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    In self-reflection, that last word might do with an "r" inserted into the second position. That's occlusion for you.
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    According to Robert E. Howard, we are dealing with names "von unaussprechlichen Kulten". While the typical (and probably intended) translation of that German term in Mythos context is "Unspeakable Cults", the correct translation is "unpronounceable cults". In this image, this seems to extend to spelling, too...
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    Quick! We must ready our tin foil hats before it is too late!
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    You right, many cheapos might have settled for the inferior quality, I fear... 😮
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    But is it a 2ply shield? Only the power 2ply can stave off Cthulhu.
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    We Aussies have the full toilet paper shield under wrap!
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    Cthulhu's power is no match for our toilet paper shields!
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  9. 1 point
    I mentioned no names!
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    No, some of us are just really picky. I can imagine Nyarlathotep appearing and people from BRP Central criticising because it is the wrong colour, is spelled wrong or some other thing, completely missing the point of a Great old One suddenly appearing.
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    Ah, but we are a special crowd ...
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    That's an easy audience then...
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    Change the spelling, mess with your mind, that's what the Great Odl Ones do!
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    Who is this Nyarlethotep guy? Sounds like the ugly brother to Nyarlathotep?!
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    Surely the dump site, as it turns into unreality...
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    What is more terrifying? Cthulhu or Cthulhu taking a dump?
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    And a crazed Michael Keaton magically appearing will solve that how?
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    I'm rather confused, beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice.
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    But the question is.. The stars alignment, as seen from earth? Or from Betelgeuse?! 😮
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    3 bars of soap for 1 1/3 rolls of bathroom tissue?
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    KK, thank you for posting!
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    No, I did not make this, I grabbed it from know your meme's website. I thought it would make funny addition to the album. You can find the original poster's info in the credits.
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    When the stars are finaly right, but it's Kirby's lunch time.
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    The best I can do is 5 bars
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