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    I got the players to create their own clan, moved the borders and wedged it into an existing tribe. They even added their own geography, effectively it was a blank. The Sangor / Stormblood clan then established their place in the world through the game.
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    Yes if you look at the map above. I used the Lismelder tribe with the details from old Tales of the Reaching Moon, then I used clan creation from older products. They drew their bloodline steads on the map. They wanted a stream, but there was no gap in the Malanni Hills, so it goes into a syphon under the hills into a mineral deposit that turns the stream red - the blood stream.
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    Have you considered the fine location of Balazar? Sure, the beer is shit, but there's not the looming war overhead. Not to mention, dogs instead of cats. So, automatic points! Our DragonPass game starts further back in history and we have changed a few minor things. As the one running the game gets to determine such. We saved Apple Lane's thane, until the lunar witch came back for revenge. None of us wanted to hide in the pawnshop and engaged in the street. Took the gm by surprise. We were the first group of his to take that approach. We gave advance notice of Crimson Bat priests to Whitewall so they will be better prepared when it shows up down the line. You can follow the main timeline as much or little as you want and shouldn't ever feel like there's no room for change or twists. Source material is that, even layers deep, amazing source material can be converted to your needs. It may seem daunting, but play around with it before letting anyone else see if that's what you need to do.
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    These miniatures are from WizKids unpainted line of figures for (mostly) D&D games, but I think they're perfectly usable for Glorantha. Especially for Rune spells such as Summon Cult Spirit (RQG p. 342). Air Cult Spirits. I used real leaves cut to size and glued them on the miniatures for added effect. Sealed with clear matte spray. Hopefully the matte spray will prevent the leaves from decomposing further. Also, I didn't use the small black bases that were included in the package and replaced the bases with clear ones. That way you can put an air spirit on a clear "flight" base to show that it's hovering above the ground (see second image below). Here are WizKids' medium earth elementals, which can be used for Gloranthan Earth Spirits. These WizKids' Oxen can be used for Sartar cattle. And here's a Reaper Miniatures pack mule that's always useful for adventurers.
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    i guess you didn't read on... Root of Life. A million Best Babies and a Protector to guard them. also the film version of John Carter was FANTASTIC, I can't believe it tanked. I loved it.
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    Remember the episode in the Bible where the legionaries allegedly play dice for Jesus' clothes ? Why don't more players indulge their gambling urge in this time honored fashion? Gambling was a pastime that pretty much every warrior type indulged in according to antiquity, almost as an expression of their bravery and willingness to lose everything based on the whims of fortune. Or they cheated, and sometimes got caught, and there was a PvP fight. A nice sentiment, but how do you think people get to be heroes if not by keeping the loot occasionally? Frankly a clan leader or tribal king is likely to take the lion's share of the loot and leave the characters with a thank-you and the scraps, and they will know this. The decision to gift their monarch with their takings is a measured one, as every gift given is a two-edged sword for gift giving is very political in a situation where a ruler's generosity is a measure of their fitness to rule. Too large a gift to a ruler may be perceived not as a gift but as a challenge to their authority if they cannot somehow reciprocate.
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    My version of Indlas Somer has the older surfboys becoming Zombies as they surfed, so rather than dying and staying dead they just transition into zombies, with tanned skin pulled slightly too tight on their faces and fixed grins. A pretty good supplement, that can be used as background for a RQG game very easily.
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    The insane description of the way shamans behave is relative to their behaviour and the cultural upbringing of the viewer. For example if a person is seen to be talking to imaginary beings and acting in consort with them all of the time and the viewer doesn't believe in them then of course the shaman is mad. If the viewer is a Gloranthan, it's likely that that they have some understanding of the spirit world and so the shaman is not insane, just acting in their normal way, but still considered a bit strange as you can see only one side of the activity or conversation (just listen to people's mobile phone converstaions on public transport for an idea). The view of shamans being insane in RPGs is very much a western viewpoint and part of the understanding that shamanism (and other belief systems) are not real and so adhering to their beliefs is madness. The soviets used this (and many other means) when suppressing shamanism.
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    What? The sum of two stats and/or stat x2? Yes, but it was complicated in that each skill had it's own formula, and I believe the starting bases also reflected previous experience. The idea with the categories is that we don't have to calculate and track values for the 60 or so skills on the sheet that will probably never be improved during a character's life time. So a character with Knowledge 25% wouldn't need to track something like Mineral Lore unless they were going to be a miner or jeweler or some such. I think in a typical BRP based game players only significantly improve less than half of the skills on thier sheet. Even less in versions that award improvement rolls instead of skill checks. What I am thinking of was inspired by FGU's Year of the Phoenix. It broke down each of the skills into skill spheres, and calculated a base percentage for each skill within a given sphere. The add two stats method would work fine for that, if the skills were kept into categories instead of each skill having it's own formula required that they be calculated and tracked.
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    I don't really have any advice to give which the other fine folks around here haven't said, but I'd just like to chime in and reassure that you're not alone in feeling this way . I often say "most detailed" fantasy setting over "best" fantasy setting to describe Glorantha for a reason. I've been playing an RQG campaign for about a year now (and about a year in-game, too!) and it's a devil of a thing to organize a house campaign such that, if and when cool new canon-fitting scenarios are published, I'll be able to slot them in and finally stop writing as much material on my own. Now, this is doable. I promise. But there's other gamemasters getting Gloranthan brain-cramps out there too.
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    And he is the son of the robber knight as well, which would make him the heir? Forget about the wife/widow/mother, it is the PK who is the heir and the beneficiary of the robbery, presumably. It is he who will deal with any blood feud that might result. So is this already out in the open, in public? Or the Mom has just confessed to the son that oh, by the way, that charger you are riding came from your Dad's highway robbery proceedings? In the former, I would expect the PK to do his damnest to settle the thing, pay the money that was robbed + blood price, and try to get this thing to go away ASAP. If the latter, find out what happened to the man's family, and then try to make amends. Up to and including offering to take the merchant's son (if one of them is young enough) as a squire and train and equip him as a knight. Why? Again, the woman did no crime here. Presumably the PK still has Love Family passion, and it would take hell of a lot to disown your own mother! Sure, if she were, let's just take an example at random, sleeping with the son of the man who killed your father and whose house you have a vendetta against... (Although I would claim that particular event would be more of a fumble in Love Family...)
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    Oh, I'm assuming that RQ-G is Dragon Pass-centric, and the breeds I have listed from Anaxial's Roster are still canon. Rather silly if there are only four horse breeds in the world as per the Bestiary. YGMV 🙂 As far as day to day use goes, 'Chapter VIII Movements on page 245 of the 1912 Cavalry Training Manual refers; Section 179: Marches' boils down to 20-25 miles as daily maximum with forced marches of 40-50 miles in extreme need. This assumed leading the horse 25% of the time, stopping for 15 minutes every two hours, and feeding and watering horse every four hours. For sustained operations with rest days and fighting 15 miles seems reasonable: The 5th Cavalry Division covered 550 miles in 38 days (which period included actions fought at Nazareth, Haifa, Kiswe & Haritan). The 11th Hussars did 116 miles in 8 days including one day of 38 miles. And that's with a standard service load of 108kg. Of course distance is only part of the equation. A large one is fodder and water. In the Levantine campaign three divisions went 72 hours without water whilst working hard. Such ard use and sometimes erratic forage yielded a 5% attrition rate, including casualties. It's interesting to note that the hunters officers took over did not do well at all, whilst 15 year-old cavalry mounts could handle it. But go too far and you'll suffer the 60%+ attrition rate Napoleon suffered in Russia. The actual force of cavalry (or indeed army) is one thing. The support train is another. I've read the Roman Legions (with an average of 2 cavalry per 100 men) had one mule carrying supplies for every 3.5 men or so, and that number comes up in the 18th and 19th Century too (only changing if there were more wagons available). Just as the average person will <never> be able to draw a bow that a 14th C archer did as they practiced from childhood, so too our ideas about what a horse can do are based, largely on leisure horses. They are not the mopeds that gallop everywhere in movies, but they are capable of (with the right training and fodder) very heavy use to anything we'd think of putting them through now. Unless you do endurance riding where 100 miles in ten-twelve hours is possible. But those horses are super-fit. Size-wise, it's interesting there is some evidence that horses decreased in size from 14.2 (which is the average given by some studies of Roman cavalry horses) to less than 13 hands (early medieval) before increasing again. But the 16h or larger horses that some Gloranthan breeds are capable of are, as we both admit, huge. One could arguably throw the idea of breeds out the window and just have horses used for what their size, speed and conformation suited them for, which is essentially (outside of some regional varieties such as the Nicean horse) what people did until early modern times. As far as remounts go, I don't see an issue of a remount herd in the rear for pure missile weapon light cavalry (and light cavalry in melee in anything other than a desperation measure, a tactical feint or an easy victory is doing it wrong). If you're in melee, withdrawal is an issue. If you are engaging the enemy at 100m and they are, by definition, less mobile than you, shooting off 20-40 arrows in five minutes and then getting reloads is what you need to do anyway. If it includes a fresh mount whoopee. The Mongols had at least four ponies each, and amazingly just like the British cavalry stopped every two hours, but their stops featured a horse change. But that string of horses was kept in reserve in a fight (although ridden on a lead rein held by the rider on the march). Thus my idea about sub-adults looking after the reserve herd, rather than having full warriors do it.
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    Look into Kolat. I have a hard time understanding why Kolat is a "Spirit" and not a "God" ... At some point, I think these beings just get to CHOOSE a role...
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    Sounds like the cacodemon... ya just gotta luv the grey areas in Glorantha, eh?
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    We've just finished our first session ("Scouting the Lands") so there's not really much experience to talk about. Your model for skill point reduction sounds good if you want a lower skill level game. I've also slightly reduced skill levels, although I've kept the "auto-initiation" as I remember missing that aspect of the game when I ran RQ3 way back. I will say though, that reading this thread it's apparent to me that I have a very different perspective on the game than some. For example, I don't really care about the details in the combat system. We ran one combat and there's no way I was following RAW. I simply don't know the rules that well, the players are new to the game, and my main priority was MGF. I'll learn the rules as we go, and ignore the parts that I don't think make sense (or are, in my opinion, too crunchy). I could run RQ3 or RQ:G - I really don't care - but I'll stick to RQ:G as far as possible as it's the current edition. My players lack the rpg experience needed to suggest rule changes, and rely on me telling them what goes and how. As far as they (and I) are having fun, I'm satisfied. I'm thankful other people debate the rules though, as I think that might lead to improvements being posted as house rules, or as official rules errata.
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    Love it, you need a job as a travel agent!
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    They have changed Cap over the years from peak human Strength to low Superhuman. 800 pounds would be a high SIZ 30 using the Superworld/RQ3 SIZ table. So CAP'S STR could be somewhere in the low 20s. Interestingly enough 22 is slightly above human max, and would just allow a 10% chance of lifting 800 pounds. There was a SIZ table used in Superworld and RQ3 that, combined with the Resistance table would help a lot here. The formula is 2^(SIZ/8)*25 kg or 55 lbs. That works out to SIZ 16 being 100 kg/220lbs and then doubling every 8 points. An old army Jeep had a curb weight of between 2450 and 2700 lbs (SIZ 43-45), depending on the model. So a character would need a STR in mid 30s to have any chance of lifting one, and like seneschal noted, that should be beyond Cap's abilities.
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    In the New World, at least in the Northeast where I'm from, indigenous housing had the roofing replaced very frequently, and the actual buildings themselves burnt and rebuilt every couple decades or so. The roofing would harbour parasites - rats, bugs, mold, etc. - even with the smoke and cold and summertime movement to outer buildings, and eventually the wooden structure would become untrustworthy for various reasons - wear, rot, ants. Better to "clean house", so to speak. Often a short relocation (a mile or two) to a new site was in order as well, although that wouldn't apply to a city.
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    As "maintaining a shrine" is well within what a PC might end up with, I would love to see the economics of the various temples worked out in rules text. (Especially as there are some odd outliers in the text, such as a small family being able to support its own minor temple (!!) to Daka Fal.) The numbers you provide translated into RQ would mean that (rounding coarsely) a shrine would cost 1500L yearly to maintain, and a minor temple 3000L, out of a clan GDP (sample clan in rulebook) of 16000L. In the case of the sample clan, that means that its public domestic spending of 4500L yearly would be able to just about support a minor temple and a shrine. To me, that seems a little (but not a lot) on the harsh side - while that amount of temple facilities might be fine, there are non-cult-related public expenditures as well, such as public works, maintenance of the war-band, and so on.
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    I keep needing to re-enter my Password for the Cult of Chaos Forums. Is there any way to make the site remember the password, in the same way it remembers my site login details?
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    Humans are quite capable of clearing trees to plant crops using stone tools. I remember reading somewhere that the Neolithic deforested the hilltops, as their ploughs worked best on the light soils. Bronze Age farmers had better ploughs, so deforested the sides of hills and iron Age farmers had even better ploughs and could work heavy clay soils, so deforested river valleys. Also, deforestation in the Neolithic meant that a lot more soil was washed into rivers, which extended their estuaries and changed how they worked. I can't remember much about that, but it impressed me at the time.
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    if you aim, or score a special or Critical, then you should hit the right one, otherwise do as Marc suggests and use the shooting into melee.
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    Are we talking Ringworld or Gor now? Ringworld might sound a little bit more interesting.
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    You have. I'm older than you! 😉
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    HeroQuest: https://www.chaosium.com/men-of-the-sea-pdf/
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    I watched every episode of Lumpkin's campaign on YouTube and it was great. I'll definitely try to follow yours as well. Thanks for sharing.
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    Do uh we think the Hell Waertagi are going to be slightly changed by their experience
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    Hi I have been running a campaign set in the 3rd century BC the time of the DIADOCHI Details here along with the stories of the adventurers. https://chrisbrann.wordpress.com/role-playing-games/diadochi-warlords-campaign/
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    I am sorry if I offended you. It was not my intention to waste anybody's time. If I made a mistake it was an honest one. I meant that I knew the paragraph about bloodlines, but in my understanding it does not mention kinstrife, and the paragraph about kinstrife does not mention bloodlines. I therefore assumed kinstrife can also happen between different bloodlines of the same clan.
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    At the end of the day, it's the narrator's job to balance his own game (assuming they give a stickpicker's damn about this mythical "balance"). This requires them to weigh the procedural difficulty of the task against the narrative thrust of the scene and make a call. The suggested DN table in HQ:G can help with that, but isn't the final arbiter - that's the narrator's job. In my opinion, that's a common thread in all games in which the thrust of the story is the "GM's" responsibility. So, outside of purely narrative games like Hillpeople, a GMs have to think on his toes and make their own calls. Sure, there may be rules in place to guide that, maybe even to try to force the GM down a certain path (like universal threat escalation), but its probably only a shaved-tail GM that's going to adhere slavishly to the rules. Their job is to run an enjoyable game for their players, not gratify some stranger's game design philosophy. Speaking of which, it's my firm belief as a game designer that some mechanism exist purely to satiate a player's expectations of the game and are not integral to the functioning of the game beyond that.
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    It's the Death metal. Humakt knows Enchant Iron, and also knows how to Craft (Iron). Others who have it include: Babeester Gor, Lhankor Mhy, Orlanth, Storm Bull, and Valind.
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    Signs & Portents #90. Article on the World of Spirits (p.18)
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    For larger hex bases, you are looking for Litko. https://litko.net/collections/miniature-bases-and-base-bottoms?_=pf&pf_t_shape=baseshape%3AHexagonal They have an impressive range of shapes and sizes.
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    Here are some of the figures I've finished painting. Broo pack from MadKnight... For some reason, I ended up with two of the rhino broo when I placed my order. So, I cut-off the axe head from one of them and glued a flail spiked ball and chain that I had removed from some other non-Gloranthan figure. I'm still slowly painting the remaining Broo pack figures.
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    First, I'd like to say that this is not the first time you've come at me for something I've allegedly done, always with the phrase "beating a dead horse", and always you end up apologising because you are flat wrong. Last time you were angry because you thought I was always making fun of the name of the Guide to the Gods of Glorantha when I joked I was gonna call it BaGoG, to refresh your memory. I don't know why you are always doing this but maybe next time you can think before you write. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder about me and I don't know why but honestly it's not my problem because every time you bring up a complaint it turns out not to be true. If you have a problem with me, speak the fuck up when you see it instead of festering until you yell at me for something that isn't actually something I'm doing. Yes, i appear differ from canon in arguing for longhouses. I do not differ from canon for saying people live in giant buildings specifically in Kerofinela (outside of Sartar's capital, anyway). This is canon. Also, the shapes of the giant Kerofinelan clan residences are described as "quadrilateral", not square. The hearth areas are square. We've discussed this ad nauseum on this board and Authorities have weighed in that Square is not authoritative; quadrilateral is, which includes but is not limited to "square". I have also listened to people's arguments and taken into account good thoughts on why square is better, because I listen! But that's irrelevant since I was talking about this building. The Kerofinela comment was an aside. People don't understand these aren't alehouses. These are mass residences. the past is a foreign country. this is a bronze age skyscraper. this is part of how clans work and why you belong to an extended family. all over the world, the bronze age is about innovative giant buildings where every person in your tribe/clan/whatever lives. In Sumer, this turned into city-states and the organisation of them into the first bureaucracies, which were the priests of the gods and all work and food was organised via the city's patron god's temple. The most powerful people in Sumer included the brewers, all women, who were symbolically the architects of civilisation - hence why one was sent to Enkidu to tame him. She is badly translated as a "bar maid" or sometimes even as a "sex worker"! In fact, she was the organiser of the main source of caloric intake and food storage for all of the city. I bang on about this because it's so interesting for Glorantha. Also, not just the past; people still live in longhouses around the world, I've been to places where this is the norm. Indonesia, for example, has areas where this is the norm.
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    Yes, I know. The problem is that the rules in some sections (like here) are so poorly written and internally inconsistent that you basically have to go with what seems to be the more core and dominant rule. In this case, the rule about what actions you can perform in melee combat in general definitely strikes me as the dominant one, while this is a rule about when you need to have a free hand, and then tacks on a contradictory rule almost as an afterthought. This is why I can't imagine that it's intended to do what it actually says. Further, this rule makes sense if you interpret it as working with ranged weapons but not melee weapons. Basically, when rules contradict, you have to go with whatever makes more sense, because whatever you go with, it will contradict an explicit rule. It makes some kind of sense that you can cast a spell on a weapon while holding it without having a free hand. It makes no kind of sense that casting a spell on a weapon would suddenly let you bypass the normal restriction of either casting a spell or attacking in melee. This game needs an errata collection ASAP.
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    Mythras Imperative is a free, introductory version of the full Mythras rules. It includes everything needed for play, including character creation, skills, combat, and, brand new to this release, Powers, covering simple magic and super powers. Taken together, Mythras Imperative offers a fully rounded game to suit many genres, and can be used easily with any of Design Mechanism's adventures and campaign settings. Available now from BRP Central's Downloads, and in POD from DrivethruRPG, Lulu and Barnes & Noble.
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    yes Yes it's a straightforward choice. If you cast a 3pt spell, that's it until you regain the points. If you have 3 points you can choose which level you use. If you chose 2 pts of Shield and have 1 pt left you can't cast your 3 pt spell. Page 73 is clear to me, the bold is my emphasis: About a quarter of my players have spent POW is get more for their starting character. Most players realised that getting the big spells first was cheaper in the long run as it's 100L per point later (page 275) There is only one one magic that is hard to use - Call Founder 6 Points and you have to be the legitimate Khan of an entire tribe...
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    Putting on my moderator hat: Let's get back to talking about the cover art and take the rest of the chat to somewhere else.
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    Hi Tzunder Yes, he has given permission and had a copy of it.
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    And to me. It's fine if someone doesn't like it, but one ought not pretend one's subjective preferences are objective flaws by using fancy philosophical terms such as "counter-intuitive" ...
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    Funny thing, we are temporarily suspended and won't be able to play until May, and then I will be in Scotland so... Right at the endgame too! 😣 Anyways, for a group of strangers to keep each other entertained for three years something good was happening for sure. I do hope to see it reach some sort of conclusion or earth is doomed for sure.
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