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    Premiering this Saturday: THE WHITE BULL CAMPAIGN, RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha actual play, on Chaosium Twitch!
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    A question was raised over in the Facebook RuneQuest group: "Does anyone have any information regarding Hill of Gold, I have plans for my adventure group to visit the Hill but I would like if some one had some more detailed description!" and "are there any Maps or pictures available to start with, I understand it’s some kind of mountain or volcano with a city at the foot of the 'Hill'" Some very good material shared by @soltakss on possible quests (and there are a lot of variations possible - quite a few others written up in Enclosure 2). @Nick Brooke kindly posted the Yelmalio cult and GtG writeups over there, but here are my additional thoughts given my explorations over the years in the area: The hill itself: it is neither mountain nor volcano - it is a hill. I picture it most like some of the tors in the Pennines, perhaps Musbury Tor, Shining Tor, or Cat's Tor (may be others that make an equally good representation), though perhaps slightly more peaked. It is not a difficult climb per se. Might be ~300m high above the plains. Also worth noting that the Glacier did not cover the Hill of Gold - it stopped somewhere to the west, and left some line of glacial moraines. The town nearby: Peralam (which also means "Hill of Gold") has no great Sun Dome Temple, or any other magnificent temples. It does have temples, probably with lots of little votive statues. As noted in the Guide: "No physical structure exists on the top of hill, although many temples can be found in the nearby city which prospers from the visiting pilgrims." The town then is a place of pilgrimage, and a starting point for the climb up the hill. You can find guides - there's lots of local Vanchites who are quite willing to "help" you (and divert you into their "quests" where the thieving Raccoon god can rob you). Or, of course, you can go alone, following the myth you intend to follow. Proximity to the Otherworld: Despite the "normality" (at least perhaps viewed from a distance), it is a place that is very close to the Otherworld. In some material I was writing awhile back on Saird, I noted: "Normal folk stay away from the lurking shadows, the chilling air, the gusty winds, and hard-eyed warriors that haunt the great hill itself." Even a "this world" heroquest is going to bring others into the story. There are Orlanthi at Peralam. There may be an Ice Maiden or two of Inora there. The trolls are probably in the Darkcrow Woods to the east of the town: "These woods are dark and brooding. The sounds of crows sporadically interrupt the otherwise ominous silence. And there is always a feeling of being watched. Outlaws and criminals gather here, hiding from those who seek them." These folk begin their own quests - "pulled" or "pulling" others as the ritual quests get underway. Crystals/god's blood: you're not going to arrive there, march up the hill and find any. It's been a place of pilgrimage for at least a millennium. You need to get into a quest to find it. And if you're in the role of Yelmalio, you're the one doing the bleeding. Of course, the quest forces you to keep on, so until you can complete the quest, and then find where you/Yelmalio was wounded, the odds are against you easily finding any. Performing a successful Worship ritual in your nearby temple/shrine is important for getting the quest underway. But it's still easy to get "pulled" into someone else's quest, and not one of your direction. I don't think there is a "queue" of folks waiting to go up, but pilgrims do come (probably at the urging of their priests), and visit the temples. I suspect that if groups go, the quests lead them into "solo" paths as the real world and Otherworld interact.
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    It is interesting how quickly people on these forums quickly descend into the worst excesses and mistakes of the God Learners in their assumptions about how mythology works.
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    so, everyone wants everything. : ) I could give you a big list of new and classic books we are/will be working on, but I shall not temp the Old Ones wrath. ; )
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    I'd say about 60 (adventure)/40 (setting), with more adventure if you add in all the optional encounters. L.
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    Latest. May need more work on the face - difference in the definition between the laptop and the desktop. As this one is a Loskalmi light infantry, decided to go with a quilted corselet instead of lammelar.
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    Latest. I hope that this is fairly faithful to Jan's original illustration.
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    Arkat has been dead and gone for 1200 years. He has no widespread cult, only a few shadowy groups of which wildly inaccurate tales are whispered. I've posted this before, but I'll do it again. Whenever I try to understand Glorantha's history - I position myself at the time of Alexander the Greek and look backwards. Present year 162710 years ago - Lunar Empire invades Hendrikiland25 years ago - Boldhome falls to the Lunar Empire50 years ago - Battle of Grizzly Peak100 years ago - Apotheosis of Sartar300 years ago - Belintar unites Holy Country500 years ago - the Dragonkill War (1120)1000 years ago- the Kingdom of Dragon Pass. After this came the EWF.1500 years ago - the Second Council. The Theyalans dominate Genertela and war with the Pelorian horse people.2000 years ago - I Fought, We Won, and the Unity Battle. After this, came the Heortling kingdom, which lasted about 800 years (until Gbaji destroyed it).2500 years ago - The Chaos Age, which lasted until the Unity Battle.3000 years ago - the Ice Age5000 years ago - the Vingkotlings10,000 years ago - Orlanth kills YelmCompare this to a Greek at the time of Alexander (330 BC)10 years ago - Philip founds Philippopolis 25 years ago - the Sacred War50 years ago - Battle of Leuctra (371 BC)100 years ago - start of the Peloponnesian War300 years ago - fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire500 years ago - the neo-Assyrian Empire1000 years ago - the Trojan War1500 years ago - height of Babylon2000 years ago - Sargon and the Akkadian Empire2500 years ago - Gilgamesh is king of Uruk3000 years ago - Menes units Egypt (first dynasty)5000 years ago - Neolithic cities like Catal Huyuk and Jericho10,000 years ago - beginning of Neolithic age So Arkat's Wars are going to be viewed in 1625 something like how Alexander's Greeks viewed the time of Heracles. It will be filled with contradictions and inconsistencies. In some stories, Arkat is a mighty hero who defeats Gbaji atop the Tower of Justice or defeats the hated Palangio the Iron Vrok and his army of Dara Happens In other stories, Arkat is a troll monster who leads an army of man-eating demons and trolls to destroy everyone and everything in his path, and forces men to submit to the trolls. In others, he is a tragic atheist or humanist who refuses the Lightbringers and chooses to embrace hate and darkness. In others, he fights himself - each wound inflicted upon Gbaji causes him to bleed and suffer. These stories are not put into any sort of canonical order or cycle - there's lots of Arkat stories. Many scholars scoff at their diversity.
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    Session ended in horror after a failed Spirit Travel, a fumbled Spirit Dance, and a Spirit Combat against a ghost that first rolled a Critical and then a Special. The shaman apprentice's possessed body is now gagged and tied to a tree.
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    One playtest group managed it in 8 sessions (one per chapter), but their Keeper is ruthlessly organised and very efficient. I would expect most groups to take 2 sessions per chapter on average (if not more if you follow up on all the optional encounters). Chapter 1 is a pretty short introduction, but that's balanced by longer later chapters. Depending on what the investigators do, you could - technically - finish it in 6 sessions, but I'd expect that to be the exception rather than the norm. L.
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    The Red Goddess is a Duck.
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    About a month has passed, and while I've done some reading and some thinking/noting, I did get sidetracked quite badly. I also waited until I got permission from MOB to alter one of Chaosium's maps. Below is a tentative attempt, or sketch if you will, of the general area where Muskoxi would live - though not over all of it, and certainly not in any compact sense (the population density here is absolutely, abysmally, low.). It's a rather large area too - compared to Southern Genertela, the area showed in the map is basically the equivalent of Kethaela, Prax and Parts of Maniria and Dragon Pass. It's quite big. Inquiring eyes might also spot that it goes further north than the AAA or Guide maps, which has been a great boon for me. The map mixes canonical and fan-made place names, and is a part of the process I'm going through where I'm trying to figure out the world from these Muskox folks' perspective. I've therefore kept the fan-made names mostly straightforward English. Some smaller landmarks might not fit 100% with canon locations. That can be fixed in later iterations. Lots of work remains, such as trying to get a general feel for demographics/social geography, getting a better understanding of the Glacier/Ice Age so as to know where to finalize the moraines, as well as to determine the extent of permafrost (including attempting to distinguish those areas with continuous permafrost from those with discontinuous).
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    This is pretty funny. I think several of you mis-interpreted my post. First, no, I did NOT play in Steve Perrin's Pavis Campaign. He, and most of the core original folks, were all in California. We were in the Philly area. But borderlands per se did NOT grow out of his campaign. Borderlands' source were several different stand alone scenarios that were submitted to Chaosium. Who liked several of them, and then in house wove it together into a single module. The Five Eyes Temple was played in our campaign. But several of the characters and 'events' were lifted from earlier D&D campaigns. My main D&D character was Daine the Deathdealer which sourced Daine , Duke Raus' commander of mercs. Tarnak, the mayor in borderlands, knifed Daine in the back in our D&D setting. But we had regular contact with the CALF group, having a number of contacts in the wargaming and RPG community. I've played D&D with the Gary and Ernie Gygax and Dave Arneson. Regarding TADA....I'm laughing...I was not asking about the Gloranthan development of stuff related to Tada's High Tumulas...I was joking that did anyone realize that "Tada" is a real person? Tadashi Erhari (sp ?). He was part of Greg's group, later edited Tales of the Reaching Moon (maybe I have the name a bit off). I believe he's alive but not sure if he's part of the GLoranthan world anymore. The references someone above quoted in their post about the meaning of "ta da shi" and 'arranger of the lands".....also makes me laugh. He WAS the arranger of the lands, helping Greg lay out the map for the original Nomad Gods game. Which I remember playing quite regularly back then. I stop playing any RPG in the mid to late 80s, playing just wargames. I did some stuff with GDW in the Traveller world giving that up around '84 or so I think. All of my 5 kids (now grown) ended up playing RPG and regularly laugh at Dad's 'old stories". Just glad that even with Greg's passing Glorantha lives on. Runequest was always my favorite of all the RPGs.
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    btw, if you want to see the Cosmic Mountain, the place to do that is in Jillaro. Conquering Daughter cult secret: if you stand at the intersection of the two Daughter's Roads so that one eye faces towards Kero Fin, and the other towards Top of the World, then let your eyes go out of focus, the two will converge and you will find that the "road" now leads to the Cosmic Mountain.
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    Our intrepid explorers are moving stealthily through the hills. Well, as stealthy as you can move with two dozen lowing cattle taking exception to being led away from the rest of their herd, and a perfectly fine pasture they had been grazing on. Our explorers have a slightly haunted look – they scan about to anticipate any trouble that fate, the entity with the two runes G and M, might throw at them, now that they have managed to first discourage and then mislead their pursuers, the former (they hope) owners of this bunch of four-legged items of wealth and renown that insist to mark their trail with the unmistakable round and squelchy droppings of theirs. How could it come to this? To learn more, tune in to windwords.fm, and enjoy yet another look at the possibly most played martial experience for young characters in Orlanthi society.
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    1920s, yes And it's written as Classic, but does have Pulp stat blocks for major NPCs if you prefer more two-fisted action. L.
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    In my game, a troll merchant visited Pavis. He just came from the Rubble, so nothing super exotic like the cool Vale of Flowers ideas noted above, but some weird stuff. One of which was "Hinglidarn's Famous Bowel Cleanser" at ~500L for a sip, along with signing a release that you won't seek revenge (or your family won't seek revenge). It gave a CON Gain check (like a POW Gain check), which, if you failed, dealt a bunch of damage and lowered CON instead. The group's Issaries merchant was definitely intrigued by Hinglidarn's offer of pack beetles, but ended up not buying one. He also sold shroomwine as a trade good. Trollkin slaves could be another option to buy (though I'm not sure people in other campaigns would have the same attachments to the little bastards). I imagine that Giants might be interested in armored footwear, the better for stepping on houses with (as I recall, there's a picture of Alone showing houses with large stakes rising from the top to dissuade giants). Probably layered leather, rather than metal, unless magic's involved. Another option for sale to trolls which I don't think was mentioned would be dairy products. Cheese stays fairly well, trolls don't have patience to make it from traded herd beasts, and it provides a different, delicious taste. It's more value-dense for weight/volume than bread products would be, too. Other luxury options could be cultural or art goods. I imagine the trolls make interesting drumming stones, good for music, and a reed flute might be interesting to them as both a musical instrument and as a snack. Giant labor sounds to me like what would be most in demand from them. You could do years of building in days, with a giant to lift the stones. Of course, convincing them to help you build a new fort or palace is probably really hard, given their association with Disorder.
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    As far as I know there is no "official version" of the final fate of the body (and soul?) of Kallyr Starbrow in Boldhome after the Battle of the Queens, which should be an essential moment in any Sartarite campaign after the Dragonrise. So I want to provide one that people can use if they want, especially since it fit so perfectly into my house campaign. Also it gave my players, some of whom are getting itchy about my tendency to run published stuff with a narrative that has to be adhered to, more flexibility. As I only had a paragraph or two from the Sourcebook to work from, I was able to both give the players total free reign *and* follow the official timeline religiously! This summary, written by one of the players, of our latest session comes right after our doing the Duel of Dangerford and the Battle of the Queens, summary posted to the RQG public blog a few weeks ago, which seems to have gotten good reviews. Mostly self explanatory, but the campaign site can be explored for further explanations now that all the many needed spoiler warnings have been added. None needed for this! http://gloranthagame.pbworks.com/w/page/140572533/Fire Season 1626 Session 4?fbclid=IwAR1j7ao7IWtnGV8_As84xsNtQaJwVGA8bdeozmYg8i1ObHfSfljxK1OVeiE
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    I have just 're-discovered' Chaosium, 35 years after all my RQ disappeared after several moves following college. It was such a pleasure to buy, download and see the beloved Wyrm's Footnotes that I recall so well. RQ brought a LOT of joy to me, and while I have not played RPGs in many a long year, they have such fond memories. I knew many of the Glorantha "early settlers" and sadly heard that Greg has passed. I'm laughing at my 'newbie' label up above. Yes and no. I wonder how Tadashi doing, and how many of the newer players even know that High Tumulas is named after him? I also wonder how many realize the rich, detailed aspects of Dragon Pass/Pavis/Prax are rooted in diverse places? I was the original victim of Tarnak's betrayal, now memoralized in Borderlands. Ironically it was actually in an earlier D&D campaign and the event woven into the later RQ events of our beloved newtlings. How I remember sitting around the author's kitchen table, making up rhyming names for the Newtlings….."soy"..."roy"..."koi'...."foy"...LOL Just great wonderful memories. Thanks for keeping them alive and bringing the footnotes back to life. Even reading product reviews and announcements, information on adverts that may have no value to younger folks, are like looking a snapshots from my youth. To this day, my hatred of broos lives on. - Charloix BrooKiller
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    I'm more of an Elder Thing than an Old One... The Chaosium has lots of books in the works, updated versions of classics, wholly brand new ones, etc. We hesitate to say much about many things in the works because of disappointing people who want it all "very soon" as opposed to "when we can get to it". For example, saying we're working on an updated Gaslight book inevitably leads to "when will it be done?".
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    It's such a neat coincidence that the guy with the victorious army just so happens to be the rightful Emperor and passes all the tests, isn't it?
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    So, cue the laughter. When I started with Runequest there was no number...Just RQ (now called 1) although it wasn't long until 2 came out. One thing you should know about Borderlands, it was not universally pulled from one 'real' campaign like Steve's Pavis campaign or Greg's Sartar one. A number of folks submitted material to Chaosium for individual scenarios. Five Eyes Temple came from our group, although somewhat modified by the time it came to print. Some of the Chaosium folks (I seem to remember Tadashi being very active but don't think his name is anywhere in the credits) got the idea to mold them into the 'campaign' set of scenarios that Borderlands became. Here's the part you'll consider sad........my character (Daine) and Tarnak (the mayor) were never in our RQ campaign. They and the betrayal of Tarnak actually occured in our D&D campaign. In fact, my Daine, dwarf fighter, originated in "3 book, boxed D&D". Adding those characters was done to flesh out the story and (for which I'm appreciative) a 'shout out' to me for helping the author work on Five Eyes. I can close my eyes...and picture myself at his kitchen table coming up with Newtling names.....Roy...Foy...Soy....Zoy....:) I was fortunate that while we did not play in the Calf. RQ groups, we knew all the principles. Through my work at a (now defunct, then famous, gaming store in the mid 70's to early 80s while I was in high school then college I got to move in all the RPG and Wargame circles. Played D&D with Greg and Ernie Gygax..... I used to have a 3box D&D ruleset in which Dave Arneson wrote "May you always make your saving throw!" pretty cool times. It was neat to have 'inside info' which made our RQ games quite different than some of the others. Just great memories. I even posted somewhere else in here, and it made me laugh, because I reference Tada's High Tumulas and said something along the lines of "wonder how he is"..... And I got several folks answering in terms of Tada and Glorantha.....including the "Ta Da Shi" when I really simply meant I wonder how the person Tada Ehari is doing these days? ROFL You guys do know that a LOT of the geography of Prax and Dragon Pass are named after real people, right?
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    Well it has been over 2 years since I last posted. I did return to RPGs running a Traveller campaign on Roll 20. I have now belatedly purchased the slipcase edition and the sourcebook - Wow! what a fantastic product - I can't wait to get a game going...
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    Policing is usually the rise of a state guard rather than a house guard to keep order. When there is no state, there is no guard. This is why clan is so important, and why being Outcast - or cutting your kin-ties to become a Death Worshipper - is so brutally dangerous. You're open season. The modern police forces in the US arose as a combination of slave patrols and the hired enforcers of the wealthy to break the workers' unified fronts. This isn't a political statement: it's just literally history.
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    A few other notes that occurred to me as worthwhile to mention: Quests start after Yelm has set. Those who simply wish to visit the Hill of Gold likely make the climb during the day, say they've done it, and head off. But those on real quests do not depart until its twilight and Lightfore has risen. [That's another reason you don't see trolls at the Hill of Gold - they only arrive from wherever they lurk after dark.] The path of the planet Lightfore (aka Yelmalio) on a particular night likely ties into the Quest story. While a Yelmalio quester might go alone, if they do go in a group, it is likely a group of four. The reason I suggest that is that there are three points to the Truth rune, plus a center point where the arms join. The leader of the quest, Yelmalio, is at the center. He is accompanied by his Shield-bearer (always on the left), his Spear bearer (remember that Yelmalio still carried a sword before the quest), and his Torch bearer (the symbolic bearer of Fire). [The native Vanchites will of course note that Yelmalio was accompanied by a Vanchite in one of these roles.]
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    Call of the Deep Ones.... For a time, there was a bunch of stuff with deep ones in them - in fact, I seem to recall forum posts along the lines of 'can we have some scenarios that don't use the deep ones?' ; ) Flotsam & Jetsam primarily concerns deep ones - this will be coming out in book forum in a year or so. Escape from Innsmouth - is on the slate for updating (next year), and around then I'll probably take a look at gathering some 'Innsmouth/deep one' material together in a supporting book (looking at After the Fall and some other scenarios feat. fish-frog people).
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    Also, she has a better ass.
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    Are you familiar with the Sartar High Council scenario, reprinted in Wyrms Footprints? Beneva Chan and Kallai Rockbuster both passionately dislike Kallyr. And remember, Beneva is the most influential Earth Priestess in Sartar. Others such as Hofstaring, Gringle, Garaystar, and Vamastal were at least suspicious of her (but had other rivalries that were greater than that suspicion). Kallyr herself was described as "haughty and volatile, and easily goes into fits of shouting and accusation. She will state that her loyalty to the nation of Sartar is unquestionable, but she will not allow it to be ruined by a band of fools and cowards." If Starbrow's Rebellion succeeded, all of that would likely be forgotten. But it failed, and Beneva Chan and Kallai Rockbuster were exiled. The Colymar tribal leaders never forgave Starbrow. Many important Earth Priestesses never forgave her. And many others, such as the Culbrea, lost much because of Starbrow. In short, she inspires great loyalty among her followers, but has few allies and many who dislike her for very personal reasons.
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    Photographic record checks out.
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    Radiation causes cancer. Radiation can also be used to treat cancer. +1% Illumination chance next Sacred Time if you follow my analogy to its logical end.
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    Orlanth restored the Grand Order and was able to continue existing, along with the rest of the gods. I'd say it was a success.
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    I am working on updating the quality of that map. I have an original of it, and have scanned it in at 600 DPI.I'm just doing a bit of cleanup on it today.
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    Glad to hear Tad is still doing well. It's hard for me to realize how many have passed off the scene. I graduated HS in 1979. Was pure luck that through HS and for a few years in college (VIllanova) I worked part time at a store called Fantasy & Strategy World (later folded into Compleat Strategist). Through that, I had met a LOT of folks in the RPG and Wargaming World. One reason we drifted to RQ was the whole Glorantha Mythos but we participated in both Markland and SCA. The more 'realistic' combat of RQ where numbers/skill mattered as opposed to D&D (where 1 guy can kill 100 orcs no sweat) appealed to us. My memory is fuzzy but I think we had known Steve Perrin through at least one of those groups as well. The CON world was really active too in those days. Non-RPG, but I remember two guys walking into Origins (I think it was) with their Siege of Jerusalem game. Just blew us away. It was eventually published with some mods by Avalon Hill and myself and some local ftf wargamers still pay it regularly. I"ve got tons of Gygax stories but don't dare put them in print! How he essentially "lost" a lot his monetary value in D&D is story of Shakespearean/Biblical proportions. Greg was very nice to us but quite a bit older (well, when you are 18 and he's 29 that's a big gulf!) and we never really got to know him super well. Ironically, my one son who got really into certain computer gaming ending up getting to know Sandy somewhat I remember Tad as extremely kind. The era of say, 78-83, was sort of IMHO the glory years in that both wargame and RPG stuff was just exploding. A lot of stuff got printed, published and played. One of my great memories was running a traveller tournament (later published called the Chamax Plague or something close) at cons. It threw a lot of curveballs at the players (not 'crushing' them, just confusing to them) and really went well. It was interesting too to 'live through' the storyline developments of RQ and Traveller. When you enter those worlds today and get it all delivered on a plate its a different experience. Watching the war come in Traveller, or waiting another month to see how Fineous Fingers in the Dragon Magazine gets out of a problem, or NOT knowing a cradle is coming down the river was pretty cool. When I look back at all those games though, it really stands out that it's not the rules/game but the abilities of the GM (or Creator in terms of Stafford & Glorantha). I played in a number of 'home grown' systems that took the best elements of D&D, Trav, RQ and rearranged them. Sorry, didn't mean to drone on. Thanks for letting me get it out!
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    About two years ago, I tried to sit down & actually figure out how in the world my group's sorcery rules worked. After all, I'd played a sorcerer using them for two to three years at that point, and had a friend who had been using them for about a year as well (and who I helped teach the system). How hard could it be? Very, very hard, it turned out. Our current group plays mostly-RQG, but we've taken to calling that game's rules "RuneQuest Bastard" for a reason. They were a mishmash of official stuff, house rules, and things my friends & I didn't know were house rules which had accumulated from about a decade of play through our GM friend's teen years. Loads of fun, but very much an "oral" rulebook. I never did finish that project to write up the sorcery system, and recently I've come to the conclusion that I'll never finish the stupid thing despite the amount of work I'd put in. I'd intended to upload it here from the start so others could see how we did things, and since I've accepted I'll never finish it, I figured I may as well go ahead and upload it anyway. I suspect that, to play it, you'll need to be the same certain special breed of masochist my friends and I are, but I hope that it will at least be interesting for someone. Scholastic Sorcery is an awful Frankenstein's Monster mishmash of the sorcery in RQ3's "Magic Book", Sandy Petersen's Western Sorcery, and his Tekumel Sorcery. It overlays the Tsolyanu of Tekumel as Patrons of Sorcery within Glorantha, organized into two general canons: the Saints of Stability, and the Demons of Change. As the introduction notes, most of the mechanics are not my ideas, but a fair bit of the fluff is. A lot of my work was editorial, trying to organize and make sense of multiple rulesets I initially believed were compatible, and later discovered are not. An example of this is that RQ3 (and SS) treats the Duration Art as a skill, whereas Petersen's Western Sorcery, which provides the core ruleset of SS, has no concept of using both Presence and Duration. Scholastic Sorcery works well as a ruleset for adventurers. Our game was pretty murderhobo, and the rules do reflect that. It treats sorcerers as being individualists; they're organized into colleges and schools and whatnot, but are ultimately not as community-minded as other magic systems. For current players of RQG, I think the spell writeups (which are about the last fifty pages of the document) will be of most use. I don't think they'll translate directly into RQG's sorcery, but the Tekumel spells provide a great example of cool flavorful sorcery spells which go beyond what both Rune magic and spirit magic tend to do, both in power and complexity. The spells are incomplete (I got to the start of the P's alphabetically), but what's there should, I hope, be interesting. You can find the rest of Petersen's RuneQuest Tekumel stuff on the tekumel.com site here. For people interested in the rules themselves, I beg forgiveness! This was the first time I attempted writing game rules, and I feel they're still rather haphazard. Having re-skimmed the document, examples use rules found later in the text and the organization of material's kind of a mess. Apart from the writing, the rules themselves really need more chopping at to be cleaned up and tidied. The stitches on my Monster show all over the place. But the rules portion is basically complete, albeit in a first-draft form. I have ideas for a similar sorcery system for RQG, using the Runes and Techniques of RQG's sorcery as the basis, and introducing skill and manipulation because I frankly can't stand Free INT rules. But if I ever do write that up, it'll probably not be soon. If you wanted to play a Scholastic Sorcerer in RQG, I'd loosely suggest starting with the Philosopher occupation, and base the starting point for Arts and Vows on the Student tier, replacing the adventurer's cult. I make no claims that any of that procedure--or use of Scholastic Sorcery in general--will create a Fun and Balanced play environment in an RQG game. My only true regret is that I never got to fumble and TPK my party with a Doomkill. Scholastic Sorcery Spell List.doc Scholastic Sorcery.doc
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    I think this is one of those things that can only be decided on a table-by-table basis, YGWV and all that. My impression is that Chaosium is attempting to present a Glorantha that is a bit more straightforward than, say, the Stafford Library makes it seem at times. Ie. stuff either happened or it didn't. There is, when you dig enough, a singular truth to things, even if no one in-universe knows what it is. Most emic gods can be mapped onto a limited number of etic Runic archetypes. The Monomyth is *mostly* correct, etc. etc. I could be misrepresenting Chaosium here, but that's my impression based on the messages left on this board, and it does make a lot of sense in terms of newcomer-friendliness (even if I am a relative newcomer who loves esotericism for the sake of esotericism, but then I suspect I am a massive outlier). But yeah, in my Glorantha at least, the mythic reality is highly contingent and mutable, and perhaps more importantly - not something you can just put down an explanation or mechanism for. It's not just a Pratchettian "belief equals real", it's more complex than that.
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    I like the idea that he had to heroquest to become a descendant and obtain his Sartar rune, but this is completely not-canonical. (Inspired by a humor boardgame where the goal was to become king, and one of the things you needed was to get yourself a royal birthmark.)
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    The TDM roster of games and events are confirmed and viewable by the general public. Sign up begins on Monday 6th July. Shrine of the Traitor Gods Friday, July 31st, 6pm, Roll20 https://www.gencon.com/events/183543 Lyonesse: In High Dudgeon Saturday, August 1st, 11am, Roll20 https://www.gencon.com/events/183541 Mythic Britain: Chariots of Fire Sunday, August 2nd, 11am, Roll20 https://www.gencon.com/events/183542 Design Mechanism Panel: Mythras & Lyonesse Saturday, August 1st, 7pm, Zoom https://www.gencon.com/events/183841 Roll20 & Zoom links will be sent to those who secure spots in the games. Very much looking forward to seeing you there!
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    Any sufficiently charismatic claim to authority is indistinguishable from birthright when the examiners read the wind right. Some people lean into this mechanism and scatter the seeds around just in case. I love what you've done here: "Enough" is always enough. You get what fate needs. Separately I was just dreaming about how dangerous an unreconstructed Yelmgatha teaching would be in an empire already spinning too fast. Every man a Yelm. Maybe a non-trivial number of women too.
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    The Argrath appears to have enough power and smarts to create a whole new power structure to replace that of Sartar. But why bother when he can take up an existing power structure without the lifetime's effort of creating a new one, while tearing down the old one _and_ fighting the Lunar Empire? He may well also have the power and smarts to 'create' a relationship with Sartar... And if that means he has to assume the identity of a dead heir of Sartar, or even manufacture a dead heir of Sartar so he can assume that identity, well I'm certainly not going to make that accusation. No sir, I'd like a long life and a longer afterlife. More realistically, Sartar and his descendants seemed very happy to litter heirs around, acknowledged and unacknowledged, in all sorts of odd and little known places, so a substantial fraction of Sartarites may well be able to find a connection. And that heritage will come out in some of them. If they are in the right place at the right time. And they are desperate enough. And lucky enough. Finally, I do think that the Argrath actually was a descendant of Sartar.
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    It's been clarified that you get the POW not from defeating Disease Spirits in general, but from being possessed by one and managing to evict it.
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    I’ve always felt this as well. Time enough for a better version later, but why would you want to remove something that is fun and playable and being used by people to have fun and in their actual games? If you don’t like something, replace it with something better - and if you want to make it really better, reuse or incorporate as much as you can of stuff that people find enjoyable about what was there before. Being ‘correct’ by some arbitrary, fallible standard is one of the less important metrics.
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    Chaosium congratulates our 2020 ENnies Awards nominees: HARLEM UNBOUND 2nd Edition - Best Cover Brennen Reece BERLIN THE WICKED CITY - Best Setting, Best Cover David Larkins, Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy, Loïc Musy And congratulations to the Taylor University student creators of Miskatonic Repository scenario REFRACTIONS OF GLASSTON, winners of the 2020 ENnies Judges' Spotlight Award! ENnies voting is NOW LIVE and runs from July 3 - July 12. The winners will be announced at the Online ENnies 2020 Ceremony on July 31. Please cast your vote here: http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2020
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    Coincidentally I was just looking at the ancient Cults of Terror story of Rashoran that distills that teaching as "you do not have to be afraid of what you do not know." That's all it is. No ethical gymnastics, pretzel logic or attraction to paradox for its own sake. Just an openness to the alien and the faith that it cannot really hurt you in any way that matters. Since then the teaching has been routed into the service of the self and its passions: "hatred, selfishness, greed and jealousy." By the time it gets to Nysalor, the riddles and other compensating mechanisms are in place to prevent something like the Trio from happening ever again. Maybe it's worth looking at the Argrath in these terms. Still a lot we don't know about the nature of his spiritual liberation + I "coincidentally" always seem to have better things to do than psychoanalyze him. He is what he is, like the weather. Wear a hat if you don't want to get wet.
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    More great work, guys. The cattle raiding feature was great. When you discussed the possibility of meeting raiders returning with your own cattle mid-way while you were returning with theirs, I was immediately reminded of a scene in Lonesome Dove (book and series)....different genre, identical situation, great story. The reason for the cattle raid in that story is another possible Gloranthan story driver......beefing up the herds (sorry, pun intended 😝) for a planned clan migration (forced out, mythic mandate, etc). You touched on this but I felt the inter-clan raiding among Orlanthi Heortling clans was a social pressure relief valve. A non-lethal cultural tradition to vent hostilities and energy and to give youths military experience in a low danger situation.....somewhat like aspects of the American First Nations' practice of counting coup. In more desperate circumstances, such as resource scarce Prax or higher levels of inter-clan tension, then certainly raids could develop into more serious and lethal exercises. Brent.
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    I don't use many house rules but one that was used in the group i first played with that i just kept going with was to change the experience check to a experience tally. Successes worthy of a check adds a tally mark to that skill. When it is time for experience rolls the first mark on a skill allows for a roll, any additional mark gives a 1% bonus to the roll. This discourages the "I switch to my axe because I already hit with my sword" and also makes it a bit easier to raise high skills as well as skills a character uses a lot.
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    As a special 4th July treat, we're delighted to release two brand new adventures for Lyonesse and Mythras: 'In High Dudgeon', and 'Meeros Doomed'. Both are available via DrivethruRPG and our own website, in Print on Demand and PDF formats (you get the PDF free when buying the print copy). In High Dudgeon https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/314519 http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/In-High-Dudgeon/p/210803496/category=36165487 An adventure for Lyonesse $5.99 PDF, $9.99 POD, Colour, 36 pages Games Without Frontiers... Every year, the villages of High and Low Dudgeon meet for the midsummer games. Every year for the past 10 years, Low Dudgeon has lost. The villagers are suspicious; what is High Dudgeon's secret? Could it be magic? Could it be some secret training technique? Is it outright cheating? Enter the intrepid characters, visiting the villages to enjoy the games, but drawn into the intrigue of Low Dudgeon's misfortune. And if the true source of High Dudgeon's success isn't found before the current games end - well, things could get ugly. In High Dudgeon is a Lyonesse scenario for 2-6 characters, and involves a high degree of investigation and social interaction. The adventure is complete with maps, and a plethora of colourful non-player characters. Also included are four pre-generated characters - Madam Neneveh's Festive Fellows - designed for use with the adventure. Meeros Doomed https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/310825/ http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Meeros-Doomed/p/212297067/category=5186110 $4.99 PDF, $9.99 POD, Premium Colour. 28 pages. The City State of Meeros lies broken. Queen Herathos wants the renegade priestess, Kara, brought to justice to atone for her treachery. The characters are tasked with venturing to distant Kopash, and charged with making her arrest. But is all as it seems? Powerful forces are plotting to destroy Meeros completely, and those who have protected the city may well be the ones who secure its doom. The characters must uncover traitors, travel into monster-infested swamps, confront sorcerous fiends, and perhaps even ally themselves with Meeros' ancient foes, the Badoshi Warlords, if they are to avenge the Doom that has come to Meeros! This mini-campaign follows on directly from events found in the Mythras core rules, and the scenarios Sarinaya's Curse, and Meeros Falling, although it can also be played stand-alone.
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    Sure, spirits of reprisal punish transgressions, but I don't think acknowledging, propitiating or worshiping another god in the same pantheon that shares myths and rituals with your primary god is a transgression. In fact it's fully expected and even required. After all, if your god's myths and rites include participation by other gods in the pantheon, which they almost invariably do, it's actually not possible to worship your primary deity without also worshiping some or other of the other gods. Aspects of Sedenya are part of Yelmic myth and participate in Yelmic ritual. Try worshiping Orlanth without ever also worshiping, acknowledging and propitiating his wife Ernalda for example. For most Sartarite characters it's practically impossible. I dont think many nobles devoutly worshiping Yelm in the Lunar Empire thinks their religion is a sham. The Empire has never been more powerful, and the Emperor is proven to be an incarnation of Yelm. Their rituals and magic are as potent as ever. Well yes, some stick in the mud traditionalists surely do in secret, but they're crazy
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    Oh, I love Leika's speech. Thank you ever so much for sharing!
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    Two new additions of note: Old Glorantha.com Forums (2013-2016) Find out what was being discussed before the forums moved here. @MOB’s old website (1999) Scenarios, notes, writings or just looking for Sun County errata? It's all here.
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    A-hem. I'd reckon it's a distinctly Anglican lens focusing the Catholic prism that's refracting the Islamic/Buddhist source material. It's definitely an act of cruel parody. I was going to suggest The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I see it's already on the list. I'm not aware of it's influence on the development of any particular game titles (Paranoia, maybe?), but it certainly had a profound influence on my Traveller campaigns. Little did I know the early cross-over influence it provided from Doctor Who. How 'bout Stanislaw Lem? The Cyberiad? Short stories, and probably more influential in the background of later, more famous western authors. !i!
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