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    More malignant MALLEUS MONSTRORUM work-in-progress by the amazing Loïc Muzy...Chakota, Cold One, Crawling Ones, Thrall of Cthulhu
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    Assuming we're talking Orlanthi culture, I'd have Voria and Voriof find and gather these innocent souls and lead them to the Crossroads where Issaries waits. Issaries then brings them to the Underworld and Havan Vor. There Voria and Voriof appear to speak for the children, and any other guardians from their birth, and unless something evil speaks against them, they are given into the care of Ty Kora Tek and brought to the Caves of Silence.
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    Well it only matters if it matters. For example, if you are trying to climb in the middle of a scenario and you only have a certain amount of time to make your climb. If you fail then the GM might say "you can't see a safe hand hold anywhere. Do you want to wait 5 minutes while you look around for a different way up or do you want to try again right now at -20%?" That kind of thing. If the player tries again immediately and fails you can say "looks like it's impossible in these conditions. I guess you could take a chance and try again right now at -40%. If you fail this time you fall." Player thinks. "How far would I fall?" GM says "Hard to say. If you make a luck roll you'll fall the equivalent of 3d6 metres before stopping on a ledge. Otherwise, I'll roll 3D6*10 metres." Player realises that's death staring them in the face etc. On the other hand if you are spending a day trying to navigate a high pass and fail a climb roll the GM says, "you spend the day but can't find a way through. Try again tomorrow." Which is all to say that the results of a failed roll don't have to be death. Sometimes, it just time. That's fine until time is critical.
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    Wow. I'm sure you folks will get a LOT of interest on this topic! But since you ask... There've been a bunch of innovations in BRP since the BGB, so I'd like to see those brought aboard! Even things that may have been less than stellar in their initial format, should be revisited and polished up for possible BRP2.0'ing. I'd like to see Stunts from BloodTide, Arete from AdvSrc, 3d6vsd100 stats (offer both), RQG's Augments, Pulp-style tunings from Pulp Cthulhu, Hero/Luck points, etc etc etc. I would love to see a BRP-engined mini's/skirmish game, that could integrate as desired for either the combat element of traditional RPG's, and/or for doing larger "Battle" scenarios (I understand something in this direction is already in development for RQG?) I'd want more n00b-support. I don't feel like the BGB is something I can throw at my players (unless they're being really annoying, in which case the 1d3 damage is only what they deserve); its too wide-open, and pre-supposes too much systems mastery that they don't have, don't want to acquire. Same goes for when I'm making a recommendation to 3rd parties, e.g. via online (non-BRPcentral) forums, in-person in FLGS, etc: it's great, BUT you need to invest the time to figure it out. Now, @Chaosium: brace for incoming. Please know that it's Friendly Fire... but I recognize that it's still incoming fire... To be brutally honest -- and specifically because you ask -- take a good hard look at Mythras' organization & presentation. It's easier to grasp their content than yours. I see this sentiment widely echoed online, too... Mythras is widely praised for how approachable and comprehensible it is. I think it's worth looking at a bunch of online reviews, even OUTSIDE the extended BRP family of games, and look for books where there is wide reviewer/fan agreement that they are comprehensible, accessible, clear... study those books (and the elements the reviews praise) in considering a BGB2. BRP-BGB fans will point out that it's far more comprehensive (as opposed to comprehensible) than Mythras... but even from them I've read more than once it's "a bit of a hot mess" (or similar) in other regards. I don't find it that bad, personally... but then I'm coming up on my 40th BRPthday (late '80 / early '81 (I forget, it was my freshman year at college... before or after winter break???)) so it's not like I'm going to hit the BGB and discover a concept that's strange, novel, or confusing to me... So I'm NOT the person to best evaluate these issues (indeed, that I notice them at all is a testament to their severity, since I'm already familiar with their content). Which leads me to the topic of the playtest/edit cycle. Get a BUNCH more playtesters onboard. Solicit MANY more never-BRP'ed folk, WITHOUT a grognard in those groups to ease their way. Make this e-a-s-y to learn... and for fans to unreservedly recommend! And find an editor who isn't a BRP-grognard... it's clear we're (ALL of us, not excluding Jeff & Jason & everyone else at Chaosium) far too capable of glossing over cross-edition discrepancies, preconceptions, expectations, etc. It should be clear from the online criticism & support threads that you guys were at least 1 cycle (of playtest and/or edit) short, on RQG... it's a great game, and IMHO the best RQ ever; good work and don't let my (or anyone else's) criticisms take that away from you! But it's REALLY close to being a LOT better than it is, and I honestly put the blame on the dev-team having so much systems mastery: you needed more late-cycle eyeballs and editors who did NOT know all those 45 years of prior iterations so well... === I think it might be worth doing something that looked kind of like a BGB X WorldsOfWonder hybrid, a slipcase set (with separately-buy'able pieces) ... BRP-core + Supers + Tech + Fantasy, each a toolkit ... without the Superworld/FutureWorld/MagicWorld settings. I presume Chris Spivey's work (possibly with Ringworld RPG? Or possibly that IS the core from which Mr. Spivey is already working?) could give you the foundation of the "Tech" book. Maybe a "BRPadvanced" or "BRPcompanion" for non-"core" (but not Supe/Tech/Fant specific) options. Possibly also a "retro-tech & alt-science" book for steampunk, clock/mech, crystal-tech, retro-future, etc. I think other genres might occur, too. Um... I think I'm done. For now.
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    We have released two Glorantha scenarios to commemorate Greg Stafford on the first anniversary of his passing. You can download them at the links: For HeroQuest Glorantha, "Highwall Inn" by Ian Cooper: For RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, "The Rattling Wind" by Helena Nash 🙂 a preview chapter of the forthcoming Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories
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    Hi everyone, Next year, we'd love to produce more adventures and expansions for the following titles: Monster Island Mythics Britain, Rome and Constantinople Luther Arkwright Thennla After the Vampire Wars Worlds United We're interested in scenarios primarily, but will also consider expansions to the campaign settings (such as new regions of Monster Island, new parallels for Arkwright, new Mythic Britain regions) too. We welcome first-time writers, and we have an experienced and highly supportive team of editors here at TDM to assist those who might be thinking about writing for the first time. Submissions should be between 9,000 and 23,000 words in length (about 16-42 pages of 8.5x11 letter, single-spaced, 10pt font in Word or Pages). Note that we're not looking for submissions for Classic Fantasy: we have a full pipeline for the CF range. We are looking to support and expand our other settings. Also, we're not, at the moment, looking for submissions for books already in progress, such as Lyonesse, Mythic Babylon or Mythic Polynesia. If you're interested, here's what to do. 1. Before sending us anything, take a look at how we do things in our various scenarios and publications. Look carefully at how things are structured and how we present them. Don't rush with your idea; do some research and take your time. Play test your idea at least once. Make sure it works and makes sense. 2. Send a proposal email to submissions@thedesignmechanism.com. Outline your idea or proposal clearly and in no more than 2-3 short paragraphs. If a scenario, tell us which publication from the above list it is for, and briefly what it's about. If its a setting expansion, explain what it aims to do and where it is set. 3. Be patient. It may take some weeks before you hear from us. Be prepared for us to ask for more information. Be prepared for us to send a polite rejection. If we turn your idea down, don't take it personally; you can certainly submit other ideas. If we accept your idea, we may ask you to do some more work on it and resubmit. 4. Make sure your idea is original. We do not want things you've submitted to other publishers that have simply been changed slightly for Mythras. Your submission should not have seen print elsewhere. We prefer original content, and content that fully showcases the Mythras rules and the settings listed above. 5. If accepted, continue to be patient. It can take up to a year (sometimes more) for an accepted scenario to see publication. We may decide to incorporate your idea into an anthology of linked pieces, (such as Book of Quests, for example), and this can take even more time. We do pay for submissions that we publish, and the amount varies depending on experience on the nature of the proposal. It may be a flat fee, or it may be an amount per word. We will discuss this with you if your proposal is accepted. If you're interested in contributing but your idea is outside the above, by all means enquire first. If something is fun, original, and interesting, we will consider it.
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    The Glorantha Core Rune Font pages have been updated to allow inclusion in the Jonstown Compendium. The Sorcery rune files have been included but not added to the font to cover copyright considerations. The copyright covering the SVG runes on Fandom does not allow this. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/glorantha-core-rune-font/
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    I want to keep drawing every day before bed time, and I thought I could do some Glorantha drawings. Alas, after drawing one Orlanthi and a group of traveling trolls, my inspiration ran a bit dry. If you want, you can post ideas for one or two figures, or creatures. Ideally with explanations of the culture, even descriptions of gear they have. These will be fairly simple ink drawings, I need to finish these under an hour, ideally under 30 minutes.
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    Flier Filler. A medium sized Moon Boat. And there may be room for another sketch on the back cover... Undecided regarding regiment.
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    Yes - this. Ouray works very well for Clearwine.
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    Latest (used as a filler). The attendant-servant is armed and armored (have assumed a combat veteran) to protect the mage whilst she is in a trance, calling down chunks of the Red Moon. Now no white space. Room for more thumbnails in the Army Lists perhaps.
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    Bastard children are still your kids and need love, too. If Magic World can reach customers uninterested in the complexities of the RuneQuest multiverse, sell it, sell it, sell it! POD and PDF means you don't have to maintain physical product. Despise no potential revenue stream, especially since you have titles already written, play-tested and edited. The work is already done; go make money off of it. You have no guarantees of what titles will appeal to which customers, so promote all your excellent products, even the ones that may not be your personal favorites. The money you get for them is just as green.
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    No, that's Ancestral Mostali, and they have all the appendages and cavities they need for their projects. Clay dwarves were molded in a new way, and designed to be self-replicating without oversight by Ancestral Mostali. Their mortar and pestle dilemma is a well-kept public secret, and embarrasses those units selected to participate in those activities to no end, at least until the proto-dwarf module gets extracted and transfered into a ripening jar (alembic, whatever) before receiving some first work orders. Note that the creation of the Clay Mostali is little different from the creation myths of the Agimori or the Dara Happans, and the results have similar properties. The Mostali product is superior, of course, than those of some dabbling deities.
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    Spreading a web of deceit to duck one's responsibilities in a vain attempt to not ruffle feathers? The bill always comes due, my hatchlings! 😤
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    How about a Trickster using "Safe Drunk" to wander through a pitched battle, trying to seduce the axe maidens? Safe Drunk Cost: 3 MP Range: Personal Duration: Length of Inebriety Non-stackable Reusable This spell only works when the caster is totally drunk beyond any ability to act, think, or remember. It calls upon the raw power of Disorder to protect the caster from any harm or capture while in that state. A Safe Drunk may wander through an apocalyptic battle, stumbling under scythes, weaving through impenetrable arrow fire, falling under screaming death magics, avoiding and/or accidentally killing foes. It cannot be dispelled. There is one drawback. Safe Drunk does not keep the caster from waking up in an unknown lover's bed. http://www.jane-williams.me.uk/glorantha/vinga/bgor.cfm
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    I really like this one. I hear it all the time from everyone from my father-in-law to random kayakers: "The Navy invented boats so we wouldn't have to touch that awful stuff. If you want to get wet learn to swim."
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    The Fall semester at Taylor University is in full swing and Mike and Lynne from Chaosium are in the thick of it! They're collaborating with seven Tabletop Game Writing Lab students as they experience an accelerated development of a Call of Cthulhu RPG adventure, which will be published in the Miskatonic Repository. The instructor, Prof TR Knight describes how it is going, and reveals the elevator pitch for the students' scenario. After studying the 'Cryptids and Mysteries of Indiana' and some video-conference sessions with Mike and Lynne, the Taylor U Writing Lab students have devised their scenario pitch: "Refractions of Glasston - A 1920s horror scenario set in Northern Indiana". Looking forward to seeing what they create! https://www.chaosium.com/blogupdate-on-chaosiums-collaboration-with-taylor-universitys-professional-writing-course
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    Julia, our "merc of merch", has just added a regal collection of King Arthur Pendragon covers to our Redbubble store, spanning the 1st, 3rd and 4th editions of Greg Stafford's masterpiece. https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/collections/1188460-pendragon-classic
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    Announcing the first of the free #rpg adventures we're releasing on Oct 10 in memory of Greg Stafford. 'The Sword of Kings', a 7th Sea scenario by John Wick: https://www.chaosium.com/blogweareallus-the-sword-of-kings-free-7th-sea-adventure-to-be-released-in-memory-of-greg-stafford-on-oct-10/
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    The description of the Glue spell says (RQG p262): So would it work on a zombie-- arguably the zombie isn't made of LIVING tissue or organic material!
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    The BGB is one of my favorite RPG products ever. I am thankful for Chaosium keeping it in print as that makes it more relevant and accessible to my players. For the campaigns I have run in various fantasy and historical settings, the thing that would help me the most in terms of preparation time is an extensive bestiary. With the plans for multiple Fantasy Earth settings, a bestiary that covers natural animals and mythic creatures would be useful. I know that wouldn't fit in the core book, but I think it would make for a useful separate product for all the Mythic Earth settings and for home-brew fantasy worlds.
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    Organisation. I think Jason (as primary author of the revisions / collation of prior art that is the current BRP BGB), Charlie Krank and Lynn Willis (as the editors) did an admirable job of marshalling a large, multifaceted text in to as concise and coherent a whole as they could - but with ten years experience in the wild and perspective I think more could be done to delineate the various optional systems (which ones don't play well together, which ones do; which ones suite particular types of games etc). And absolutely there are options from CoC 7e, Pulp Cthulhu, RQ!7 and indeed Magic World# that are worthy of inclusion. But the crucial thing about such a work of synthesis is organisation. I DON'T think it needs a radical re-write. Chaosium in their hey day were the gold standard in RPG publishing for sparse, elegant layout; concise, direct writing and masterful precision and economy in editing and presentation. The BGB didn't quite hit those heights, nor have subsequent publications IMO (albeit huge strides have been made in the new era in terms of presentation at least) - it would be grand to see a revised BGB that hit those heights again. I agree with G33k that an "outsider" in the editors seat would be a good thing. No offense to the Design Mechanism or Mythras, but the place I would look for pointers in terms of organisation and layout is Monte Cook - since the Ptolus setting book, the large scale published works Cook has put out have set the standard as far as RPG books as reference works go IMO. Cheers, Nick Middleton # I'm flattered someone mentioned Arete - my own feeling is I'd want to extensively re-write that to simplify and streamline it; but I think there's is much in core Magic World's character generation in particular that would be worth including in a revised BGB - the skill allocations by blocks, skill categories and cultures in particular. Put it this way - they are included in every BRP game I've run since I first encountered them.
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    this is what the God Learners did. when the changes got too big, the web snapped back into place and it was like nothing they had ever done had ever changed. Heroquesting can change things, but changing the actual past in big ways isn't gonna work - things that affect the literal past rather than affecting the way things work now, like "the story where the spirit leaps the river now isn't about tricking the fish but simply using it as a springboard" is kosher but "I stopped the Sun Stop" is treyf. You can't stop the Dragonkill, or the Red Emperor's Egi from being maimed by the Sultanate of Tork. It's too big a change. Think of time travel rules. But you can change small things. You could probably change the fate of a minor spirit at the Battle of Castle Blue, thus ensuring it lives (or dies). It's like... Doctor Who rules. There are fixed points. Mostly we heroquest about the future. We fix heroquests that Chaos has tried to change, or use them to empower ourselves by mimicking the god until we, too, can take its form. Or we use it, as the famous Valare Addi did, to learn the truth of history (or create propaganda about it): what happened in the past? What did the gods do? What lore was lost?
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    OCTOBER 10 is the first anniversary of the passing Chaosium founder Greg Stafford, the 'grand shaman of gaming'. As one of the greatest game designers of all time; winner of too many awards to count; and a friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration to generations of gamers, Greg Stafford influenced the universe of tabletop gaming beyond measure. To honor his legacy and with Greg's family's blessing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in remembrance of Greg. On October 10 Chaosium will be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems (RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, King Arthur Pendragon, 7th Sea, HeroQuest) you can play. We'll release details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. Or play any of Greg's games, or a game he influenced (that scope is **wide**) Or play any game at all - as Greg said in his last public speech at the 2018 ENnies, the gaming industry only exists because of your enthusiasm and support. We at Chaosium recognise that countless RPG fans are fans (including us!) because of Greg Stafford and what he achieved. Feel free to share an image of your game on social media or at BRP Central, with the hashtag #WeAreAllUs. Show the "Greg Rune" (aka the Sartar Rune) in your post - copy and print the image here, or from Redbubble (all "Greg Rune" merchandise is currently available at cost, with no artist margin). What better way to honor his legacy than getting your friends together and playing a game in remembrance of him! We would like to again share the final words from the obituary by Greg Stafford's family: To honor Greg’s memory the family requests, in lieu of flowers, that you strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, go somewhere you haven’t been, face a personal challenge head on, read about something new, and enjoy life. We are all us." #WeAreAllUs.
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    Orlanthi steads are likely very large stone-based wooden longhouses surrounded by wooden pallisade walls; separate residences are likely limited to a limited number of specific groupings, like night-time field guardians, the airier un-pallisaded summer longhouses up in the yaylas, and where weirdo shamans or librarians (i.e. Lhankorite/Sartarite Brown Men) insist on living like hermits or because their materials are too dangerous or rare to risk fire and children. In areas where these residences exist archaeologically and now, particularly in comparatively mild Dragon-Pass like environments, there are separate food storage buildings on stilts accessible by removable ladders away from the longhouse and a small storage area on top of the main longhouse for treasures. The food storage is separated to prevent infestation and sealed in pottery; they are accessed over time one at a time to reduce spoilage. Longhouse dwellings are par for the course in clan cultures. Food is communally prepared by specialists, not by individuals. Layouts and social structures are largely similar from Indonesia to Armenia to the Haudenosaunee of North America because these communities face similar issues of social and work organisation.
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    I suspect this will be a YGWV answer, as I'm not aware of any images of immature dark trolls, but does anyone know if they look (facially) similar to mature trollkin? I'm sure they are stockier, and easily distinguishable from trollkin by other trolls, but not necessarily by humans. The trollkin in the bestiary have flatter faces (rather like how young chimpanzees have much flatter faces than adults), and I'm thinking this is probably also true for young trolls, and that their elongated jaws develop as they mature.
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    And thanks @trystero for making it clear on the RPGGeek thread that the original poster is talking about a book that was published by Chaosium over 18 years ago, lest anyone think this has all happened recently.
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    A natural passion/ability to Stand Against Chaos. I suggest a new Passion as it seems to fit the 'emotional' state of surviving the battle and knowing that you can do so again. It can be used subsequently as an augment during battle, to Orate to rally others, to resist against chaotic magical attacks, or similar. Optionally it could be a magical ability.
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    The idea that Moon-boats were made from reeds stemmed from a desire to make Yestendos (Darjiinian God of Reed Boats) relevant. The lunar handbooks spoiled this somewhat by giving the Moonboats to Vargar the Sky Mariner, which seemed an unnecessary profusion of names to me. That reed boats are highly impractical compared to ordinary boats was intentional as it made the Lunars use obsolete vessels for magical effect, something which was coming through in Greg's writings viz-a-viz chariots and the like at the time. But the idea that moonboats are made from reeds is not actually something he's ever written AFAIK.
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    I suppose you might have a point (I am sure there is a pun in there). After all, has anyone tried to hitchhike with a finger?
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    Uhrwerk is still in business, working through its insolvency by continuing projects in advanced stage of production (though with a lot less ambitious print runs to minimize risk). Unfortunately, RQG isn't one of those. But hopefully, Uhrwerk can shake off the shackles of insolvency administration in the near future, and possibly find ways to shoulder more ambitious projects again. Still, there is little hope for a German edition of RQG concurrent (or only delayed by a dozen months or so) with the Chaosium edition. On the other hand, with the not so fast rhythm of Chaosium publications of RQG, catching up at a future time might be possible - the French edition of RQ3 under Oriflam managed that admirably. WIth the RQG Quickstart available in German and the Jonstown Compendium project going ahead, it might be possible to support a German language RQG well before its actual publication.
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    This spirit is the object of a spirit cult, a completely different relationship than an allied spirit sent by a deity or a lesser spirit captured or bargained into a binding (enchantment or crystal). Yes, you can sacrifice POW to the object of a cult, whether deity or spirit. RQG has a rule for wyter spirits (only) that allows 1:1 conversion of sacrificed POW into wyter POW (which then can be used to cast rune magic). An initiatory relationship is required (or established) for the transfer. An ancestor worshiper worships the ancestors he or she can target with "Gift POW". To me, this indicates that the POW transfer works upwards, towards entities receiving worship, but not horizontally or even downstairs. Biturian Varosh's travelogue was written for RQ2, but RQ attempts to be quite true to those rules (at times too much, IMO). In the Sun Dome episode, Biturian's allied spirit achieves a successful Divine Intervention for its master, leaving it with three measly POW points, which the author bitterly complains about. If it could have been fixed with a few POW transfers, Biturian wouldn't have complained as much.
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    Speaking as a resident of both, they're not the most active communities, but we're pretty good about answering anyone's questions and then somehow turning that into an hour long debate!
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    Arachne Solara, being a/the master/weaver of time and the being standing at the ultimate point in the lightbrigers quest might be the shiva of this equation. The creator and destroyer embodied as one. Sounds like a great role for a spider to me. Cheers
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    Your Base SR is your DEX Strike Rank + SIZ Strike Rank. These are given in the Strike Rank tables on p 57 of the RQG Rulebook. Your final Strike Rank with a weapon is your Base SR + Weapon Strike Rank. Weapon strike ranks are given in the RQG Rulebook on p 208-209, they don't include Bite, but all natural Weapons are SR4, including Bite. Most natural weapons have a weapon Strike Rank of 4. In a Bestiary, Strike ranks normally use average characteristics. So, in the examples given: Giant Antlions have SIZ 3D6+12 (Average 22-23) and DEX 1D4+4 (Average 6-7), this gives a SIZ SR of 0 and a DEX SR of 4, so a Base SR of 4. It uses a Bite, with a weapon SR of 4, so the final Strike Rank is 8. Guard Beetles have SIZ 3D6+6 (Average 16-17) and DEX 2D6 (Average 7), this gives SIZ SR 1 and DEX SR 4, so a Base SR of 5. It uses a Bite, with a weapon SR of 4, so the final Strike Rank is 9.
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    Cast a spell on yourself with 5 points of Extension, like Flight, Charisma, Truesword, Shield, Hallucinate, etc. If you didn't get a critical success, then drop the spell, or dispel or dismiss it if your mean old GM doesn't allow you to just drop a spell that you have cast. Regain the RP, if you don't have enough to cast it again. Remember to turn up to every worship ceremony for all your associate cults. Sing extra loud. Bring a step-ladder and sing right in @Joerg's ear. Try again until you get a critical success, so that the spell costs no Rune Points. You now have your spell up for a whole year, with all your RP still available to you. Do this before every worship ceremony if you have 6 or more RP available at the time. Eventually your luck will be with you, and you'll get that sweet spell for no RP. Oh, and remember to augment, and ritually prepare. 5 hours of ritual prep, that's another 2% crit chance. And take your time over that augment, you can double your chance of augmenting with an 80% skill or passion for just 16 melee rounds.
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    Thanks for the clarification.
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    Oh no - after 42 years of role-playing I'm still on training wheels! Farewell cruel world...
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    This sort of thing has come up in other games, too, such as the Talents in the 1984 pulp adventure title Justice, Inc. Cool as it is to have psychic abilities, the player should never be able to depend on them. The results should always be murky, uncertain, hard to interpret until after the.fact. The abilities.should serve the GM's purposes in guiding the scenario rather than providing the player and his character with a Get Out of Jail Free card.
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    I tend to feel that we literally do not know what is possible and what is not. Every few decades, people seem to think that they have finally got things almost right, that there are no new Great Breakthroughs to be made (only details to work out). History suggests that we are probably no more correct than they were. And science fiction doesn't really care; everybody has their own hard-vs-soft thresholds for their sci-fi. 😁
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    Am I utterly mistaken... or would Fioracitta + Mythic Constantinople make a natural (and awesome) pairing???
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    Jeff' has said that the propitiatory worship of Malia was non-chaotic while the direct worship of Malia is chaotic, which suggests that her magics are chaotic (but not necessarily whether a disease spirit is). RuneQuest 3 (Combined rulebook p260) lists spirits of disease as Possible Chaotic Creatures but place in brackets which means "may only be mildly tainted with chaos".
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    For me, I can have a campaign of murder hobos in HeroQuest as easily as in RuneQuest, as well as emulating mythic stuff in RuneQuest and HeroQuest. That kind of thing is just a state of mind.
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    The Battle of the Auroch Hills takes place in Earth Season, but during the Great Winter - so temperatures were totally haywire. Dark Season didn't end and rather than start thawing in Storm Season, it just kept dropping. Normally the range in late Dark Season is -10/4. During the Great Winter it might have gone: early Storm -12/2 late Storm -14/0 early Sea - 16/-2 late Sea -18/-4 early Fire -20/-2 late Fire -22/-4 early Earth -24/-6 late Earth 7/18. So basically, in Dragon Pass and Kethaela, we have a huge harvest failure in 1622. So in truth, 1623 is the hardest hit year. Which gives a wrinkle to the siege of Nochet. Nochet is likely running low on food, but the besiegers are completely out of food (at least initially). Nochet likely is able to supply itself from abroad (echoes of Athens in the Peloponnesian War). 1625 is an excellent harvest, and ends the several years-long famine.
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    I'm the guy who left the party at least 15 minutes ago, and is now turning down the next street and gaining speed!
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    She swallowed chaos and light, the light which unmakes the world. Did Kyger Litor become illuminated? The reference to adamant claws could be a metaphor, an attempt by trolls to explain the dreadful change to their mother.
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