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  1. theres a lot of potential for twisting the fertility runes and spells with Seseine and similarly for coming up with some suitably unpleasent tranformative spells with Vovisibor. Both will work nicely in the setting of a ruined town with haunted memories and dark secrets. Thanks once more everyone
  2. Thank you so much, hugely appreicate all the information you've put out there. I can see a role for both cults and their influence in the upcoming campaign even more clearly and more unpleasently than before
  3. didn't mean to name the thread after myself...d'oh
  4. I'm about to start prepping for a new campaign and want to make use of a couple of Chaos powers I've not made use of in the past. Just wondering if anyone could direct me to either any official rules and spell lists for Seseine and Vovisibor? i tend to use a similar format for cults in my campaign and a lot of them become a bit changed from their canon in the way we play them so it would be great to see what other people have put together for those cults in their own games. All the best Glenn
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