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    As author of a fair chunk of GtSA books, here's a little history and background from me. Canon was definitely ignored in the earliest releases. The writers at the time weren't familiar with either RQ or Glorantha and suddenly found they had to become very familiar with decades-worth of information even to get a rudimentary grip on the subject matter. It was easier for some more than others. Given the overwhelming amount of information one needed to absorb, even just on the Second Age and events leading up to it, one was faced with a truly daunting task. Couple that with a book-in-a-month timetable (standard for Mongoose at the time), and it was a fraught exercise. I was brought on because I had a reasonable grasp of Glorantha and exercised that from the start. My second book for Mongoose was the Dragonewt book, and so I went to the two authorities on Gloranthan lore that I knew well; Greg and Jeff. This continued with each Glorantha book I tackled, with both being consulted widely and deeply before I set pen to paper. 'Dara Happa Stirs' saw me spending a weekend with Jeff brainstorming and immersing ourselves in the Pergammon Museum's incredible exhibition on Babylon, the two of us formulating the Karvanyar campaign arc, understanding the Ten Tests and ensuring that texts such as Glorious ReAscent of Yelm were adhered to as precisely as possible. Despite the brutal deadline, which I managed to get extended to 6 weeks, it was a fun book to write and one that I remain proud of. Every Glorantha book thereafter I was involved in followed a similar pattern. Unfortunately, 'Pavis Rises' was handed to an author utterly unfamiliar with the canon who didn't liaise with Jeff despite my insistence that he do so. The original draft of 'Pavis Rises' (I still have the manuscript) is.... well, best I not say too much. I therefore rewrote it, from scratch, with Pete, Jeff and Greg's help, in about three weeks. That was the level of challenge I had working at Mongoose, and I'm still staggered I managed to write to the standard I did. There were a couple of misses for me, Glorantha-wise: I wasn't happy with Fronela, again due to the massive amount of information that needed to be conveyed; and there are elements of 'The Abiding Book' that I simply had to rush to meet the deadline. But 'Dragonewts', 'Mostali' and 'Darra Happa Stirs' I'm proud of and enjoyed. Even some parts of 'Pavis Rises' I really like - the Giant scenario was fun. I think Mongoose tried its best. I really do. The problem, aside from the deadlines and post-writing processes, was that it's production approach simply didn't mesh with the deep complexity of the subject, and was compounded by having writers unfamiliar with the canon having to rapidly assimilate it. I actually don't think Matthew (Sprange) was prepared for the huge amount of lore that surrounds Glorantha, and the vast wealth of understanding its fans have. Consequently, Glorantha was treated as a property with a relatively straightforward canon and background, like some of the other tittles Mongoose had, when it needed a very different approach from the start. And, irrespective of one's feelings for MRQ1, Mongoose did bring RuneQuest back to a wider gaming awareness after spending about a decade as a moribund, half-forgotten system. They got a lot wrong, but they also got quite a bit right, and so while criticism is justified, there are some things that do have merit.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Big Damn Book of Monsters A conversion of most of the critters from an old school Monster Manual I, Monster Manual II, and Fiend Folio to be playable in my favorite Roleplaying System. I did use characteristics (that I agreed with) from current sources as well, to try to maintain some consistency, but this was not always agreeable. These are not meant to replace creatures presented in the Magic World book, but as supplements and additions. While it did take some long and tedious work, it is my love for the system that brings me to share the work. I hope it makes your next adventure creations session or your spontaneous encounter easier, smoother, and more enjoyable. My ultimate goal is to make it easier to run fantasy games using the BRP/MW/CF systems, which means more people play, which means more people BUY products associated with such a great system. I recommend this book over my other monster manual conversions! While I did incorporate many spells from CF and Psychic powers from BGB, this work has been used with my own MW campaign using CF for spells alone. What this means is that the Chronicler may need to do very light editing to some entries if only using MW spells. 80.2 Mb. 448 pages.
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    After going through the rules closely, and with the help of Lawrence and Pete created a simplified version of the combat rules, I have decided to use Mythras Imperative as the core ruleset for BRP Space. Or rather, what used to be BRP Space. The new title is M-SPACE. M as in Mythras, mythic (no, not the solo RPG engine) and modular. See the newish cover below. I think this will be a very good engine for running sci-fi scenarios and campaigns. It's a quick, flexible and creative ruleset, and with the additions brought with the book, I'm very happy with the result. And I am, as always, very grateful for the input I have gotten from all of you here on the forums. Thank you. I've already started adding the Mythras Imperative rules to the book, and I believe it will be a quite smooth process. I don't have an ETA yet though. Changing the core will result in a few rewrites throughout the book, and I'm not certain yet how extensive these will be (not breaking any compatibilties with other BRP engines though). I will keep you updated on my progress!
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    Mythras is the new name for RuneQuest 6th Edition, the acclaimed roleplaying system developed by The Design Mechanism. From July 2016, the name Mythras takes over from the previous trademark, but the same great rules continue, bringing you d100-based roleplaying adventure centred on logical, consistent, straightforward mechanics, coupled with innovative approaches to character creation, combat, magic and monsters. The name may have changed, but the song remains the same. Why did we choose Mythras as a name?First of all, the game has always been about adventuring in mythic landscapes, with characters shaping their own stories, creating their legends and forging their own myths. It comes from the authors’ deep love of real world myths and ancient stories and so is the natural starting point for a new name. Next comes Mithra or Mithras, a deity found in Persian, Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythologies. Mithras is a god of warriors, a divine protector of oaths and covenants, a protector of cattle and of waters. In the Zoroastrian Avestas, he is described as Mithra of Wide Pastures, of the Thousand Ears, and of the Myriad Eyes. Bringing these two sources together gives us Mythras, a game concerned with myths, protectors, oaths, great deeds and wonderful stories: the perfect name for our game system.
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    I didn't get to the Chaosium panel due to exhaustion, but did attend the Runequest one immediately prior to it. Some of this info would be familiar to people reading this forum and following the developer blogs, but I will do a recap from my notes (any errors are mine, I just got back to New Zealand this morning and have only had about three hours sleep over the last two days). The PDF of Runequest is expected around November 2017, the print version in early 2018. No kickstarter for RQ, but there will be one for Gloranthan coins from Campaign Coins in February 2018. There will be an RQ colouring book, like the recent Cthulhu one.The first wave of books will include the core rule book, a bestiary, and a GM pack that includes a Return to Apple Lane scenario. The Bestiary has about 12 playable races. Broo are not a playable race, but Ducks are. Setting wise its not 1621 anymore, the Braveheart era is over and the Lunars are no longer an occupying power - mixed Lunar/Lightbringer parties could be the norm, not the exception. Power level is for extraordinary characters. Time scale is expected to be one scenario per season. Cult Books will have stories like Cults of Prax.The second wave of books will include The Heroes Book to provide support for heroquesting, Trollpack, a second quickstart, Cults of Dragon Pass (the first of several cult focused books) and a Glorantha quickstart (short setting introduction). A good game getting better: core rules are the same, good backwards compatibility weapons damaged more often additions to improve immersion, rune associations and passions that provide augmentations spirit combat overhauled so that it didn't split the party so much sorcery a logical process, not a superpower, less maths requirred avoiding the initiate trap of sacrificing POW for rune spells, rules to support progression to rune level, not to provide barriers. Heroquesting: some discussion about how this is a narrative problem, not a power problem stations approach in HQ was too formulaic, railroady, required too much upfront knowledge, too many deus ex machine HQs based on obscure lore Greg - have fun with mythic narrative, rules provide framework to extrapolate from, don't bother with canon if it gets in the way of fun. Greg also said something like "Two hearts for all the GMs out there". I enjoyed the demo game I played, and it was my partner's first ever tabletop roleplaying game. She was happily telling people about delivering the killing blow to the giant statue for hours afterwards.
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    Hi All, As raised in the 'Future of Magic World' thread, I have created a fan website for this great little RPG. Nothing there as yet (although I will look to put up a couple of items from over at my Stormbringer site as well as the other things I've put up here shortly) but you can find it at www.magicworldrpg.com. Once I get the house in order I'll be making a call for material. Meanwhile, if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions feel free to send them my way. Marcus P.S. As with sbrpg.com I'll linking to the forums here rather than looking to move traffic away from this great site!
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    Hello All Yes, MAR and I met several times at conventions. We got along famously. I once challenged him to a miniatures battle, the Lunar Army versus whatever Tekumel army he wished. All in good fun of course. Alas, he never took me up on it. I did once have a friend who would spend every summer in an ashram. He looked at Tekumel for three minutes or so and said, "Oh, this is SE Asian mythology." I used to think it was strange that someone would have gone to India and come home a muslim, but have since learned that India is the third largest muslim countries in the world, coming in right after Indonesia and Pakistan. I've spoken to many people who played in his campaign, and they all said he was one of the greatest gamemaster they had ever gamed with.
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    Here are some other recent doodles.
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    Hi! I don't have a ton of time at the moment, but wanted to drop in, clarify some stuff, and offer some hope. After BRP, I had to quietly put Interplanetary on a backburner for a number of reasons that should be obvious by now. I won't bother explaining all the details. That's in the past, and forward movement is better than reflection over what could have been. I had thoughts about publishing it with one of the other BRP-based publisher, but due to my limited bandwidth, other commitments, and life issues, I wasn't able to put forth much effort there. With the change in management at Chaosium, some of those options are no longer viable. On the other hand, I expect that the coming months/years will see me actively involved with Chaosium and BRP than any time in the past six years, so suddenly everything has changed. This might mean that it becomes a Chaosium release again, or I do something with one of the remaining licensees. And in one of those crazy side coincidences, I may also be working with Modiphius on their upcoming John Carter of Mars RPG, which treads the same alien path. In the worst case, Interplanetary will get cannibalized for that product. However, I suspect strongly that Interplantary will see the light of day sometime in the future, with that title, and for the BRP game system.
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    Wotcher, warblers! I've been posting these to the Glorantha Google+ page so far, but while that format is brilliant for quickly displaying visual things like these, it isn't that great for keeping stuff collated. As I'm working on a few more at the moment, I thought I'd start a thread here, with all the links 'n' stuff. Attached at the bottom of this post (at least, I bloody hope so) are the first four in the series. Below is a list of all current entries, with links to high-quality PDFs. ***** Famous Ducks of the Hero Wars 1. Runk Squallheart, Basmoli Duck Gladiator 2. Rudepebble the Streamlord, Rune Lord of the River Gods 3. Buy-one-get-one-free Bronzebill, Rune Priest of Issaries/Etyries 4. Sir Montgomery Quackholy, Duck of (Not Quite) All 5. Mildred Keenwarble, Vingan Adventurer 6. Sungobble, Ptyrant of the Sorns 7. Esmerelda Wildwarble, Torch Singer 8. Snipbeak, Duck Bandit Bonus Deviance a. In the Duck Corners of the Earth b. Elf-finger c. An Illustrated Duckopedia of Durulz Helmets d. The Sord Sage e. Holiday Glorantha: Stormwalk Mountain f. The Parade of the Bloomers
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    Chaosium's Designing the New RuneQuest blog articles, in one convenient list. 2016-02-08 . Part 1 . goals . character sheet 2016-02-10 . Part 2 . combat . 90/10 rule . RQ3 . source material 2016-02-13 . Part 3 . RQ6 2016-02-28 . Part 4 . rune magic 2016-04-27 . Part 5 . deadly combat 2016-04-30 . Part 6 . changes from RQ2 2016-05-24 . Part 7 . character start with background and personality 2016-06-12 . Part 8 . family history 2016-06-17 . Part 9 . just plain RuneQuest . setting scope 2016-06-25 . Part 10 . core rule book . Glorantha Bestiary . Gamemaster Book 2016-08-23 . Part 11 . sorcery 2017-01-09 . Part 12 . progress report . Quick Start . bestiary concept art . Dragon Pass Campaign Book 2017-04-05 . Part 13 . progress report . schedule . book list update 2017-04-06 . news . RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (RQG) 2017-04-07 . Part 14 . runes 2017-04-11 . Part 15 . design team . design vision 2017-04-17 . Part 16 . reusable rune magic 2017-06-24 . Part 17 . changes from Free RPG Day playtest 2017-08-13 . Part 18 . preview edition 2017-08-13 . Part 19 . art sample 2017-11-25 . Part 20 . progress report 2018-02-09 . Part 21 . progress report . character sheet 2018-03-21 . Part 22 . logo 2018-03-22 . Part 23 . final progress report
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    "Hill Country" by Andrey Fetisov. New art for the new RuneQuest.
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    We just posted the full finished pic in the latest update over on the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter, so here are the Monkey Ruins in all their glory:
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    I thought I'd post some working notes from some work we've been doing on cities in Dragon Pass (this ultimately is not going to be part of any book, but rather informs our art direction and map making). -------- Many of the cities in Dragon Pass are built atop the remnants of God Time settlements of the Vingkotlings. Now most of these ruins are some 5,000 years old, making them the equivalent of Neolithic ruins as seen by Alexander's Greeks. BTW, that's how I tend to try to understand Glorantha's history - I position myself at the time of Alexander the Greek and look backwards. Present year 162710 years ago - Lunar Empire invades Hendrikiland25 years ago - Boldhome falls to the Lunar Empire50 years ago - Battle of Grizzly Peak100 years ago - Apotheosis of Sartar300 years ago - Belintar unites Holy Country500 years ago - the Dragonkill War (1120)1000 years ago- the Kingdom of Dragon Pass. After this came the EWF.1500 years ago - the Second Council. The Theyalans dominate Genertela and war with the Pelorian horse people.2000 years ago - I Fought, We Won, and the Unity Battle. After this, came the Heortling kingdom, which lasted about 800 years (until Gbaji destroyed it).2500 years ago - The Chaos Age, which lasted until the Unity Battle.3000 years ago - the Ice Age5000 years ago - the Vingkotlings10,000 years ago - Orlanth kills YelmCompare this to a Greek at the time of Alexander (330 BC)10 years ago - Philip founds Philippopolis 25 years ago - the Sacred War50 years ago - Battle of Leuctra (371 BC)100 years ago - start of the Peloponnesian War300 years ago - fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire500 years ago - the neo-Assyrian Empire1000 years ago - the Trojan War1500 years ago - height of Babylon2000 years ago - Sargon and the Akkadian Empire2500 years ago - Gilgamesh is king of Uruk3000 years ago - Menes units Egypt (first dynasty)5000 years ago - Neolithic cities like Catal Huyuk and Jericho10,000 years ago - beginning of Neolithic age The Vingkotling settlements had great walls of stone or earth and the more important were built with something of a spiral shape. The Vingkotlings enslaved dwarfs or used great magics to build these settlements. They ranged in size from 2 or 3 hectares to nearly 500 hectares (Nochet was the capital of the Vingkotlings). Most were between 2 and 40 hectares. As the God Time became more and more destructive, these settlements tended to be rebuild as smaller and more fortified. Many of these Vingkotling citadels survived the Great Darkness. During the Great Darkness, the surviving peoples of Dragon Pass eked out an existence in a few of these citadels, and after I Fought We Won they became the centers of the new Theyalan civilization. Old ruins were the first to be resettled. Broken walls were cannibalized to build new walls. In the early First Age, the Theyalans were allied with the dwarfs of Greatway (in the Rockwood Mountains), and some later settlements (such as the City of Miracles in Dorastor) were architectural wonders. This civilization was destroyed in the Gbaji Wars that ended the age. In the later Second Age, Dragon Pass was again the center of an urbane empire, best known as the EWF. The EWF ruled much of the continent and could command masons and builders from far and wide, particularly from Dara Happa, but also from dwarf allies and subjects. Population levels recovered and many of the old cities were rebuilt, sometimes to realign with mystic experiments of the ruling EWF. The EWF collapsed in the 12th century and then all human life in Dragon Pass was exterminated overnight in 1120 with the Dragonkill War. For two centuries Dragon Pass was largely abandoned by humans. Some of the ruins were occupied by the dominant trolls as strongholds and bases, but most were just left empty. Dragon Pass was resettled by humans after 1300 or so.The old ruins were often the first to be resettled. So places like Clearwine, Bagnot, Dunstop, Jonstown, Two Ridge, and so on, all incorporate citadel walls built by older, richer civilizations. Until Sartar's arrival, these settlers were dramatically inferior builders to those who came before, but thanks to Sartar's friendship with the dwarves, his cities tend to be as impressive as anything from the previous ages. Saronil taught the dwarf secrets to his followers; although this ended the dwarf friendship, it began a tradition of impressive stonemasonry among the Sartarites. So in lots of these cities, there is going to be a "citadel" (or "acropolis") that is maybe 2 to 10 hectares in size built within the old Vingkotling citadel. Then a later city that incorporates earlier and later defensive walls, and then later rebuilds them. The previous names and history are generally lost (the settlers weren't scholars!), although places of obvious power became cult centers. What might have been a Second Age temple to the Diamond Storm Dragon gets rebuilt as a temple to Orlanth Adventurous. The tombs of Theyalan kings became shrines of Orlanth Thunderous or Ernalda. And so on. The city of Furthest is something of an exception. The Lunars laid out a planned city, built along the lines they developed in the Fifth Wane to resettle their own Heartlands, which had been destroyed by the nomadic hordes of Sheng Seleris. Furthest is built on a grid, and was built largely by and for foreigners.
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    It is not an exact reprint of RQ2. If we did that it would not have the errata incorporated into the text, nor would we have corrected some typos. :-) and there wouldn't be a barcode on the back cover. ;-) The layout has been updated a bit, and we have added additional items into the appendices, plus some Q&A from Steve Perrin's "Rambling Runequestions". We also updated the Orlanth and Kyger Litor Cults so they are the Cults of Prax versions as opposed to the abbreviated versions the rulebook used. As a result, the book is now 144 pages instead of the original 120. The GM Handouts in the middle of the book will now be separately available. Of course the PDF of the book is bookmarked well.
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    You raise a good point about the name. BRP Central has been the name it has had for some time now. It's now BRP Central - The Chaosium forums in the metatag. We'll just see what sticks with the community. Banner will probably be updated more than once! There's a poll over in the Glorantha forum now, go vote! Personally I prefer all the Glorantha discussions in one place, independent of system, but if the majority wants system-specific Glorantha subforums, you'll get it! BRP Central will continue to supporting discussions for the entire BRP family and this includes hosting subforums for the major non-Chaosium d100 systems. No change in this policy!
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    Previous editions of RuneQuest didn't take characters through to Hero status; RQG does. These rules will be in the Gamemaster Book.
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    Personally, it's also a bit sobering for me to think I was involved in the first completely new Glorantha scenarios to appear for Chaosium/AH RuneQuest (Sun County, which came out eight years after the launch of RQIII) and the last (in Strangers in Prax), 23 years ago. We are going to ensure our new edition has plenty of Gloranthan scenarios to play from the go-get.
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    Something we announced at our RuneQuest panel at UK Games Expo on the weekend: we're bringing out a GLORANTHA QUICKSTART to go along with the RuneQuest Quickstart. It will be a user-friendly introduction to Greg Stafford's epic campaign world, ideal for newcomers to the wonders of Glorantha. This is an excerpt of the cover (still a work-in-progress). It's by the amazingly talented Andre Fetisov, who also did the RQ Quickstart cover. It depicts the storm god Orlanth and his thanes, an assemblage of heroes and heroquesters (our warrior on the right has graduated from killing rock lizards...)
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    Here's a few notes on the Many Suns: 1. The Little Sun cult survived the Great Darkness and was present at the Dawn. There were Little Sun cults throughout South Peloria, Dragon Pass, and Kethaela. Outside of a few places like Lolon, these cults were NOT political or religiously prominent, but they certainly existed. Most were likely family groups that tended the shrines to the Little Sun. 2. The Little Sun cults received magical and spiritual patronage from the Broken Council and learned new insights from Dara Happa as well. That's when the Little Yelm sobriquet became widespread (aka Yelmalio). After Night and Day, Nysalor reveals Daysenerus (think of him as a Buddhist bodhisattva god) as the Illuminated Protector of the Little Yelm cult (also called the Cold Sun). The Cold Sun temples are built through the troubled lands of the Bright Empire and their cultists are heavily relied upon to keep the various Orlanthi rebels pacified. The Little Yelm temples obeyed the holder of the Orb of Sovereignty (aka the Dara Happan Emperor). 3. Arkat and his army of trolls and Heortlings destroy most of the temples. Daysenerus vanishes completely (he was a product of Nysalor's magic). However, the Little Sun is invoked against against the troll dominance of South Peloria and the temples rebuilt. 4. Although the Little Sun cults initially resist the Kingdom of Dragon Pass, they are defeated and end up receiving magical and spiritual patronage from the EWF. The Cold Sun is not a dragon, but he serves the dragons. When the EWF collapses, the Little Sun temples become autonomous and ally with former enemies. Most join the Invincible Golden Horde. With the Dragonkill, the Little Sun cults in South Peloria are completely cut off from those in Prax and Kethaela (Sartar's is destroyed by the Dragons). 5. The Little Sun cults initially resist the rise of the Lunar Empire, aiding Jannisor in the Dara Happan revolt. They are later defeated by Hwarin Dalthippa but receive patronage from the Lunar Empire. Once again, they are used to keep the various Orlanthi rebels pacified and to fight trolls. However, the Little Sun is not "Lunarized" and is generally considered arrogant and aloof. There is no overall central organization between Sun Dome temples. They are all religiously autonomous. In the Lunar Provinces, the Provincial Overseer resolves disputes between the temples when asked (while in Sylila that is done by the satrap). All of the temples have been rebuilt at least once, and most several times. The cultists tend to gloss that over. 6. Yelm can only be contacted by those who can claim a line of descent to the old Dara Happan nobility established by Murharzarm (which btw includes the Pure Horse People). Basically you have to belong to a specific group of families - like being a priest in the Temple. That's why in the Lunar Empire, the Yelm priests are all of the highest nobility (and likely very interbred into the imperial family). But anyone can worship the Little Sun. You don't need to be descended from the nobility of the Solar Empire. Your ancestors can be from outside the Dome during the Great Darkness - in other words, you can be a Theyalan (which is what they all are).
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    However, when the dust settles, the fantasy rpg of choice for me, and the game system I am invested in, is the RQ rules written by Pete & Loz. This is not only because of the quality of design, which is high, but also the direction they are taking the game. I'd love to see a range of well researched Mythic titles to pick and choose (and mix?) from. Thank you for the vote of confidence. It means a lot and Design Mechanism is going to be working doubly hard to ensure we continue the work we’ve started.
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    Here is version 3. This is it. I'm exhausted and I've exhausted my nerdthusiasm for this monster... To recap - Only complete games. So, no Corum, no Delta Green, no Luther Awkward. I've made an exception for Mythic Iceland, because it's to become a full game, and because I just love Mythic Iceland. -Only d100, so d20 based BRP-ish games are out. No Pendragon, first of all. Mutant is in Mutant Chronicles is out. - Original non-English games are in. I have French, Italian and Swedish entries here. I've added the Italian "John Doe" in v.3. I've surely missed some others. - Modded, expanded, reworked non-English editions are in. Italian and French BASIC, French Hawkmoon, etc. Again I'm sure I've missed stuff. - The future is in, kickstarted and announced BRP games have made their appearance in v.3! Enjoy !