make it an adventure! Say that 75% of the spirits who know Sleep are related to Chalana Arroy's cult in some way. Attacking them will attract attention -- it's like specifically targeting someone from Doctors Without Borders or something. It's a big deal. There will be consequences but hey, at least you'll have your Sleep spell (although maybe not for long). The other 25% might be miscellaneous elemental or nature spirits (like the Spirit Of Eating Too Much Steak). These might only have a weaker version of Sleep... drowsiness isn't sleep, and I can't think of anything that would warrant that powerful form of sleep magic... but if you can justify it? Sure! Again, it's an adventure in the Spirit World, trying to find this specific kind of spirit. Less attention drawn to you from Chalana Arroy temples, good job, you've earned it. There's also the shady shaman route. Again, make it an adventure! Assuming you agree with the previous paragraph, it means that the shaman had to go through the same troubles: either finding a rare unaffiliated spell spirit that knows Sleep, or trying to fly under the radar of Chalana Arroy temples (and their associated temples). That means it will be expensive... there might be a quest to complete before the shaman agrees to teach the spell to you. Or it might just have a very high price point. Either way, congrats, you deserve the spell. Don't draw attention to you, and don't leave witnesses. As often, where you see a worldbuilding problem, I see a narrative opportunity. Nothing is ever "you can't do it, or everybody does it". Everything is gray, everything is a compromise, risk vs rewards, consequences... but hey, you can also make it a Rune spell, that works too!
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    Yes, which is a good thing - it's a general fix for shamans. I don't think it's a good thing that they essentially always have 95% for POW vs POW.
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    The Thanatari It remind me of Warhammer 40K mechanical religion ... 🤣 Thanks to magic, most Gloranthan quest doesn't need aeons of research. There is a lot way to reconstruct such mechanism, the most classic way will be to ask a Lankhor's priest to "read" the history of the objet or convince him to decipher ancient grimoire with his gods disks. There is a lot lankhor of simple magic which could kill any investigation-plot or solve your "how do we use this ?" magical items/potions ! Another way, my favourite is to find an "old engineer" like "Leonardo the Scientist" who is know to be a Pre-eminent magician of God Forgot and as he can often be seen paddling his way across the sky in his Pedalcopter, you'll need a cooperative. I had use sometimes Leonardo as a "guest star" in my scenario 'cause he is fun and sometimes give players some of his "mechanical toys" to thanks the players for their hospitality or release him from his boredoom by letting play with their puzzle box (an sparring them a full season/year of headache). Usually, his toys are mainly a rubik's cube (which is a deciphering machine but no players understand it XD), a mercury dwarf pills organizer he get from a hero hundred of years ago (which can generate sevens sort of pills when empty) and so on... Another life saving encounter is the Dwarf of the Pass, friendly to human (Flintnail Hardeye or Isidilian the Wise, depending if they the same dwarf of not)... Yeah, one of my main problem 🙄
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    Thanks for the work your put into this post, Manimati! It's awesome. I love seeing someone actually test whether received wisdom is right or not. And you're right that any fix would have to be subtle. I'm more convinced that giving crushing weapon (including slings 😁) the chance to stun an opponent, or knock them out, after any damage to the head (even just 1 pt getting through armor) is the right way to go. Maybe also provide a chance at winding an opponent (adding 5 to their SR that round?) after a chest or abdomen strike or forcing them to drop a weapon or halve parry w/ a shield after an arm strike (assuming any damage gets through armor)? Any chance that optional combat rules and/or fixes will be a part of the future gamemaster's guide?
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    A theory that feels less and less dumb the more I think about it: The Crimson Bat does not destroy the souls of those it devours. In a literal application of "We Are All Us", those who are eaten by the Bat become part of the Bat. (Only the most Lunatic acolytes of the Bat's cult are willing to proselytize for being eaten by the Bat as a good thing, but many secretly believe it and abnegate themselves as unworthy of such close contact with Sedenya as to become part of Her favored pet and steed.)
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    It's always going to depend on a few factors. We WANT to detail a lot of Clearwine, and we want to keep on doing it all in high quality, like this. So far, sales are good, but this took a team of 4, so we need that team to all be free for the next thing, or at least, for the management of the project to be clear. The best thing you can do to ensure that we can work on projects like this is to help us to build sales - share the link, review it positively, give it 5 stars. Most of the adventures are written by a team of 2, or by me with some input from others. Dregs of Clearwine took all four of us, and was a far bigger editing job. It's selling for more money, but it took much more time. In fact, while waiting for some parts to be completed, I wrote and playtested Vinga's Ford, and now have the notes for another adventure and Kris and I are looking at each other over a project and going, 'we could, right?' Every extra person on the project adds a layer of complexity, and so to get all four of us lined up will be a) ideal and b) more difficult than getting 2 of us. We definitely have ideas, and we definitely want to do this, but if you want to help it happen, then please do spread the word. We're a young partnership, and we're hoping to keep going for a very long time, and the best way to make that happen is to make sure people know about our work. And if there IS another location, it'll probably have a textiles workshop. Just saying.
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    Thoughts on GMing Gloranthan long distance trade: I previously posted links I had found showing various GMs’ work on Gloranthan long distance trade. These references include two approaches: (1) considerable work on defining regional exports and imports, and on trade routes; (2) alternatively, work on a formula for applying bargaining & evaluate skills and distance to produce profits or losses. Today I’d like to suggest approaching it from another direction, in two steps: Given what’s written in the RQG rules and supplements, what scale of reward is appropriate for successful long distance trade? From this, derive the price differences necessary to make merchant trade pay and make sense in the game. Basic information: We are told (p. 425 of RQG) in the calculation of annual income and standard of living, that in the course of ordinary business a merchant can expect a net 10% annual return on his stock of trade goods. For a starting initiate with a stock valued at 500L and decent Bargaining skill, that stock should produce a Free standard of living. We are also told in general terms (p.425) that the (annual) return on long distance trade can be “sometimes”100% or more. Long distance not defined, and overhead is referred to but not quantified. I note that this return is before applying the annual bonuses and penalties for omens, raids, harvests (should harvests even count when you move between regions?), and effect of Bargaining or Evaluate skill rolls. So STEP 1: What rate of return does the GM have to allow to make this come true on average for the adventuring merchant? Let’s assume that : ●There are at most four caravaning seasons a year, because Dark Season is unusable due to weather and Sacred Time is more than likely occupied by worship and celebration. ●The true long distance merchant will not be alone, but instead be running a caravan, with several guards, and will need to make enough on his capital to support the guards and probably replace a pack beast or two: That’s his overhead. My canon example of a long distance merchant is Joh Mith, running an annual caravan from Jonstown to and from Balazar. (Griffin Mountain pp. 91-104+) This caravan appears to be annual, requiring at least a season – plus going out and a season-plus coming back and some dwell time in Balazar, more time restocking and selling the return cargo after return to Sartar. Joh makes a profit both ways, going and coming. What is Joh Mith’s overhead? ●He employs 16 assistants and/or guards and animal handlers (Griffin Mountain p.99), who should be making a Free standard of living or better, see RQG p.423 for income for a Warrior = 60L/year. Cost of those guards: 16x60= 960L/year, part of which will be their living on the road and part will be in goods or cash. ●Once in Balazar Joh also employs 18 (Griffin Mountain p.99) seasonal Balazaring porters and guards who earn 1L/day per group of six (p.93) , so 3L/day for 2 seasons (112 days) = 336L payroll but that’s RQ2 prices: 168L converting to RQG (see p.432). ● As I said, Joh needs to provide for replacing a couple of mules per trip, standard cost 35 L at Sartar prices (but 350L a mule in Balazar!?), total 70L at RQG prices. Sum these three for Total Overhead: 1366L. We are not told what Joh Mith’s capital in Trade Goods is, but about 12 mules carry the caravan’s stuff. An average mule pointed up out of the Bestiary is STR21, SIZ15, so can carry 18 Things, and depending on stage of the trip 4 to 9 mules carry trade goods while the rest carry provisions, tents, bedrolls, cooking gear, and other necessities. So on average 7 Trade goods cargo mules. That allows 126 Things for Trade Goods. Let’s assume the heaviest cargo, worked bronze goods at 20L a Thing, that implies a value of about 2520L. That’s my minimum estimate for Joh’s capital, though we know he carries lighter luxury goods too. Let’s say his actual trade goods capital is 4000L! How much gross profit should Joh Mith be making, minimum, to continue this lifestyle? Joh has a wife (included in his own standard of living, also Rune level) and since he is rune level even if he stayed home instead of caravaning he should be making at least a thane’s or priest’s level of income, 200L/year. 1366 overhead + 200 income = 1566. CONCLUSION of Step One: Joh needs to take in at least a gross 1566L on his 4000L of capital, a 39% annual return. Say 40% and deal in round numbers. In my opinion Joh Mith must really be making a higher return than just his class’s base standard of living because he needs an incentive to not stay home. I advocate 50%, even before he makes his Bargaining skill roll. Your Glorantha will vary. This return doesn’t include what Joh Mith makes at the shop in Jonstown, or what his son and other family and retainers there cost to employ. This is the suggested model for profit on trading from one region to an adjacent region, Sartar to Balazar. Presumably trade with even more distant and/or more dangerous regions would come closer to the “long distance” 100% per year. (Historical Real World non-bronze age example: Marco Polo and his family came back from China with a lot of gems sewn into their clothes. But they were gone from Venice for about 20 years, and no one else they knew had made the trip.) STEP 2: How to apply this to the merchant adventuring on a less-than-annual time scale, considering the usual one adventure per season? 50% return over the year of 5 seasons = 10% return per season without compounding. At one “adventure” per season, roughly 10% gross return on capital per season in similar region to region trade. So this is where I suggest starting as a standard price level increase on Trade Goods, during an adventure, before applying Bargaining : ● For every season’s travel, properly chosen goods should get an increase in price of 10%. ● And “properly chosen” means goods that are not produced in or are in short supply in the destination region (such as trading bronze weapons into Prax), or at least novelties (pottery is made all over, but superior painted pottery of a foreign style can be a status symbol), or goods of superior quality and beauty. (Two examples: •Clothing is not rare in Sartar, but Esrolian fashions cost more there, which you will find in the price lists in RQG p.408. An ordinary set of linen clothes will cost 2L. I expect the 15L Esrolian dress costs less than 15L at the source in Esrolia, since the basic books are Sartar-centered.) •Wine is produced in a lot of places but only Clearwine produces Clearwine.) “Properly chosen” doesn’t include taking wheat and barley to Esrolia or generic furs to Balazar, nor fish to the waterfront in Nochet, nor pine trees to the Aldryami. ● The GM should reward role-played effort to find specific goods that will be in demand: In contrast to a generic “I buy 500 Lunars worth of trade goods”, you want to hear the player say “I buy spices and Esrolian fashions”. Maybe you give feedback and tell the player what sold well. And the second trip to an area, after the merchant has found out what sells well there and makes an effort to provide it, should pay off more than the first trip. ●The GM should also allow further price increases for places that can only be reached with unusual danger. (For example, trading into Dorastor counts a lot. Smuggling into the Lunar empire probably counts less. Since the GM controls the scale of danger in the campaign, the GM is the only one who can scale this price differential.) ●The GM should also reward monopolies and special access, such as being the only person who trades with the Mostali in X place for bronze or gems, or the only person who trades with the Uz in Y place for spider silk or for a SIZ increasing potion unique to the Uz, because the trader has a special relationship. It should take significant role play to achieve that special relationship: Coming from Nochet isn’t so special when trading there, though I will advocate for an augment to Evaluate if someone who grew up there is buying well known products of Nochet and makes an appropriate local knowledge roll. Merely speaking Darktongue does not establish a special relationship with trolls. But for a human to become an elf friend should require considerable role play plus having done an unusual service for the Aldryami of a certain grove. Once that is achieved that is a special relationship with those specific Aldryami, and the adventurer might find out that those Aldryami can make special plant products, also what they may want in return. Your thoughts?
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    Does Love Forgive? is a collection of two special scenarios for Call of Cthulhu for one Keeper and one player. Great for a fun evening of gaming for two people. And perfect if you're currently in lockdown or socially isolating with a friend or loved one. Each scenario can be played over the course of one to two sessions, and is suitable for Keepers of all experience levels. Available now in PDF from Chaosium* and DriveThruRPG. *purchase the PDF direct from Chaosium and you receive the full cost of the PDF off the printed version, which will be out later this year. Based on Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy? by Airis Kamińska and Anna Maria Mazur, published for the Polish version of Call of Cthulhu in February 2020 by Black Monk Games. This supplement is best used with the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set or the Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition) roleplaying game.
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    Hi, I am working on my scifi setting... and I want the initial condition, at least, to be quite ideal... as in a very successful hyper advanced future, one could easily dream to live in. Now my conundrum is I don't think the current status quo is the image of an ideal society... I was thinking to add universal income! Year free money! (like Star Trek! it's not just me! ) Free spaceship in only 4,165 sessions! 😛 On the other hand I want to avoid any political message, it's usually detrimental to good story... Further we usually have poor tracking of player expense, so do I really need to add money on top?! Anyway, long story short, how could I make the initial starting condition look (socially) like an idea place to be, without becoming political, or add pointless book keeping...
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    Back in the day, I used to hate the notion of playing a "subsidised merchant" in Traveller. Freedom! Yeah, then I got a job and saw how liberating the scenario was. You have a patron, they provide you with missions and baseline operating expenses, and you get to fill in the details during the several weeks between reporting for updates and resupply. Luxury, if not resulting from frugal bookkeeping, came from side jobs that didn't interfere with the company mission. My players actually loved it. So, TANSTAAFL, yeah, but at least the bread and meat are complimentary -- you supply the condiments. In that instance, the company is the "administrative body," but it could be a government as well (or a private finacier). The political aspect is who's footing the bill and why. !I!
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    I do! Which is why you need to make plushies of the little fella! (Chaosium people: a Crimson Bat plushie! When?)
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    Ah, but what if the quicksand not only is sentient but is also hungry... huh, is ya callin us stoopid? It does have to, and yes it was! As soon as ya said pulp, I opened my copy of ... Design Mechanism’s Mythras’s "Monster Island" page 123.
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    I'll be there as well, so if there are any questions regarding the future of Classic Fantasy, I may be able to provide some answers. Rod
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    Well you could just gloss over the economic aspects of things, like Classic Trek did, and just focus on whatever task the characters have to deal with. Give 'em some MagikTek (TM) food producers, and a 90% efficient solar cell generator to power it, more stuff like that, and assume that the basic necessities of live are so cheap and easy to produce, everyone has them. It really shouldn't be a political issue in game if everyone is well fed, has clothing shelter, and decent medical care as long as no one tries to make it so. If you wanted to you could do away with money entirely and just assume that whatever organization the players work for foots the bill. Maybe give the PCs a budget they are supposed to work within. It mostly comes down to how much importance you place on wealth in the setting, and in erms of character goals. Some games make accumulating wealth a major goal of the campaign, and you'll need to make sure you players understand that won't be the case with this campaign, and give them some other goals to work towards.
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    Couch the UBI in game terms. The UBI covers all of your basic expenses- housing, food, ammo, fuel...all the stuff that is tedious to track anyway. This cuts on both edges.
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    This is our Call of Cthulhu game played live on Gen Con's official Twitch channel last night with the Ain't Slayed Nobody crew and Mark Morrison in the Keeper's chair – enjoy!
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    Latest. An opportunity to draw another hoplite - illustrating one of the sections about the wars in Ralios between the Bright Empire and Arkat.
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    Two thoughts: First: Alternative to bones of the gods: There is an adventure seed in one of the Heroquest supplements as I recall, in which a star falls from the sky (crack in the sky dome is visible), and where it hits is a very hot crater with scattered lumps of various metals. The adventurers are of course not the only folks who may pursue this find, and by the time the lumps of metal cool they are likely to have company . Second: Someone drafted up a monograph on trade in Glorantha, what various regions import and export. As I recall Sartar is a metal exporter. Which makes sense as it has many places significant to the Gods War. Lots of bronze bones or fragments thereof. Of course this is NOT canon, but I recall it as consistent. Let's search for it- OK, there has been more discussion of long distance trade in Glorantha than I thought. Sometimes opposed by people who find it dull in-game, or think their players will find it dull - but if everyone finds it dull then why have so many people discussed and detailed it? https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/7804-quick-and-dirty-trade-rules/?tab=comments#comment-109960 http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/QAtrade.htm https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/4624-trade-and-markets-in-glorantha/ https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/GloranthaDigest/vol07/3564.html https://notesfrompavis.blog/2016/05/23/trade-and-markets-in-glorantha/
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    Here is what we have to say about the matter: "Greg Stafford registered the HeroQuest trademark in 2002 for his HeroQuest Roleplaying game. Moon Design Publications became the licensed publisher of the HeroQuest RPG in 2006. In 2012 Moon Design purchased the HeroQuest trademark and other related IP from Greg Stafford. Moon Design continues to publish the HeroQuest RPG to this day, via Chaosium Inc. HeroQuest publications have largely been used for tabletop roleplaying in the fantasy world of Glorantha. In April 2020, Moon Design Publications published the Questworlds System Reference Document (SRD) so independent publishers could use the HeroQuest RPG core rules system for other game worlds and settings. Moon Design Publications does not currently have a licensing deal or any other business agreements with Restoration Games." — Rick Meints, president Chaosium Inc.
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    Oh, somebody else remember Danold.
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    Don't worry, some things rise to the top.
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    In terms of reading, have a look at the Culture by the late lamented Iain M. Banks. Post-scarcity, and it brings up interesting points about the meaning of life when there is no struggle to make ends meet (hint: there is more to life than "an honest day's work" for The Man), and A.I. can do everything better than humans or aliens. And there is plenty of scope for conflict (read: adventure) with other cultures as well as within the Culture. The benefit of post-scarcity gaming is that you don't need to worry about resource-tracking. The drawback is that there is no need for resource-tracking. 😜 I agree that you can't separate politics from SF gaming - nor Fantasy, but the latter is sufficiently different to our own that it rarely results in forum flames. SF politics are usually an extrapolation of the real world, or a parody thereof (remember what was going on in the Real World during the original run of New BSG?). I've run and played in very politically-charged games. There's little you can say about them on public forums, but at your table whatever your group can handle, goes.
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    Cheers, Loz and Pete used to amaze me, now I think I am beginning to expect it!
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    I would not be concerned about overnerfing shamans. They're super powerful, from all kinds of angles. And it's not like they don't get a lot of Rune Magic if they want to.
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    They already have shaman gifts for overcoming POW, but these at least are reasonably limited and in competition with other gifts. On POW vs POW defence, I could see them getting twice the chances to defend - a spell has to defeat both the shaman's and the fetch's POW - instead of combining POWs, but at least it's a far smaller problem on defence either way.
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    This has been our solution. Dark Trolls are devastating with a sling, which feels just right. Also, our GM once had a giant slinging boulders for fun. Because Glorantha is amazing.
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    Me too., If a like/follow and RPG then I try to get all of it. That's doable for most RPGs. There are some games that I picked up multiple copies of back in the day, or which I pick up whenever I see them in the used bin or at a yard sale because of that. Perhaps my favorite thing abotu DriveThru is that it helped to bring back old out of print RPGs stuff that otherwise never would have returned. Yeah.And sometimes the changes done when something get updated might not work as well. There are a couple of old RPGs where they updated and reprinted stuff, but changes in the rules altered on how things would play out compared to how they were intended to play out. I think with old books we walk a tightrope between wanting to tell everyone how great it is and not wanting to mislead them about a 20+ year old book that might not have anything in it that hasn't be done better latter on, or rules that no longer are used in the current edition. For instance KAP1 is what started it all, and is worth reading just to see what things Greg focused on in the limited space available in the rulebook, yet virtually nothing in the core rulebook would port over to a KAP 5 campaign.
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    Was wondering how mining works in Glorantha. Metal is the bones of the gods, but only *sometimes* (and I seem to remember rarely at that) turns up in bone shape. Who does the mining? There's no miner occupation for Sartarites in SKoH (but there is one for stickpickers). What God do miners worship? For Olanthis is it Esolia (the body of the earth) or Ty Kora Tek (the hidden wealth of the earth)? Actually neither seems right to me. They may need propitiating, but I suspect there is a different god for miners. Almost certainly an earth god. Where is metal found? Glorantha is magical. The distribution of metal deposits shouldn't be the same as for the RW, where it is governed by physics and geology. Maybe it's more in plains, as that's where battles between the gods were more likely to have been fought? How deep underground is it? Is it like Bronze age mining? https://study.com/academy/lesson/the-bronze-age-mining-smelting-casting-metallurgy.html has a picture of ancient copper mine. Very narrow tunnel. I vaguely remember ancient Spanish silver mines looking the same. Or is it closer to the surface and we are almost looking at open cast mining? Looking at Sartar, do all tribes/clans have sources of bronze/copper/tin (at least)? If not, which ones do and which ones don't? How many members of such clans are actively engaged in the mining occupation? I can't believe that Sartar imports all its metal. This isn't just academic. Maybe your mine runs out and you have to heroquest to fix the problem (maybe finding a new deposit). If a clan doesn't have a source of metal on its lands, it's going to need to trade. That means diplomacy, bartering and shipping (caravans). All potential story sources. What happens if your partner's mine runs out? If they decide to stop trading with you? Maybe someone else is offering them a better deal. If you're digging in the earth metal might not be all you find. Darkness spirits? Krashtkid tunnels? Other buried chaos horrors?
  32. 1 point
    OOPs! Tizan Thane, you are correct, it is Morgan le Fay. I need to get new glasses. That 8 pt. font is getting harder to read. Thanks for catching that. If you want to see Greg's thoughts, this bibliography is a gem. Just not sure 3 pages and the timelines are worth enough to get the book as most of the book has been printed in later products. That being said, I would pick it up as it shows the progression of how to flesh out scenarios (compare this print to one later), Greg's thoughts at the time, and a few other details not discussed yet.
  33. 1 point
    Actually...as long as we're discussing super-saturated sand, silt, or clay, human bodies (and other animals) are buoyant in the quagmire. It's the struggling that causes cavitation/suction and exhaustion. If one can relax, and you're not face-down, you'll eventually float like a cork and you can paddle your way across the surface. So the actual contest, after failing a DEX save, is an INT check to keep your cool, followed by fatigue/CON loss (whatever you're using in your game) for every failed roll until you're exhausted and drown. Actually, I seem to recall quicksand rules from somewhere, too, but can't recall. And they surely operated on the same misconception of how it works. !I!
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    Dear Closterphobia, I do not think this is true. Of course that different players and groups like different things, and RPGs are for fun, and if they have fun then everything is ok. But it does not mean that rules should not be judged based on some objective criteria or common sense. Rules should increase fun, but also should be sensible. And rules matter—we all have these rulebooks for something, don't we? If I saw a sentence in a rulebook which says: "After each critical success Keeper buys ice cream for everybody and makes 100 push-ups and then every character takes 15 HP damage" I would laugh at person who says "It is ok, there are different groups and different players". No, I would simply call such rule ridiculous. Does it mean that I criticize other people? No it does not. Does it mean that (as klecser wrote later) for me the idea of someone else finding fun in different ways than me is untenable? No, it does not. It just means that I believe there is an objective criterion for "good" and "bad" rules, and I judge them accordingly. I enjoy immensely CoC rules, but now it seems understandable to me when someone decides to criticize them. I think it can only make the game better.
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    Has zistorite are a Gods-Learners creation, all their artefact and cult was destroy with the fall of Jrustela and every peoples linked to Zistor or any god learner creation meet the inquisition. Which usually mean if there is anything, it's well hidden, forgotten or very dangerous. Some Orlanthi who had plunder Zistor itself may have some creations as part of their regalia (like Lankhor MHY runes disks used for decipher grimoires) I will take the exemple of the "The Antikythera mechanism" : It's remnant was discover around 2 thousand year after the boat among wreckage retrieved from a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island. You may found some Zistori equivalents and like the "Great Sage Equal to Heaven" said the mechanism "would have been worn out over the centuries" but the Antikythera mechanism was not unique, there was at least 2 others ones. You may not be able to repair it but a (hero)quest to found the missing pieces to have a complete mechanism is good adventure seed (You could travel from Pavis to God forgotten then finish in Manira... ).
  37. 1 point
    One would find Zistorite artifacts all over the world. One even turned up in Duke Raus' home in New Pavis (the Wand of the Seven Phases of the Moon, Pavis: Threshold to Danger). But sunc tools would have been worn out over the centuries since the Machine Wars and there is nobody left to fix them.
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    Interesting. Thanks Mike. I can see arguments both for and against being explicit about it in a "system."
  39. 1 point
    Kralorela has languished because it just had a sort of "stub" or "placeholder" that was obviously just overloaded with orientalism / colonialism. Greg (originally) and Chaosium (since) have wisely held off on developing it until they could bring a more nuanced approach. I understand there is a complete (or nearly complete) draft that is waiting on one or two more things before progressing. I hope they do justice to the Gloranthan heritage here!
  40. 1 point
    I'm not Jeff, of course, but there is artwork of Westerners in the Guide, if you have it, or are in a position to buy it (admittedly quite an investment). And you could do, way, way worse than taking a gander at M Helsdon's impressive list of artwork for his upcoming arms & armor book of Western Genertela: The general armor look seems to lean into heavy cavalry cultures of the Pontic Steppe (Sarmatians, Scythians), Sassanid Persians, Northern Indians, etc. It's more complicated than that, but that's the jist.
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    Why kill them when you can simply render them unconscious with an uppercut, a sleep spell, a befuddle. "Chaos stalks my...ooof!"
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    A little disquisition on dumb: Last December, I wrote a little piece that you can read here: https://eightarmsandthemask.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-good-emperor-phargentes-younger.html It was inspired by another piece I'd written a little bit earlier where I sat and meditated upon the White Moon Rebellion and on the paradox between the violence and the pacifism, and I drew a historical parallel to the Ikko-ikki and Pure Land Buddhism in Japanese history, and then I posited Phargentes the Younger (being the end of the Lunar Empire's own Sengoku Jidai) as an equivalent to Oda Nobunaga. Why Nobunaga and not Toyotomi Hideyoshi or Tokugawa Ieyasu? Well, there's another inspiration here, and it's that one of the other fandoms that I'm peripherally involved in has Oda Nobunaga as a character, with two versions- one is a tiny, gremlinish woman who talks in gamerspeak and dresses in an androgynous military uniform, and the other is a six-foot-plus woman who wears fantasy villain garb and talks like a lesbian's dream. With, and this is critical, red hair and red eyes. I sat there and I 🤔'd, and then my mind put it together. So, in order to explain the illustrations (enjoy the alt-text on the second one, by the way, if you do click through), I proposed, tongue buried so firmly in my cheek I think it took most of the next 24 hours to fully extract it, that there was an artistic style wherein the Red Emperor, to denote that he was the son of Sedenya, would be depicted with breasts and hips, and then cracked wise about what it would look like for the old-guy Mask and the ferociously bearded Mask. I then sent it to a friend who's on the fringe of Gloranthaphilia. He responded, after reading it, "I thought the Red Emperors were all women doing the Hatshepshut thing and everyone was too humiliated by the fact to be honest in written records." And that, I believe, is the serendipity of dumb.
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    I don't know if you can get dumber for Ralzakark theories than that scorpion-arm and unicorn are just two guys with the same name.
  44. 1 point
    Yes, of course you can. The Moon Burn wasn't an atrocity? Ralzakark offered sanctuary to its refugee survivors. The rape of Dorasta wasn't an atrocity? Ralzakark healed Dorasta's wounds and reinvigorated a blasted land. Turning the Mad Sultan and his followers insane wasn't an atrocity? Ralzakark gave them refuge and stops them from harming anyone else. Far more atrocities were done to Ralzakark's followers than by them.
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    If you’re quick, you could kill whoever is trying to Lightbringer Summon you before they’re done recitating. Then it doesn’t count, right? Right?
  46. 1 point
    It's something I would like to do, at some point. But realistically we have to increase the market share for QuestWorlds/HeroQuest. PS It's not true to say there are no books planned for HeroQuest Gorantha, at least one is very close to completion.
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    It already is . But I do agree, I don't really have a problem with it. I think "no save or die spells" is a valid design choice, but it's not a choice which has been made in RQG. That said, I did like the drawback idea over in the other thread that it ages the wielder. It's a trivial enough drawback if you're playing a young adventurer, but I think it's kind of cool that a Humakti who leans on Sever Spirit slowly becomes older and older. The player can manage risk how they see fit, as their adventurer naturally and unnaturally ages.
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    Problem: Sleep is too powerful. Fix: It's Chalana Arroy only. Problem: Shamans can get it. Fix: Impose some limit or restriction like a taboo. Problem: The rules don't say you have to do that. Fix: So what? Do it anyway, problem solved.
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    One of the oldest extant texts is...a customer service complaint (http://www.openculture.com/2015/03/the-first-recorded-customer-service-complaint-from-1750-b-c.html) from 1750 BC that reads exactly like it was written on Yelp: Tell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message: When you came, you said to me as follows : “I will give Gimil-Sin (when he comes) fine quality copper ingots.” You left then but you did not do what you promised me. You put ingots which were not good before my messenger (Sit-Sin) and said: “If you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!” What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt? I have sent as messengers gentlemen like ourselves to collect the bag with my money (deposited with you) but you have treated me with contempt by sending them back to me empty-handed several times, and that through enemy territory. Is there anyone among the merchants who trade with Telmun who has treated me in this way? You alone treat my messenger with contempt! On account of that one (trifling) mina of silver which I owe(?) you, you feel free to speak in such a way, while I have given to the palace on your behalf 1,080 pounds of copper, and umi-abum has likewise given 1,080 pounds of copper, apart from what we both have had written on a sealed tablet to be kept in the temple of Samas. How have you treated me for that copper? You have withheld my money bag from me in enemy territory; it is now up to you to restore (my money) to me in full. Take cognizance that (from now on) I will not accept here any copper from you that is not of fine quality. I shall (from now on) select and take the ingots individually in my own yard, and I shall exercise against you my right of rejection because you have treated me with contempt.
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