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    Chaosium is pleased to announce the release of the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document (SRD). The Basic Roleplaying SRD is based on Basic Roleplaying, the simple, fast, and elegant skill-based percentile system that is the core of most Chaosium roleplaying games, including Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, SuperWorld, and others. Under the provisions of the Basic Roleplaying Open Game License (OGL), designers can create their own roleplaying games using the Basic Roleplaying rules engine, royalty-free and without further permission from Chaosium Inc. For further details and to download the SRD document, see our Basic Roleplaying SRD information page. Please note: the BRP Open Game License for use of the Basic Roleplaying system differs from the Wizards Open Game License and has different terms and conditions.
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    The current Gods of Glorantha manuscript is over 600 pages in length. The work done thus far required a lot of author time, and many of the cults in this manuscript already had a lot of their info already fleshed out (although it did have to be updated and edited, sometimes heavily). It is quite easy to imagine that the rest of the cults in Glorantha would require at least as big of a manuscript, and many of them have far less written about them. There is a very distinct tradeoff between getting a lot of Gloranthan Cults this year, or getting every Gloranthan cult two or three years from now. We at the Chaosium have decided to provide a large number of cults based on what most players desire the most. Holding up the publication of a cult from Dragon Pass or Prax for a few years so people can also get the Cult of (insert deity rarely worshipped in some far flung corner of the lozenge) at the same time would disappoint far more people. The goal of "complete" would, quite bluntly, just sacrifice every ounce of "timeliness". As for what we are interested in publishing, that is another matter. There are two main factors at work here, as we have stated previously, but are worth repeating: 1. WRITING CAPACITY: Jeff and Jason are our main in house writers for RuneQuest, and Jason spends the majority of his time as the line editor. All the rest of the writing comes from freelance authors. Historically, Glorantha has always struggled to attract authors willing and capable of writing for it. That was true in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, and is also true today. Wishing for a Book on X or Y doesn't mean anyone is going to step up and want to write it. That is probably doubly true for the less documented areas of Glorantha. 2. ECONOMICS: We are very willing to publish any RuneQuest material that will sell well enough to pay the bills. Some topics though are far from mainstream interests. Yes, we have no doubt that there are fans out there who long to buy a book on X or Y, but many of those topics won't sell well enough for Chaosium to invest the resources (mainly money) for a full blown supplement. In many respects, that's what the Jonstown Compendium was created to help alleviate. Chaosium needs to produce material that will sell X thousand copies, not X hundred copies.
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    Yes, I've written the cults of Pavis, Fintnail, and Zola Fel for RQG. But they will appear in the Pavis & Big Rubble materials, where they belong. I also have written cults of the Bloody Tusk, Daruda, Seseine, Glamour, Geo, loads of material on the Draconic religion, and the beginnings of an Invisible God chapter. But those will all appear in other books. This book covers Dragon Pass, Kethaela, Prax, and Peloria in great detail. From here you can work out the contours of much of the rest of Glorantha. Other than gods of the East Isles, Godunya, Path of Immanent Mastery, and Tskanth, I believe that every cult that was in the RQ3 Gods of Glorantha book is here. Long form. Like Cults of Prax or Cults of Terror. Plus so much more - Asrelia, Barntar, Caladra & Aurelion, Choralinthor, Danfive Xaron, Dayzatar, Deezola, Hon-eel, Oslira, Polaris, Shargash, Yara Aranis, Ygg, and so much more.
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    OK, I’ve just uploaded my new short RuneQuest scenario to the Jonstown Compendium: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/307504/The-Duel-at-Dangerford?affiliate_id=392988 It's called The Duel at Dangerford. The scenario itself is a couple of dozen pages long, and since only gamemasters and confirmed non-combatants are ever likely to pick it up, I thought it’d be a good place to share some colourful ideas I came up with for The Smoking Ruin and The Dragon of Thunder Hills as appendices. Rated the "Hottest Community Content" on DriveThruRPG! "This is wonderful. The absolute love for the setting hits you straight in the mouth." -- Michael Kirkbride, Concept Artist & Writer for Morrowind.
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    I Came across this forum and thread while looking for something else on google. It makes me feel awesome. Convinced to join the forum now, seems to be lots of useful tools and information here. Looking forward to bantering with you guys. (I am the artist btw)
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    The Corn Dolls: Sandheart Volume 2 is now live on DrivthruRPG. Thanks to Nick Brooke for all sorts of assistance, MOB for support and Diana Probst/Kris Herbert (Beer With Teeth) and for their advice/Sun Hawk art https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.drivethrurpg.com%2Fproduct%2F307914%2FThe-Corn-Dolls-Sandheart-Volume-2%3Faffiliate_id%3D392988%26fbclid%3DIwAR0oDa55IRNiYQixicq049MxfdU_D-VLC-og5aMzlDnNdAbnWF3HzfGvR8g&h=AT2pHkFq11syxRCDOXtrCyaXHUs35kJDUIgXdW-hnMxqxlb_PR4cc4q3o74WL3GH0mveTBw95hE1oEXxJh-QXFwvagldmxGvZVZfaPZENR1gUSsjuETtjcNUpjSkza5654A
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    Out now in PDF - Investigate the Cthulhu Mythos during the Harlem Renaissance! Chris Spivey's ENnie-winning breakthrough book HARLEM UNBOUND is back and better than ever. Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition is expanded and improved from the first edition. New areas are shown below: —Seven scenarios (four new to 2nd Edition). —Unique occupations tailored to Harlem. —New Mythos monsters to terrify your players. —Ready-to-play investigators. —Random plot generator. —Crash course on addressing race in gaming. Start reading, start playing now! Buy the PDF from Chaosium now, and you get the full price of the PDF off the physical book when it is released later in the year. https://www.chaosium.com/harlem-unbound-2nd-edition-pdf
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    I'd say the new Cults Book is a deep ocean.
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    Pirates of Drinax for Traveller is one of the few classic sci-fi mega-campaigns. Pentallion converted most of it to M-Space. Now he’s collected his conversion advice in an article here: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2020/03/converting-pirates-of-drinax-to-m-space.html
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    In case of MYTHRAS and the Gateway License, substantial altering the MYTHRAS rules isn't allowed. You cannot simply strip out fundamental elements of the rules engine and keep calling it MYTHRAS. In the License document this is discussed under contractual clause 5 and gets a longer treatment in the FAQ section. It seems it would be better to leave MYTHRAS and its special Gateway License here completely out of focus, to avoid misunderstandings.
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    The Tax Demons are stats
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    The closest Gloranthan parallel may have been the First age - an empire led by a fatally flawed god of light, eventually torn down by a barbarian whose curse blighted the land and left a vast lake of dust and ash, where once stood farms and a beautiful city. Sounds like Egypt to me. The Sahara was not nearly as dry thousands of years ago as it is today. During the First Dynasty, 5000 years ago, Egypt was a lot wetter. The Great Pyramid was built during a period when Egypt was drying out, but was still wetter and more arable than today. Egyptian recordkeeping was good enough that some ancient scholars must have been aware their land was changing. Perhaps their great religious edifices were in part an attempt to bring back the rain. A debate is still ongoing about how much humans contributed to the drying. The 20,000 year wet / dry cycles predate human habitation, but some scientists think primitive agriculture may have accelerated the desertification which accompanied the great drying.
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    Yes. Here's my notes, from the as-yet unpublished gazetteer about Casino Town: The Great House – the original manor of Talar Barat - is a two story round building in the centre of Casin Town. It houses the Faro Wheel, the strange artifact the Talar retrieved from the Clanking Ruins. The Faro’s visible workings can be viewed from the top of five small towers built around the perimeter, and gamblers congregate in them, jostling for position. Purely monetary bets are made with agents and runners for the various casinos and gambling houses, while those risking wagers of a magical or spiritual kind deal directly with the Faro Wheel staff. A hundred years ago, one of the viewing platforms was suddenly closed off without explanation. Some say this was done because punters there somehow got a unique and advantageous view of the workings of the wheel. There are always plots and schemes afoot by gamblers to see what it is that can be observed from this now forbidden vantage point. Harrek the Berserk smashed another viewing tower to rubble during his riotous visit of 1616. An inferior but larger platform was rebuilt (out of wood) by the Vadeli, and is square instead of round. Like the walls of the city itself, the walls of the Great House are smooth and featureless. The Great House’s massive iron doors have remained sealed ever since the Talar’s fateful game with Belintar in 1313. The few Brithini staff needed to operate the wheel leave and enter through the roof. (Next to the Great House is the Pool Hall: where drinkable water is piped from a well in the Great House to a covered pool, and by custom is free for all. The water arrives noticeably warm, and it is speculated it somehow cools the machinery of the Faro Wheel – certainly hot steam issued from the pipe during the Talor’s epic session with Belintar. The water also noticeably became warmer whenever the Tournament of Luck and Death took place at the City of Wonders. During the grim time of the Windstop, the flow slowed to a trickle, but the warmth of the water prevented the pipe from completely freezing up, saving many lives. The water tastes completely normal, but curiously Ludoch find bathing in it to be a euphoric experience. In the absence of an agora or university in Casino Town, teachers, philosophers and mathematicians congregate at the pool, along with frauds, mountebanks and conmen. They all share one thing in common: a desire to understand and beat the Faro Wheel (or a willingness to prey on those who do).
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    So, I finally got the fillable PDF M-Space character sheet completed. I added a bit of art taken from the rulebook just to jazz up the character sheet. Time permitting I'll try and get the sheets (ships, alien lifeforms, etc.)made fillable too. Let me know if there are any issues with the character sheet, such as font size or repeating text boxes. It can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6g6306hbyikahfg/M-Space_CS_Fillable.pdf/file
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    First draft almost done, just Army Lists to add. 76 pages. Started proofreading it and taking out duplications and fixing contradictions. The Ralios chapter is still too short, only about 12 pages, when Seshnela gets 22 and Fronela 17. Have moved stuff around to split the 'Argat Saga' between two chapters. It's weird: have read a bit about the West in Glorantha, but in actually writing about it, all sorts of things have occurred to me. Many doubtless wrong, but all sorts of coincidences and interesting 'facts' are apparent. Not certain if I read it somewhere, but writing/reading about the Seshnelan Martial Beast cults and Ralian mercenaries, realised that there are Martial Beast regiments in Safelster even if they aren't identified as such - Ethilrist may have been a sort of Hrestoli, but the original name of his regiment is awfully suggestive, White Horses being associated with the Sun (and Ralios of old having male and female Sun Horse cults), and of course he raided Hell to steal some of the Sun's Black Horses - the Solar herd that went demonic in the Underworld... Far too many footnotes, but things that aren't entirely relevant to the main text keep on appearing, and they add to the background. References to concubine-dancers in one of Jeff's art direction posts has triggered some thoughts about just how the legacy of the Serpent Kings isn't as buried as the fundamentalist Rokari would like. Just wish a book I've ordered from India would arrive...
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    Thanks to the work of Matthew Pook, and with help from Beer With Teeth doing art and layout, Jorthan's Rescue Redux is now available on DrivethruRPG.com. It's an update of the classic for modern-day RQG, and features all-new maps as well as fleshed-out NPCs and two very angry donkeys. This is not a direct Beer With Teeth publication, but we are very happy to have helped restore a classic.. Full disclosure: that is an affiliate link, and Beer With Teeth use affiliate link money for expenses such as font licences and the expenses of small-scale publishing, thus making our products better. It costs you nothing extra, and makes our work cost us less.
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    We haven't decided on the exact number of books the Gods of Glorantha manuscript will be divided into, but it could end up being two or three books, each around 200-350 pages each. We try to keep book page counts to 256 pages or less. Very large books suffer from spine fatigue/failure. We tend to price a 256 page book at $45. As for having it all in a slipcase, that is the general intent, although the GoG volumes will almost certainly be sold separately too. They will be divided thematically.
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    While it isn't in a desert, traditional Dara Happa is analogous in many ways to Egypt. We've got a sacred king that's identified with a solar deity, that maintains cosmic order (Maat in Egyptian), what is Antirius if not Horus? We've got Osiris and Amun-Ra as Yelm, Isis as Dendara, Shargash and Orlanth both take from Set. Successive dynasties that claim the crown of being the true Pharaoh/Emperor with interregnum chaos? Yeah that's Kazkartum for you. The Double Crown of Dara Happa is analogous to the Crown of the Upper and Lower Nile. The Seven-Part Soul of Dara Happa is the Egyptian idea of the many part soul, ẖt (Physical Form), sꜥḥ (Spiritual Form), jb (Heart), kꜣ (Vital Essence), bꜣ (Personality), šwt (Shadow), sḫm (Life Force after death or perhaps Power), rn (Name), ꜣḫ (Intellect, Light). The Oslira floods regularly, it's just been tamed by irrigation ditches and canals like the Nile was, so as not to be a source of woe like the Yangtze River of China or the Tigris or Euphrates of Mesopotamia, and the Oslira floods from snow melt, rather than the Niles flooding from the seasonal monsoon upriver. And yes barges regularly sail the Oslir. The Dara Happans have pyramids as well, it's just that they're stepped ones like earlier Egyptian Pyramids (they started off stepped just like every other pyramid building culture), rather than the Giza Pyramids with their smooth slopes, like the Giza Pyramids are rather the anomaly in ancient pyramid building. Like the connections are there, and obvious when laid out, but because it isn't a desert or doesn't have smooth sloped pyramid, or that it snows, that connection isn't made obvious enough. Obviously Dara Happa has other influences that run through it as well, we don't need to belabor that point, but Egypt is very much a part of Glorantha in a rather big way already.
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    It's been a while since I dropped in here: feels like a good moment to give you all an update. A Rough Guide to Glamour is quite literally 99.115 percent done. We are just waiting for one beautiful piece of final artwork (and the sketches and work-in-progress I have seen would make you weep for joy), and then we'll be uploading the finished book to DriveThruRPG. I'll let you know here as soon as it goes on sale. It'll be available in PDF right away; we hope to make a Print On Demand version available eventually, but that will likely take us a few months to set up (proofing the first printed copy, correcting n00b mistakes, etc.), and the coronavirus situation might make it trickier than normal. But we will get it done as soon as it's humanly possible.
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    The problem is that the current license / SRD document license conflates several things: an Open Content License and a System Trademark License, and then embeds both in what is ostensibly a System Reference Document but is in fact so thin in detail it’s worthless. It’s hard to read this as a genuine, OGL conversant, attempt to encourage ”Open BRP content” I’m afraid. Discounting conspiracy theories of deliberate self sabotage (patent nonsense), I can only assume there’s some fundamental dissonance between Chaosium’s understanding of the OGL and related topics and, y’know, the rest of the industry... But that aside, what REALLY baffles me? No one wanted this as far as I can tell, and Chaoisum ALREADY operate several versions of what people did want: a BRP Community Content Program! A BRP CCP using the BGB for BRP as the rule book reference would provide a flexible platform for content creators, but rules distinct from ALL Chaosium‘s flagship titles (RQ!7, KAP, CoC7e, 7th Sea); it would automatically preclude people away from cloning those games, or old Chaosium titles. And it could generate a modest revenue stream for Chaosium that this will not. A few people utterly obsessed with the BRP brand will try something, find the effort excessive, and it’ll fizzle out is my prediction. It strikes me as a wasted opportunity. Ah well. (copy pasted from RPGNet thread as it felt disingenuous to only say this there)
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    I've bought and downloaded these. I'll let you know if they are any good/useful.
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    Hopefully, the existence of the new BRP SRD means that the QW SRD isn't far behind--I know the license was a hold up and it sounds like they have that done.
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    I eagerly awaited NPC ship stat page: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ls3x1zs3kv28sdf/M-Space_fillable_PDF_NPC_Ship.pdf/file The alien universal stat page: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ardtjnzznm2tl8l/M-Space_Alien_Universals.pdf/file One more for today, the lifeform sheet: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7papphj3o89yix0/M-Space_Lifeform.pdf/file
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    We don't think that is unreasonable. This is so people can publish their own settings, games, and unique ideas using the BRP system.
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    Klark's Law -- sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.
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    I run some Lunar Demons as bestiary demons, but with the Moon rune instead of Darkness. Some as intelligent Lunes with extra powers. Some as other things according to my whim.
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    Yep, given that she sang the Titanic theme..... 😉
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    And the sky was the colour of a divination tuned to a dead god....
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    The Western "saints' nodes" always struck me as a bit cyberspacy
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    I think the main difference between a member of the Polaris cult and the Rigsdal cult is that the Rigsdal cultist speaks Heortling, and the Polaris cultist speaks a Pelorian language (and probably has a nicer temple).
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    A player in my campaign has a baboon character named Stormin Norman who's Melo Yelo's Orlanth worshipping brother.
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    So actually when we can get these holy books, preferably down-loadable ones? In order to placate the conquering evil spirits of Crowned raven, we need the help from as many gods as possible. In another words, we Japanese Glorantha-philes are quite bored and having a lot of free time, as most of us are under the self-imposed isolation because of the CORVID-19. To kill time, and satisfy my craving for Gloranthan experience, we desperately need these guides now!!
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    There was a draft version of the books available at Gen Con 2019, since then there's been a lot more work done on them. If you were at Dragonmeet or at one of the London meetups, you could read through the latest drafts. The Table of Contents are not a good guide to the number of cults as some are contained within others:
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    So this is interesting, Last time I had to worry about this (back in the late 20th century) I always rasterized docs that had to be make into PDFs losing functionality but maintaining ascetics and legalities. Most of my DTP work was sent in encapsulated post script files to printers who had the fonts in question so embedding was not an issue. This sounds like it could be a royal pain in the butt for JC contributors which I intend to be soon. Thanks for the heads up all, this is something I should tackle now.Especially with the fact that all I will be able to find out is if embeddability is on or off. I will continue to look into this and will post if I have better news. ETA The technique I gave that was a lot of extra work that Nick said would work needs one extra step... It must be transferred to another computer that does not have the font to find out if the font embedded or not. That’s the kicker, ain't it. So Shiningbrow, spend years and develop that great original and uniques system. Good luck selling it (hell, good luck giving it away and having it be used). There, in a nutshell, is the secret to creating a great song! It must have familiarity (that is the listener must be able to follow it well enough to be able to hum it after very few listens, usually once really). But, it must surprise as well, or the listener will be quickly bored. There is a delicate balance that must be achieved. This goes for, I am willing to say,. all art existing in the popular realms.
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    Hopefully. I'm going to transfer the site to wellofdaliath.chaosium.com and hopefully restore those missing parts. This is a backburner process though...
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    Specific advice: on the elemental succession wheel, Water is always expected to defeat Fire: a medium Water elemental should quench a medium Fire elemental. If they're different sizes, the larger elemental would probably win: a large Fire elemental should boil away a medium Water elemental. If your player chucks magic into buffing his Fire elemental or attacking the enemy Water elemental, or finds ways of healing his pet or hurting the enemy, that should certainly skew the results, but you can base this on the cost of the spells rather than on their specific defined effects in RuneQuest. That will give you an outcome that feels properly Gloranthan. Bear in mind that the difference in elemental size corresponds to one Rune point or two points of Spirit Magic, so you might arbitrarily rule that a medium Water elemental plus Protection 2 is equivalent in magic cost to (and therefore expected to beat) a large Fire elemental. (Or maybe you'd set the scales differently. I don't know how much magic is floating around in your games) Just putting that out there. I think you'll find it more fun and varied than adapting SCA duelling rules to the clash of primal elemental forces.
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    You get to call it BRP and use the logo. If that's not a consideration for you, go ahead and use something else. In your own use of the SRD, you are welcome to add anything you want to it – as long as you avoid Prohibited Content (and don't violate others' copyright). Correct, the SRD was not released to help facilitate creating retroclones of Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, etc. It's for people to publish their own original creations, settings, games, and unique ideas using the BRP system.
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    Ebben a játékban mindenki hőssé válik! Now available for pre-order: the Hungarian edition of RUNEQUEST: ROLEPLAYING IN GLORANTHA, from our friends at Kaland Horizont. https://www.kalandhorizont.hu/runequest-szerepjatek
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    One cannot ... fondle... A PDF. No matter how cheap they are.
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    Polaris is a reasonable choice, as it is a higher star cult. The Rigsdal connection might be useful, as that is Polaris seen from the Orlanthi viewpoint, as long as he is not all uppity about Polaris being better than Rigsdal. The background would imply that he is being groomed, so would see the Rigsdal aspect as being important. They are rivals, in some ways. Yelmalio is a sky God, Polaris is a Star God, so Yelmalio might be seen to outrank Polaris, but in actual fact I think that Polaris outranks Yelmalio. Polaris was a good soldier cult until the Dragonkill wiped out most of the soldiers of Dara Happa, then Polaris became an officer cult. Now that Yanafal Tarnils has become the Officer Cult of the Lunar Empire, Polaris is the Officer Cult of the Solars. This makes it a rival to the Light Sons of Yemlaio, who are the Officers of the Sun Domers. So, I see them as being rivals, competing for similar territory. However, among the Sun Domers, Yelmalio is supreme and Polaris is second-fiddle. In my view: Associate and subservient to Yelm. Rival but friendly to Yelmalio. Rival but friendly to Yanafal Tarnils. Neutral to Seven Mothers. Enemy to Chaos. Maybe hostile to Orlanth, although Rigsdal is Friendly to Orlanth. Hostile to Trolls. Neutral to other Elder Races. It is probably similar to Elmal/Yelmalio, but not as extreme. Rigsdal is Polaris as seen by the Orlanthi, so followers of Rigsdal might have some myths that followers of Polaris won't know and vice versa. From myths come spells, so the cults might have slightly different Runespells and would definitely have different Associate Cults. A worshipper of Rigsdal could probably repray spells at a Polaris Temple and vice versa. An adoption ceremony might be enough, to reenact the friendship between Rigsdal and Orlanth. I think somewhere between those. More than a servant and more than just a neighbour. However, I have not looked at Rigsdal for a while.
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    This article made me want to play Pirates of Drinax. I went to DriveThruRPG and it was reasonably cheap but the exchange rate is a killer for me at the moment, so I desisted. Especially since I have not much chance of playing it in COVID-19 lockdown. Maybe later. I'm still thinking about it.
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    Here is the link for the Starship utility sheet fillable PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ytgcrhstxktnt0v/M-Space_fillable_PDF_Starship.pdf/file
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    Great ideas for using them. I can imagine there being a specific spirit/rune/sorcery spell somewhere called Ram that is specific to ships, but I would let bludgeon work anyhow . Speedart even says any missile in its description.
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    I approve this plan. Keep one in the shrink, and use the other one for gaming.
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    They aren't precisely "kind" words, Clarence. I'm not being nice here, or polite. I'm calling it as I see it: factually (given the limits of this sort of thing being, in the end, a matter of taste). You've hit a stunning blend of grounded familiarity and "weird science" oddity, but with a flavor different from most other "wacky" style weird science I've seen.
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    So the Lunar empire has swing states, too?
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