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    I've gotten a few questions about the details of Argrath Whitebull defeat by the Lunar College of Magic in 1625. Here they are: Argrath Whitebull and his Praxian horde march on the New Lunar Temple. While camped near Hender’s Ruins, the Lunar College of Magic summoned the Chaos Terror Cwim and set it upon the White Bull’s army, while hurling magic from a great distance. The nomads were slaughtered; the survivors retreated to Pavis, where Argrath began to assemble a new army.
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    Once RQG came out, we began the Eleven Lights campaign by Ian Cooper and Jeff Richards. We've gotten to 1622 and I've gotta say Wow! This is a job well done. I remember back in the 80's when Borderlands got a fantastic review in Dragon magazine. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of rave review Eleven Lights would have gotten back then. There'd be people who no longer had lower jaws. They'd have just dropped right off. If you don't own it, buy it. It's absolutely the best Chaosium has ever had to offer and that's saying a lot. If I had one complaint and I always do, Ian can attest to it because I shared it with him before Eleven Lights even came out, it's that the Dragonrise Heroquest isn't in there. Yeah, I'm THAT greedy. But hey, it feels like it's leading up to it and the PCs should be a part of it. But that aside, this is the best campaign money can buy and I feel there should be credit where credit is due. Thank you.
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    I wrote this site up as the location my Brightwater Company characters wanted to raid. In our game, Bitriol, the Gorakiki matron is the same troll priestess who, working for the Lunars, set up a temple at Corflu to drive away the giant mosquitos with her dragonflies. A PC managed to kybosh that deal and she returned to her husbands and her warren, only to be attacked again by the same meddling umani. The site works as a location for adventurers to "explore", and even includes the traditional "Found Object" Table, a feature I always loved in classic RQ products. But it could also serve as a home base for a Rubble-based troll party. Just write up some troll PCs with Trollpak and given them the Warren as home. I have been thinking about giving the players of the Brightwater Company some of Bitriol's offspring to play for a session or two to see what they do. https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-203-xaragang-troll-warren
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    Given that the descriptions in CHDP are likely third-hand at best, I find that to be one of the less misleading descriptions in an intentionally unreliable text!
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    I've written a mini adventure for groups to run over Christmas. its a free download and will fit into any campaign over Christmas. It has lots of Easter eggs and in jokes and humor. please feel free to download and enjoy - i will be uploading our play through to our you tube channel tomorrow in old men play rune quest. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AubIEqZn8Gj8gZE0iRpqaz8ejGqN4g Merry Christmas from the old men
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    Well, as they say in Kralorela "Good on ya mate!" (literally waited 30+ years for that one)
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    The latest release from The Design Mechanism is live! Jesra Vorak, a renowned Fighter from Greymoor, hires the characters for a perilous adventure into Ravenholm. On a mission to find her family sword, Salvation, and destroy the enemy that inhabits her ancestral home, Jesra seeks only the most heroic allies. Many dangers await the characters in Ravenholm, most of them unknown; Jesra is determined to fulfil her destiny and cleanse her bloodline of its darkness or die trying. Will the characters become legendary heroes, or be doomed by Jesra's obsession? A Classic Fantasy scenario for Rank 3 characters. Available from DrivethruRPG in PDF ($6.99) and POD ($14.99): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/257909/R1-Salvation The Design Mechanism store in PDF ($6.99): http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Adventure-Module-R1-Salvation/p/126096319/category=23403107 Lulu in POD ($11.99): http://www.lulu.com/shop/darvin-martin/tdm507-r1-salvation/paperback/product-23902595.html
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    I've attempted to put together a few more Sorcery spells, some of which represent adaptations of old favorite spells from previous versions of the rules, while others are completely new. None of these have been playtested yet except Tendrils of Hell. Feedback gratefully received. Abjure [Rune] - Separate Man [Element] Allows the recipient to do without an essential element for the duration of the spell. For instance, Abjure Air means the recipient does not need to breathe. Abjure Fire means the recipient does not need warmth, and is immune to all Cold and Fire damage. Abjure Earth means the recipient “floats” above the ground and may cross an abyss, etc., as if walking on air. Abjure Water means the recipient is immune to the effects of thirst and may walk on water. Abjure Darkness means that the recipient can see in even pitch blackness as if it were daylight. These spells may be cast on a Protective Circle. Agreement - Combine Harmony Truth Cast on the reaching of an agreement, the parties concerned (who should be within the range of the spell when it is cast) will abide by the agreement for the duration of the spell. All other parties and the spell caster will know if the spell is dispelled on one party. Animate [Substance] - Combine Movement [Element] This spell imbues an inanimate object with the ability to move. The wizard can animate a volume in SIZ equal to the Strength of the spell (or cubic meters in the case of insubstantial elements). Default movement rate is 1, but that can be increased by devoting extra MPs on a one-for-one basis.The animated substance can produce “limbs” that can perform skills at half the rating of the magician. Damage is calculated according to twice the SIZ of the substance. This spell requires extreme concentration, meaning an INTx1 roll is needed if the caster is damaged. Banish Spirit - Dispel Spirit The spell must overcome the MPs of the spirit with its Strength, and its strength must be at least half the spirit’s MPs. If successful, it banishes the spirit back to the Spirit World. It cannot be cast on a spirit trapped or bound to a physical object, but will banish a spirit possessing an individual. Banish Elemental - Dispel Spirit [Element] The spell must overcome the MPs of the elemental with its Strength, and its strength must be at least half the elemental’s MPs. If successful, it dissipates the elemental. Bless Marriage - Combine Harmony Fertility Ensure a happy relationship for the married parties for the duration. [[Pregnancy will result if desired.]] Blindness - Separate Fire/Sky Man If this overcomes the POW of the target, he/she is struck blind for the duration of the spell. Boon of Harana Ilor - Summon Harmony The target lays down any weapons and ceases any offensive action. Out of combat, this resolves any argument or disagreement in the caster’s favor. This spell may be combined in a Multispell. Boon of Larnste - Summon Movement This spell augments the movement rate of anything it is cast on for the duration. The augment is equal to the half the strength of the spell and can affect targets up to a maximum SIZ of three times the strength of the spell (thus a spell with strength 6 can affect a person of SIZ 18, or two people of SIZ 10 and 8, giving them +3 to their Movement rate). This spell does not boost Dexterity or give a bonus to SR. Curse of Acos - Dispel Movement This spell reduces the movement rate of anything it is cast on for the duration. The reduction is equal to the half the strength of the spell and can affect targets up to a maximum SIZ of three times the strength of the spell (thus a spell with strength 6 can affect a person of SIZ 18, or two people of SIZ 10 and 8, giving them -3 to their Movement rate). This spell does not reduce Dexterity or increase SR. Curse of Uleria - Separate Earth Life If the target fails to resist, he/she loses all sex drive for the duration of the spell and will not be able to “perform” or conceive. With long duration, this is an effective curse against nobility, Earth priestesses, or the tosser who spilled your pint. Dessicate - Separate Water Life If the target’s POW is overcome, he/she suffers the effects of extreme thirst, losing 1 general HP per hour for the duration of the spell. No sustenance will slake the thirst until the duration is over or the spell is dispelled and healing only delays the inevitable. This spell is an effective assassination spell when sufficiently powerful, and is often used by Arkati wizards. Diminish [Characteristic] - Dispel [Element] Reduces the target’s affected characteristic by 1 point per strength of the spell to a minimum of 1, if POW is overcome. The diminishment is temporary, for the duration of the spell. Attributes and bonuses are temporarily recalculated, weapons may need to be dropped if STR is affected, and Encumbrance etc may become a factor. If POW is diminished, MPs will not drop below 1 even if MPs are fewer than POW. A target affected by Diminish SIZ shrinks, which may cause clothing or armor to drop off. Draw [Creature] - Command Beast All creatures of the specified type within the range of the spell move towards a target (also within range) for the duration of the spell. The caster does not control the creatures once they arrive at the target unless another method is used. This spell is often used as a curse to infest a person or home with vermin. Enlarge [Object] - Summon [Rune] This spell increases the size of inanimate objects - the rune being appropriate to the object (plant for wooden objects, earth for stone etc.) The object grows proportionally, by a factor equivalent to the Strength of the spell, so a small rock subject to an Enlarge Stone 7 spell would grow by 7 times in height, width, and length. The spell may affect items up to 3 times the spell’s strength in SIZ. When the spell duration expires, the target returns to its original size. Fly - Combine Air Movement The target may be transported through the air by the caster for the duration of the spell. Each point of strength allows 3pts of SIZ to be transported (so a SIZ 15 human will require 5 points of strength). The movement rate is 6, but each point of strength not allocated to SIZ may increase this by 1. If the caster needs to maneuver the target, she should use her Air or Movement rune to succeed. A target may be slammed to the ground, with falling rules applying. [[Needs playtesting - falling damage may be OP]] Holdfast - Command Stasis Stops a target or object from moving or being moved for the duration of the spell. No amount of strength will move the target - the spell must be dispelled. It affects objects of up to 3 times the strength of the spell in SIZ. Palsy - Summon Death [or Stasis?] When cast on an opponent, this spell targets a random hit location. If the strength of the spell overcomes the HP of the location, that location is incapacitated for the duration of the spell. Limbs stop working, both legs stop working in the case of the abdomen, and the opponent falls unconscious in the case of the chest or head. No damage is incurred, but the spell must be dispelled to get the body part working properly again. Project [Sense] - Combine Movement [Element(s)] Allows the caster to use the appropriate sense at distance. The sense starts at the caster’s body and moves at a rate of 12, up to the maximum range of the spell (so 900m per turn). The caster must concentrate to maintain the projection, but may also use it as appropriate to cast spells. Additional Runes may be added to represent additional senses, e.g. Sky, Darkness, and Earth to allow Sight, Listen, and Search senses. The projected sense “point” is visible to such magic as Second Sight, and the caster may be targeted through it as if within range. Punishing Wind - Combine Movement Air The equivalent of Finger of Fire for air. The “fingers” are continuous blasts of air. If they do damage, the target must succeed in a test of SIZ vs the strength of the spell to avoid knockback as per p.224. Ratslaff’s Last Laugh - Summon Combine Disorder Illusion An area effect spell, this causes all who fail to resist the strength of the spell with their Magic Points to become argumentative and to lie. This will probably start fights and cause lasting resentments. It is commonly used by scheming Arkati sorcerers in Ralios to promote circumstances they can take advantage of. Rebuild - Separate Disorder Earth Repairs any cracks, fallen stones, tumbled walls etc, within the area of effect up to a SIZ limit equivalent to 3 times the Strength of the spell. Regenerate - Summon Life Cast on a target who has died, this “rebuilds” the target, bringing them back to life in a new body formed from the wreckage of the old (the old body disappears). The strength of the spell must exceed the highest characteristic of the dead target. All characteristics, etc., are rerolled, but the target retains skills, knowledge, spells, etc. Sex is rolled randomly. A cult may need some persuasion that the regenerated character is who he/she says they are. A wizard that knows they are dying may cast it on themselves to avoid death. [[Yes, this is Dr Who regeneration. Sue me.]] Rock Barrage - Combine Movement Earth The equivalent of Fingers of Fire for the earth element. The wizard creates a continuous stream of small rocky projectiles that cumulatively inflict damage. Sculpt [Element] - Command Combine Stasis [Element] Allows the caster to shape an element into the form the wizard desires for the duration of the spell. The maximum volume affected is equivalent to 3 times the strength of the spell in SIZ or the strength in cubic meters for insubstantial targets. Artistic or artificial qualities are determined by an appropriate Craft, Lore, or Devise roll. Variants of this spell exist for Plant and Beast runes, allowing the caster to “sculpt” clothing made from fiber, hides, or wool. Shrink [Object] - Dispel [Rune] The opposite of Enlarge. This spell decreases the size of inanimate objects - the rune being appropriate to the object (plant for wooden objects, earth for stone etc.) The object shrinks proportionally, by a factor equivalent to the Strength of the spell, so a boulder subject to a Shrink 7 spell would decrease 7 times in height, width, and length. The spell may affect items up to 3 times the spell’s strength in SIZ. When the spell duration expires, the target returns to its original size. Summon Boggle - Summon Disorder Conjures up a Boggle, a spirit of Disorder, for the duration of the spell, which will do its best to create disorder. Boggles defy rules and are immune to anything anyone might try to throw at them. They are subject only to the dictates of Maximum Game Fun. A Boggle might, for instance, be dispelled by being tricked into saying its name backwards. Tendrils of Hell - Combine Movement Darkness The equivalent of Finger of Fire for freezing Darkness. Venom - Command Death If the caster overcomes the target’s POW, he inflicts a Poison attack with a POT equal to the Strength of the spell. Poison rules apply as per p.157. Wakboth’s Seed - Combine Fertility Chaos Cast on a pregnant target, this spell will ensure the offspring is born with a Chaos Feature if it is born within the duration of the spell.It is the offspring’s POW that needs to be overcome, not the mother’s. Water Festival - Combine Movement Water The equivalent of Fingers of Fire for water. The tendrils force their way into the mouth and nose to inflict a form of drowning damage. They cannot affect anyone who does not need to breathe.
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    The fly spell is all and all much better than its rune equivalent, which I feel breaks setting convention. Sorcerers should struggle to be better flyers than Orlanthi. At the minimum I'd reduce the strength to SIZ tradeoff drastically to 1:2, 1:1, or even 4:3. I also don't like the use of a rune in place of a skill check. Orlanthi get away with that because they're channeling a god, sorcerers should have to learn it the hard way.
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    Vishi Dunn is going to travel to the Sky World to contact the Twinstars to follow up on some troubling information. The obvious place to begin his journey would be in the Monkey Ruins, where the Fireground is close by. This would mean setting up a camp in baboon territory and hoping that the group is either not spotted and if so can hold off an attack. This is very risky, so he plans to do it from within his home camp. Before sunrise on Fireday, his assistants prepare the sacred ground by casting Sanctify 4 and building a huge fire in the centre. Everyone takes their place around it. Beginning a day long Worship ceremony to Waha, there is much chanting and dancing. At the height of the ceremony Vishi spends 5 magic points, collapsing into sleep he discorporates and appears inside the Great Herd at his Power Place. Surrounding those are thousands of the favorite herd beast, all contented and healthy, milling about with calves and bulls among them. Meanwhile at the ceremony his huge high llama fetch appears and stands over his body. The dancing slows and the crowd begins to settle down into a different dance, high llama stalking, the men mimic a male high llama's lookout stance in the herd, whilst the women (who are lay members) continue to dance and drum just outside the edge of the sanctified circle. Vishi's player has already stated that this is an extended discorporation and rolls a D6 to find out how long his discorporation lasts and rolls 2 hours. His spirit high llama Attuk (a specific 4-legged high llama ancestor ) is waiting, he mounts up and sets off through the herd. Eiritha in the centre of the herd quickly fades and the edge of the herd approaches and he enters the Wide Plains. From the Wide Plains he makes a Scan roll and sees the Fireground in the distance. It takes a hour of travel to reach the Fireground, so he must make an encounter roll. He rolls POWx3 and gets 82, failing so gets a hostile encounter. Rolling a 4, the spirit has 1D6, POW, 4 points. Spirit combat starts and the weak spirit is quickly dispatched. Finally he reaches the edge of the Fireground. This is a different region, so to enter it he must make a Spirit travel roll, it's one step removed from the Inner realm so -10%, he rolls 38, succeeding. Now inside the burning Fireground to find his way to the Star Steps that lead to the Skyworld. Almost immediately the Fire Guardians appear. These are a pair of humanoid shaped burning forms, each holding a burning spear. They lunge, Vishi knows this is very dangerous, they are 6D6+6 POW & 3D6+6 CHA: POW 24, CHA 14, spirit combat 96%, 1D6+3 damage POW 26, CHA 21, spirit combat 104%, 2D6+3 damage So he rolls his Dance to augment his Spirit Dance rolling 14, a success, adding 20% on to his Spirit Dance of 90%, so 115% - 50 for the spirits magic points, 65%. he rolls a 03, a critical, avoiding the encounter and staying in the Spirit World. His 2 hours are up, he's had 1 spirit travel roll and one planned encounter. He now spends 1 magic point to extend his declared extended Discorporation and rolls a D6, for 5 extra hours. His next spirit travel roll is to find the Star Steps into the Sky World. He augments his Spirit Travel with his Spirit lore, rolls 30, succeeding, bringing his spirit travel to 120%, leaving this region is -20 as it's 2 steps removed from the inner realm so 100%. He searches amongst the burning land, taking an hour to locate the steps. The edge of the sky dome now rises up in front of him. His high llama jumps onto it and fails his jump roll with 97. Vishi is thrown off and the Llama disappears back to his Power Place. As planned, Vishi now begins an hour long ritual to Summon Lucky Star, an important patron of the Blue Llama clan. Spending 20 of his stored magic points, a tiny blue floating stars appear and he asks them to lead him to the Twin Stars. Following the stars he begins to traverse the edge of the Sky Dome. After an hour a POW x1 roll is needed to avoid an encounter in this outer region, rolling 98, a fumble! A hostile spirit encounter, I've added 25% to the roll to reflect the fumble, 68+25=93, 5D6+6 POW & 3D6+6 APP POW 24, CHA 17, spirit combat 120%, 2D6+3 damage. Clearly a Sky Guardian (place Gods War Phoenix figure on table). Vishi is currently POW 18, CHA 15, spirit combat 95%, 1D6+3 +3 (shaman) +6 (Spirit Mastery 2) = 1D6+12 damage. Vishi augments his spirit combat with his Death rune rolling 88, just a success, 90+20=110. Round 1 Guardian 54, success, Vishi 32, success, tie. Round 2 Guardian 47, success, Vishi 95, success, tie. Round 3 Guardian 73, success, Vishi 85, success, tie. Round 5 Guardian 67, success, Vishi 37, success, tie. Round 6 Guardian 68, success, Vishi 40, success, tie. Round 7 Guardian 09, special, Vishi 78, success, Guardian wins, 5 special doubled +3= 13, Vishi has 5 mp left. (not corporeal so no extra damage) Round 8 Guardian 00, fumble, Vishi 78, success, Vishi wins, 3+12= 15, Guardian has 3 mp left. Fumble roll, Combatant’s energies become unfocused; lose 1D6 magic points = 6. Guardian has 0 mp left. Vishi forces it to teach a sky based spirit magic and asks for a new sky spirit magic spell (to be determined later) Another hour passes. Vishi has spent 5 hours in the spirit world. He's got an hour left to find the Twinstars or has to make a POW x 4 (90%) to avoid a d6 hit points loss, he's also down to 5 mp and they don't regenerate. He decides to return and reach the Sky World another way, using Lucky Star to reach the Sky World directly. He attempts his Spirit Dance to return to his body, succeeding on a 38. He stands up slightly disorientated next to the still roaring fire. A rain of arrows falls around him. A Sable attack is in progress. Clearly he was on to something. (all rolls are random)
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    Well, our current RuneQuest Gloranthan campaign has finally come to an end, after 13 glorious years. Previously on The River Voices, Legend of the Arganauts: The River Voices had bumped heads with the Lunar Empire on and off for years. They raised the Sky Ship, brought back Tada, Tarkalor, Sartar and Genert, drove the Lunars out of Prax, the Holy Country and Dragon Pass, raised a Dragon at the Dragonrise, purged the Crimson Bat of Chaos, dropped Harrek and a fleet of Wolf Pirates at the mouth of the Oslir and gated an iceberg to the Crater to block it. They had awakened their Inner Dragons, entered the Dragonewt Dream, visited the Dragonkill, rescued an Inhuman King and tied it to the Dragonship. They took a True Dragon to Dorastor, where they ambushed Ralzakark, awakened a Two-Headed Chaotic True Dragon by accident, and some transformed into True Dragons to fight it, purging it of Chaos and chopping one of its heads off, then they entered into the Dragon Dance, where they saw that the Draconic Powers of Peloria had been energised and were building in strength. They took Ralzakark’s Crown and Flargle incarnated Arkat by opening the pathways to Arkathome and breaking the God Learner Seals that held it. A Pentian Army ravaged the North of the Empire, Flarkat’s Army invaded from the South and Harrek’s Wolf Pirates attacked the centre. The Lunars had lost Prax, the Holy Country and Dragon Pass. The River Voices had converted Rist towards the White Moon and had founded a Yelmalian Temple there, directly opposing the Red Emperor. Something had to be done. The River Voices saw that the Draconic influences had been gaining power and energy and divined that it was reaching a peak in an old abandoned Second Age temple. They looked there using Shan Agar’s Magical Eye and saw a number of Priests dressed in Second Age robes, carrying Draconic regalia. A number of Dragonewts assisted in the ceremony. The Red Emperor appeared, dressed in Draconic Robes, dressed as the Dragon Emperor, and began a ceremony. Mello Yello could not let him do this, as he thought the Red Emperor was an impure Emperor, so the River Voices jumped in their Golden Barge to the Ceremony. There, the Red Emperor recounted all the problems the Lunar Empire had faced and all the sins it had done. In response, Mello Yello transformed into a Golden True Dragon and recounted all the good things the River Voices had done. The Red Emperor finished the Ceremony and the river Voices could see that he was about to commit Utuma, as the Golden Dragon Emperor, which would purge the Lunar Empire of the sins and allow the Red Emperor to be reborn anew. Horrified, the River Voices attempted a bold and dangerous move. Flargle transferred the Utuma Wound to Mell Yello, forcing the Utuma Ritual to affect Mello Yello instead. Well, that was the plan, but Flargle rolled 00, a Fumble, spent a Hero Point and rerolled to a 10, then spent another Hero Point to flip to an 01, a Special Critical. Mello Yello then used powers of Harmony to die without pain and to follow the Utuma without Disorder, this time a Critical. Mello Yello then used the power of Dragonewt Rebirth to be reborn, another Critical. Finally, Shan Agar used a combination of her Magic Eye, Dreaming Powers, Draconic Powers, Mother of Dragons Power and a load of other stuff, to move Mello Yello’s Rebirth to an egg inside her, as she had transformed into the Chromatic True Dragon, you guessed it, another Critical. So, the Red Emperor performed the Utuma Ritual and did not die, Mello Yello’s body spontaneously self-combusted, burning instantly without any ash, as the greatest Dara Happan Emperors had done, then was reborn from a golden egg that appeared in front of him. Mello had usurped all the Empire’s Draconic Powers and was reborn as Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor. He was now Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins. The Red Emperor, weakened by the Iceberg blocking the Crater and the subsequent removal of the Red Moon’s powers, had gambled everything on the Utuma Ritual and failed, so he died on the spot. Presumably, he would return later, as he always had, but for the moment he was gone. Now, at this point, we stopped for a breath, as the enormity of what had just happened slowly sank in. Then we started to discuss where to go from there, but the consensus of opinion was that the River Voices had achieved everything they had ever set out to do. Mello Yello was Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins, he was also worshipped by those Beast Men who wanted to join the cult of Yelmalio. Shan Agar was Wife to Tada, had replaced the Pharaoh, united the Elements, proven that all the Waters of the World were one, had restored lost parts of the Agar Clan and become the Mother of Dragons. Flargle had destroyed several Chaos Nests, become Arkat, purged much of Dorastor of Chaos, led an Arkati army against the Lunar Empire and helped kill the Red Emperor. Karim Temris had found Yamsur’s Regalia and brought Yamsur back, ridden Yamsur’s chariot to the Dragonkill and back, restored Caarith and proved that she was a daughter of Genert, restored Genert, thus honouring the debt of the Desert Trackers, deposed the Count of Sun County and put his father in his place, founded a new Praxian Tribe, the Lopers, and set them up in God Remembered. So, what was there to do? Where to go to from there? Conquer the West? Embrace the Kralorelan Dragons? Hunt down the Red Emperor and the remaining Lunar Powers? None of them appealed to the players. Retire the River Voices and start again in the new world? Doing what? Playing Lunars opposed to the River Voices? Nobody wanted that. Playing starting characters in the middle of the Hero Wars? Nobody wanted that. Then someone suggested bringing the campaign to a close and everyone agreed. Sad times, in a way, but they went out on a high. I cannot say the words “Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins” often enough. All we need to do now is to decide what campaign to run. Nothing Gloranthan this time, as we have done Glorantha, although we might return once the new scenario packs start appearing. Suggestions were Dark Ages, Robin Hood or Sci Fi, but we need to talk about that a bit.
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    Two more. I'm going to have to pester Jeff for details of two others I'd like to illustrate. The larger versions of the latest two will require shading...
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    I'll admit, I have always appreciated the tables "Modifiers to Magic", "Inherently Difficult Magic", and "Ritual Modifiers" on pages 100-102 of HeroQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (the Steve Jackson Games publication). I know it's sacrilege to suggest using specific numeric benchmarks in HeroQuest anymore, but the list of factors and where the break points are (100 yards, 5 miles, etc.) are at least interesting. Rob
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    jrutila has just replied with the best advice I could give: always ask the player(s), what is his (their) goal before solving a contest. The only thing I have found a bit stressfull the first time I ran a HQ2 game was tracking the Resolution Points during an Extended Group Contest. This is actually very easy but I was not prepared. No sheet of paper at hand, time lost looking for a damn sheet, gaming notes down under for a brief moment... It took me by surprise. It could be a good idea to have in mind what you will have to do in order to solve a contest and to think beforehand about how you will handle Group Contests.
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    First of all, excellent choice. As the players are not too familiar with Glorantha start local and expand from there. You can build your Glorantha with the players. Couple of things about HeroQuest as the system. Try to spot if you find yourself doing task resolution instead of goal resolution. If someone wants to try to hit with a sword ask what they want to achieve with it, the goal of the contest. Also, contest if there is something interesting in the failure. Story branch or some kind of penalty or, as they say, fail forward. Because the failure might happen and there is no second takes! Have fun!
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    Two ways, though I prefer the former and only slowly add in the latter: Early on in my campaigns I give them item(s) enchanted with regrow limb and/or Resurrection. This offsets the odd "oops, I fumbled, sorry buddy" dice rolls. the latter method is to once in a blue moon give out Strengthening Enchantments. Of course, in RQG that currently isn't an option anyways, but I understand that soon they will be. In our campaigns, you can receive one when you become a Rune Lord/Priest and whenever you do something epic for your god he might reward you with one. But I'm incredibly stingy. You can't go buy the things.
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    I am so looking forward to what Jeff comes out with, but in the meantime, I've run tons of heroquests using what I've gathered from official publications and things I've house ruled. In my current campaign, it shouldn't be too much of a problem if Heroquesting turns out to be way different when Jeff comes out with the rules than what we'd have been doing up to then because of this wonderful little thing Glorantha has called "The Day the Magic Changed". No one knows when this is, but for us it will be the day I get my hands on Jeff's Heroquesting rules. So everyone is on board and we're all okay with plunging ahead using my long standing HQ rules. They work like this if you'd like to go the same route: Each heroquest is made up of stations built around a myth. You give the PCs the myth and they make whatever preparations they think necessary. Then the HQ mirrors the myth right up to the point where it inevitably doesn't. Chaos always intrudes on the myth and no myth ever repeats exactly the same so HQing the same myth twice can turn out slightly differently each time. After each station, if any power is marked or any skills are marked, the PCs automatically go up. This is how characters can HQ to improve themselves dramatically. It's also how they get skills well above 100%. Power gained HQing can go above maximum, but it doesn't establish a new maximum. So on the mundane plane they can't improve POW if it's already above max. If they crit on the HQ they get some small power related to the nature of the crit. Example: A PC critted climbing Stormwalk Mountain. I ruled he can't fumble his climb when climbing mountains anymore. Next time he did the same HQ he critted again same thing! So now I ruled as long as he's lead climber on a mountain, no one on his team can fumble their climb. If they fumble on the HQ, bad things happen. We currently have a thief who can't succeed in a fast talk vs other criminals. I never tell the player the nature of their disability if it's not immediately apparent. So the thief has yet to realize his problem. And of course, the heroquest itself generally can give out powers or treasures. The PCs have some idea of what they're trying to get out of the HQ before they begin.
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    My understanding is that for "accurate medieval-esque" data, Harn is hard to beat... Or even to match. I haven't done the research needed to verify that, but I believe it to be true...
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    It's the difference between a spell lasting a week and 2 seasons. Or, for sorcerers with not much Free INT, it's the difference between 20 minutes and 6 hours - which is extremely important if you're about to enter that EWF tomb and don't know how long you'll be in there, and feel a few points of Ward Against Weapons could be useful. I'd say yes.
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    Yes, multiplications are easier and faster to do in mind than divisions, as well as additions are easier and faster than subtractions. But, precisely, with Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, you do none at all (except adding dice when rolling for damage). Half and fifth values are calculated in advance and recorded on the character sheet. So, all what you have to do during game is comparing numbers (bonus and penalty dice even replace bonus and penalties that you had to add to the skill in the previous edditions).
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    This approach would work really well combined with placing dice on the grid the way @jrutila suggested above. Give each player an opposed-roll chart and they can do the cross-index themselves.
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    So, the game has gone through some eras of understanding. Once upon a time, we found that some players would mini-max by shoving all of their points into one ability and then arguing its usage everywhere. Even paying a stretch penalty they were winning over other players, and any contest they entered they dominated, despite other players having that as their thing. This rule really exists to dissuade players from having the "Do Anything" ability and throwing all their points at it to dominate the game. Nowadays I would suggest that judicious usage of stretch penalties that have a little more oomph i.e. -3. -6. -9, -W might be a better tool, and we can then discard this rule, which is confusing. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Here are other spirit maps made by Praxian shamans. These are more public and relate to the geography of prax and the Wastes. They serve to guide, warn and teach of the nature of the land. Tied in to all are small fetishes in the form of rocks, crystals and bone carved animals Spirit paths around the long dry showing where to find spirits. Waha cult, Sunter bison tribe. (only part of Zola Fel is represented here, Pavis is represented by Paragua's grazing) example of fetishes: Copper Caves , Paragua Spirit paths around the Bison Plains near Dagori Inkarth showning where to find spirits. Shaman, Sunter bison tribe. example of fetishes: Sable Hearth , Zong meeting place Spirit paths showing where to find spirits around the river of cradles. Thirstless spirit society of Sunter bison tribe. example of fetishes: Heart of Zola Fel , High Llama watering
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    There are both game world and some philosophical reasons why this sort of description needs to be abstract, which is that not all spirit journeys occur in what magicians typically refer to as the spirit realm. Some such journeys, including some Initiation journeys, might seem to occur entirely within "the mundane". The way I'd personally suggest to understand things would be to consider "the Inner realm" as being symbolically, metaphorically, even materially as "home" (the clan, the home cave, and so on), and "the Outer" as the place where the magic lives, which could be something roaming in the forest, the place where a certain Spirit lives in the spirit world, a holy location that one must travel to and then travel back from -- but also to understand that the danger in these quests resides in forgetting that the true goal is always to journey back home back to "the Inner Realm" with what you need to bring back there, including bringing yourself back, instead of becoming entranced by the Outer magic to the point of wishing to stay there and so being lost to your kin. Try and work out first what that journey will seem like and where it leads to and back from, then give structure to it from the rules ; not the other way 'round. ------- As for your most recent post, I'd agree that the terminology is confusing -- the word "centre" appears to be used a bit inconsistently. There is one "Inner Region" ; but there can be either one or multiple "Outer Regions", each Region, having its own "centre" (the place where its particular magic resides and calls its "home"). But at the same time, the traveller's own "centre" is in the centre of his own Inner Region/Home. Whichever Region you are in, you will be drawn to its centre -- so that if you are in the magic forest, you will be drawn into its heart, which is where you must go -- but then escaping back out from there to get back home will be more or less difficult depending on how big of a Region it is. Simultaneously, the larger your Home Region is, which appears to be a function of the extent of your previous magical journeys (your own "mental geography"), the harder it will become for you to leave it and to travel to an outer Region. The word "deeper" is a little ambiguous, but it seems to refer to a notion of "closer to the centre of each particular Region". --------- But these are all still abstractions ; some spirit traditions only have one single Outer Region, which they define as "everything that is foreign to Home" ; others will conceive of multiple Outer Regions, each with its own spirits and magic places ; even an Inner Region can be a complex area with several Home places, only one of which is yours (the Home of the Rhino people is not the same Home as that of the Bison folk, though both are within the Inner Region of the Praxian Spirit World ; whereas the Home of the Monkey Men will be found in the Outer Region of the Praxians) -- but even so, in the beginning, a spirit traveller of the Bison people will know of Home and the Inner Region only the place which is the Home and the Centre of the Bison spirits ; learning that the whole of the Praxian spirit world is a vast and more complex Inner Region than just the Home of the Bison spirits where that traveller is from will be gradually discovered in the extent of his travels. Perhaps these things could be usefully visualised for gaming purposes as being a little like Regions on a hex grid map, each having its Centre ; some regions could be as small as one hex ; others might be three or four hexes deep from the edge to that Centre.