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    We love this beautifully drawn character sheet for HeroQuest Glorantha! It's by digital artist/illustrator KlêiosCanvas and vibrantly describes the young Dara Happan noble Korissa Aramis and her retinue. https://www.deviantart.com/kleioscanvas/art/Korissa-Aramis-Character-Sheet-843206862
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    Great news: layout for the Malleus Monstrorum is almost done! Here's a few finished pages to whet your appetite for our mighty mythos bestiary...
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    Beer With Teeth are happy to offer Vinga's Ford, an adventure for RQG, set in Dragon Pass but transferable to anywhere you can put a river. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/315517/Vingas-Ford?affiliate_id=205935
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    Elfquest is based on a graphic novel series by Richard and Wendy Pini. The characters are elvish characters of various clans, but beyond that, I can't tell you much more, as I'm not really familiar with the game or the comics. Ringworld is based on the Known Space novels by Larry Niven. This is hard SF, and the Known Space series covers a huge number of stories set against man's expansion across the galaxy, and their encounters with some strange and hostile species, including the cat-like Kzin, the Puppeteers, and the extremely dangerous Pak. The game itself is based around the exploration of the titular Ringworld, which is the focus of several novels (although at the time of the game's production, Niven had only written two: Ringworld, and The Ringworld Engineers). Characters are Known Space natives who travel to the Ringworld for exploration. So while there's a reasonable amount of background information on Known Space for the purposes of character creation, the game is actually highly focused on the Ringworld itself: it's size (which is absolutely immense), ecology, and peculiarities (such as maps of the planets of Known Space embedded in one of the immense oceans). The game is very good. The rules are a version of RQ3, with a very different action system based on 'impulses' that counts up through a combat round, with different actions taking different numbers of impulses to complete. Skills are based on cascading branches, allowing for characters to have a solid grounding as generalists in scientific areas, but higher skills in specialisations. So, a character could have Mathematics 48% (Hyperspace Probabilities 85%). This means that the character has a 48% chance of success with any kind of math problem, no matter how specialised it is, but when working on Hyperspace Probabilities, where they are an expert, an 85% chance of success. It's a little clumsy, but does reflect the root/branch nature of science and other areas pretty well. Where the game shines is in describing the Ringworld itself: it's perhaps the best reference work for the novels you can find, and it articulates and explores concepts mentioned in the books in ways that make sense and really give you a good grasp on how huge and complicated it is. The creatures book is also very good, with many new sapient species described, and how they fit into the strange ecology of the Ringworld, alongside species from the books. To get the most out of the game, you also need The Ringword Companion, and a good knowledge of the novels themselves - at least the Ringworld stories, but many of the Known Space short stories are incredibly useful too, especially Protector.
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    Yes! Right now the plan is to release the Book of Salisbury as part of a larger Resource Pack that will include a GM screen and some other materials, similar to the Runequest "GM Screen Pack". Book of Castles will be a standalone release; Matt Ryan (who did the Castle of the Kite illustration for the "Quest of the Red Blade" scenario) is working on diagrams and floor plans even as we speak. Oh, I have many thoughts, and all of them good! We'll be addressing plans and changes in greater detail as we get closer to publication, but I'll just say for now that the core rulebook material is all taken from drafts written by Greg, who was working on 6th edition at the time of his passing. He intended 6th to be his "ultimate edition," and we've maintained that vision as we've prepared his text for publication.
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    A bit of trivia, KlêiosCanvas is the same artist behind a Gloranthan rendition of the "Woman Yelling at Cat" meme ("Orlanth, after hearing of the apotheosis of the Red Goddess, 1247ST":
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    Latest. Decided to change his sword from a klanth.
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    I personally imagine that Alone was not garrisoned. One thing people seem to overestimate is how many soldiers the Lunar Empire has. A few notes: 1621 LUNAR HEARTLANDS ARMY 36,500 infantry 18,000 cavalry 5,750 magicians 3,750 siege and supply Total: 64,000 PROVINCIAL ARMY 9,500 infantry 2,400 cavalry 1300 magicians 800 siege and supply soldiers Total: 14,000 THEATRE DISPOSITION 1621 Dragon Pass 2500 (Provincial Army) Holy Country 20,000 (includes 10k Lunar Army) Prax 2500 (all Lunar Army) Lunar Provinces 2500 (Provincial Army) Heartland Satrapies 35,500 (Lunar Army) West Reaches 10,000 (Lunar Army) Redlands 5,000 (Lunar Army) Total: 78,000 At the height of Lunar power, the Empire has 78,000 professional soldiers at its disposal. That is bigger than the army Alexander conquered the Persian Empire with. About a third of those soldiers are in Dragon Pass and its surroundings. Of course it all goes downhill from here. 1624 The Battle of Pennel Ford was something around 8,000 Lunar soldiers against 4,000 Esrolians and Heortlings, 2500 Caladralanders, and 60+ Wolf Pirate ships (another 3000 Wolf Pirates), and 2000 Western Barbarians. Initially the allies outnumbered the Lunars 11500 to 8000, but thanks to the defection of the Western Barbarians they end up being outnumbered 10,000 to 9,500. However, the battle ends up being a bloody disaster. 3000 Lunars and 500 Western Barbarians are killed or captured during the route of the Lunar Army, and 1500 allies are killed. The 350 km retreat of the Lunar Army from Esrolia to Dragon Pass was epic. Harried by Esrolians, Pure Horse People, trolls, and Beast People all the way back to Dragon Pass, only 2500 of the original expedition of 10,000 made it back to Dragon Pass. 1625 (EARLY) COMBINED LUNAR ARMY 1625 (START) Dragon Pass 15,000 Lunar Provinces 2500 Eastern Satrapies 25,000 Heartland Satrapies 5,000 Total: 47,500 After four years of war, and substantial defeats in the Holy Country, plus a concerted Pentan invasion in the east, the Lunar Empire has lost almost 40% of its effective strength - which is not surprising given that it is fighting serious wars on two fronts. The Empire is mustering militia to fight against the Pentans, but it too early to see much from that. The Empire has been weakened, but if it focuses on one front it should hold the edge. 1625 (POST-DRAGONKILL) LUNAR ARMY 1625 (POST DRAGONKILL) Dragon Pass 5,000 Lunar Provinces 2000 Eastern Satrapies 20,000 + 5,000 militia Heartland Satrapies 5,000 Total: 32,000+5,000 militia Disaster! Dragon Pass is almost entirely gone! And more defeats in the East! The Empire has lost more than half its effective forces since four years ago. The Provincial Army is pretty much gone, the Heartland Army is fully engaged against the Pentan invasion. The Empire is mustering militia to fight against the Pentans. This is where the RQG campaign starts. It is pretty obvious where the Red Emperor is going to focus his efforts - the East. THE MILITARY CAMPAIGN The Voor-ash in 1624 invade with somewhere around 20,000 horsemen. This is all superb cavalry, and much faster than the Lunar Army. The nomads overwhelm the Lunar army in the Oraya. At least 5000 Lunar soldiers are lost and Oraya falls to the nomads. In 1625, the Red Emperor sends the bulk of the Lunar Heartland and Cavalry Corps to reconquer Oraya and suppress the Redlands. However, as the army tries to cross the Arcos River at Diavizzi Ford, it is ambushed by the King of Wings and routed. The gates to the Heartlands are opened and the Voor-ash rush through it. Had the King of Wings realised it, he could have marched to Glamour itself without opposition. That's how serious the crisis was. Combine this with the Dragonrise and it gets even worse.
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    Latest. Additional: I always wanted to show how a sarissa is carried in two parts in Armies & Enemies, but ran out time (and space). This sketch also permitted another SDT variation to be illustrated. I don't know if I will do a sketch for the Fronelan SD, but if I do, the phalangite will be wearing a Western style helmet with a face-mask.
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    The fact that folks are here having an argument discussion about the my choice good, your choice bad just shows how great a job well Greg and Co. did with this amazing setting...
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    A sketch. Most Third Age Waertagi don't have gills or fins, but they do have webbed hands and feet. Additional: added tattoos.
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    Mythic Babylon is in layout and art commissioning. There's a very good podcast on Mythras Matters where the book's authors discuss more about the content. https://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1479823-1-4-by-the-mythras-of-babylon
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    The indian movie "Bahubali" represents for me best what Glorantha and RuneQuest COULD look and feel like.
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    Hello all. Had a nice Dragon Pass (1980) set come through the shop. It's a pretty set. Held it aside for a bunch of photos, posted 'em all at the blog. -Wayne
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    Those kinds of considerations and tradeoffs are expected in a regular contractual license between parties and take a lot of negotiation to avoid problems for the final product. An open license, however, must be transparent in its terms in order that the licensing party does not have to engage in any further deliberations, vide, say, Creative Commons, GPL, or WotC's OGL. As such, it should eliminate any ambiguity, obscurity, or "known unknowns" (which is good contract law practice in the first place). Whether the potential licensees out there are professionals, amateur hobbyists, or just dabblers is immaterial. They should all be able to put their confidence in an open license as it is written rather than risk being told later that their project is not in compliance because it contravenes an unclear clause or unwritten rule, especially if they've already put work into researching it or, worse, begun writing it up.
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    Show it off if you have it! I'd love to see art from other people's games. Actual drawings or inspirations for characters. Here's my shaman to be Drella. She's my playtest character from Valley of Plenty. She has scars from the two times she almost died, but only internal ones from the time she died. That and the air elemental tastefully blowing smoke. This is her ceremonial dress. It lacks her amazing hat she bought off an Issaries who thought he'd never sell it! Because it is TOO AWESOME!
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    I can't remember Greg definitively saying whether he liked the Lunars better than the Orlanthi, or vice versa. I do know this. He definitely preferred playing a Lunar character in live action freeforms. I have a feeling he personally related more to the Lunar way than the Orlanthi way. Greg's RQ RPG campaigns were pretty much just based in Sartar, although he did play a bit in Prax and with the Malkioni. Most of his "unfinished works" tended to be Lunar centric, so he wrote about the Lunars more.
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    A Classic Roleplaying Game Aquelarre ("Coven") has been described as the "best RPG not available in English". And now, almost 25 years since it was first released in Spain, Aquelarre is available for English-speaking gamers! Originally from Spanish publisher Nosolorol, Chaosium is distributing Aquelarre after Nocturnal Media's successful Kickstarter. The English edition is a gloriously illustrated complete roleplaying game, which comes with a selection of supplements and gaming aids for long-term play. Game and Setting Aquelarre offers everything you expect to find in a fantasy RPG: character creation, game system and magic system. It also includes detailed information about the medieval Iberian setting, the cosmology of angels and demons, and a bestiary. Player characters in Aquelarre begin life in one of five kingdoms that dominated the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages—Castilla, Aragón, Granada, Navarra, or Portugal. Based on their region, characters may be of various cultures—Arabian, Basque, Castilian, Catalan, Jewish, Muslim, and many more. Social position (from nobility to slave) and father’s occupation affect their capabilities, including profession. Of course, personal characteristics play their part, too. One such is the Rationality/Irrationality rating, which determines how attuned a character is with the Irrational world, how capable with magic, and how susceptible to it. Rituals of faith depend upon a high Rationality instead. Advantages and Disadvantages help to round characters out. The game system itself relies mainly on percentile rolls against either characteristic ratings or skills based on those (and on character experience). As might be expected from a game that has thrived for several decades now, rules for combat, weapons, and healing are all nicely detailed, with options to suit a variety of playing styles. Aquelarre also includes considerable detail about medieval life in Iberia, from daily business to social mores to fairy tales, besides the expected focus on angels and demons. The Aquelarre Line Experience one of the finest European roleplaying games ever published and treat your play group to a different, darker fantasy campaign. Available now from Chaosium.com. In print (comes with PDF as part of the purchase price): Aquelarre Core Rules - available from Chaosium's USA & UK warehouses Aquelarre Brevarium (Players Book) - available from Chaosium's USA & UK warehouses Aquelarre GM Screen - available from Chaosium's USA & UK warehouses In PDF: Aquelarre Core Rules - PDF Aqualarre Brevarium (Players Book) - PDF Asturies Medievalia - PDF Fatum Sperantia - PDF Aquelarre Character Sheet - PDF (free) Aquelarre Introduction - PDF (free)
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    This is why things operate best in Glorantha when there's a benevolent troll overlord getting all the different peoples to work together.
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    To avoid spamming the board, I'm going to keep all my actual play posts in a single thread per scenario, rather than 1 per session. Also... is this a worthwhile thing to post, or are actual play threads not really a thing here? I don't want to be "that guy" who constantly puts threads on a forum that are meh or not really what the forum is for. Anyways, the intro scenario, a murder mystery on a caravan, ended with the players fully invested in their characters, which is awesome. Now the PCs are heading to Selgos. Lady Featherjoy is a noble of Selgos owes them favours for "saving her" from joining a cacodemon cult, and they intend to extract those favours from her to improve the caravan's business. Additionally, Dara possesses a strange magic item that she wishes to research more: an intelligent, musical axe that feeds off the psychic energy of crowds. She hopes one of the temples in Selgos has some information. Here is a quick "community sheet" for the caravan: Selgos, meanwhile, is going to be an awesome viper pit despite its small size (about 2,000 people). Here are some things I'm planning on simmering there: The year is 1623, and emissaries of Greymane are in the city trying to recruit Nimistori and mercenaries for their next glorious campaign into Esrolia. the PC Kullen, now a healer, is a disgraced Ditali warrior labelled as a coward and cursed for refusing to kill a fire priestess in Thonble on his first raid. The Cacodemon Cult is still active in Selgos. The Ogres are working toward trying to unleash a summoned cacodemon in the city. Featherjoy's family, is also in trouble. They turned to the cacodemon cult because they were getting pushed out of the market by another family (who maybe were also in league with the Ogres. Will the PCs try to save her family, or let them fall and spend their effort elsewhere? King Volusus of Jaraz plots to centralize his power over the Nimistori, and dreams of annexing Fay Jee and taking over Handra's sea trade <<Something Something 52 Tombs of Castelein Something>> The main thing I need to decide by Wednesday is a "bang" (to use Ron Edwards' terminology) that the players need to react to. I think it's something like, "The PCs arrive at the Featherjoy estate the same time as Greymane's recruiters, who are renting the place for their recruitment drive." The PCs will then be forced to decide if they're ok with Featherjoy getting in bed with the Solanthi.
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    Greg's favorite depended on whose point of view he was writing from at the time. Mine as well. All of the Gloranthan cultures have something really interesting, admirable, noble, whatever about them. And also something really awful, destructive, ignorant, whatever about them. They are mortals, after all. The only culture he could never sympathise with was the Mostali - hence the "Why I Hate Dwarves" article. And maybe the Brithini.
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    Reworked (and minis of all done so far).
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    Nothing is outdated, IMO. The Glorantha in your campaign can include or exclude whatever you want. Canon-shmanon.
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    Thank you for your kind words. Will it handle big ships vs. big ships? X-Wing scale "dogfighting"? Yes, from pirate corsairs to fighters to couriers. Still working on capital ship details, but the basics are in place. a commercially-salable product? Yes, I am hoping to release the game in the next few months. are you planning to release it under the BRP-OGL license? I hope so. Still waiting on Chaosium to define some things before I can determine if I have made too many changes to call my game BRP.
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    No substantive posts for a few days, but out of curiosity, I tied to put the trade routes into the map, circa 1420. A few notes: I don't believe this was the exact route Castelain made, but its close Greymane is following the Manirian Road into Esrollia. He's the Anti-Castelain, and I'll need to contemplate the mythological consequences of that It has been adjusted by the Opening slightly as Fay Jee became more important I don't think the Trader Princes and Castelein's religion are particularly influential in the West Hills, as there are no mention of Trader Princes being from there. If Handra was expansionist, it'd want to take over Highwater There is a WHOLE lot to unpack about the Fort Digger to Gemborg trade, as we know the trade route exists, but no more info. I'm not entirely sure the "Modern" Manirian Road does much of anything with Trolls, other than avoid them and pay them off. Ramalia and Kaxtorplose are both pretty inward-focused, but they have to be part of the trade network somehow. This isn't about that map, but wow the Trader Prince cities are TINY the Trader Prince cities are. The Silk Road cities were much larger, and I would imagine more population (not just culture) would immigrate from both Ralios & Esrolia.
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    Oh that's a whole can of worms. It most certainly does but those are 1H weapons on the table whereas on p211 it says that the "long cavalry lance about 3.5–4.25 meters long, used with both hands" So we have the lance referred to as a one handed charging weapon that can be used as a 1H long spear when not charging when there is no 1H long spear in the weapons tables, and the lance being described as a 2H weapon, all in the space of 10 pages. I'm a copywriter, I will literally proof RuneQuest stuff for free, just so you know. 😄 I think the problem is that we have a confusion in the Core Book of the later the 'we have stirrups' 1H lance, that was couched under one arm at the charge and indeed, used as a 1H long spear when not at the charge (don't think of the conical ones with hand guards used for jousting, that was much, much later) with the much earlier 'we do not have stirrups' 2H lance, or more properly the xyston or kontos, getting thoroughly mixed up with each other. Maybe different people worked on different sections? Did I mention I am a copywriter? 😛 Glorantha canonically has stirrups, and IIRC correctly, everyone is totally aware that this is utterly anachronistic and many are not bothered by it, which I heartily approve of. So you can choose to have a no stirrups and the lance then HAS to be 2H, and you can just read the line on p209 as saying the lance is 2H, which then makes total sense. Just ignore anything that says otherwise. Or you can choose to have stirrups and to read the lance as being 1H, like it says in the table. But in that case which case STR 11/DEX 9 might be mores sensible for 1H use, and this would allow a new line for 1H long spear as well, which was definitely a thing. Or you can have BOTH, and have some cultures using stirrups and others not. But given the rapidity with which horses were adopted by plains Indians along with all their tack, it's hard to see say, Praxians not adopting the stirrup when exposed to it - unless it's associated with horses I guess.
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    Alright, I've been working on this a bit, and if the stars align I should be able to get this out as the MotM for May. I think I've got the templates where I want them, which has taken most of my futzing, and now I've just gotta make a stack of NPCs with them. First, the full-page sheet, describing a Lawspeaker Next, the template for half-page NPCs: And finally, quarter-page: These are all done at US Letter size. I've been making NPCs from "Gloomwillow's Hollow" in The Pegasus Plateau as well, for practice, and I'll probably publish those play aids at some point too. I don't know yet if I'll do the whole book, but I'm running that adventure presently, so I figured I ought to give these sheets a go. If anyone has suggestions, requests, comments, etc., please feel free! This is definitely still a work-in-progress.
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    With an open license, there should be no need to pitch anything for approval, nor need for any of this sort of discussion. It should by clear from the license text itself what is or is not permitted.
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    If anyone here has worked in an intense, but close-knit group, look out for that person who seemingly managed to make interpersonal drama dissipate, who knows what people to put together, which people to keep more apart, knows which topics to bring up, which topics to avoid, knows how to make everyone feel like a part of the team effort, knows how to emphasise the work each person does and validates it, and in general acts as the grease in the gears without which the group would lose cohesion and possibly break out into conflict. That's the Ernaldan. That's what Ernalda's Harmony is in the most prosaic sense, imho. And that's probably what makes it hard to spell out, because when it works, it's like it's not there at all, like a good supporting bass line to a rock band. (Yes, I just called Ernalda a bass player, though she's probably the drummer too. Or maybe that'd be Esrola.).
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    I've been camping up that way, in the Victorian high country. This is the bit of the newspaper article that creeped me out the most: "They say no one knows he is near until he decides to make himself known. A wildlife photographer spent days taking shots in the area near the Button-Man’s camp. When he returned home and downloaded his photos to his computer there was one unexplained shot of the photographer asleep inside his tent. No one knows who took the shot."
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    Valley of Plenty, which is meant to be new HQ/QW GM/PC friendly, includes lists of "things your initiate of cult X can do" and "things your devotee of cult X can do." They're examples, not an exhaustive list. They're intended to help players get a feel for the sort of magic associated with each cult. I might put together a free download that also gives some examples of charms and "battle magic." It's pretty easy for those of us who played RQ1, 2, and 3 to come up with magic appropriate to a character belonging to a specific cult, but it's not as transparent to a player who's being exposed to the setting for the first time. I strongly agree that a set "spell list" is not the way to go with HQ or QW, but I think a solid list of cult specific examples are very helpful, especially for new players and GMs.
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    ARCANE LORE, part of the Stafford Library, is DriveThruFiction's Deal of the Day: 50% off! Arcane Lore reveals a vast treasure trove about Heroquesting in Glorantha. Collected from almost 30 years of questing, Greg Stafford explores the philosophy, mechanics, and practice of Heroquesting from a multitude of viewpoints and angles. https://bit.ly/2McCiPN
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    Which community/way of life is good? Which community/way of life is bad? I don't think there are simplistic answers to that. This isn't Middle Earth. At the heart of Glorantha is that no one way knows everything or is wholly correct about its understanding of the world. Just about every culture in Glorantha has tried to impose its point of view on another by force of arms. The Lunar Empire is doing it 'now'. Argrath will try to do it soon. And they are far from alone. Have the Lunars done things that would be judged questionable (even evil) by the norms of our society? Almost certainly (and I only say almost because of what certain governments seem to be able to get away with). Judged by the norms of Bronze age/Iron age empires? The Lunars are pretty par for the course. I don't think the Lunars are trying to destroy the world. They're trying another way to deal with the Chaos that it seems to be impossible to totally eradicate from Glorantha (violence is always an option but there is is always another way). If we were to judge communities by mistakes they made en masse in Glorantha than the Orlanthi record is hardly spotless. This might sound odd but I don't want there to be a conclusion to the " who is good/bad" discussion. Because a lack of a conclusion leaves the space for us to find the answers we want/discover ("they are, no they are, no all of them all, no none of them are") in our own games. I think this thread proves the genius in the creation of Glorantha - the space for interpretation and creativity in such a richly detailed world. If I had one wish in this it is that Chaosium does not say "well canonically Argrath smashes the Lunar empire, all the gods are killed and yeah, everyone forgets how to read." We're supposed to be making our own stories here, and having the end imposed on us doesn't help that. I also don't believe that that was Greg's intention - for the reason I posted earlier.
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    That's how I know it's in the works; I asked if I could make it for the JC. :S
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    Thank you! I made it this morning, to delight you. The art is from the 1985 Voices: cool modern vaguely sci-fi levitating buddhist chick on the (political) left, who you'd love to hang out with, and some sinister shifty guy who looks like he's about to murder his uncle in a minor Shakespeare play vanishing into the shadows on the (far) right.
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    Some notes: Chaos/Illusion/Fertility SESEINE GODDESS OF TEMPTATION An intense desire for some object, emo­tion, or state of being can lead a person to use evil or corrupt means to gain such. Such vile, overwhelming passion is incited by Seseine, who rules demons of desire, succubi, and similarly horrible creatures. INITIATE MEMBERSHIP RUNE SPELLS Charisma, Desire, Dominate Human, La Petite Mort, Sadness Desire Temporarily creates a Lust Passion Dominate Human When a succubus encounters a lone member of the opposite sex, it can match its POW vs. the victim’s POW. If the succubus is victorious, the victim’s will is suppressed and he obeys all the creature’s desires until it leaves him. The next morning, he only vaguely remembers what happened as an extremely pleasant dream. Sadness Like a long-duration Demoralize MISCELLANEOUS NOTES SUCCUBUS A succubus is a chaotic parallel to a fertility nymph. It takes form from the psychic and physical residue of perversion, rape, passion murder, or similar acts. A succubus can shapechange, appearing female or male at will -- always of the same species involved in the original act. In male form the creature is called an incubus. A succubus or incubus can dematerialize or reappear at will. However, if its body is destroyed, the succubus dissolves and cannot reform without the impetus of another sexual crime. A succubus travels at night, seeking out people to seduce. Once it has found a victim, it visits him or her nightly until driven off or the victim dies. If necessary, the creature will hypnotize its victim to enable it to continue its activities. When a succubus encounters a lone member of the opposite sex, it can match its POW vs. the victim’s POW. If the succubus is victorious, the victim’s will is suppressed and he obeys all the creature’s desires until it leaves him. The next morning, he only vaguely remembers what happened as an extremely pleasant dream. Each consecutive time that a succubus overcomes a particular victim, the succubus’s chances for success on subsequent attempts are increased by 10%. A male visited by a succubus loses a point of CON each time, continuing until death ensues. A woman visited by an incubus eventually becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child tainted with Chaos -- often a lamia or an ogre. An incubus cannot impregnate a woman until it has first visited a male victim (in succubus form). A succubus can choose any size it desires, up to a maximum of its POW. Its size does not affect its hit points, which are always equal to its CON. Characteristics STR 5D6 CON 2D6+15 SIZ up to POW INT 3D6+6 POW 2D6+12 DEX 4D6 CHA 2D&+18 Move: 10 weapon a% damage Grapple 65 special Fist 65 1D3+1D4 SKILLS: Craft (Courtesan) 97. MAGIC: forms body from psychic residue of illicit sex; changes form from male to female; Dominate Human ability; LANGUAGE: all local languages at 100.
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    It's all a matter of perspective. It also depends on what you were following at the time product-wise HeroQuest or RuneQuest. The main thing to be aware of is the Guide to Glorantha. It is the definitive view of Glorantha from 30000 feet, then the Gloranthan Sourcebook, then the new RuneQuest Glorantha. All of the old scenarios you likely have are playable still. The sky ship for example may not follow the exact details of the published adventure, but I wouldn't worry about it, the sky ship still rises. The only change I would point out is an added chapter in King of Sartar that clarifies the dates. There are many minor changes which don't really affect game play - cults, a few places, but mostly it's expansion of the setting. You'll find people on this forum arguing about the minutiae, but most of it is just that minutiae. RuneQuest Glorantha has brought back detailed rules, that HeroQuest Glorantha never had (don't look at the Truesword, Sword trance threads). The authors support rulings not rules to stop the nitpicking. Have a look at the Glorantha Canon page for clarification. Nothing you likely own is outdated, I would still recommend many older adventures. Gloranthan history has moved on, fantastic new art and writing supports the new era.
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    Voria is the goddess of miners.
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    This is probably the key item, isn't it? Iron for the wars... But that's something the elves (and trolls) are not going to want to see pass through. That alone would likely encourage the elves to work on suppressing the trade route. If we assume he wants the Seshnelan iron, then Handra is a good stopping point (and adds other goods from Ralios). It's got the added benefit of being largely beyond the reach of the elves.
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    And they did, particularly Handra, which was otherwise this obscure backwater in a swamp.
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    Whereas getting past the point and so on is totally a thing, as is shortening grip and stabbing the cheeky git trying it on you this gets to tweaking the rules of combat well past what any version of RQ attempts. This has been a debate forever and I recall rules for this back in White Dwarf back in the RQ2&3 days :- Do you really want that level of complexity in your game? I'm currently playing/Gming in two rather different gritty bloody lethal RPG's. RQG and The Witcher TTRPG. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of playing in the two back to back and as chance would have it we had two major fights in both games (previous Witcher session was combat free as was RQG iirc, anyways...). The Witcher TTRPG is based on the same core rules as Cyberpunk. It's not Rolemaster but there was a lot of detailed combat description, feints, parrys and special moves, fair few perks and combat traits. My grubby vile mannered dwarf laid waste taking out three bandits while the rest of the party got two. The fight took all afternoon to run. Left the healer priest twiddling her thumbs a bit as she has post combat healing and doctoring rather than instant heals. It was very detailed and cinematic and speaking as a sometime HEMA/Re-enactment type and instructor pretty accurate (unlike the armour and weapon descriptions in the game which set my teeth on edge). There was always the chance of one of us going down with crippling injuries. The evenings RQG game had a similar fight (one big scary ass monster, a Walktapus, hitting our camp during the night while most of the party were asleep). The fight was smooth, slick and easy. Once a group gets the hang of what options there are and to roll their hits, have their damage and hit location dice to hand RQG (like it's ancestors) is pretty smooth and yet realistic enough not upset the HEMA type in me. It was fast, nasty and we almost lost two established player characters except for the swift application of Rune Magic and other healing from our earth healer type. If my Stormbull hadn't made his scan roll on watch and made good use of Impede Chaos the party could easily have been toast. The two experiences were night and day and yet both GM's are excellent and have good command of the rules. Both groups had a similar mix of new and verteran players. yes we can make the game more crunchy but there will be a price to pay for that. I like the current balance. Mess with it to suit your table 🙂
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    I lean toward all three. Moving backward chronologically, these towns have definitely seen better days. The last half century has been challenging (No. 2) and many of the best, brightest and most mobile have drifted off to Fay Jee, Khorst, Handra and into the trade centers at either end of the route. An increasingly hard core of traditionalists and dead enders remains. But there's a secret here: even in the glory days before the Opening, the Road doesn't really seem to have scaled to require or support massive numbers of people (No. 1). Unless there's a robust appetite for mule meat in Safelster, the route is only worth what it can support in the round trip and while the Safelster end will pay for religious artifacts, "philosophical" texts and other luxury cargo, how much can you send back to depressed Nochet? Those mules need to eat both ways or get eaten, much as it grieves me to say. My suspicion is that they handed extremely high-value cargo (iron for the East) to Desert Trackers at that point and the Trackers threw them a bone to cover costs. While there's a hard constraint on the amount of metal available, limiting the number of hooves on the road luckily also supports artifact prices so win win. Then when Belintar shows up things get a little better but his inner circle probably captures more of the goodies before the stuff even gets on the Road. Suddenly the westward leg has a supply gap. Fewer hooves on the road means you don't need as much support . . . fewer farmers, fewer drivers, leaner service stations. Then you've got the forest (No. 3) to deal with. We know Castelain made pacts in order to push the Road through there at all. There are probably hard constraints on land clearing or else a quarter million mreli erase you. Maybe the Switch is also in play so the land is glitchy. If you have to import food via mule train you aren't going to want to feed a lot of people. As a No. 4 scenario it would be neat if the Trader Prince population is significantly larger than what's on the maps because so many people are on the Road at any given moment and so don't show up as being "in town." However this is probably no more than 10-20% at the most outrageous. Side notes, Khorst is really weird. Where did all these people come from? Where do they live? The Marsh is unlikely to support high densities and the town itself looks pretty isolated. Before the Trader Princes took over this route Chain Gang probably had a link back to the Shadow Plateau. I don't know when this ended (probably atrophy on the God Learner end and then Belintar does his best to shut it down once and for all) but it's worth teasing out a bit. Trolls were the only people with real access to Dragon Pass ruins after the Kill, so OOO becomes the critical link feeding that stuff into the Esrolian end of the Road. The Safelstrans evidently didn't want to work with the Chain Gang or the Gang didn't want to carry it directly. First thing that comes to my mind is that Arstola would have complained and again you have the quarter million mreli problem, so one way or another Castelain found a way like we always do.
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    Grab your plasma pistol, load up on adhesive grenades, and fire up an energy shield as you get ready for action in the sci-fi roleplaying game about building a legacy in the frontier of the galaxy. Play as a mutated animal hybrid, a cybernetically enhanced robo-freak, or an uplifted plant-thing in a world where anything is possible and freedom is as close as your starship’s airlock door. Space Cowboys is a Game about folks on the edges of civilization doing what it takes to realize a vision of the future. Build a merchant empire, found your own cites, create a government, found a mining corporation or unite the pirate tribes to conquer and plunder. Gonzo sci-fi is what my group calls it. Generate your profession and backstory with the easy-to-use Gigs system, filling your character with life before you begin play. New futuristic weapons, vehicles, armor and gear. Control the fundamental forces of physics with your mind. Simple and powerful starship creation and upgrade system. Includes the Conesta Rho setting: Organizations, NPCs, Planets and Places ready for play. World creation is fast and easy, create entire societies on the fly. Gene freaking, Cybernetic enhancements and advanced drones. Flexible system for creating and upgrading structures, vehicles and starships: Build cities from the ground up, design and operate humongus capital ships, create an army. Fast and detailed combat using the Strike Rank system. Uses simple and intuitive d100 core mechanic. Skills and powers improve as you use them, no arbritary levels or experience points. Original systems: Chargen inspired by Traveller, Starship Roles and Combat, Domain Play, an elegant use of the Fatigue system to determine encumbrance, and more.
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    Elmal was never written up for RQ. When I did the original Elmal cult in SKoH, I gave him fire powers, but on retrospect I realise that was a mistake. I deliberately did not include an Elmal cult in the HQG rules.
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    Another answer - they aren't player characters. But in truth, this was just a typo. Really doesn't make any difference in the scenario. Xiolbalg's lousy CHA is why his band is so torn by dissension. Tusker Riders have a low charisma. They "lead" through viciousness and torture, and lack even the brutal charisma of your average dark troll. Their method of gaining spirits is to bind their victim's spirits through Death Binding, and have their victim's cast spells for them. They don't require CHA to become a Rune Lord, and a Tusk Rider with a CHA of 10 is going to dominate their band.
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    Yes, I do have it, and you guess correctly as to why it does not list rewards. It is not posted anywhere currently as it's likely something I will want to bring forward in another format (e.g. Jonstown Compendium). I will message you separately.
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    Neither the trolls of Halikiv nor those of Shadow Plateau seem to have a special reverance for Gash and Gore, suggesting that they were not among those led by these twins. The Elder Wilds trolls on the other hand seem to be from the same migration group. No idea about the Yolp ones. Argan Argar is one of the migration leaders, he is the one to break Lodril's mountain (nowadays Shadow Plateau). He is the likely migration hero for any trolls in Maniria, which aren't that many. Are there any sea trolls in drowned Maniria' Mournsea? The cataclysm which sank much of Slontos was violent, if it was the Devastation of the Vent. It takes a very stable structure to withstand an upheaval like that, making some of the drowned cities in the Mournsea a lot less like Alexandria where it has slipped into the Mediterranean, gliding down the estuary fan of loose soil. The best places to look for God Learner ruins remaining somewhat structurally intact would be Loskalm, Ralios, Lylket, Locsil, or Umathela. There are no God Learner opinions on the Red Moon as there was no way for them to observe it (although there may have been prophecies about it). The Fronelans around Eastpoint may have had interaction with Natha the Avenger, one of the new patron deities of Syranthir's exile Irensavalists. No idea whether they recognized or assigned a Lunar nature to her. So what Lunar powers do the westerners know and acknowlede? Annilla, the Blue Streak, goddess of the Zaranistangi roaming Ralios and Maniria and ruling parts of Teshnos and Melib before it became the colony of Eest, backed by research into troll wisdom conducted at Lylket and giant lore from Robcradle, and possibly some input from Fonrit. Croesia, goddess of the impact crater city in southern Loskalm. Veldara, the Artmali ancestral goddess, probably identified with Annilla. I have also seen Artia, the red Southpath planet associated with bats, being called a moon in Fronela. The question to me is how much the Red Moon Lunars have identified and adopted the Malkioni and God Learner concept of Moon for identification when dealing with folk further away from the Crater. Troll concepts appear to have a greater influence. Jar-eel appears to be willing to claim a tidal association of Belintar as hers in Prince of Sartar, but how much did the Lunar Empire acknowledge (or even know about) the sea tides before they arrived at Corflu, or almost at Karse (all of that only in the current century, unless you count the assassins in Kethaela just prior to the turn of the century). Their own Blue Moon powers are turning powers rather than lifting ones, and have little to do with water other than some of the myths of the Flood Age coinciding with the reign of Lesilla. That Flood had nothing to do with tides, though. The Mournsea area is obviously very much interested in the Blue Lunar tides. At a guess, so are the Ludoch of southern Genertela. High Tide is when they get to partake in stuff from the border to the dry lands. Much like coastal human fisherfolk comb the tidal zone for whatever the sea has left behind, the Ludoch are likely to comb those areas for stuff from the dry land having made its way there. Do Ludoch set quicksand traps to capture beasts on the salt licks? Now that's a cool idea - a Cold Spot seeping through to the surface, pushing up the earth in its way. I had not thought much beyond some dull "Inora must be strong there for a reason." If you forgive the unwarranted intrusion of real world chemistry into your Glorantha, while most stuff gets denser and heavier when cooled down, I know of one material which expands significantly when cooled down below a certain temperature, and that is Tin. Which, in Glorantha, is the material of the Sky Dome. A major piece of which crashed into what became the western end of the Mislari mountains, at Mt. Selon. Or it could be some spill of Aether's body fluids when impregnating Ga(ta) with Umath. The bad tempered jizz god known for heavy breathing is important in the area, but is usually associated with heat. Tin deteriorates and loses its metal properties when exposed to Cold. Yes, that's how a sky material exposed to one of the principles of the Underworld should suffer.
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