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    I was one of the Podtesters. My comments were that I don't normally listen to Podcasts, but it kept me listening to the end, amongst others. Yours are the same.
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    Good video. You pronounced Glorantha correctly, at least it's how we say it. Lozenge was a bit trickier, I pronounce it Loz-Inje, but some people say Loz-enje, it's as the old fashioned cough sweets or shape. Interesting that you have spent a lot of money on Glorantha/RQ material, I hope you like them and look forward to your videos about them.
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    Nicely done, should help some folk The Open License seemed petty clear to me but based on the new thread and the tons of questions, your walkthru should be of help to a large group of people. Cheers
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    It is inevitable that their power has drawn me deeper... I will say it will take awhile for me to truly appreciate the game as I started dual enrollment and will be rather occupied for the next 8 weeks of intense schooling. I will keep trying to upload at least twice a week, but it will likeybe more gm advice and reviews until I can focus on a new game. If you haven't already, go listen to their podcast, it's awesome!
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    Well. it is people like you that make people like me want to give up sleep and do things like this! Thank you for the kind words and very entertaining review... It is better, really, watch it, you will see! You won’t be sorry!
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    Thank you, it was fun to make! Also, it most assuredly is not better than your podcast, with that 'cast, you single handedly made Chaosium a couple hundred dollars from me alone!
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    Yep, don't bothers going to our cast... this is far more entertaining! Cheers!
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    Damn man, this is better than our ‘cast! And I am not even finished watching!
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    Liked it, as always. I read a horror novel based in New Orleans, where a detective was trying to solve a series of Voodo ritual-killings of children and a cult was trying to kill 12 children to avert a disaster. The detective solves the puzzle and saves the last child, escaping to a farm in the mid-west. The book ends with him sat on his porch, looking over the plains, when he sees the mushroom clouds appearing in the distance. By the way, the film they made of it skipped the last scene, which spoiled it slightly. That fits in with your moral dilemmas theme, doing the right thing that turns into the wrong thing.
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    I will say that I'm not familiar with all the games you mentioned, but the concept sounds awesome, and I'm thrilled you took the time to do that. Great work man, we owe you now!
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    Will try to replay in detail tonight (currently at work, and will try to tether my phone and use its internet tonight) but I just wanted to say now that the BRP magic systems are my favorites... But let me preamble a bit now... but not too much need to work too, haha.... All the other system seems designed with Overpowered magic for the villain in mind. In Mythras, RuneQuest, RevolutionD100 and similar system, affecting multiple characters at immense range for very long duration with great force is quite easy, you just need the appropriate skill. In BRP spell last a fixed modest duration (generally 15 minutes or 10 rounds) have a fixed range (generally 100 m) and an average cost of 3~4 MP (sometimes more or less) and armor protect against most elemental spells. I like that. However, after playing BRP, then Revolution D100 on the same campaign... I got used to casting spell for cheap (I came up with a custom rule for BRP that will enable that in some case) and I had really painful experience trying to make an interesting fireball spell (i.e. usable by player, dangerous, but acceptable)(but came up with untested yet idea for BRP) I will post the details tonight from home or maybe this after noon from work ^^ the details are a bit long for now... the short and succint story is: - spell cost reduction idea (with skill over 100% or magical item made with either POW or special material) - spell costing change (2mp/d6 instead of 3) - using CoC HP rule (no location, but major wound threshold) - stunts (think blood and tide or revolution d100, I added some modest requirement on stunt, such as skill over 50%~75%) - one of which is to reduce remaining (half) area damage on successful Dodge (using Fatigue Points for that) - and the other to turn single target spell in area spell (2 level for fireball, 1 level per extra target for chain-ligtning) - and even a stunt that give you 1 level of spell for free (usually save 1mp, but here 2) - using a resistance table variation (D20+characteristic over attack characteristic +10 instead of using a table to find out the percentage) I plane to give various bonus, including resistance bonus for some armor and attack bonus for some magic staves Basically elemental spell are too powerful for various reason (it's not too hard to make sure the dodge will fail, area damage always damage even with successful dodge, with location HP damage is ridiculous for little magic/xp investment), so they made them too costly. I try to improve both area... more escapable and less expensive.
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    I'm going to post my homebrew rules in a few weeks, when my Master of Orion setting is developped well enough... But there is one thing I don't like with BRP it's the elemental spells.... But I think I found a compromise I like! Will text when I GM again (now I have a break when we take turn, the other player is GMing D&d5e of course....) Can explain later if you like (typing on a phone now.... My internet is broken )
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    That could be a future video, and would be a big topic. D20 vs D100, I like it!
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    What about BRP? Same rule set as CoC but not specifically horror or contemporary...
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    I am in the process of creating a new playlist titled Keeper Advice, so you have all the info in one easy to find place!
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    A good video, interesting and useful.
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    Ya know kid, you’re a monster, and I mean that in the 21st century way that all the kids are using today. For all the other old fogeys, this is a great compliment.
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    Eyh, cheers, man. You inspired me to create my own gallery and upload some memes.
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    But.. what if the Ghosts have the wrong political opinion?! 😮 Mwahahaha
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    I am not too much into horror so I just passed on that... But just now I just read a glowing critic on no less than new scientist! 😮 https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24532690-600-color-out-of-space-another-nicolas-cage-film-thats-so-bad-its-good/ Might watch it after all! 😅
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    I listened to a few of these and I really liked them. You have a very engaging personality and know your stuff. Call of Cthulhu isn't really to my taste, but you made it sound interesting and fun.
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    I assume you mean the tables I used, and not the five individual results. The new tables are published here (pay what you want): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/297538
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    I don't suppose you could be persuaded to share the histories you came up with? It's certainly one of the aspects of RQ:G that caught my eye coming to the system. Speaking of sharing I created a spreadsheet to aid with page numbering and spell synopsis. Please feel free to make use of it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1voKm6zmVZDGmNS0crmTdaumip7io8zmGJUps9jtSnOo/edit?usp=sharing
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    It's a campaign management system. I would recommend you register and try it out yourself (https://kanka.io/en/about) to see what it's about. There's a few tutorials for some aspects of the site on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwb3pl0LOlxd3GvMPAXIEog/videos I don't use it at the moment, as none of my players are interested in it. If they were interested, they could read up on world lore, write personal notes etc between sessions. Personally, I work better with online spreadsheets, text files, printed books, and printouts.
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    The protagonists, or their rivals? Or is your GMing style and/or the troupe's playing style so contrary that you name the player characters the antagonists?
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    Ummm, that's not a cow! 🙂
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    Shadowcats are doglike in their trainability. I'd allow a well-trained dog to do a scout-and-report, within limits. As Soltakss says, limit it to INT "tricks," if they're complex, dangerous, or otherwise difficult-to-train. I'd let it do a "Trick" on any relevant roll -- Beast Rune, animal-handling, animal-lore, etc. In-game, you've established that "scout-and-report" is not one of the Tricks it knows; if Nathem is a Player's character, I'd allow him to work on training his shadowcat to do this (I'd expect it to take months of dedicated effort; at least 10 training sessions every week for at least 2ish hours/session (normally I'd do 1h sessions, but not for outdoor/exploration tasks).). Use communication via Beast Rune (or spell) for other things. On the ordinary success achieved in-game, I'd probably have been a bit more generous, but I'm gonna call that a simple difference of opinion, not that your choice was "wrong." I'd have had the Alynx understand Nathem wanted it to go "look around out thata-way," and rolled 3d6ish for 10-meter range-increment it went (30m-180m(ish)) & a bit of randomizing for precise direction and for straight-line vs meandering. Without a trained Trick, I'd default to the cat only having 2 reports available: "Found some prey - lets go hunt!" (n.b. cattle are not valid "prey") or "oh HELL no -- that's dangerous. don't go hunting THAT way!" === About those "limits" (within which a critter's scout-and-report are limited): the most-limited bit is the "report" of course. How well do you read the animal's body-language? How sophisticated is its mind, how much can it grasp, to even attempt to convey? I would call for a separate roll to UNDERSTAND the report. I'd disallow any "count" info beyond one/some/lots... and any particularly-scary-to-the-animal threat might register as "lots" of threat, regardless of count! It can't really convey species, etc. That said, wild animal groups have been documented with different threat-signals for "hawk" (animals take cover vs threat from above; large-enough ones only "take caution" and don't take cover) & "poison snake" (animals look at the ground, avoid dense undergrowth) & "Big Cat" (animals look for trees to climb, avoid big-cat-cover), etc. I'd allow them to also specifically be able to signal "human" and maybe 1-2 other specific creatures (hounds can be trained to hunt specific species). Complex situations are beyond their ability to convey. A mixed party of humans & trolls, mounted on bison, bolo-lizards & beetles, with packs of hounds & trollkin? Your report will translate roughly as: "It's a booshgobbldyfrake. Big one. Let's run away." === IIRC, Nathem's shadowcat does NOT house any allied-spirit / etc. So it's an ordinary beast. As others have noted, a spirit will give it a mind, make it effectively an NPC like any other.
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    Most weapons (with the exception of swords) have quite a lot of non-business parts that can be "attacked" in order to deflect a bow. Spear and axe shafts, or the arm of a knife fighter are within reach of the parrying party. Cats of all sizes and bears will use their paws to strike attacking limbs, and may well be able to go for the flat of a blade, too. Only dogs are predominantly head attackers, and even they will use their forepaws to hold down thrashing prey (parrying hoofed kicks).
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    I mostly don't allow animals (ordinary non-sentient beasts) to "parry" as such. I do allow a dodge. After you hit them once or twice, they figure out that the hitty-thing hurts. If it hurt a LOT, they'll try to dodge. If it only hurt for 1-3(ish) HP's of damage, their version of "Parry" is to BITE it, like it was the swipe of another animal's paw, or something. In the wild, this is a very effective strategy. However, this amounts -- more or less -- to sticking their head in the way of the Adventurers' weapon. 😨 Granted, they meet the blow fangs-first -- and the sakkar, IIRC, has some pretty serious fangs! -- but it's generally not a winning strategy vs. armed humans carrying weapons to get through the armor of human foes...
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    Excellent! Having fun and wanted to play again are really the most important aspects. Sounds like it all played out well. I think you found, like most GM's of RQG do, not to worry too much about the movement. Narrative/story flow is more important than simulation. Seems reasonable. Unless the shadowcat had an awakened/allied spirit (effectively a familiar), then it's a normal animal, trained to some degree. Use of the Beast Rune to communicate the command works fine. With a regular success, I probably would have sent the shadowcat off, and then had it come hightailing back. But given the unusual situation (and likely Sakkar scent), not having the shadowcat go off at command also works. Earth elemental's damage is physical (basically it's a crushing attack). Armor should have the opportunity to protect, but it certainly can immobilize the target too. Correct. That's the easiest approach and works fine. You could check against cultural/occupation modifiers to ensure it seems reasonable, but I wouldn't go out of the way to do so.
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    D&D went through a similar quandary when it added, and later removed, the Comeliness Attribute. The problem, of course, is that both physical appearance and personality attractiveness tend to overlap each other in subtle ways that are difficult to draw boxes around. If we try to say, for instance, that a physically attractive female who has a horrible and irascible personality has no charismatic influence over people, we are confounded by the fact that somehow she still does indeed have a charismatic affect on others - and even might have people seemingly irrationally bending obsequiously to her every whim, whether they actually enjoy doing so or not (perhaps such followers would feel less abused - or not abused at all - if she also had a high charisma: food for thought). One example of such a character might be the role that Meryl Streep played in The Devil Wears Prada (and here we can get into trouble again with those blurred lines, because Streep is older in that film, and although she has an element of being physically attractive, I would say that the efficacy of her physical appearance has more to do with the way in which she carries herself than with raw physical appeal; and yet she severely struggles with truly connecting with others throughout the entire film - is that what we would expect from someone whose influence comes from their "charisma?"). On the other hand, it may be a little easier for us to understand the effect that someone has through their personal charm or animal magnetism even though they may not appear to be very physically attractive - yet, it does seem that there must be some rudimentary physical attractiveness for their charm to "leverage" - otherwise, they effect can be quite the opposite! Further complications arise when once considers physical attractiveness as it relates to mate selection. Now, physical attractiveness is not simply a simple attribute to be considered as an effect that can be objectively measured when checking for someone's reaction. Instead, it becomes a game in itself that involves the self-perception of the person who would be affected by the attractiveness of someone else. For example, a woman sees a man who has a certain level of attractiveness, but, she is also attractive, and based other interactions she has had before with other men, she might consider herself to be able to do better, even though he has a certain level of attractiveness. So, in such a case as this, we might model a check for reaction on the man's score for attractiveness (is this a composite of physical attractiveness and charisma - this is still undecided for now) and then account for the woman's confidence in her ability to potentially do better by a simple attribute bonus subtraction or by an attribute vs. attribute chart comparison (using some statistical curve). But even then, we hit upon yet another problem: how do we measure the woman's confidence? Would it be some composite of her overall appeal (charisma and physical appearance) modified by her intelligence/power/(wisdom?)...? My point, overall, is that it is both a subtle and complex question. PS - I also forgot to mention the effect of financial and physical power (even intellectual power) that factors into attractiveness/appeal. Streep's character was a successful fashion mogul, and this certain had an effect on her followers. Women can often find men who are physically powerful to be more physically attractive. And let's not forget the appeal that Leonard Nimoy had in his role as Spock: he had more female fan mail that William Shatner, and yet, in a within the constraints of a gaming system, we might easily be led to think that Spock would have less charisma or even physical attractiveness than Kirk.
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    A giant mecha and Godzilla, and various superheroes, versus a whole gaggle of hounds of Tindalos, and their leader left several supers dead and a smashed up mecha but a nuke finished off the hounds. What's not to like? LOL My players enjoyed it but were a bit mindblown.
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    Excellent suggestion. I never liked Appearence either, but as Mankcam says, it works much better as Appeal.
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    I never liked APP replacing CHA, but your suggestion suddenly makes it work
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    I tend to think of APP (in BRP games which use it) as "Appeal", rather than "Appearance"; it's a mixture of looks and personality.
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    Most memorable moments: 1. Flying ever closer to the sea before the pilot seemed to find a runway sticking out into the bay. 2. Fearing that I was the only one in costume. 3. Realising that people played until 3am - (Wasn't there a rule/guideline about that? Isn't the time moving slowly backwards as we all get older? It'll be 10 o'clock soon) 4. Meeting old friends and new ones. 5. The Money Trick and the revelation of the Satrap of Prax, seeing the new member of the Sazdork Whackoffs and Tackle team run off with my duck and seeing my rhino broo backstabbed by a broo that had been hiding in the marshes. 6. The sheer enthusiasm of some of the players. Truly refreshing. Anyway, I made my coach connection at Gatwick, despite a half-hour delay, but had to run the 100m in what seemed like 5 seconds with a rucksack and suitcase - I left my lungs couching on the tarmac, though. How can I persuade my wife to let me go next year?
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