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    I was one of the Podtesters. My comments were that I don't normally listen to Podcasts, but it kept me listening to the end, amongst others. Yours are the same.
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    Good video. You pronounced Glorantha correctly, at least it's how we say it. Lozenge was a bit trickier, I pronounce it Loz-Inje, but some people say Loz-enje, it's as the old fashioned cough sweets or shape. Interesting that you have spent a lot of money on Glorantha/RQ material, I hope you like them and look forward to your videos about them.
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    Such a great interview. Thank you! The timing is unbelievable. Just picked up the Agents Handbook and am getting into this game right now, too.
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    Yes, why not? I am not a YouTube person, but I was considering writing scenarios for the Miskatonic Repository. Even tough CoC is almost 40 years old, I see there is still a huge gap of unexplored ideas on the market. But I could start doing anything earliest after the summer.
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    Dear Deathstrok9, I do not claim that you stole my idea, I am happy that it was used by you, and more people can learn from it. I just like when the sources are provided (especially when I am the source 😄). Either solution (reference in the description/ pinned comment) works, I do not have any preference. I would argue on that, I think the resemblance is still striking. If you took a poem and added your commentary after each line, because "it seemed vague" it would still require a citation. But I do not want to make more fuss about that than required, so let me stop here. I hope your channel will grow. Thank you for understanding, and have a good day.
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    I am with you on that! Though, personally, I don't fudge rolls, I fudge stats! But this made me wonder if CoC Luck points (where you get like 50 of them to trade point for point to affect skill roll) build better dramatic tension (as they go down) that an other rule where you got like 3 or 4 of them to make a reroll....
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    Wow, thanks a lot! The project is nowhere near ready, but once it is, I will be sure to let you know. Thanks again!
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    Same to you, let me know when you project comes out! If you want, I could review it and stuff:)
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    Wow, those are some pretty harsh restrictions, I can see why you are leaving them. You are also right that the BRP one doesn't sound nearly as bad as that, I will have to go through it more carefully later. With the website, I was thinking of making one to promote my project from once it was completed. I thought that it would be a better way to utilize the keywords, since my project is based on a public domain work and no one has made before. I will have to look and see if promoting from a site is legal here. I wish you luck on making your rule system and I hope you have lots of success with your channel as well.
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    Everything was wrong with it, but I'd want to cite it so you would know what I'm talking about... Lets just say it takes all creative rights away, half the profits, and tell you they reserve the right to republish without notifying or crediting the author. If you post else where on Drivethru, like the D&D area, they only take 20% and you retain the rights to your own work. The brp ogl also has a bunch of problems imo, but it's not as bad. Thank you, my endgame project (at least for Miskatonic) is in the works:) You said something about a website, but I'm pretty sure you can't use the CoC rules system to publish anywhere but MR. I'm planning on my next project being creating a rules light system loosely based on a horror film I really like. Then I'll be able to add to it and promote it through my channel and not have to worry about royalties or creative rights.
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    For Call of Cthulhu, I have to publish through Miskatonic Repository. And after my next project, I will be stopping using it. I really don't like the contract they make you agree to.
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    Good video! I knew that CoC spells were more cosmic in nature than the standard D&D type spells, but I could never find any resources for them on the internet for me to use. After reading a lot, I came to the conclusion that they were more tailor made for the individual scenarios that being a standard list of spells. I found it very interesting that the spells are made to be more like scenes than utilities, it would make everything much more cinematic. Also, you said that you published a scenario on DrivethroughRPG, was it very difficult? Do you think promoting from a website would be better?
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    My students from the Fall 2019 Tabletop Game Writing Lab have updated their Call of Cthulhu scenario, Refractions of Glasston, responding to the great feedback they received. They even created a hyperlinked PDF along with a Black and White Printer Friendly edition. The revised edition and printer friendly edition are posted and ready for download. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/297601/Refractions-of-Glasston
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    Not really, so much as it is one of the most (in)famous stories from the table top gaming world. You can read about it here: https://m.1d4chan.org/wiki/Old_Man_Henderson It is quite a hilarious story all and all, and it is where I got my name tag. Because of this story, there is even a scale named after Henderson to show how derailed a campaign can be.
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    Well okay then, is that an actual tale?
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    Read the tale of Old Man Henderson, that will give you all you need to survive, thrive, and maybe even kill an actual god!
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    Also, on a side note the Legion has grown to over 200 members. Thank you guys for all the support, We are All Us!
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    For a short moment I was afraid you couldn't say Chthonian, come man, the most useful world in CoC! 😛 And to your latest comment, science never stop, Building better Worlds everyday, with Weyland-Yutani!
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    Nicely done, should help some folk The Open License seemed petty clear to me but based on the new thread and the tons of questions, your walkthru should be of help to a large group of people. Cheers
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    It is inevitable that their power has drawn me deeper... I will say it will take awhile for me to truly appreciate the game as I started dual enrollment and will be rather occupied for the next 8 weeks of intense schooling. I will keep trying to upload at least twice a week, but it will likeybe more gm advice and reviews until I can focus on a new game. If you haven't already, go listen to their podcast, it's awesome!
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    Well. it is people like you that make people like me want to give up sleep and do things like this! Thank you for the kind words and very entertaining review... It is better, really, watch it, you will see! You won’t be sorry!
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    Thank you, it was fun to make! Also, it most assuredly is not better than your podcast, with that 'cast, you single handedly made Chaosium a couple hundred dollars from me alone!
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    Yep, don't bothers going to our cast... this is far more entertaining! Cheers!
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    Damn man, this is better than our ‘cast! And I am not even finished watching!
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    Liked it, as always. I read a horror novel based in New Orleans, where a detective was trying to solve a series of Voodo ritual-killings of children and a cult was trying to kill 12 children to avert a disaster. The detective solves the puzzle and saves the last child, escaping to a farm in the mid-west. The book ends with him sat on his porch, looking over the plains, when he sees the mushroom clouds appearing in the distance. By the way, the film they made of it skipped the last scene, which spoiled it slightly. That fits in with your moral dilemmas theme, doing the right thing that turns into the wrong thing.
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    I will say that I'm not familiar with all the games you mentioned, but the concept sounds awesome, and I'm thrilled you took the time to do that. Great work man, we owe you now!
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    Will try to replay in detail tonight (currently at work, and will try to tether my phone and use its internet tonight) but I just wanted to say now that the BRP magic systems are my favorites... But let me preamble a bit now... but not too much need to work too, haha.... All the other system seems designed with Overpowered magic for the villain in mind. In Mythras, RuneQuest, RevolutionD100 and similar system, affecting multiple characters at immense range for very long duration with great force is quite easy, you just need the appropriate skill. In BRP spell last a fixed modest duration (generally 15 minutes or 10 rounds) have a fixed range (generally 100 m) and an average cost of 3~4 MP (sometimes more or less) and armor protect against most elemental spells. I like that. However, after playing BRP, then Revolution D100 on the same campaign... I got used to casting spell for cheap (I came up with a custom rule for BRP that will enable that in some case) and I had really painful experience trying to make an interesting fireball spell (i.e. usable by player, dangerous, but acceptable)(but came up with untested yet idea for BRP) I will post the details tonight from home or maybe this after noon from work ^^ the details are a bit long for now... the short and succint story is: - spell cost reduction idea (with skill over 100% or magical item made with either POW or special material) - spell costing change (2mp/d6 instead of 3) - using CoC HP rule (no location, but major wound threshold) - stunts (think blood and tide or revolution d100, I added some modest requirement on stunt, such as skill over 50%~75%) - one of which is to reduce remaining (half) area damage on successful Dodge (using Fatigue Points for that) - and the other to turn single target spell in area spell (2 level for fireball, 1 level per extra target for chain-ligtning) - and even a stunt that give you 1 level of spell for free (usually save 1mp, but here 2) - using a resistance table variation (D20+characteristic over attack characteristic +10 instead of using a table to find out the percentage) I plane to give various bonus, including resistance bonus for some armor and attack bonus for some magic staves Basically elemental spell are too powerful for various reason (it's not too hard to make sure the dodge will fail, area damage always damage even with successful dodge, with location HP damage is ridiculous for little magic/xp investment), so they made them too costly. I try to improve both area... more escapable and less expensive.
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    I'm going to post my homebrew rules in a few weeks, when my Master of Orion setting is developped well enough... But there is one thing I don't like with BRP it's the elemental spells.... But I think I found a compromise I like! Will text when I GM again (now I have a break when we take turn, the other player is GMing D&d5e of course....) Can explain later if you like (typing on a phone now.... My internet is broken )
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    That could be a future video, and would be a big topic. D20 vs D100, I like it!
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    What about BRP? Same rule set as CoC but not specifically horror or contemporary...
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    I am in the process of creating a new playlist titled Keeper Advice, so you have all the info in one easy to find place!
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    A good video, interesting and useful.
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    Ya know kid, you’re a monster, and I mean that in the 21st century way that all the kids are using today. For all the other old fogeys, this is a great compliment.
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    Eyh, cheers, man. You inspired me to create my own gallery and upload some memes.
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    But.. what if the Ghosts have the wrong political opinion?! 😮 Mwahahaha
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    I am not too much into horror so I just passed on that... But just now I just read a glowing critic on no less than new scientist! 😮 https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24532690-600-color-out-of-space-another-nicolas-cage-film-thats-so-bad-its-good/ Might watch it after all! 😅
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    I listened to a few of these and I really liked them. You have a very engaging personality and know your stuff. Call of Cthulhu isn't really to my taste, but you made it sound interesting and fun.
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    I assume you mean the tables I used, and not the five individual results. The new tables are published here (pay what you want): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/297538
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    I don't suppose you could be persuaded to share the histories you came up with? It's certainly one of the aspects of RQ:G that caught my eye coming to the system. Speaking of sharing I created a spreadsheet to aid with page numbering and spell synopsis. Please feel free to make use of it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1voKm6zmVZDGmNS0crmTdaumip7io8zmGJUps9jtSnOo/edit?usp=sharing
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    It's a campaign management system. I would recommend you register and try it out yourself (https://kanka.io/en/about) to see what it's about. There's a few tutorials for some aspects of the site on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwb3pl0LOlxd3GvMPAXIEog/videos I don't use it at the moment, as none of my players are interested in it. If they were interested, they could read up on world lore, write personal notes etc between sessions. Personally, I work better with online spreadsheets, text files, printed books, and printouts.
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    The protagonists, or their rivals? Or is your GMing style and/or the troupe's playing style so contrary that you name the player characters the antagonists?
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    Ummm, that's not a cow! 🙂
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    Most memorable moments: 1. Flying ever closer to the sea before the pilot seemed to find a runway sticking out into the bay. 2. Fearing that I was the only one in costume. 3. Realising that people played until 3am - (Wasn't there a rule/guideline about that? Isn't the time moving slowly backwards as we all get older? It'll be 10 o'clock soon) 4. Meeting old friends and new ones. 5. The Money Trick and the revelation of the Satrap of Prax, seeing the new member of the Sazdork Whackoffs and Tackle team run off with my duck and seeing my rhino broo backstabbed by a broo that had been hiding in the marshes. 6. The sheer enthusiasm of some of the players. Truly refreshing. Anyway, I made my coach connection at Gatwick, despite a half-hour delay, but had to run the 100m in what seemed like 5 seconds with a rucksack and suitcase - I left my lungs couching on the tarmac, though. How can I persuade my wife to let me go next year?
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