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    In our last Glorantha Campaign, the River Voices investigated the Gorp Spring on the Zola Fel. They worked out that the Gorps were coming from deep underground and wanted to find out where. One of the PCs had a magical eye that could see through things, so she used that, with some other magic, and scored a critical roll, so she saw the Eye of Wakboth glaring at her and weeping, the tears becoming Gorp and rising through the cracks in the ground. She managed to roll a stupidly low POW roll and didn't go insane, receiving a Heroic Power of See Into the Void as a reward. They didn't like the idea of Gorp squeezing through gaps in the rocks and stones, as they reasoned that the Gorp as Gorp are acidic and would make the gaps wider and wider until the Eye of Wakboth could be revealed to the world, something they weren't too keen on. So, they decided to travel down to it. They had a Lead Barge that could magically travel through even the tiniest places, as long as it was floating on water, so they used their River Voices powers to raise a flood and send it through the cracks. There followed a terrifying descent through the cracks in the earth to Wakboth's Pool, where the Eye floated in a pool of its own tears. I can't remember how they defeated Wakboth's Eye, but they managed to blind it and return to the surface. Of course, this was a HeroQuest.
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    It might be easier to just define a ”cultural packet” consisting of Speak Local Languages, Local Customs and Local Area Lore, that is always available for occupational experience.
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    Yes, David Millians is heading up the Kralorela project. We have not had a final draft submitted yet, so no ETA on when it will be published, although probably not in 2020. Last I saw it was 150,000 words, or about 200 pages in MS Word.
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    I wouldn't say so, that is one of the functions of Detect Magic and Identity Spell. Though you may suspect the item is enchanted not all enchanted objects are obvious.
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    Actually, this is a really good model for any sort of "lifestyle" skills; like, if there are any wholly-shipbound cultures in Glorantha(?), where kids are born on board, grow up, live their lives, and die... coming ashore only to harvest trees to build new ships or repair old ones. Etc... It looks to me like it's an error to consider this "a special experience rule for Riding" -- it should be a default rule for skills that are raised-from-birth / day-in-day-out skills.
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    Now you've got me imagining some kind of sacred elephants with fire altars on their backs or spewing fire from their trunk. Why not. Go wild. Some special temple-mount of an effigy of Solf or Somash or something.
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    This afternoon I run Paper Chase from the Starter Set for my son, who is 16... His ex-alcoholic policeman messed up quite a bit but did not die (dying in Paper Chase is hard). We had a heap of fun. I am a long time CoC player but it was a long time I had not run CoC and my very first running CoC7, having played only the CoC7 solos. I love my old CoC books and my resistance tables , but I must say that the 7e rules run smoothly in play and add to the fun.
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    Well, that hit the inevitable end-point right away. Bringing it to more realistic ground, a person walking the streets armed to the teeth is going to be avoided by just about everyone, including people they want to interact with. No one trusts someone who's clearly prepared for armed conflict unless they understand the circumstances and context in advance of the encounter. Add personal biases and cultural bigotries to the situation, and that understanding gets murkier and harder to arrive at. Even in municipalities with "open carry" ordinances, most people give wide berth to those who are clearly trying to make a statement by being overtly or exaggeratedly armed. Those who don't are typically fellow travelers or looking to create a confrontation (which, quelle surprise, is exactly what the armed individual was intending to provoke). If the question is really about what would happen in a game situation, assume that the local citizenry will have to treat a stranger displaying arms as a threat and respond accordingly -- probably by avoiding them, maybe by confronting them. Your favorite Western movie probably sets the right tone. A stranger comes riding into town, pistols at his side and a rifle across his saddle, the locals head indoors and the sheriff comes out for a little talk. !i!
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    Welcome back! I recently started playing CoC, and it rapidly became my favorite game, and BRP became my favorite system (I transferred over from D&D 5ed).
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    I normally ignore both the non-species max characteristic caps and the unchangability of INT and SIZ. It doesn't change how the game works too much, and it gives some more hope to those with crappy starting stats.
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    Chaosium has a number of RQ projects in the works, including books on the West, the East, and Trolls to name but a few. We tend not to talk about forthcoming books much until we have a complete first draft of the book submitted. We don't want to set false expectations for when things will be published. We also prefer to not have continual/regular questions like "when will X book be done". If we knew, we would announce it, as opposed to just having to give vague answers. As has been stated in this thread, Chaosium is reliant on the desires of our work for hire author pool and the projects they want to work on. Most of the authors have only agreed to take on projects because we did not demand a firm deadline for manuscript delivery. The only in-house authors we have are Jeff and Jason. Jeff (as an author) is mostly working on Gods of Glorantha, and Jason wears many hats besides "author". We want to communicate, and we love announcing new books as and when we can. Usually, the hardest question to answer for any specific book is "when?". When don't enjoy that, but we just don't know when a book will be ready until the book has gone to layout.
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    Maybe, haven't played enough tough combats to know. But remember Rune Magic means most fighters have access to Shield and everybody has emergency Healing 6, both of which prolong combat.
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    Basically, there is a strip of the Underworld sky around the northern Jumper star (Kalikos) which only appears in winter, when the sky tilts soutwards. These lights are only seen in the north, when the sky has its greatest tilt (with the Sunpath and Pole Star wandering significantly south of the former Spike, now Magasta's Pool). The winter southward tilt (which re-creates the Fire-spill that keeps the Nargan dry) is stronger than the summer northward tilt. I find it a bit ironic that the quest is sent out to aid Kalikos. Kalikos pushing the sky dome back too strongly is what causes the fire spill and the cold in the north. I feel that the Lunar "aid" brought to Kalikos is a distraction to keep him from pushing the dome too far and too fast in the summer.
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    Pedants can consult Guide 651, hipsters will always have Elder Secrets 1.45 although the Kalikan Lights are new to the Guide.
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    I received mine a few days ago, and yeah, they are some beautiful books! I look forward to putting them to use.
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    Do you have the HeroQuest core rules, as well as HeroQuest: Glorantha? My biggest issue with the HQ:G rulebook is that far too many of the great examples in the HQ:CR have been missed out (or not updated to reflect Glorantha, since most of the HQ:CR examples are non-Gloranthan). Sure, there are examples of play in HQ:G but I found the examples in HQ:CR much much clearer.
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    By Jeff Richards, https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/WorldofGlorantha/2007/4567.html (Oh, and if anyone could point me to the post that this is an addition to, that would be fantastic!) Hagodereth Hago was a storm god whose first action, according to his oldest worshippers (amongst the Talastarings and Anadikkings), was to court his wife, Hethana. She wished him to bring to her the golden fleece of Dereth, king of the storm sheep which thundered across the skies of their world. He did, and after that Hethana has been the Golden Ewe. Hago himself wore the skull and horns, and was called Hagodereth. Hagodereth taught the Talastarings three special abilities. He taught them to raise the wind, and to call the storm sheep to them. Finally, he taught them to walk upon the air when the storm sheep did so. Sacred Places: Mount Matu. However, the Hagodereth cult is found throughout Talastar as he is the ancestor god of about 1 in 6 clans. Varnaval the Great Andam The Young God of the Vikuranthings, Varnaval was a shepherd and the first king of men. He tamed the ordeeds and, after he hitched them to his chariot, raided the foreigners and forced them to pay tribute. Aided by Vorios the Iron Ram, he waged war upon the foreigners and conquered the world, until they murdered him with demons and sorcery. He then explored the Underworld and aided the Lightbringers. Each year his worshipers celebrate his death and his rebirth in Sacred Time. [...] Vorios Vorios is the Storm Ram, with five curled horns, brass thunder hooves, powerful iron horns, and a fleece of living lightning. In this form, he leapt from mountaintop to mountaintop across all Genertela. After each leap, he seduced a goddess and fathered sheep, clouds, or other creatures. He is the divine mount and companion of Viskuranth and carries him to the top of Mount Visku. Sacred Places: Mount Vorios (also called Thunder Mountain).
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    Add triplets from a Bless Pregnancy. Cue Benny Hill chase music.
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    I just assume that the Healer knows the best way to purge the poison. Animal sting - Cut it and suck out the poison * Vapour/Gas - Blow healing smoke into the lungs Irritant - Put some kind of salve on it Swallowed - Make them vomit it back up It isn't necessarily going to be accurate and Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics can tell us of the many reasons why this wouldn't work in the real world, but for a Fantasy World and a RPG Rules system, it works well enough for me. * Reminds me of the old Castlemaine XXXX advert, where someone has been bitten on the backside by a snake, so his mate calls the Doctor. "You need to suck out the poison, or it'll be really bad", he says. "What did the Doc say?", the stricken chap asks, "He says it's going to be really bad ..."
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    Okay, time to get a little wild here, and some rampant speculation is involved. Just as it's been clarified that the Galanini were not "true" hsunchen/hykimi but merely associated with them by others, I'd like to suggest that the Tawari/Enjoreli/Lofak are similar. They're what may be called an Orlanthi people, although Orlanth is a very distant figure to them, instead worshipping the Storm Bull, his mother, his wife, and his son. While Minotaurs are sacred to them, they lack the traditional shapeshifting magic, and likely would only be able to transform through summoning Bull Spirits. My guess is there may have been a wide bull belt -- or if you'll forgive me, an ur-culture -- many of whom got absorbed into the local peoples as they needed to, learning to ride horses instead of bulls, and settling. Others changed in other ways, possibly even the praxians with their beasts as well. There's also a likely connection to the Barntar cult. One of the early Orlanthi events given in KoDP and SKoH is Barntar taming the Bull and harnessing oxen to plough fields. This strikes a chord with the mythology of Bisos' father, KefTavar, whose brother was castrated and so in vengeance KefTavar hardens the ground to make them reliant on Brother Ox.
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    Don't forget that you cannot toss a pancake properly in Zero-G, either.
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    This has always been an issue with various versions of RuneQuest. For roughly human-sized humanoids, if you use a rule of thumb that 1 SIZ = 1 Stone (14 lbs or roughly 6kg) then that is a good approximation. For larger creatures, doubling the height multiplies the weight by 8, so creatures get very large SIZ values, or larger points of SIZ cover a broader range of weights.
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    I also don't mind that they do it; think it can even be a Good Thing! I just think they did it the wrong way: unmarked, unannounced. It really breaks me out of immersion in the narrative, when I need to step back and intellectually analyze (anthro/historian style) that oh, this happened... uh... about a generation ago, I guess? And that happened... uh... longer ago... not sure how much longer... huh... and t'other odd scenes, 2-3 episodes ago, did those oddities... hrm... yes, probably... and which time(s) were they??? You know how I think they could -- should! -- fix it? Go back in and add a fade-in to the start of every time-differential, marked as "12 years before Cirilla meets Geralt" or "3 days before Cirilla meets Geralt" or "89 Years before Cirilla meets Geralt" or whatever. Then do the same thing going forward, and continue to follow with "before" or "after" for each scene. It'd make a nice frame to show that this destined meeting is a critical one. Or pick another moment... Ciri's birth; the fall of Cintra; the battle at Sodden
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    I forgot to ask.. where to buy those books once published?!
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    Shit man, I can be both a pedant and a hipster—all because I was a consumer... Capitalism is GREAT!
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    True dat! 😁 OTOH, you also haven't had me be your GM ... 😬 😲 😭 👹 ⚔️ 💀 I am also a munchkin, at need.
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    One could go the Serenity/Firefly root. Armed to the teeth, gotta problem with that?
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    Armor will also be "regulated" in most civilized societies. For example, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where I live and worked, it is NOT illegal to possess or even wear body armor. HOWEVER, IF the wearer were to commit a crime like Robbery or Assault, their wearing body armor while doing so can trigger another charge called "Possession of an Implement of Crime." The "Possession of an Implement of Crime" is used to charge the user of legal objects in criminal activity. Some other examples of this statute include someone caught committing Burglary in possession of a crowbar and screwdrivers, Someone stealing cars in possession of a locksmith's kit, or someone accused of Hacking having "hacking programs" on their laptop. While all the tools in question have a "legitimate use" in our world, the specific situation in which they are encountered above would lead a "reasonable man" to suspect that they were used to "help perpetrate a crime." Similarly, possession of such objects without a reasonable need to be carrying said items COULD trigger what is known by LEOs as an "investigative stop." This is when a "reasonable man" might be suspicious of the motives of someone visibly in possession of an item or implement who otherwise wouldn't be required to have that item for work or general activity. Walking down the street in the US with a rifle slung on your shoulder will usually trigger an investigative stop. So would hard body armor (which is usually worn over clothing). There are exceptions to this. In most rural towns in PA during Deer Season, no LEO would stop a man wearing an orange vest, hat, and carrying a slung rifle because the majority of PA residents hunt and people walking with long arms is a common sight here. Do the same thing in LATE WINTER (when there are no hunting seasons) and you will attract the attention of any LEO who passes by. YOU MUST DETERMINE JUST HOW MUCH "LAW" (AND MORE IMPORTANTLY... ENFORCEMENT) THERE IS IN YOUR SETTING. Armor can be concealed under clothing and current NIJ (the National Institute of Justice) Level 3A armors can easily be worn under a uniform shirt and will stop the majority of handgun rounds. Most rifle-grade armors (NIJ Level 3 & Level 4 as well as Level 3+) are hard armors that MUST be worn over clothing. The Marine Corps new DYNEEMA vests are actual soft Level 3 (rifle) armor but it is BULKY (at about 1" thick). Thus, wearing armor today will often be fairly obvious with a simple Perception check. Carry out armor development a single generation though, (think SHADOWRUN) and rifle level armors would now be concealable. Go out two+ generations (think of THE EXPANSE) and soft body armor that stops handgun rounds could be woven into clothing while hard armor could stop significant damage while still being concealable. Once you get to STAR TREK levels of tech, armor loses its potency because hand-held weapons can disintegrate significant material structures. YOU MUST SET A TECH LEVEL YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.
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    I'm inclined to say that pre-divine elements of the Lunar immortals can be included in the Heroquest - provided that they are narratively relevant. At the end of the day, that's what heroquests are: they're stories. I like to think that when ascending, the "puncture" of the apotheosis of a hero drags with it some of the pre-divine events as well, fossilizing them too in God Time. That's just my loose take on it, though. And of course it doesn't mean that other randos or bystanders of those events are suddenly divine as well. I assume they are replaced with a kind of divine/God Time "Greek chorus" kind of thing, as it were.
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    RQ has always leaned a bit more toward the melodramatic & pulpy than the "realistic," of course. To see this, one need only look at the RQ characters who've lost limbs, vs what the archaeologists find who study old battle sites, and graveyards... 😇 Also, honesty compels me to note that other games like GURPS (with its "accuracy" & "realism" dials maximized) and Riddle of Steel (which only HAD accuracy/realism as a metric 😉 ) both exceed BRP in this regard. _
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    Noting that the Valare-Telsor line is also related to the Tarshite royal line... Well, I will attempt to move the needle on my part, even it's non-canon.
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    My biggest problem, and I don’t know why I never expressed this before, except I did not want to appear to stupid or whiny, and this is after reading many threads and posting myself in oblique terms. My problem, as a beginner to the system, was the framing. ‘Player states outcome and ref states outcome if player looses’. Now in a life and death struggle, the way I read that was on a defeat, the player could die if that was my failure outcome; eg - player kills enemy or enemy kills player. And then how do you read those success and defeat levels, as the system has this Consequences of Defeat, that just adds to the confusion. Why is the player only Hurt when my Ref frame was for the enemy to kill the player, and I now have to figure out some narrative to match the outcome. It is so very confusing, and I am sure it should be changed or re-written. Now, I could be still be wrong, but as mentioned, advice I got back from Veterans of the system, is that this is not actually the case. The vets play it player facing, or what ever you might call it. But the rule book text does not support this. It just says - ref to ‘counter frame the contest’. If the vets have it right (which is totally not backed up in the rules, as far as a beginner reading for the first time), they do it different, I can’t remember examples, I would have to dig up some of my earlier questions. Hence my wish to see more examples of Framing from the Ref’s side. I mean you could still have a deadly encounter for the player, but in most cases this is not how its played. I just wish the rule book was more clearer on this. It seems like its about the story/narration from the side of the player. Still not sure how I am supposed to Frame most deadly encounters. I hope I do have this correct, otherwise its a supper deadly system. Anyway, confusion persists, I am sure I will get it one day.
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    Just "discovered" this thread. While I love most of HPL's work, my top three favourites are The Shunned House, The Haunter of The Dark and The Lurking Fear. The first because it shows how much research can be done - and in fact should be done - before an investigation. The second because the horror is implied rather than shown. Finally, the third is a grand introduction to the world of a CoC Investigator.
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    Many thanks to the 2200 people who downloaded a 'Pay-What-You-Want' copy of the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary over the past seven days and made a donation to Australian bushfire relief. Based on messages and feedback from supporters of this initiative, we estimate more than USD$20,000 has been raised for the Australian fire-fighting and recovery effort! We thought a collection of fantastical creatures was an appropriate choice for this fundraiser, as the bushfires' devastating effect on Australia's unique wildlife is heartbreaking. In fires that have burned more than 24 million acres so far, more than one billion Australia animals have perished. Yet surviving the fires is only the first part of an uncertain future. Fundraising efforts will help look after wildlife while the land recovers. If you would still like to support Australian bushfire relief efforts, a list of worthy causes is here. #weareallus
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    We're making the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary 'Pay-What-You-Want' on DriveThruRPG for the next seven days (regular price is USD$19.99). If you download it, instead of paying us, we encourage you to make a donation to the Australian fire-fighting and recovery effort. We at Chaosium think Gloranthan beasts are special; however Australian animals are unique and precious - and real. But it is estimated up to half a billion of them have perished so far in the devasting wildfires still raging across the continent. That number is expected to rise dramatically, as vast swathes of habitat have been consumed by flame. Some places where you can donate: WIRES is a wildlife rescue nonprofit rescuing and caring for thousands of sick, injured and orphaned Australian native animals. World Wildlife Fund Australia is directing its efforts towards koala conservation. Thousands have perished so far. The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is raising funds to distribute automatic drinking stations in the burnt areas to help in koala and wildlife survival, and sharing the funds with other wildlife organisations in the fire affected regions. Other places to support: Australian Red Cross, New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Country Fire Authority Victoria.
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    Traveller (LBB 1980) had a "Law Level" (or somesuch) as part of the UPP. There was some general fluffy discussion of autocratic-vs-democratic, but is was obviously too simplistic to REALLY describe governance; everyone I knew just treated it as "how armed in public can you be, vs how ardently the gov't would look for illicit arms & armor." On some planets, ANY weapon (even non-lethal tangler/stunner types) would get you a Law-Enforcement action as if an active terrorist or mass-murderer was on the loose... and they'd be using invasive scans to find any hidden or inobvious weapons or armor, so ... Other planets... anything LESS than obvious full combat-kit was an invitation to be killed or kidnapped ... Or a challenging claim that you were SO badass you could take the others down, kit&all, WITHOUT your own kit.
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    Your a Barbarian... isn't your mounting joy horrible reality? 😁 SDLeary
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    RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha will be coming out in German! https://www.chaosium.com/bloga-german-edition-of-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-/
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    Arkat campaigned for years against Gbaji, and killed and dismembered his corpse. Let the Deceiver lie dead. "Canon" is the great Deceiver. All hail Arkat! ...just don't make such a fuss, it's just about having fun.
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    I don't think anyone's put forth a solid hypothesis on when it left secular use, but for ecclesiastical use, somewhere around 800CE, based on the most recent known Gothic Bibles from the Iberian peninsula. It started to decline after the conversion of Visigothic Spain from Arianism to Catholicism in the late 500s.
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    My campaign home area is along the Heortland coastal plain, below the cliffs from Salt Point to the Vulari peninsula. I'm going to have my PCs encounter NPCs from Talor Hold. Some questions: *Talor Hold Scouts/patrol/expedition, would they have an apprentice Zzaburi with them, possibly? From what i understand, the Zzaburi are identified and begin training young. So as their young training (i imagine they have a master and are under a sort of apprenticeship), would they be doing real-world task like if they were in an internship? (Like accompanying a patrol or working in Refuge.) *Talor Hold, Would their be tug tug boats? I think they were called this and I can't remember where i read this, but there were special boats from Talor Hold i think. Does anyone remember this and can they elaborate? I'm looking to make a naval encounter from Talor Hold. The PCs will eventually encounter things off the coast of the Clanking Ruins and over to the Zoo. I'm just starting to flesh it out. Thank you ahead of time and much appreciated. (Note - I said Talor Hold but i maybe i should have said God Forgot in general, i dunno).
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    In France, CoC is so synonymous with BRP that many people think they share the same problems, such as the fact characteristics have very little impact on the game.
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    Remember how in KoDP computer game you can trick your way past Barbeester Gor during the Ernalda Quest by referencing future problems she will cause if she doesn't let you pass? In a world before time, the notion that Orlanth the youth is different to Orlanth the King is up for grabs in terms of what they know. Gods aren't mortals. If you remove time from the equation, then the world moves as you move, as there is only space. Thus the gods are sort of cemented in, and only capable of change when worshippers subject to time interact with them, and even then, only barely.
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    In the real world people still used Latin for writing but they didn't speak it. The first attested written Gallo-Romance is the Oaths of Strassbourg, dated to 842, but Vulgar Latin had turned into Romance some time after the fourth century - basically when the Roman Empire really disintegrated, local varieties really flourished rather than still straining after a single standard. And Vulgar Latin was already different by the time of the Republic, showing distinct grammar and vocabulary changes that preceded Romance: people wrote "in ore" but lewd graffiti says "im bucco". Pompeii's graffiti is startling because it shows sound changes much, much earlier than anyone had expected: Ismurna for Smyrna ("Esmyrna", no initial -sC- cluster), coliclo "cabbage" for *cauliculum "little cabbage", showing 1. au > o, epenthesis of u, loss of case ending, possible shift of short vowels.
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    My book has a page 408 in which "The Castle Coast preserves a Hrestoli school that is less rigid in its caste restrictions." As for Makan, the schools were convergent in the Imperial Age, when (p. 411) "Most famous is the Temple of Makan, the center of Hrestolism. Here new Men-of-All take their sacred oaths and enter the service." What happened between then and now to divorce Makan from Hrestol and eliminate MOA status is MGF. This is all good rehearsal of centuries of theological debate that should inform a God of the West book one day, heaven help us all.
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    Glorantha, despite the tagline, isn't a bronze age society though. Bronze isn't an alloy available only through vast regional trade networks and hoarded by the elites - it is a base metal, available to most people, thus making citizen-soldiery not only possible, but probably the norm. I posited that the Guardians would be somewhere between a particulatly well-equipped and well-trained Fyrd and Sword-Thanes. However, if the evidence points in another direction, I am happy to go with that. Clearly though, this does mean that it's not only guardians who receive physical and military training at an early age, as Loskalm will be in need of a levy-based military in times of crisis / Storm season.
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