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    Version 1.1.0


    Big Damn Book of Monsters The smaller file is the updated version A conversion of most of the critters from an old school Monster Manual I, Monster Manual II, and Fiend Folio to be playable in my favorite Roleplaying System. I did use characteristics (that I agreed with) from current sources as well, to try to maintain some consistency, but this was not always agreeable. These are not meant to replace creatures presented in the Magic World book, but as supplements and additions. While it did take some long and tedious work, it is my love for the system that brings me to share the work. I hope it makes your next adventure creations session or your spontaneous encounter easier, smoother, and more enjoyable. My ultimate goal is to make it easier to run fantasy games using the BRP/MW/CF systems, which means more people play, which means more people BUY products associated with such a great system. I recommend this book over my other monster manual conversions! While I did incorporate many spells from CF and Psychic powers from BGB, this work has been used with my own MW campaign using CF for spells alone. What this means is that the Chronicler may need to do very light editing to some entries if only using MW spells. 80 Mb. 448 pages.
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    Version 2.1


    The Second Way (TSW) is a set of homebrew freeform magic rules for Chaosium’s Magic World setting. The goal of TSW is to provide a definitive yet flexible way for crafting and scaling spells. Inspired by Chaosium’s Deep Magic and Atlas Game’s Ars Magica, TSW changes Deep Magic’s spheres and glyphs and adds rules for specifying spell range, area of effect and duration as well as for affecting mass, affecting character condition and casting spells against multiple targets. For maximum benefit readers will want to purchase Chaosium’s excellent Advanced Sorcery book.
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    40 (38) pages of conversion rules, professions, weapon data, alien data, Star systems, Character sheet, etc. The CharSheet is very generic and can be used for any setting. The rules are not too specific as well. This is the new Version 1.4 ! Thanks to Marc Miller and Far Future Enterprises to make this stuff available! Have a look at www.farfuture.net for setting information, background material and adventure modules. 2300AD books are mainly full of background information, so if you are looking for a hard sci-fi setting it might be the right stuff for you.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is our first take (mine "concept" and my wife silvia design and art direction") at our group RQG character sheet. It's in 4 A4 sheet, to be printed in 1 A3, on both faces of the sheet and folded in middle to create a 4 pages sheet. I have added some "fun spaces" (like squares for unconventional runes, a box for the Appareance and Artistic expression secondary characteristic) drop comments if you want ! thanks. Tommaso
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    Version 1.0.0


    A very dense character sheet for RuneQuest Glorantha done in the the style of the classic sheet by Peter Wake.
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    Version 1.0.0


    All the resources you need for a stunning samurai campaign with Revolution D100.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This book describes an idea me and Mr Monroe talked about concerning deities in the Southern Reaches. The premise is that the Fey never really retreated from the realm but took on a new role is disguise. That of deities, who once were absentee landlords in the lives of mortals. Through religion and cults they could grow in power through their followers and sew discord between Light, Balance, and Shadow. The alien Fey feed on chaos and, after the mortals of the world banned together against the Fey, the Lord of the Mists came up with a brilliant scheme. The book allows Chroniclers to create entire pantheons or single deity for their campaign, showing how their characteristics and other statistics might be represented. This is not a Deities & Demi-Gods conversion. There is also a section describing a possible new magic system for your campaign. Divine Magic is based loosely on Deep Magic from the excellent book Advanced Sorcery and other Divine Magic mechanics from other systems somewhat compatible with this one. I should point out that while I and my players enjoy variety in magic, the system MW already has in place is perfectly fine as is without this supplement. Sometimes easier is better.
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    Version 1.0.2


    A collated list of the Magic World and Advanced Sorcery spells. Arranged alphabetically by category (Sorcery, Necromancy, Rune Magic, etc. MP cost Effects Range Source and page number. There is a field for "Type" that you are free to use or ignore which is for a house-rule I use for keeping track of Black Magic, and affects to Allegiance through spell-casting. The .docx file can be used to add/delete whatever want .
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    Version 1.2.1


    Hello fellow gamers! Unified Powers is Akerbakk's first contribution to BRP Central. This is a document that brings all powers from the BGB together in one place, eliminates redundancies, and assigns separate rulesets called 'Power Origins' to differentiate how characters use them. The ruleset is based on BRP from the BGB with some houserules. Most significant is that I added a characteristic, Awareness (AWA), and all Characteristic rolls are replaced with Attributes - this is to promote opposed roll mechanics wherever possible: Attributes are percentile scores determined by a combination of two characteristics each. They collectively quantify your character’s mental, emotional, and physical resilience. 1. Willpower =2(INT+POW)+10: Determines if the character’s mental focus will hold up. Use to resist mental probes and attacks and to avoid distractions. 2. Composure =2(AWA+AFF)+10: Determines if the character will startle or balk under pressure or fear. Used when calm or levelheadedness is needed. 3. Physique =2(STR+CON)+10: Measures the character’s overall health and fortitude. Used to resist injury, poisons, and diseases or for prolonged physical exertion or hardship. Unified Powers is a draft, and comments/ideas are welcome!
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Hanging Garden, Issue No.4
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    Version 2.3.2


    A custom form-fillable adventurer sheet for Magic World. The sheet uses JavaScript to auto-calculate many fields dynamically, includes a built-in dice-roller (species-sensitive), changes base skill values based on species (the eight mentioned in the rules), automatically applies the correct category modifier for weapons skills, contains numerous tool-tips, lets you import a character sketch in JPEG, BMP or PNG format, and more! Feedback welcome.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Two pages of the typos corrected, clarifications, and similar small changes, listed page by page.
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    Version 1.0.0


    From discussions on the "Cyberpunk Setting" thread, this is my attempt at a BRP/BGB-based take on Cyberpunk 2020, set thirty years into the future (2046). Colin
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    Version 1.0.3


    Created a one page cheat sheet for the commonly used charts so far for my game in Heroquest: Glorantha -- hopefully you find it useful as well. Cheers, Jonathan
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    Version 1.0


    This is a conversion from the old-school Monster Manual 2 be compatible with BRP/MM/CF. Created by tooley1chris. 172 pages, 24.7 Mb.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Town of Tindale Welp, after a LONG time, here it finally is. 1 file for the town and 1 book for player maps without room titles or secret areas This book contains descriptions and maps of hundreds of shops, vendors, temples, smiths, shrines, apartments, homes, guilds, towers, castle, keeps, exterior areas, caves, mines, and caverns in and around the town of Tindale. Your players may NEVER even visit some (or even most) of the areas as they are less than interesting to an adventuring party, but I included them anyway just in case. They may never visit the chair makers shop looking for glory, but if they buy a house, or even a manor, they may want to furnish it. I also mapped a small hamlet outside of Tindale. A farming community of sorts. There should be 5 or 6 of these (That I didn't map) in the areas around the town, as well as Tindales main mine and namesake, and a logging camp. I may add these later, as they are an important part of Tindales economy. (Or someone else can feel free to add files as they wish. It would tickle me mightily if others made and posted adventures that revolved around the town.) Every medieval town in history has a lot of small hamlets and farmsteads surrounding it. Tindale should be no different. I didn't map EVERY building or apartment in the town (This book would have been 10 times as large) but this gives you, the chronicler, and me, room to expand and add stuff as needed. My idea for this town is to be a base for my own players. A place to call home. There is one main adventure tied to the town, Annabels Gift. A dozen small quests that can be found by talking to different NPCs, searching help wanted boards, or visiting the Adventurers Guild. Some of these are very dangerous to green adventurers and the Chronicler should read through them carefully so as no to over power the players. Intrepid and daring adventurers stand to make a fortune if they succeed at some of these, later in their careers. Maybe even becoming nobility themselves. You will notice the mapped area descriptions are pretty detailed. More so than most who run the game might need. This is because I have players who want to know exactly what is in the room they just broke into. What can be....misplaced? OH! Almost forgot. I broke down and bought a decent PDF editor and spent the last couple days adding links and bookmarks to pages for easier navigation. As always, thanks to Lynn Willis, Ben Monroe, Mark Morrison, and friends for giving ussuch a rich game as Magic World to adventure in. And a big thanks to Jason Durall and Sam Johnson for the Big Gold Book which changed how I roll. Thanks to Chaosium, inc. for making those materials available. This book is not, in any way, a product of my artistic or writing ability. Every bit of art and most of the descriptions were “borrowed” from many other, much more talented people from other books, the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset, and around the internet. Most of the Critters represented in these pages are from my Big Damn Book of Monsters. Most of the NPCs were made using my Magic World NPC creator found on BRPcentral. Most of the Treasures were generated using my Magic World Treasure Generator also found on found on BRPcentral. LOTS of love to Trifletraxor for bringing so many great people together and allowing us to share our adventures!
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    Version 1.0.0


    The PNG files needed to make your own Roll20 Token Marker Library with Glorantha Runes. Created from the font provided by Chaosium.
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    Version 2.0.0


    This is a write-up of five rounds of combat between Orlmarth and Greydogs, with the first few rounds being mainly missile and spell casting. I've tried to cover a number of different rules, so it may look quite dense. I've included rules page references where I thought this might be useful and also character DEX SRs and main weapon SRs. Feedback appreciated.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Many years ago, fans of Glorantha had an attitude that D20 games wouldn’t fit in Glorantha, as Classes and Levels don’t work. Then came 13th Age Glorantha to disprove that notion. Also, many people in the D100 space looked down on D20 games as Classes and Levels don’t work with D100. Then came Classic Fantasy to disprove that notion. I once mentioned the idea of converting 13th Age Glorantha so that it would work with D100, but the idea was unpopular, as it was considered Crossing the Streams, which is, as we know, like, really bad. As I like things that are really bad, and had horrendous Writer's Block on Merrie England: Age of Crusade, I looked at how easy it would be to convert 13th Age Glorantha. Not very easy, as it turned out. Anyway, I have Uploaded V1.0 of the Conversion. Why Version 1.0? Well, it could well have typos and errors, it is missing Bookmarks, as I can't get them to work in Google Docs, and it may well need other material added. Please add any comments to the sister thread that I will link to in a separate post.
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    Version 1.0.2


    This is a Fading Suns to BRP document. Despite the name, it should be largely compatible with other d100 systems.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is an imcomplete interpretation of the old computer game
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    Version 2.0.0


    This is a very basic incomplete write up for Logans Run for BRP. there is optional rules for character creation. Data in this document is based on the movie, book and tv series when possible, i may include stuff from the comics in the future. The Mech Eagles and Watchmen stats are my best guess based on limited information in the book. I am hoping the second novel reveals more usable data, however my eyes are straining easily lately due to sinus pressure. Anyways use what you like nothiong is set in stone. if you find a mistake let me know. basic stats for civilians, DSA(Deep Sleep Agent) sandman, cubscouts, gypsies, mech eagles, watchmen. basic sandman weapons, and the gun. GM's and players have the option to use the version they prefer, be it the book, the movie or the tv series. Anyways it should get you started, Happy gaming This is a open office file, you will need microsoft word or similar to open it, or you can download open office for free.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a conversion of the Netbook of Witches and Warlocks to be compatible with BRP Magic World. Within these 120 pages are details for a witch occupation. New spells, new skills, and occult powers. Information on holy days, moon cycles, herbs, cults, and covens, as well as tools and traditions of the mythical pagan practices. This product is not meant to replace the excellent Chaosium Monograph “BRP Witchcraft” by Bryon Alexander. That supplement is perfect for the BRP system and far less crunchy than this conversion. What this is meant to do is add a GREAT DEAL of detail to witches in your campaign and give the player / Chronicler who love specifics a ( hopefully valuable ) reference.
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    The King of Dykene, Skilfil Heartpiercer, has been informed that some of his people from the Blue Dog tribe in the Northern extremes of his land have gone missing. The normal scouting parties of the Blue Dog tribe have not been able to discover anything useful and the King has decided to hire some adventurers to discover what has happened... Return to Griffin Mountain can be played as a standalone module… However, to make the Games Masters job much easier you should also have the Gloranthan Classics Volume III - Griffin Mountain source book, available from Moon Design. This adventure has been specifically written for Rune Quest 3, but should be fairly easy to convert to any other version of the Rune Quest Role Playing Game system.
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    Hey all! I fell in love with BRP when I bought Stormbringer waaaaay back in the 1980s. Specifically, the random character nationality generation was a fantastic piece of background color that could result in a party consisting of a powerful Melnibonean wizard, a newly recruited Vilmirian soldier, and a smelly Nadsokorian beggar. Chargen itself became a fun mini-game and inspired great gonzo roleplaying. Although the recent Moongoose and Elric! versions were OK, the omission of this key piece of scenic color didn't sit well with me. Here is a conversion of the Stormbringer 1e system I made for Elric!, but which is easily applicable to BRP. Please enjoy, and any feedback or sessions reports you have send my way. Tedankhamen
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    Version 1.0.0


    Errata file for Magic World found online and pasted into a Word document. I have not compiled or checked the corrections and cannot confirm that this is the latest version of the errata for the game.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The second Rune Fixes document gives more details on the Rune Spells Extension and Berserker, and for Aimed Blows, and Two-Weapon Fighting. Rune Fixes are also available to download from the Chaosium website, along with an assorted set of related free downloads for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha: https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-rune-fixes
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    Version 1.0


    The Art of Alchemy Since the earliest writings, man has endeavored to better control the world around him. From making fields more fertile for farming to curing ailments, even the most ancient civilizations have striven to become more enlightened concerning the physical world and the elements it, and we, are composed of. This book will detail an occupation, the alchemist, who begins with the studies of physical science and combines it with the magical unknown to create unique elixirs, dusts, oils, toxins, potions, and even items of great power using the magic inherent in all things material. For all of creation has such energies locked away within itself. From common metals to rare gems. From the weeds in the field to rare subterranean mushrooms. From common insects to the heart of a dragon. Enchantment and Artifice Once upon a time, great magics infused the realms. During the years the fey inhabited this world freely, great mages worked the weave of sorcery in such ways that they could create relics with mana. Allowing such trinkets to call on great power at no cost to or from the wielder. These arts and arcane architecture has been lost in the fading of fey from this world. As such, only such artifacts that surface from years gone by exist, and nothing new of its kind may be produced in the Southern Reaches...as far as the wise know. Since the fey fled this realm, sorcerers, priests, and mages alike have striven to unlock the secrets of mana. To solve the mystery of unlimited power. All efforts have been in vain...until now. This book is an attempt to add both an Alchemist and an Enchanter occupation to the options for the learned people of the Southern Reaches. Within are 80+ pages of recipes, ingredients, formula, procedures, Fey spells, alternate POW supplies, and rituals for the creation of anything the minds eye dare dream. This book is not, in any way, a product of my artistic or writing ability. A lot of the art and most of the descriptions were “borrowed” from many other, much more talented people from other books and around the internet. The more creative artwork was done by Ken Seward, AKA Simlasa, from BRP Central. Thanks for your works! I did, however, do my best to convert most of the information from an old school Alchemist source to be playable in my favorite Role playing System. I hope it helps make your campaign more fun!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Stefan Matthias Aust's excellent conversion of Traveller to BRP.
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    Version 1.2


    This is an updated version of the Player Character booklets I made for the Runequest Gloranatha: Quickstart Rules and Adventure. The Rune Magic spells have been adjusted to reflect the spell lists of the characters as presented in the RQG core rules. Also, I adjusted the spell description terminology ("stackable" and so on) to match the terms uses in the core book.
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    Version 0.76b


    First pass at a character sheet for the forthcoming RuneQuest in Glorantha. Based on previous versions and interpretation of characters in the RQG Quickstart.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This project, still incomplete, is a labor of love done over the past five or so years. It contains write-ups for assorted creatures from Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom novels. Here's what I've got so far ...
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    Version 1.0.0


    NPC character sheet for Mythras (RQ6). Room for six npc's. Mythras NPC Sheet.pdf
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    Version 2.0.1


    The full version of earlier uploads. This is a PDF formatted into two columns and with hypertext links to all the sections.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A four page pdf describing the lands of the Young Kingdoms. Each page deals with a different area, the north, west, south and the islands. This is a handy guide for players to get a quick overview of the YK.
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    Version 1.2a


    **Recommend my Big Damn Book over this** This is a conversion from the old-school 1st edition MM to be compatible with BRP/MM/CF. I didn't include any common races like human/elf/dwarf as those are readily available in the other books, but did include almost all the creatures in that book. Some are also featured in other compatible works and I copied most of this information (that I agreed with) to maintain consistency. As it says on the first page of this book, "This book is not, in any way, a product of my artistic or writing ability. Every bit of art and most of the descriptions were “borrowed” from many other, much more talented people from other books and around the internet." All I did was throw together a manual for easy reference, quicker adventure building, and smoother encounter generation. Created by tooley1chris. 199 pages, 32 Mb.
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    Version 1.1.0


    If anyone finds them useful, here are some squads of NPCs I’ve generated. (A second attempt at posting, after the first flooded the site with downloads for all the files individually, rather than a single download of multiple files!) There are: txt files (which print to one side of A4 if font is set to 8, and margins small, 1 cm all round, but right to .5cm. Works best with a fixed font such as Consolas) and PDFs (to A4, I’m afraid I’m UK based). Here are: (3 pages, each with a squad of 6) Orlanthi Warriors – the general muster, so more an armed rabble. Orlanthi Thanes – the leaders or hand-picked guards. I think “Thane” is very much the wrong term here as it seems anachronistically Anglo Saxon and doesn’t tie in with my idea of Orlanthi. Any ideas what I should be calling them? Lunar Irregulars – Bunch of armed Lunars, I use as bandits and such. Lunar Light Infantry Lunar Heavy Infantry (I’ve had to weight towards strength, as the standard armour weights a ton) Mounts – for any of the above. I will add to the above, as required for my campaign. But it’s slow moving (and currently stalled for obvious reasons). I’ve a program that generates them, using a data file that drives it all. Mostly lists of weighted probabilities for stuff. It weights cults/weapons etc. to the NPC’s runes, and it tries to be intelligent with the probabilities for weapons and armour, so the equipment doesn’t look completely random (whilst matching STR DEX and Enc limits). Anyway, what you see are all computer generated, without moderation (or deletion/selection), and the first run sets. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to share the code (it’s windows .Net, C#, and driven by XML data files). However, it’s designed for my own use, I’ve made no attempt for it to be user friendly, and input is solely by editing a XML data file, fine for those who’re happy with XML and have a decent editor!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Yet another character sheet... It's very close to the version in the core rules for RuneQuest in Glorantha, Text boxes (in MS word) for filling in electronically I have made the following slight modifications: More room for passions (my players rolled up *very* interesting past history) Room to fit damage bonus in weapon records Removed sorcery section, as none of my players have any. But adding it back in is just typing in the text boxes that are already there. Room for more languages (3 only allowed for native/cult/trade, and some of my characters came from Prax, so needed to speak to the other Sartarite players) An extra ally/mount - a player rolled a noble with a horse and intelligent Hawk side kick... Whilst editing text boxes in MS Word probably isn't that popular - I'm afraid I'm a numpty writing editable PDF. It does mean you can use runes as fonts (downloadable ttf elsewhere on the site), whilst the entry text uses Candara, a font for which I have a penchant. Being from the UK it's in A4. Not sure what happens to all the text boxes if you save in something more American friendly... Hope its of use to someone...
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    This is the image free version (except of Dario's images which he has given me permission to use) of Chapter 9 for Middle-earth BRP. I haven't had the time to check for any format errors or page number errors. I have simply removed most of the images in the original file. If you would like the full image and formatted version, send me a PM here at the BRP forum and I will send you a FileFactory link to download it. It is around 16meg. Cheers & Enjoy! Fergo113
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    Version 1.0.0


    With Chaosium releasing the new Runequest soon, I decided to post my house rules for Heroquesting for RQ 2. This is just a reference document for possible ideas to others and originally started long ago during a game after running Bunan Flea and Barran the Monster Killer. Opinions are not needed as YGWV, and should but will not impact mine. Lol, enjoy.
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    Version 2.0


    This project started as an attempt to adapt Decipher Inc's LOTR game to use BRP mechanics. Over time it evolved and expanded.The basic mechanics should be sound, as these are largely BRP-based with some additional rules from Stormbringer 3rd Edition. This was the first BRP-based game I ran and, as such, is the version I feel most comfortable with. SB3's influence is seen in the Skills System (the Agility, Manipulation, Communication, and so on skills groups), the Magic System (the Rank-based organisation of the various Magical Arts) and Combat.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Character Training worksheet in excel, although I call it a training minigame because it's damn fun. (OK maybe not damn fun. But more fun than calculating training.) A few comments: Sadly, it does NOT run in Google docs, and I don't know GD's feature set well enough to know if it ever could. Costs are generally based on the estimable Kim Englund's excellent training costs table- listed on the 3rd tab. 2nd tab explains the various matrices used to generate the results. Having made too much training time available to my players early on, and them having lots of cash to blow, I spent a lot of time thinking about the cost/benefits of training. I couldn't argue much with the costs in Kim's table (far better than canon), I thought about "what are the other possible drawbacks of training hard constantly?" Injury: the consequence of training is, of course, the omnipresent chance of injury - strains, sprains, or worse. So I built this sheet based on risk levels for various skills. The odds of being injured are lower with a MUCH better skilled trainer, or training slowly. Of course, trying to train hastily, or self-train (for skills where that's possible) increase the risk of mishap. (Self training significantly reduces but doesn't eliminate the costs as well.) The second consequence is uncertainty: in real life, you never know of course when you're going to "get better"...just that you eventually, probably will. Thus this table. Select the skill to be trained (there are also generic categories like "Other, risky, cheap" for skills not listed) and enter your current skill, relevant skill category bonus, INT (makes training easier if you're smart), APP (makes training cheaper if you're pretty). It will tell you if you can train it by yourself, and you decide if you will do so, as well as if you are taking it slow & careful, normal, or hasty. It then tells you the risk level as a result. Yes, training high levels of climb all alone is damned risky. Finally, I didn't like the determinism and predictability of the RQ canonical method of "ok I have 40 hours to train, so I can train that for 37.8 hours and get a check, woo." Thus, this table turns the mechanism on its head. A player recognizes that "oh, I have some free time, I'd like to train" and tells their DM what they'd like to train in - the DM fills in the details, and gets a result like "After 16.5 hours, and a cost of 45p, you get a skill check." The DM has to tell them "ok after about a half week, you get a check." or "you've trained for a couple of days but haven't gotten a check when the Fire Nation attacks..." It also gives the result, if the DM wants to use it. The sheet will give a result based on the final risk level, and the consequences of a fumbled check. (Screenshot above.) These can be severe...my suggestion is that when training highly dangerous things, serious thought be given to training slowly. Ultimately, the player has to make realistic decisions, recognizing if they're extremely skilled in something, it can take WEEKS of training to get a check. Will they really have weeks to spend? Only their DM knows... Let me know if you have questions.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The quest continues on Sorcerer's Isle.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Delta Green: Need to Know is their quick-start rules that they have decided to make available to everyone!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I was running a BRP Star Wars campaign using the rules downloaded from BRP Central. I needed a few more alien creatures, so I used a Perl script to convert the Warhammer 40000 statlines (M, WS, BS ... etc) to BRP. I've tried to keep the layout to a similar format to the BGB. Hopefully some will find this useful. Colin
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    Version 0.3


    This project started as a thread on the RPG.net Tabletop Roleplaying Open forum. While I love the Warhammer 40000 universe, the games (both miniatures and the RPGs) leave something to be desired, with too much crunch for little reward. This BRP version hopefully softens the crunchy bits.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a quick and dirty kingdom management guide. I used the Civilization computer game as inspiration for a lot of this. It isn't as complex as some books I post but it fits the needs for my own campaign. Maybe you'll find a use as well. This guide helps PCs to start their own kingdom and, without micro-managing, gives the basics to building, expanding, and running anything from a hamlet to an empire. There are references for terrain types, features of terrain types, and possible resources available. Once a community is established, there are guides to building improvements ranging from Farms to Colosseum. From City Walls to Castles. Manage the amount of Food, Commerce, and Production a community generates and grow to greatness or fall to ruin. Included is a basic system for mass combat when/if you build armies. Starting with the Green inexperienced footmen, to Veteran Horsemen, to Elite Calvary. Special unit upgrades including Ballista Units, Catapult Crews, Battering Ram expendables. This is in no way exhaustive so feel free to add/modify/delete whatever you like.
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    Fire and Sword Fourth Edition. A fantasy RPG system created by Raymond Turney. Raymond was a co-creator of RuneQuest, and Fire and Sword is his evolution of the system. It thus has much in common with BRP, but contains many new interesting mechanisms. The system is released under the FreeArt License. The 4th edition adds some rules for gaining POW, regaining magic points, etc. It also has a richer assortment of Virtue Points, Vice Points and Prowess points, to track a character's position in the world and accomplishments. There are also a few miscellaneous fixes, in including addition of the new item price table.
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    Version 1.0


    A collection of scenario seed ideas for the default Magic World setting - The Southern Reaches. It is hoped, that with some interest, that this can become a living document of adventure ideas.
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    Generic Old-school Role-playing Engine, or GORE as we know it, is a role-playing system in the tradition of old-school percentile-based games. Nearly all material in GORE is open game content, and Goblinoid Games provide a free license to use the GORE trademark to produce third-party products. BRP Central have been given an explicit permission to distribute the GORE core game book (electronic version) by its creator Daniel Proctor.
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