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    Redbird and his companions questing for a living heir of Sartar depart to the Holy Country using the Gorangi Vak heroquest path, which allows a quester to start the quest at Cliffhome and end it on the slopes of Stormwalk Mountain with the option to catch a sky bull as a steed. There may have been half a sentence of description of Cliffhome in that report. Other than that, Kalin Kadiev's page of a future Prince of Sartar chapter showing Samastina's interaction with Cragspider is the best visual source I can think of. The Cragspider encounter illustration in King of Dragon Pass is very nice, too.
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    This, especially considering the way the Sun Domer [redacted] treat their Kitori slaves, suggests it should be treated as an ability that must be heroquested - the SDers prevent the Kitori, who they simply call "slave" using an archaic Dara Happan word, from worshipping any Darkness deity. Propitiation and expansion of the Darkness rune and HQ around their patron god would likely be the source of this powerful ability.
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    Same here, although none of my players took such a spell yet anyway so we haven't had to play it. But I presented it to them like that once. Besides, it sounds a lot more like what a deity might do : "You get to re-enact one of my deeds once. Talk to me again if you want to do it a second time". That makes more sense to me than "You get to re-enact one of my deeds as many times as you want, but you weaken your connection to me every time you do, so you'll have to worship me extra harder if we don't want to lose that connection".
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    Any plans on bringing back Armoring Enchantment in RQG? The Conversion Guide says 'currently unavailable', which might imply that it will be at a later date. Or not.
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    Probably just an oversight. Personally, I believe the easiest solution is still to have the spell be one use only (you need to relearn it) and you only lose the RP when you cast it. I will have to agree with the One with the suave French accent on this one.
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    If you're not writing an official supplement for Chaosium, Glorantha canon is nonsense. No setting survives contact with actual play. This is true of all games and all settings. Don't waste hours researching who the thane of Whozitstead is according to canon. It's your game. The thane is who you need it to be. Don't like how a cult is written up? Change it in your game. Change ANYTHING that doesn't fit your vision of YOUR Glorantha. Have fun running your game and your players will have fun running it. Leave laborious research, synthesis of disparate sources, and thesis writing to the halls of academia. It's not required to run a game for your friends. I'll bet far more RQ games have NOT been run due to worries about canon than have actually BEEN run. Don't fall into that trap.
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    Just my take on it, which means little, but - Even if you consider that a lot of heroquesting activity takes place during Sacred Time, so there is a definite season for this sport, the odds still seem small. Considering -the relatively small population of Glorantha (millions, not billions of intelligent entities), -and the small fraction of that who are both adults and likely to ever heroquest (basically rune levels, maybe 0.1% to 1% of the population - but have we ever even got a straight answer about the proportion of initiates in the population?), - and the extreme un-likelihood that most of these do so more than a couple of times in their lives, while many will never do do - I estimate that in a given year's Sacred Time 200-1000 individuals are going to have a leading part in a heroquest. And they will be distributed over all localities on two continents, all races, all cults, and all possible quests. Your estimate will vary from mine. I may page through Guide to Glorantha and sharpen up my total world population estimate. My horseback estimate is that the chance of any particular opponent just happening to heroquest when you do seems pretty small. Maybe YOU are heroquesting for the 2nd time this Sacred Time, but I expect that Gorzak the Uz Zorak Zoran rune lord who swings his mace left handed, and has a scar over his right eye and is missing the last joint of his right little finger, who you encountered last time on the hero plane, is not doing it at all this year, let alone Other World heroquesting.. The chances of some troll heroquesting are naturally much better. So if the matching spec is "troll heroquester" and not "Gorzak" then that is easier to fulfill. I would expect that the only way to make these events coincide is that you are right, time means little in the God Time and what's a few days or a week or even a year? Maybe you are encountering a troll who lived 100 years ago in the mundane world. I might also suspect that the incidents of repeatedly encountering the same individual are either reported widely and remembered because they are exceptional anecdotes, or there is indeed some mystical bond that causes two heroquesters - and their choices to heroquest - to synchronize. In which case we kiss free will goodbye and all odds are irrelevant, and we all get to transition from logic to mysticism or illumination.
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    Prayer and mini-heroforming is basically how I would see subtle magics working. Whereas, bigger, flashier magic is keyed to sacrifices. The clan offers up a collective sacrifice for the fields, then you imitate Barntar as you plow your field. The clan needs a storm to destroy their foes in battle and they sacrifice; you perform Orlanth's Battle Dance from before he fought the Evil Emperor to prep yourself.
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    I do as well. In my game, once cast, you've lost those Rune Points permanently, and the spell is gone too.
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    As far as I know the latter is already in the works (by David Scott for Prax and by Robin Laws for the Rubble). See
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    I prefer to think of it as actual one-use still So much easier, better, more interesting than anything that the name doesn’t imply. In my humble opinion, of course! I cling to the notion that this what was intended all along, actual one-use, and it got muddled..
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    This is (yet) another casualty of the decision to maintain RQ2-compatibility. I can't think of any other reason why the name was kept.
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    I'd suggest that if it's a normal spirit, then the binding rules on page 249, 250 imply that there is no reason, with the right control/command spells that it can't be released from the binding animal/object, commanded to fight a spell spirit and then stuffed back into the binding object. If it's source is a cult, then it's command cult spirit, and you'd be limited to what spirit spells that cult teaches. Otherwise, then a shaman would have access to the right spells. If I was your GM, I wouldn't want to make it too easy, so I'd think of some payment the cult or shaman required, which would just happen to be a hook to my next adventure. But then trying to get my players to head in any sort of helpful direction is always a bit of a task for me; they turned up late for the Battle of Dangerford...
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    Ralzakark has broo parts of themself. But Ralzakark is not a broo anymore than I am an arm. Baby steps.
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    Is it a starred/asterisked magic factor, meaning the hero can do offensive spirit magic? I'm not convinced it's meaningfully a Fate Rune...
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