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    I've been running games since the late eighties, and I can't remember the last time I felt so excited about my biweekly session. From stone woman to a trip to Greydog lands to return the corpses before the seven days are up, to today's session where the party has committed to go with Vostor (the one player who decided to use a pregen) on a Humakt pilgrimage to break his bonds to the Seven Mothers. The Battle of the Queens looms on the horizon. 2 players are new to RPGs, the other four have varying degrees of experience. Every single session has been a joy for everyone involved. I'm not sure why I'm gushing long form here, but I guess I might as well post before the game high passes.
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    I'd say opposed rolls is a pretty good mechanic, and insofar as the RQ lineage is concerned, I'm pretty sure MRQ introduced it. To say nothing of some clever ideas in RQ6 as well, which is functionally MRQ3. I like a lot of the MRQ source stuff as interesting (particularly considering they filled vast spans that 'today's official sources' haven't covered) and I personally don't give the faintest hoot whether it's canonical or not. If I find material interesting and engaging, I might use it. Why care particularly about the source? The idea that there's even a canon to be violated - and the tone by which apostates are admonished - approaches the worst of the Glorantha Digest days. I REALLY don't see value in Bowdlerizing RQs publishing history. But then, I come from the ancient era where campaigns were expected to be wildly different from each other, there were far fewer resources, and thus may be slightly more inoculated against one-true-worldisms.
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    Well, the book is again about 98% complete (though with every delay it grows...) and whilst the level of illustration (in both quality and quantity) doesn't approach that of a Chaosium book (there's roughly one picture on every fourth page) it doesn't look too bad. Probably only room for one more sketch, and I believe it will feature a bison rider from Jarst... Here are the first forty pages...
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    I prefer Glorantha over Gloranthish every day. I've had my own wild deviations, which, while interesting to pursue at the time, in the end were based on misleads rather than leads. I really don't see value in taking a rich, interrelated setting, then sever all these interlinks for the ease of telling a story that doesn't quite fit the setting. Why start with the real setting in the first place, and not use some pastiche that has all the elements but none of the depth? Some settings have premises that contradict their promise to me. The Second Age book was one such setting. If I want some unrelated setting using Gloranthan names, I can watch Star Trek. To be fair, the book was written true to the sum of published Glorantha knowledge from about 17 years prior to its publication date, sprinkled with a selection of names dropped from a fact sheet given to the publishers. Now I happen to enjoy a lot of the stuff that had been developed in the intervening 17 years, and I don't want to miss that. The EWF is a phenomenon that got my curiosity since I first saw its mention in Dragon Pass. Seeing its treatment built on misleading details that weren't that well formulated all that time ago is fairly damaging to suspension of disbelief, and thereby enjoyment. To say it with Gary Oldman's character in the Fifth Element, I was disappointed. Still am. So: I really don't see value in bowdlerizing Glorantha's publishing history. Different focus, different values.
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    A wonderful gathering of Call of Cthulhu creators and devotees today at the TERROR AUSTRALIS launch! It was a pleasure to have so many along to celebrate the extraordinary longstanding contribution Australian writers have made to the Call of Cthulhu RPG and wider Cthulhu mythos.
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    There is a MRQ1/2 thread in the Legend forum. Can we move this discussion there, please?
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    I think the weapon stat blocks are all correct, although I was mainly focusing on skills and runes. The only mistake I found in weapons was the missing half damage bonus for thrown javelin. That is also missing in my spreadsheet, must fix that.
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    I never played MRQ1, but once I knew Loz was involved, I tried MRQ2 and we had a blast. It was over the top, but great fun. Was it Glorantha? Some of it was, some wasn't. The Clanking City was totally not Glorantha but we went with it anyway. Some have accused @Jeff of rejecting all of MRQ out of hand, I think that's a little unfair. When a publisher has a track record of poor products, is it really worth sifting through it all looking for diamonds in the rough? As he specifically said, his time was merely more well spent looking elsewhere, and that's fair enough to me. Also it can be hard to get that bad taste out of your mouth once your opinion of a publisher has been spoiled for legitimate reasons.
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    An interesting discussion. We too had queries about SR and your thoughts are giving me ideas on how to resolve them. Anyway, my thought is that some empirical evidence is needed as much conversation about how weapons were used is conjecture. How many of us have been in the sort of fights being talked about? Certainly not me, though I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have done some re-enactment. IIRC, the original RQ combat rules were created by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, re-enactors who did simulate such fights (and a quick search show's they're still going strong https://www.sca.org). They presumably created the rules to match their actual experience of wielding weapons, so lets assume the rules model that to their satisfaction. But what evidence do we have? Well, 40 years or so on, YouTube comes to the rescue. The following video pitches spearman against swordsmen in various combinations – without shields, with shields, in groups, great sword use, etc. – and does enough trials to give us an acceptable answer*: 'Spears are better than swords' (but shields make a big difference). https://youtu.be/uLLv8E2pWdk Interestingly, Lloyd (Lindybeige) on the video has played RQ and D&D and prefers the mechanics of RQ. Alas, the video makes no attempt to test how spell casting works in real life, so we're on our own there It's arguably just of bit of fun, but informative fun nonetheless. The big take away for me is how good long weapons are at getting a strike in first and keeping a shorter weapon at bay. This matches what we see with long weapons having a faster SR. * The pedants amongst us can argue whether or not it's statistically valid, but at least it's over the magic number of 30, even if the test cases aren't strictly controlled and vary a bit in set up.
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    Well that's rather ironic. I really dislike MRQ, but I agree with everything styopa said: a lot of you are blinded by personal truisms. There's no objectivity to any of this, if someone likes the parts of the mongoose material then that's their thing, and they should be able to voice their wishes for further expansion of those themes without hearing a "Begone, heathen!" . I completely agree that ignoring everything about MRQ is the definition of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and I can't even remember anything I particularly liked about it. It just kills the potential for engaging discussions when people get immediately defensive about it. Also, a bit off topic, but that post was horribly rude; let's try to keep civil when discussing an imaginary world we use to play pretend with dice.
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    I went through and re-vamped the encounter pages to match the general layout of the NPC sheets in the RQiG GM Screen Pack. I still haven't added in saving, but the pages should be pretty functional and hold a lot of useful information. A sample encounter here: https://rq-web.herokuapp.com/view_encounter/christopherallison-battle-on-the-banks#Lunar Patrol-christopherallison-khelus-white-brow-0 The next feature will be saving character updates through encounters. I'll then probably go back to the work I did on creatures, spirits and simple NPCs. Cheers! C
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    I went through and re-vamped the encounter pages to match the general layout of the NPC sheets in the RQiG GM Screen Pack. I still haven't added in saving, but the pages should be pretty functional and hold a lot of useful information. A sample encounter here: https://rq-web.herokuapp.com/view_encounter/christopherallison-battle-on-the-banks#Lunar Patrol-christopherallison-khelus-white-brow-0 I'll keep monitoring this thread for any feature requests for encounters, but will otherwise go back to the main app thread. Cheers! C
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    Dp you feel the great hunt in Dragon Pass would be the thing it is say Balazar? There is a thread here in BRP Central about planning sacred time that makes it sound like passion plays and christmas pageants on the blue marble and the amount of work these entail. To think of it being fun makes me wonder... though to a bystander who is not in anyway involved just watching the farcical nature of the planning followed closely by the ceremonies execution (the poor sheep that goes the wrong way, the little Orlanth that just could not hold it anymore... (aww) could entertain the communities teens and the Eurmali immensely. No that is mean, I am sure there are teen romances that blossom into the real things that begin at these practices. Not to mention community bonding. It all sounds pretty cool. Thanx.
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    There's been a spate of supers-ish TV shows, of late; some explicitly supers-ish, some more fantasy-esque. Heroes springs to mind. Supernatural, Grimm, Lost Girl. There's already a Buffy'verse RPG, but they often share the ultra-tough problem. Dresden Files also has a RPG, but at least mortals are, well, mortal! Just because a setting already has an "official" game doesn't mean you cannot run that setting at your own table in a BRP version... As noted, much WoD/CoD can be played as "Supers with Fangs." Werewolf is arguably "furry eco-supers" by default (granted, there are other defaults possible). MANY fantasy settings can be read as "supers" and vice versa (Marvel 1602, anyone?) But you know what /I/ would like to see in this genre? May's Pliocene Exile / Galactic Milieu setting!!! Make it so.
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    Poor editing led me to many mistakes in the last post can be deleted. if the management should see this please make it go poof. Correction follows. When moving, number of MOVs replace SIZ strike rank modifier (SRM) in figuring weapon SR pages 193 and 194 RQ RiG Simply speaking correct. See page 211-214 for full tale but mostly 211 for simple SR. There is a sentence on firing multiple times worth a look S/MR: As many missiles as can be fired as strike rank permits, assuming 5 strike ranks to reload. Correct for Spirit magic ( pages 194 RQ RiG) an near correct for Rune Magic (same page and on Page 214 and 215 of RQ RiG). All (? Thats what it says...) Rune Magic with no or one point of magic points added is cast on SR 1. This is on Page 214 and 215 of RQ RiG . forget adding " add one SR per point of spell added after the first point to SR 1 I do not see it adding DEX in anywhere so it could be assumed you add MP cost above 1 to SR 1."  Have not checked out the pre gens since mistakes were found I refer you to PhilHibbs who seems to be in the know. Note I have seen surprise preparation movement (noted above) and picking up and placing down (not dropping) all mentioned as modifiers and the number mentioned is a universal and easy to remember though very inaccurate 5. I am sure there will be more added in the future. Cheers
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    I could see Heortlings playing the theoretical ur-football. Everyone from bloodline x tries to kick a ball into the doors of the main longhouse of bloodline y and vice versa. Can scale down to families or up for the once a year match against another clan. Fishing and hunting competitions, both informal personal challenges and occasional fishing derbies and of course the Great Hunt. Annual fairs on Ernalda Holy Days including competitions for growing the biggest and best veggies, prize livestock, best pottery, baking contests, beauty contests, dance and singing competitions. The Orlanth fair would include feats of strength like caber tossing, running, riding, jumping, climbing, archery or javelin throw, wrestling and sparring, plus an poetry recitation (traditional and new) and a storytelling contest (Orate). Sacred time dances and songs are very important to get right so getting together to practice them would be popular. Practices could be small events (just family) or could be part of general hoedowns for bloodlines. Barnraisings are fun for all and end up with a frame for a new barn or longhouse. Anything that is a cultural skill probably has a “play” version.
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    This is the key, I think. HQG is what we expect someone to do with HQ: take the Core, then drop some rules and add a few new ones to better emulate your setting. It should still be recognizably the same, but its ok to vary a little. (Think of the way BRP often had slight differences between systems).
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    Ever wanted to be a member of a secret society? Always seen that infamous brotherhood but never managed to join them? Well in this video I give you an overview of the Orders and Brotherhoods in the ruleset which is Mythras.
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    We used Lie to tell the truth on a number of occasions. We mainly used it to convince disbelievers that something happened the way we knew it happened.
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    I mean... LIE. Freaking Lie. It's like THE reason to keep a bonded Trickster. "Hello local Lunar census taker/military officer/missionary. Have a beer. Uncle Bobo over there will answer all your questions." Uncle Bobo says: "Don't worry. All the men here worship Barntar the plow god." "Let me think. I'd guess the population of this clan is around 500 people. About 200 adults between 18 and 50?" "Our local militia is about... hmmm... twenty guys? Thirty on a good day." "We no longer worship Orlanth in this clan." "We don't want any trouble with the Lunars." "Of course we didn't steal those cows." "We paid our taxes last week. This is the receipt." (Hands over forged receipt) "Kallyr Starbrow? She was eaten by Cragspider. Good riddance." "I think Delecti has what you're looking for. You should go talk to him. He's super friendly." "We are not the Sartarites you're looking for." No wonder the Lunar field intelligence on the military capabilities of the "pacified" tribes is so terrible.
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    A friend of mine had a Stormbull called Fretburner who had been told by a trickster, using lie, that having flowers in your hair helped you fight chaos.
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    Of course, the accomplished trickster will use the Lie spell openly to spread truths, especially uncomfortable truths. It will cause those opposed Lhankor Mhy lawspeakers and Humakti oath guardians to tear their beards and bend their swords trying to disprove what the trickster said.
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    In my Glorantha, Sartarite culture thinks in terms of souls as determining gender more than bodies. A female body with an Air rune soul means the person is a man (the particular subset of men we call 'Vingan'). A male body with an Earth rune soul means the person is female (the particular subset of female we call Nandani). Sartarite culture prefers to have Air rune souls marry Earth rune souls. So Vingan women would most readily marry Nandani or Ernaldans. If they marry someone with an Air rune, they're setting themselves up for a very stormy marriage (pun intended). The marriage is unlikely to be fertile (no Earth fertility involved). Fire runes can be fertile with Earth runes and other Fire runes, but not with Air runes. Water runes, of course, can go either way as they choose.
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    I know you're parroting the official line on this, but it's provably not true because combat results -even for melee- are applied in discrete, ordinal ways instead of holistically. If there are 12 SR in a round, let's say that you swing on 6, I swing on 7. If you kill me on SR6, half the round has passed. SR are merely the "order in which we resolve the combat results, representing the full span of cut & thrust time of the combat round...then I should still get to resolve my combat roll, perhaps proportionalized to 7/12 my damage or some other penalty to reflect my inability to spend the entire time cut & thrusting. But that isn't how it works; if you kill me on 6, then I don't get ANY action/result, suggesting that SR really does represent an actual flow of linear time.
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