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    Speaking of super strength and other amazing super powers! Behold! I give you, the... Amazing Man Spider! 😮
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    For those of you not from my area: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendigo#Wendigo_psychosis
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    I think this all foreshadowing of the corruption of Ragnaglar. And the Uncoling Greater Darkness survival myth is partly about this, learning to defeat an evil that gets between them and their god. Cannibalism is kind of different for herd animal hsunchen - most of them acknowledge their animal brothers as family, but survival includes eating them when necessary (though living on milk is better when you can).
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    Actually... there are a fair number of soldiers coming home who've fought Daesh & related groups (groups who've been known to conduct decapitation (among other atrocities)). Lots of soldiers pursue gaming in their downtime, and then keep it up when they get home. So before I included any Thanatari plotlines, I'd actually do a check-in with any new-to-me gamers... (just noting, as I write this, that I am kind of appalled at the situation we live in these days, where this sort of thing is common enough to be a reasonable consideration (just saw we had another school shooting, which... FUCK))
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    When an 'out of canon' source is the best source you have, use it unless it is directly contradicted by canon. Where The Bestiary contradicts Anaxials Roster, the Bestiary is correct, but mostly the Bestiary just doesn't say anything about breeds from outside Dragon Pass. In the particular case of horses, AR drew on earlier documents and it is unlikely to contradict canon.
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    I will have to think on this... It could well end up being be printed and laminated and placed on tables I run amongst strangers (conventions or otherwise).
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    i guess you didn't read on... Root of Life. A million Best Babies and a Protector to guard them. also the film version of John Carter was FANTASTIC, I can't believe it tanked. I loved it.
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    And, of course Your Problematic May Vary. That is thing that might be problematic for some people won't be for others.
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    My daughter's Girl Scout troop is working on their "Playing the Past" badge, and rather than let them skate by with a pioneer-picnic or something, I'm running a time-travel/historical adventure for them with QuestWorlds. At the last meeting, they randomly rolled their characters' place and year of birth, and I helped them figure out what culture they were from, pick a language appropriate name, etc. Since then, they've (hopefully) been researching their characters' home era and culture and filling out their character sheet with details about their time-traveling tween adventuresses. Tonight, Hypatia of Alexandria, Empress Wu Zetian, and Admiral Grace Hopper will summon them to their Time Orrery with a mission.
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    What? The sum of two stats and/or stat x2? Yes, but it was complicated in that each skill had it's own formula, and I believe the starting bases also reflected previous experience. The idea with the categories is that we don't have to calculate and track values for the 60 or so skills on the sheet that will probably never be improved during a character's life time. So a character with Knowledge 25% wouldn't need to track something like Mineral Lore unless they were going to be a miner or jeweler or some such. I think in a typical BRP based game players only significantly improve less than half of the skills on thier sheet. Even less in versions that award improvement rolls instead of skill checks. What I am thinking of was inspired by FGU's Year of the Phoenix. It broke down each of the skills into skill spheres, and calculated a base percentage for each skill within a given sphere. The add two stats method would work fine for that, if the skills were kept into categories instead of each skill having it's own formula required that they be calculated and tracked.
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    Remember the episode in the Bible where the legionaries allegedly play dice for Jesus' clothes ? Why don't more players indulge their gambling urge in this time honored fashion? Gambling was a pastime that pretty much every warrior type indulged in according to antiquity, almost as an expression of their bravery and willingness to lose everything based on the whims of fortune. Or they cheated, and sometimes got caught, and there was a PvP fight. A nice sentiment, but how do you think people get to be heroes if not by keeping the loot occasionally? Frankly a clan leader or tribal king is likely to take the lion's share of the loot and leave the characters with a thank-you and the scraps, and they will know this. The decision to gift their monarch with their takings is a measured one, as every gift given is a two-edged sword for gift giving is very political in a situation where a ruler's generosity is a measure of their fitness to rule. Too large a gift to a ruler may be perceived not as a gift but as a challenge to their authority if they cannot somehow reciprocate.
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    Will share this here... Test printout to check formatting.
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    First I've seen. But am I the first to post this? !i!
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    You will, hopefully. Lots and lots of books, all being well. We want you to draw until your arms drop off and put out more and more books.
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    We've been telling you for ages that there would be more than enough interest! But do you listen? No, kids nowadays ...
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    I may bring a very few spare copies to Dragonmeet, but they will be sold by Chaosium on a first come, first served basis. The PDF may be available in a few weeks, so making special trips to Dragonmeet for a book that may be sold out is not advised. I assumed, naively, that there wouldn't be much demand for what is a big expensive book.
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    Am preparing a preview printout for Dragonmeet.
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    Uther and Warlord have almost nothing in Malahaut. Book of Sires has more. Perilous Forest has some, too. If you have GPC, you can read pages 124-128, which gives a lot of geographical information, even though it is a bit later in the campaign. Close enough. So? My wife is now on her 6th character, I think, all from different families due to them dying like flies during Anarchy. We started in 485 and are now in 525. So average lifespan about 7 years. And I just killed her expensive large charger in a battle. (Well, not me personally, obviously, but for some reason, I seem to get the blame when NPCs do something dastardly like use missile weapons...) Anyway, while you could turn the Angles in the adventure into Cymric settlers from elsewhere, it cheapens the story. High Passions, especially Hate Passions, are supposed to have downsides. If you always avoid putting the PKs into situations where those downsides become evident, it is the same as having no downsides at all. And that is boring. Let her play her high Hate Passion and chew some scenery and take what lumps there may be. I skimmed the adventure just now, and I think it will actually work even better when the other PKs need to restrain (or not) their comrade before he goes on a murderous rampage through the filthy Saxons. If the enemies are just other Cymri, then it is more 'meh', lacking that same emotional impact.
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    The irony is that cheesy B movies make great RPG scenarios. Of course, with tabletop games you have an unlimited special effects budget.
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