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    I love this. I'll probbly never use it, but I just love the nostalgia of it! Thanks for making this! 😎
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    Fantastic piece of work. I have been incorporating your creatures into D&D modules I'm converting over to BRP/MW. Many thanks.
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    WoW...this is a huge monster full to the brim with monsters and monsters and more monsters!!! Full of inspiring pictures and illustrations this is an exceptional work! Many many thanks for doing this and sharing it!
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    Front cover illustration is top!. The contents are good and create spikes of inspiration!
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    WoW! How long did that take you? Great job!
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    Superb, the amount of creatures listed leaves us spoilt for choice. I love the fact that they are accompanied by colour pictures, most excellent work, thank you.
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    I like-it very much! I think using-it with my GW edition of Stormbringer. With this I will not be difficult to introduce new monsters to my players. Thank you! for this impressive work.
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    Looks very good so far. I'm wondering if any changes would need to be made to make it work with other D100 flavors (BGB, RQ6, etc.).
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    Outstanding work. A faithful representation of old school dungeon critters for BRP. Thank you! This is great. -STS
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