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    Version 1


    DON'T DOWNLOAD THE FILE HERE. THIS VERSION HAS BECOME CORRUPT. I'M PLACING A DROPBOX LINK FOR A GOOD VERSION OF THE FILE HERE. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3utuirebgjpzewy/BRP_Fantasy_Treasure_Generator.ipt?dl=0 What's that dragon guarding? This is a treasure generator for use with BRP fantasy settings, like Magic World. The generator will prompt you for a treasure type, which BRP critters don't have listed in their details/descriptions, so I advise using a third party "manual of monsters" to cross reference the treasure type there for individual creatures. I personally like AD&D recommended treasure types. You will also need the small,FREE NBOS program "Inspiration Pad" to use this table which can be found here: http://www.nbos.com/products/ipad/ipad.htm (I know it says Ipad but there's a windows and even android link.) YOU NO LONGER NEED TO CHANGE THE FILE TYPE IF YOU USE THE ABOVE DROPBOX LINK PLACE THE "BRP_Fantasy_treasure.DOC" file in the C:\Users\Documents\Inspiration Pad Pro\Generators DIRECTORY AND RENAME IT TO "BRP_Fantasy_treasure.ipt" This table will allow the Chronicler to generate treasure types A-Z, as well as individual items such as Magic Weapons, Miscellaneous Items, Rings, Wands, Staves, Rods, Armor and Armor Pieces, Shields, Cursed Items, Mundane Items, Jewelry, Gems, Potions, Scrolls, and Spell Books (using Classic Fantasy and Magic World spells) as well as the suggested value in Bronze Pieces for each item. I placed ALL this information in one table so as to keep it as simple as possible. Can't say the tables are easy to edit if you're not familiar with NBOS, however, after a little tinkering it's pretty easy to add new items or descriptions to any category. I've run through hundreds of tests with each category and it all seems to work well but if you ARE familiar with NBOS please don't grief me too hard on the table set up. I know it's not very clean.
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    Version 2.3.1


    A custom form-fillable adventurer sheet for Magic World. The sheet uses JavaScript to auto-calculate many fields dynamically, includes a built-in dice-roller (species-sensitive), changes base skill values based on species (the eight mentioned in the rules), automatically applies the correct category modifier for weapons skills, contains numerous tool-tips, lets you import a character sketch in JPEG, BMP or PNG format, and more! Feedback welcome.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Errata file for Magic World found online and pasted into a Word document. I have not compiled or checked the corrections and cannot confirm that this is the latest version of the errata for the game.
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    A revised/work in progress firearms list for Aces High. New! Improved! Still a work in progress... calibre_10.pdf
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    The City of Heroes BRP quickplay rules. Based on the superhero MMOG City Of Heroes and City of Villains. You will need a copy of the BRP Rulebook to play it as the quickplay pack is meant to complement the BRP rulebook. The complete file version is 8 Mb.