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    This is a comic strip created by my sister Leila:)
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    Yep, that about sums up my tastes. When I learned about the Cthulhu Mythos, I was utterly fascinated with how strange and alien all the monsters were, they were a far different than all the villains and monsters I had seen elsewhere. For me, they seemed like the most ultimate and powerful enemy any hero could face, I thought it was a pretty epic concept. Due to my faith though, I just was not a fan of the whole lose your mind from from the sheer weirdness part of the mythos. To paraphrase Captain America, "There is only one God, and he does not have tentacles. As a result, I took the Predator approach like you said, my motto here is if it bleeds, we can kill it, and if that fails, GET TO DA CHAPA and try try again! It kind of reminds me of how H.P.L and Robbert E. Howard were said to be like together. Both liked working with mythos themed adventures, but they both approached it from different angles. Good differences make the world go round, and give us all something new to think about.
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    From what I understand DS, you play or GM horror story. Where the Henerson guy play weird stories.. The protagonist might be the same, but the flavor and rationality and result is different! To use reference I know better... I would say DS you play "Alien", where bullet only serve to prove your hopelessness againt the Exomoprh, whereas Henerson play Predator (1), where there is a mysterious powerful Alien.. But he bleeds like the rest of us...
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    Then you have come to the right place my friend. We have plenty of slaying to do. Deus Vult!
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    No Lloyd, I am afraid yer missing the point, That only proves they really are monsters!
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    Funny! But also... totally unrealistic! Nobody in his right mind want to join an unnecessary work meeting! Although.. come to think about it.... that's the idea hey?!
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    F This is great btw:)
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    William T. Kirk, again? Sigh...
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    gEt To Da dEloReAn!
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    In self-reflection, that last word might do with an "r" inserted into the second position. That's occlusion for you.
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    No, some of us are just really picky. I can imagine Nyarlathotep appearing and people from BRP Central criticising because it is the wrong colour, is spelled wrong or some other thing, completely missing the point of a Great old One suddenly appearing.
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    According to Robert E. Howard, we are dealing with names "von unaussprechlichen Kulten". While the typical (and probably intended) translation of that German term in Mythos context is "Unspeakable Cults", the correct translation is "unpronounceable cults". In this image, this seems to extend to spelling, too...
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    Quick! We must ready our tin foil hats before it is too late!
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    You right, many cheapos might have settled for the inferior quality, I fear... 😮
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    But is it a 2ply shield? Only the power 2ply can stave off Cthulhu.
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    We Aussies have the full toilet paper shield under wrap!
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    Cthulhu's power is no match for our toilet paper shields!
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    It's funny, because it's true.
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    I have not read any of the books, though I have read plenty about them. Once I listened to the one about hounds and grave robbers, but that is it. So I cannot say if H.P.L ever had any one using explosives effectively against the monsters, though I doubt he did. From what I have read, Lovecraft's protagonists were not the most... competent of adventures. Outside of the Dreamlands that is.
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    I try to make sure it's not that easy in my own games, but do any of Hp's stories have main characters using explosives or the like? I don't really remember if they did...
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    Don't forget cheap flashlights with poor batteries, that is a must have. In any case, copious amounts of bullets, fire, and explosives are enough to solve any problems one could encounter.
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    Well opening your third eye is totally worth it!
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    Great idea, but first I want to investigate this strange noise... You go on ahead, I'll be fine. Um.... What is that? Are they eyes? Or tiny flames? I think I should touch it, because I am super curious! The fire is cold as ice... The unseeing eyes... That face. A kindly smiling face, grinning from eye to eye. Blue as our new second sun. Reaching out to touch me... To feel me. I think I will scream to show my discomfort (screams), and now I will just stand still.... 46 and 2, the shadow becomes me to be in me from thee. My god... My true god... They are always watching... Oh hey! You look nice! I was just waiting here for ya:) You look great. Why do you mean it's been three days? I haven't been here for three days. You okay my friend? No? Well that's okay, I think you look wonderful. Your eyes sparkle... Why can't I move my legs? What have YOU done? My gods... They will not take kindly to this. In fact, I think you should come closer. A little closer... I need you... You are so great! Your eyes I mean (reaches out and...) SCREAMS are heard. My gods don't care, they just like the way blood pours from the socket. I can't feel my legs, but my third eye has opened... I have an IDEA! Let's split up;)
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    I think we should split up to explore this dark and damp crypt faster! 😛
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    Hehehe 😁 Good old Hide-your-pain Harold
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    He probably should not have been hacking into the player's computer in the first place... Very meta and likely could be considered cheating, which in this case warranted a quick painful death: )
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    Now that is a strong cup of joe.
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    I did not do the art myself, but I thought it would be fun here. I got more where this came from. XD
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    My first original meme.
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    Most likely, I have not followed the show since the early seasons of Capaldi, though I am interested in watching the old series with Tom Baker.
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    Probably does in some form.
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    Gee doc, that's heavy...
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    Not for a while yet, that one would be a prequel anyway. My current book however is probably 2 or three years away from publishing, and there will still be plenty of monsters to see then.
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    The Great Old Ones are proofreaders at the Chaosium? There is not a single thing I can add...
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    I mentioned no names!
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    Ah, but we are a special crowd ...
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    That's an easy audience then...
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    Who is this Nyarlethotep guy? Sounds like the ugly brother to Nyarlathotep?!
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    Surely the dump site, as it turns into unreality...
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    And a crazed Michael Keaton magically appearing will solve that how?
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    I'm rather confused, beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice.
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    But the question is.. The stars alignment, as seen from earth? Or from Betelgeuse?! 😮
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    KK, thank you for posting!
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    No, I did not make this, I grabbed it from know your meme's website. I thought it would make funny addition to the album. You can find the original poster's info in the credits.
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