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    I feel the same sick punch in the gut that I felt the night I heard that Roger Zelazny had died. Greg was the man I most respected in Gaming. Greg and I mostly went our separate ways, but I like to think we were friends, and it always hurts to lose a friend. It's just like you, Greg, to slip off on a new adventure of your own without telling anybody you were going. Fare thee well, Greg on your latest journey.
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    I know I've been pushing hard against the text of the new book. I know I've been asking a lot of questions. I know sometimes my own frustration has made me phrase things in ways that don't make me happy -- and those phrasings can't be sugar whispers to the ears of everyone who worked on this new book and this new line of an RPG classic. So I wanted to make something clear: I know how hard you guys have worked on this game. I know how hard you worked on this book. I know how hard it is to write RPG text. (Like, really, I know.) You have produced a new version of a game that has existed since the start of the hobby. And has gone through a half-dozen variations over those four decades. You've obviously put a lot of work and love into the book and the plans for the line. If there is frustration in my posts on occasion (and I suspect this might be true for others as well) it is because I sense there is a lot lot joy and wonder in these pages and there is a lot of work on my part to pull it out. I want to make sure to get what everyone else is talking about, and has been talking about for years. I want to get all the terrific details and magic and culture resting in the book and waiting for me to bring them to my friends. And if I have desire to do this it is only because the game system is rich, the setting is rich, and you have built a book that brings both of these things closer together than they ever have in any previous edition of RuneQuest. So, I want you to know I appreciate all the work. I appreciate all the effort you are making now to get the game released in print, to answer our question, to ponder our questions, and work diligently to make the best game and game line you can. Wanted to say that. Thanks.
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    Chaosium is pleased to announce award-winning RPG designer Chris Spivey will be developing a new BRP-based science fiction line to add to the company's suite of roleplaying game brands. Last year Spivey's Darker Hue Studios produced the licensed Call of Cthulhu/Trail of Cthulhu supplement Harlem Unboundwhich has received critical acclaim for its groundbreaking treatment of issues of race and the Lovecraft Mythos, and is a nominee for the 2018 Diana Jones Award. "I am excited and honored to be brought on by Chaosium. I grew up playing Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim and more. Now the chance to fully manage a science fiction line that only previously existed in my own mind has left me speechless, but let's hope not wordless.”—Diana Jones Award nominee Chris Spivey https://www.chaosium.com/blogchris-spivey-to-develop-scifi-rpg-game-setting-for-chaosium
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    So I took a few notes from the Chaosium seminar at Chimeriades convention in the beautiful South of France countryside. There was some discussion on Runequest core book- which they hope to open pre-orders later this month- which is as detailed a date they were willing to commit to; with the aim of a Gen Con launch. A black and white print out of the laid out book was circulated at the con and it does look beautiful and evocative. The core book will have a conversion guide as an annex for previous edition adventures to be adapted and run under the new rules. Jeff believes that the RQG core book looks more beautiful than the Guide, and that there were more artists available with a feel for Glorantha. The art is designed to reflect and enhance the uniqueness of Glorantha. The Bestiary is entering layout- it is a simpler layout than the core book, so it will go to production at a faster pace. One challenge is making stat blocks more interesting The Bestiary will allow you to play a number of different Gloranthan races including Trolls, elves, Telemori, and the most noble of all Gloranthan races- the ducks. (Hoorah!) Some 150 different RQ creatures are covered including dinosaurs & mega-fauna Next up is the GM pack- which is really a setting pack- a Colymar sandbox setting with 3 adventures which can be linked or play separately. Some 100 pages with lots of stated NPCs which can give GMs template for what a Clan Chief may look like stat wise. An impressive map of Clearwine by Oliver Sanfilippo was circulated to help GMs and players visualise locations. Boldhome appears in Dragon Pass campaign pack. No rolled maps will be produced by Chaosium- shipping costs to blame Apple Lane will be a default base for players for post 1625 setting, reflecting the power vacuums following Dragonrise. Apple Lane buildings have housing maps to help give the feel of a base for players. 12 books in advanced production to support RQG- reflecting the work of the past 2 years. The new edition will be well supported to help time pressed GMs to run adventures for groups. Source books are likely to be statted for RQ, as it will be easier for Heroquest Glorantha GMs to adapt than the other way round. GM book magic items, treasures guidance- Heroquest & hero rules Gods of Glorantha will feature 50 gods with 8-12 page write ups of each cult. Orlanth will be expanded in coverage. The Red Goddess will be featured, with new Lunar magic. It will be a very God Learner book and designed for GM to use. Issaries is a god/ cult which will see little expansion. The invisible God will be covered in a separate project. More regional gods will be covered in regional sourcebooks- such as Pavis- Jeff ran a Big Rubble scenario at the convention. Art is being ordered for the book. Jeff explains that he goes back to the oldest Greg sources & then work out what to keep & reject. Keen for returning players feel comfortable with Glorantha. Chaos gods are not PC gods so not in the upcoming book - A separate gods of chaos pack with scenarios being worked upon. Therefore GM only. Default 1625 early 1626 setting for the line Sarah Newton is at the advanced draft stage for Barbarian Town - Wild West themed bronze age- opens up mixed group of PCs.. Another project by Sarah will be announced when it is further along. Steve Perrin is writing old school feel scenarios to contrast with Sarah’s more modern approac And finally on RQG, Jeff opened up a little on the heroquest rules- Getting the feel.. River of Cradles campaign is a Heroquest- they are looking to get a toolkit of myth structure/ special effects to reflect hero-questing REWARD- Guidance how to handle that hq gifts & Levels wider than a cult... needs a Mythic restriction power with obligations. The hero should be embarrassed to use the power outside of the key needs. (Ken Rolston was animated on this point) Building package of rules after Heroquesting & becomes Hero with capital H. The Hero not super skilled not always effective- eg various Greek myths. Developing immortal self- 2 different things. Hero & shaman archtypes. Two different stat blocks. Fetches are always on hero plane. Gifts & powers come from that. Depletable resource- that be recovered through GM tasks & they have to develop cult to be worshiped. Develop a community eg Harrek is worshipped by communities who don’t want a visit from the Beserker(!) Switch of perspective Dragonewts don’t want the obligations.... Finally, Q-Workshop will be producing official Runequest dice- which look both stylish and legible- even on the mobile phone pictures I saw.
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    Greg was one of the greats in the roleplaying community. His Glorantha is a wholly innovative fantasy setting, unlike anything else in the gaming community: a world of myths and legends that has depth far beyond the surface of its modern-day. But Greg was more than that because he saw and embraced the creative vision in others as well. He worked with creators such as Steve Perrin and Robin Laws to design game systems for his magnificent world and he also helped to bring to life other totally disparate settings, such as Ken St. Andre's Stormbringer and Sandy Petersen's Call of Cthulhu. To be able to fulfill one's own creative vision is great, but to empower others, that goes far beyond. I will personally remember Greg as the wise sage who supported me when I began to write about the Aldryami in the early '90s, who welcomed me into Chaosium with a smile at how little they could pay, and who would sit in his office at 950-A 56th Street, pontificating on his world, but at the same time carefully listening to the ideas of others. I am shocked by his passing and offer my greatest condolences to Suzanne and the rest of his family.
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    The depiction of women in this book is in celebration of the divine feminine. The breasts aren't there for the sexual excitement of men. They are there in celebration and acceptance of womanhood. Glorantha has no shame and no guilt about woman's bodies or in the varied ways, women can be women. Heck the book puts the sisters Vasana and Yanioth front and center showing women in both very feminine and very unfeminine rolls and depicts both as something to be celebrated. With RQ:G you don't have to play a generic fighter or a priest that just happens to be female you can play fully fleshed out female characters that are unapologetic in their femaleness. That is why I love Glorantha. I have made that exact pitch to women more than once in a busy convention hall, and shown them this art (yes topless ones) and sold them this book based on how it treats women. I can't think of any women I know that would be scandalized and upset by this art (we know what breasts look like), and frankly, I don't think I would get on well with them in any game, RQ or otherwise. I am right there with Jeff Jerwin. While my daughter is still too young to understand the art (2.5) she has seen it and will absolutely be allowed to see it as she grows up. Because there is nothing wrong or shameful about breasts and they don't need to be hidden. Not everything is the right fit for every workplace. So be it. Painted nails and dyed hair aren't ok in every workplace either. But I want a gaming experience that celebrates women as women and doesn't act like a woman's body are something to be ashamed of. I want my daughter to grow up with those experiences too. If the book isn't a good fit for work, don't bring it to work but please also recognize that Glorantha is very important to many people for many different reasons. I would find such a removal of the celebration of womanhood to be tragic.
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    I thought it be fun to Replicate some of the items out of RQG. My kids will be will be using them As part of their outfits at GenCon. Still have a lot of work to do but I think they look pretty neet when they’re done.
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    The photographer was a jack-o-bear.
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    @Jason Durall's design notes are excellent and leads us through the complex array of historical design and current thinking. I look forward to the complete cover as currently this has the feeling of watching someone choosing a hat to wear. You'd look better in that old hat, new hat, a different hat, a hat my mother had, a different material, it looks like this hat, you don't want a hat you want a scarf, my hat is nicer than your hat, etc. The complete outfit is what I want (at some point). It will undoubtedly be eye catching, have a name badge identifying the authors and a Chaosium brooch and most will buy it anyway even if it had a unicorn hat. (apologies for not using the new logo, it didn't fit in with my unicorn theme and I couldn't find a pink Chaosium logo)
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    Well, our current RuneQuest Gloranthan campaign has finally come to an end, after 13 glorious years. Previously on The River Voices, Legend of the Arganauts: The River Voices had bumped heads with the Lunar Empire on and off for years. They raised the Sky Ship, brought back Tada, Tarkalor, Sartar and Genert, drove the Lunars out of Prax, the Holy Country and Dragon Pass, raised a Dragon at the Dragonrise, purged the Crimson Bat of Chaos, dropped Harrek and a fleet of Wolf Pirates at the mouth of the Oslir and gated an iceberg to the Crater to block it. They had awakened their Inner Dragons, entered the Dragonewt Dream, visited the Dragonkill, rescued an Inhuman King and tied it to the Dragonship. They took a True Dragon to Dorastor, where they ambushed Ralzakark, awakened a Two-Headed Chaotic True Dragon by accident, and some transformed into True Dragons to fight it, purging it of Chaos and chopping one of its heads off, then they entered into the Dragon Dance, where they saw that the Draconic Powers of Peloria had been energised and were building in strength. They took Ralzakark’s Crown and Flargle incarnated Arkat by opening the pathways to Arkathome and breaking the God Learner Seals that held it. A Pentian Army ravaged the North of the Empire, Flarkat’s Army invaded from the South and Harrek’s Wolf Pirates attacked the centre. The Lunars had lost Prax, the Holy Country and Dragon Pass. The River Voices had converted Rist towards the White Moon and had founded a Yelmalian Temple there, directly opposing the Red Emperor. Something had to be done. The River Voices saw that the Draconic influences had been gaining power and energy and divined that it was reaching a peak in an old abandoned Second Age temple. They looked there using Shan Agar’s Magical Eye and saw a number of Priests dressed in Second Age robes, carrying Draconic regalia. A number of Dragonewts assisted in the ceremony. The Red Emperor appeared, dressed in Draconic Robes, dressed as the Dragon Emperor, and began a ceremony. Mello Yello could not let him do this, as he thought the Red Emperor was an impure Emperor, so the River Voices jumped in their Golden Barge to the Ceremony. There, the Red Emperor recounted all the problems the Lunar Empire had faced and all the sins it had done. In response, Mello Yello transformed into a Golden True Dragon and recounted all the good things the River Voices had done. The Red Emperor finished the Ceremony and the river Voices could see that he was about to commit Utuma, as the Golden Dragon Emperor, which would purge the Lunar Empire of the sins and allow the Red Emperor to be reborn anew. Horrified, the River Voices attempted a bold and dangerous move. Flargle transferred the Utuma Wound to Mell Yello, forcing the Utuma Ritual to affect Mello Yello instead. Well, that was the plan, but Flargle rolled 00, a Fumble, spent a Hero Point and rerolled to a 10, then spent another Hero Point to flip to an 01, a Special Critical. Mello Yello then used powers of Harmony to die without pain and to follow the Utuma without Disorder, this time a Critical. Mello Yello then used the power of Dragonewt Rebirth to be reborn, another Critical. Finally, Shan Agar used a combination of her Magic Eye, Dreaming Powers, Draconic Powers, Mother of Dragons Power and a load of other stuff, to move Mello Yello’s Rebirth to an egg inside her, as she had transformed into the Chromatic True Dragon, you guessed it, another Critical. So, the Red Emperor performed the Utuma Ritual and did not die, Mello Yello’s body spontaneously self-combusted, burning instantly without any ash, as the greatest Dara Happan Emperors had done, then was reborn from a golden egg that appeared in front of him. Mello had usurped all the Empire’s Draconic Powers and was reborn as Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor. He was now Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins. The Red Emperor, weakened by the Iceberg blocking the Crater and the subsequent removal of the Red Moon’s powers, had gambled everything on the Utuma Ritual and failed, so he died on the spot. Presumably, he would return later, as he always had, but for the moment he was gone. Now, at this point, we stopped for a breath, as the enormity of what had just happened slowly sank in. Then we started to discuss where to go from there, but the consensus of opinion was that the River Voices had achieved everything they had ever set out to do. Mello Yello was Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins, he was also worshipped by those Beast Men who wanted to join the cult of Yelmalio. Shan Agar was Wife to Tada, had replaced the Pharaoh, united the Elements, proven that all the Waters of the World were one, had restored lost parts of the Agar Clan and become the Mother of Dragons. Flargle had destroyed several Chaos Nests, become Arkat, purged much of Dorastor of Chaos, led an Arkati army against the Lunar Empire and helped kill the Red Emperor. Karim Temris had found Yamsur’s Regalia and brought Yamsur back, ridden Yamsur’s chariot to the Dragonkill and back, restored Caarith and proved that she was a daughter of Genert, restored Genert, thus honouring the debt of the Desert Trackers, deposed the Count of Sun County and put his father in his place, founded a new Praxian Tribe, the Lopers, and set them up in God Remembered. So, what was there to do? Where to go to from there? Conquer the West? Embrace the Kralorelan Dragons? Hunt down the Red Emperor and the remaining Lunar Powers? None of them appealed to the players. Retire the River Voices and start again in the new world? Doing what? Playing Lunars opposed to the River Voices? Nobody wanted that. Playing starting characters in the middle of the Hero Wars? Nobody wanted that. Then someone suggested bringing the campaign to a close and everyone agreed. Sad times, in a way, but they went out on a high. I cannot say the words “Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins” often enough. All we need to do now is to decide what campaign to run. Nothing Gloranthan this time, as we have done Glorantha, although we might return once the new scenario packs start appearing. Suggestions were Dark Ages, Robin Hood or Sci Fi, but we need to talk about that a bit.
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    Collaborating with Greg was always a crazy creative fermentation process. You'd think you had something nailed down, and then "whoosh!" something you didn't predict would come fizzing up where you least expected it. But the flavours! Oh, boy, they made the whole painful process worth while. He was generous to a fault, and I will miss him more than I can say. Shamans tell us stories about what happens in other worlds, and - through sympathetic knowledge, and perhaps a little sleight of hand - they help to cure us of our ills. Greg was a true Shaman.
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    The greatest accomplishment in my entire life, without exception, was when I with Greg at Gencon and told him, "I ran a Pendragon game with all women playing Lady characters." Greg said, "How did you do that?" And I spent twenty minutes with him just listening and smiling. Greg Stafford asked me, "How did you do that?" Then, he sat and listened. The man who so inspired me that I would not be a game designer if it weren't for him. I had done something with his masterpiece that he had not considered and was curious how I did it. That is the greatest accomplishment of my life. Greg sitting quietly and listening and smiling. I got to tell him a story. I never got to play Pendragon with Greg. Now, I never will.
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    All, Just to keep you up to date with UK Games Expo news. We discussed HeroQuest and Glorantha. We are committed to continuing to support Glorantha via HeroQuest We will focus, for now, on 1625- whilst RQG establishes 1625+ material At some point we will produce a genre pack that shows you how to play HeroQuest A boin the later Dragon Pass material We think continuing to play in the classic period prevents product duplication Our projected books right now are: A book focusing on the Sartar Rising material that is 'offstage' in The Eleven Lights. The big one is The Dragonrise. Your PCs can be the ones who lead this feat. A book introducing Fonrit as a setting. We think this will be an ideal Sword and Soul setting, and a great place for new campaigns, that comes without some of the 'weight' of Dragon Pass, and is thus accessible for folks who want a 'ground floor' to get into Glorantha. As we see HeroQuest Glorantha as our fast-paced story engine, the presentation here will reflect that approach.
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    Belgath's girls back for more awesome RQG cosplay at Gen Con this year:
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    Jeff and Jason have passed on some exciting news: layout and proofreading of RQG is all-but-done ("we're just doing some final finishing up and tweaks"). The book is truly both a thing of beauty, and also a very easy-to-use reference when playing the game. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about preorders! Art credit: "Binding an Earth Elemental" by Andrey Fetisov
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    The RUNEQUEST GAMEMASTER SCREEN PACK will be released in PDF on Friday, September 14. Here's what's inside: —4 panel GM screen —blank character sheets —128 page book of adventures —20 page quick reference of commonly used tables —16 page gloranthan calendar —6 maps —pre-generated character sheets. On purchasing the PDF from Chaosium.com you will receive a coupon for the FULL COST of the PDF off the price of the physical version which will be available later this year. BTW, Andrey Fetisov's wonderful cover art for the GM Screen Pack is available to download in our special RuneQuest pre-release Dropbox Folder. Sign up here to access.
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    I always find a great way to create an immersive world when GM'ing is to mention things by origin. To say it is a Lorthensket built ship is better than just a ship, or to know the difference between a Loskalm Destrier from a Jillaroan Race Horse is far more evocative than a big horse or a fast horse, Fortunately the Guide provides a rich resource but as it is not easily referenced for this sort of data I created a table of Gloranthan Trade Goods and Places of Interest. Hardly complete but serves as a ready reckoner for adding a touch of the exotic or realism to you games. For the most part if the Guide said xyz Is famous for abc I added it to the list. Here is a PDF arranged by item with locale, region and Guide page number for reference, and my original exel sheet for those who want to edit etc. I've also uploaded them to the Downloads. Enjoy Gloranthan_Trade_Goods.pdf Gloranthan_Trade_Goods.xlsx
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    We have created this special Condolence Thread for messages from the gaming community of condolence, and remembrance, and celebration, about Greg Stafford. If you would like to show your appreciation for his life and legacy, or express your feelings, or pay your respects, please feel free to leave a note here. Greg's wife Suzanne and his family know that he was greatly loved, respected and revered in the gaming community all over the world, and they have the link to this thread to read your posts when they are ready. Greg's family request that you respect their privacy in this time of grief.
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    I've updated my character creation and ongoing management spreadsheet! I created this a while back based on an in-development version of the rules (Working draft 2.1). Since then the category mods have become multiples of 5, the skill list has changed quite a bit. The RQG Wiki has detailed instructions. Aussi en français. Pick your Race, Culture, Occupation, and Cult in the drop-downs in Column A. Click the "Fill" button (dotted down-arrow) in column F to set up the dice to roll. Click the D6 icon to roll a set of stats. Click the "Fill" buttons in columns AW, BD, BE & BF, (wait for each one to finish before clicking the next!) to populate all the character creation skills. The AW column button is for race skills, typically just Insight, but also Darksense, Earthsense, Elfsense. To translate, currently into Spanish or French, select the language in Column A and click the Translate button to translate everything. The Perception skill Special () is for Elfsense, or any other race-specific sense skill that might arise. Darksense etc. Scan and Search are handled as specializations, e.g. Search (Darksense), Search (Earthsense), etc. Everyone else gets N/A in these. The CharGen sheet can track up to 10 melee skills and 5 ranged skills, and you can pick which ones show up on the CharSheet with drop-downs. I have added "Agimori" and "Morokanth" cultures, which gives them the basic Praxian skills that all the others get e.g. Spirit Combat, Survival. These links are READ ONLY: they are links to my master copy, you will need to make your own copy of the sheet in order to use it. File➔Make a copy... v1.9.4 Beta 1: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W7_VCCvzULrC2if_U6udGIt6hHK6w4RiZyRAjMN0QOU/edit?usp=sharing Implements optional alternative RQ3-style category modifier calculations Indicates which rule is currently in effect with a checkbox (don't just check the box manually! Let the button do it!) Added all the Spirit and Rune spells to the translation sheet (thanks @AutumnDawn) French translations added for all spells (thanks @sireRage) Formatted CharSheet for printing and added HP and MP tracks Adjusted widths and positioning of spell columns, added points columns for spirit and rune Removed Enc 1 for Claw natural weapon Known bugs: Running a script for the first time sometimes gives a "Server error", just reload the page and try again. If it persists, try Tools->Script Editor, and click the Save button, and close the tab. Sometimes the arrows on the CharGen sheet move around, and occasionally a rune on the CharSheet will move. This is a visual glitch in Google Sheets, just reload the page. If a non-Troll joins Kyger Litor, and already has a Speak Own other than Darktongue, they will not get the skill bonus. Add it manually as a Speak () language. If a Troll joins Argan Argar, they will get Speak (Darktongue) as a secondary language even though their main language is Darktongue. Just move the bonus to the main language and remove the secondary. Cult Lore has a tick box, which it should not have. Skills can go negative due to category modifiers, this should be capped at zero. I am not entirely clear on when this capping happens, before or after previous experience. More features on the backlog: Sorting skills into alphabetical order for translated sheets - the trick here is to move the tick box with the skill. Automatic rolling of skill checks? Not sure if people would want this feature.
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    This is heartbreaking. Greg was truly unique, and I feel honoured and privileged to have been able to count him as a friend.
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    Picture taken by artist on Moonboat from 10,000 feet.
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    As Jason said, layout is preceding forward every day. And so far the book is looking even better than 7th edition Cthulhu. It is shaping up to be the best looking book Chaosium has ever done.
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    Rather than bogging myself down in counter-arguments in the Elmal/Yelmalio thread, I decided to take the problem on as a creative challenge and started to write up a sample stead led by an Elmali thane of his clan, and consider how this stead's population would have reacted to Monrogh's new teachings. I kept location and clan names vague, making it easy to place this anywhere simply by using nicknames for the clans rather than published ones. I'll probably flesh this out further, probably updating the text below, provide a map and maybe some character sketches for a print version. This is a fairly prestigious stead a bit away from the main settlement of the clan, likely to give hospitality to visitors, thus enabling interaction with traveling groups of player characters. Or they could be kin. I plan to add another, less prestigious household with an Orlanth head of household but Elmali sons, and maybe provide character sheets for a mini-freeform similar to Sartar High Council where an emissary of Monrogh seeks to gather converts for the new Yelmalio cult. The Redaylding bloodline has been providing the horse thane for the clan for years and is in charge of maintaining the horse breed. Redhorse Stead is inhabited by the families of the sons of Orstalli the Beren, deceased ringmember of the clan, and three dependent cottar households. Harelmal is the steadmaster, a 50 year old god talker of Elmal, one of the best judges of horse breed in the tribe. Steadmistress is Esranevra, a 48 year old initiate of Ernalda struggling to postpone her progression to Asrelia – her youngest child is the nine years old daughter Voralda. She is Harelmal’s third wife and mother to two sons and two daughters by Harelmal. It has been several years since Harelmal has last served on the clan ring, and his privileges as a thane of the clan are under scrutiny by rivals. Tarkalor, Harelmal‘s 42 year old brother, is an initiate of Barntar and the main provider of the stead. His wife Votenesta is a 44 year old initiate of Ernalda and an accomplished healer of animals, often called to other steads to help with difficult calvings or outbreaks of hoof rot or similar afflictions. Harelmal’s two oldest sons are the product of his temporary marriage to Mahomeva, a Redalda initiate a few years his senior. Jaronil is 28 years old, initiated to Elmal and Orlanth Thunderous, and in charge of the non-horse herds of the stead. He has just re-married after a seven-year political marriage to Benava, a carl’s daughter of the formerly feuding Badger clan two valleys away, and leaves the raising of his five year old son and his two year old daughter to his stepmother and his brother’s wife while he is away with the herds on the summer pasture in the high valleys. His new wife Gatana is an initiate of Ernalda and an expert cheese maker who joins him on those pastures despite being glowingly pregnant approaching the third season. Trymir is 24 years old, initiated to Orlanth Adventurous, a master of the javelin from horse-back and a prominent member of the clan warband as well as an accomplished hunter. He is married to Inerra, a 27 years old initiate of Ernalda and Mahome, an excellent cook and acting mother or nanny to all the children on the stead. They have two daughters and a younger son, and Inerra is pregnant again with only half a season to term. 18 year old Chalanyr is the only child of Harelmal’s short-lived middle marriage to Kallyr, a headstrong Redaldan from Runegate. Like her mother, Chalanyr has initiated to the Redalda subcult of Elmal. She is the best horse trainer on the stead, and the clan is considering an Esrolian or Vingan marriage for her. 16 year old Berentyr is the oldest of the children of Harelmal’s marriage with Esranevra, a recent initiate to Elmal full of pride in his status as a thane and ambition to become a ring member or even chief of the tribe. His fire magic is strong, and he disdain’s his oldest brother’s dual initiation. Berentyr wields his grandfather’s spear of enchanted silver, a renowned weapon in the werewolf wars, with considerable skill. 12 year old Tarhelanth is enjoying his first year as sheep-herder under the aegis of Jaronil and his wife up on the summer pasture, and is readying himself for manhood, or so he thinks, accompanied by his cottar sidekick age mate Urothsil Janerrasson and a huge and quite ancient shadowcat named Tolvren. Berentyr’s mother Esranevra would be happier if Urothsil wouldn’t display such an uncanny family likeness to Orstali’s lineage, but his widowed Yinkini mother doesn’t know, care or tell who the father was or may be. Neither does her brother-in-law under whose roof she lives. His twin sister Tarkala is about to undergo her adulthood rites, possibly just after the arrival of a group of guests. Nine year-old Voralda is in the same age group as some of her nieces and nephews, which irritates her quite a bit. She is best friends with her cousin Inerra. Unlike his brother, Tarkalor Orstallisson has been happily married to the same woman since shortly after he became an adult. His oldest daughter Berra is married to a carl of the Richmeadow clan. Anatyr Tarkalorsson is (for all his Elmali-sounding name) a 21-year-old initiate of Orlanth Thunderous and proud father of a 2-year-old son and a newborn daughter by his 19 year-old wife Bereva, initiate of Ernalda and younger daughter of the earth priestess of the warlike Ravenfriend clan. Anatyr handles the second of the three plow teams of the stead with nearly as much skill as his father. 18-year-old Finovanth on the other hand has followed the bloodline tradition and initiated to Elmal, alongside with Berentyr. A solid and at times unimaginative young man who is on the marriage market, he spends a lot of his spare time with Janerra, the resident Yinkini cottar, not mindful of the difference in age. 16-year-old Redalsin is going to marry the son of a wealthy Elmali carl of the Riverbottom clan, and while she is somewhat anxious about leaving her family behind, she finds some solace in the prospect of joining the loomhouse there where her aunt Onelisin Orstallidotter is one of the leaders. The females on the stead are all abuzz about her wedding dress and lots of other loom- and needlework she is going to take with her. 14-year-old Inevra is worried about being a late bloomer. Unlike her cousin Tarkala, there have been no signs of her going to be initiated to the Ernaldan mysteries. Although not at all a tomboy, she has been seen observing the resident Vingan cottar Harevyr attentively since last Sacred Time, from which Harevyr emerged pregnant, shortly after her wife Iselda had also been blessed with a pregnancy. 10-year-old Harvastor is extremely jealous of Tarhelanth and Urothsil for their privilege of joining the herders on the high pasture. To make up for that, he spends as much time as he can get away with in the carpentry workshop of the resident cottar and carpenter Orstavanth, Janerra's brother-in-law, in the pursuit of manliness, more so since his growth has been somewhat stunted after he was badly hit by the minor plague that hit the clan five years ago. 7-year-old Orstalli and 4-year-old Kallyr have yet to make any lasting impression other than children's play. Grand-aunt Esrynn was the sole survivor of a stead-burning and returned to her birth clan after losing her husband and all her children, hideously scarred by that fire. Despite all that, she continues to bake the best bread in the clan while approaching her seventieth birthday, and she oversees the firing of the kiln like no other. Possible plot hook: The visiting characters are members of either the clan who did the burning or the clan Esrynn married into. While staying overnight, they are plagued with vivid images of the stead-burning, and a woman’s wail for revenge that won’t leave them for days after that nightmare. Will they consent to receive a prominent birth mark in atonement/as a pledge to avenge the burning? Characters who accept the burn mark for 1D4 hit points will have an augment equivalent to a special success on a passion should they ever face the test of Ehilm’s Flames, or may once ignore that amount of fire damage in a life-and-death situation (erasing that burn mark with a new scar). Absent kin: Of the daughters of Harelmal’s generation, four are married to or widows in nearby clans, two have died. All but one were married to prestigious partners, but then everybody was glad to see the last of Ernarne’s obsession with blood revenge on the Richmeadow Clan slayers of her first love and groom from the Ravenfriend Clan who died cattle-raiding the birth clan of many of the women in the clan. Corvantyr and Hedkosil, two half-brothers of Harelmal and Tarkalor and Elmali warriors, are absent, presumed dead, after they joined Tarwin’s Riders, the warband of a notorious but until their disappearance quite successful raider and mercenary. Their last messages and gifts reached the clan four years ago from western Esrolia, after a victorious skirmish against Ditali or Solanthi raiders. Corvantyr’s booty-wife Urgrika from the Ditali who accompanied the brothers on an earlier visit lives with the cottars and oversees the pigs of the stead, his seven year old daughter is raised by Inerra along with the other kids of the stead. Urgriga also has a son conceived during the harvest rites two years ago. With Corvantyr’s return unlikely, the household is reluctant to adopt that boy, and he will likely grow up to be a cottar. Unusually, two of Esranevra’s daughters from her earlier marriage had married into the clan before her own marriage to Harelmal. When her husband died and the bloodline nominated his brother as new steadmaster, Esranevra decided to leave that clan. Both her daughters are married into prestigious households. Berena is the wife of Harvar Thunderspeaker, the Storm Voice of the clan, of the Thundercloud bloodline. Harvar and Harelmal aren’t on the best of terms over the assignment of cottars to the thane households, with Harelmal claiming that the Elmali thanes receiving too little support. Ernevra, the younger of the daughters, is married to Tonalang Puresalt, the only son of the head of the Puresalt bloodline leader and overseer over the modest but important salt harvesting operation of the clan at the mineral spring over in the next valley. Cottar Households at Redhorse Stead Orstavanth is the resident carpenter of the stead, and the master of the biggest of the cottars' households. A 35-year-old initiate of Orlanth, married to Oranda, father of four children ages 2 to 14, and foster father for the children of his brother's widow Janerra, 29-year-old initiate of Yinkin and mother of eight children, including 16-year old Orstevin and 12-year-old Urothsil. Her developing pregnancy might be the result of her taking Finovanth into her bed, but as usual, Janerra neither confirms or denies this. Her hunting skills and the shadowcats she breeds make her a valuable member of the stead. Harevyr is the Vingan head of the second cottar household of Redhorse stead. The 28-year-old initiate of Vinga is married to Inevra, a 30-year-old assistant god talker to the Grain Goddess, acting father to three of Inevra's children, and due to an Other Side encounter last Sacred Season as pregnant as her wife. ------------------------ That's it for now. I'll expand and update the text. Comments, suggestions and collaboration welcome.
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    In our last update, Jason revealed the new RuneQuest logo, and the process we went through to get there; in our newest Design Note, here it is on the cover of the book itself, with amazing art by Andrey Fetisov! Jeff also details where we are with the whole RQG project. Well worth a read... https://www.chaosium.com/blogdesigning-the-new-runequest-part-23/ (please note, the cover is still a work-in-progress!)
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    We're working daily on it. I hate to give a date only to be wrong, but layout is roaring. This is a very nice-looking book, and certain chapters such as adventurer generation and combat take a lot of work, with all of the tables. As noted above, giving a specific date is a prescription to be wrong. But "not that much longer" is a safe estimation. Art is 99% done. I think we're waiting for an adjustment to a map and a sidebar header. To be honest, the winter convention season hit us hard, and there was this other sourcebook we squeezed into the schedule before RuneQuest... Not so much, as it happens. The clarifications that came up with the FRPG Day Quickstart had already been addressed in the manuscript. We got some useful feedback from the ashcan version, but ultimately we weren't releasing and waiting... editing and revisions were ongoing, and will probably be ongoing (but tapering) until we send in the last print proof signoff. While it's probably good form to not steal one game's thunder with an announcement about a second with an overlapping fan base, but to be clear, we're going to announce the RuneQuest .pdf's availability as soon as it's possible.