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  1. He's whatever you want him to be for the needs of your story. Same goes for your questions about the Lunars. The more interesting question to me is, once you've decided what you want,what is the best way to develop it. So for each of the the answers you propose, what is the best way to frame it to make an enjoyable game?
  2. That's if your story goes that way. I really think reading 'KoS' as uncontestable fact is dangerous, It's a Gloranthan document (or series of them). And even if you think it's accurate, it's only accurate for the 'Sartarites as heroes' version of how Glorantha can go. The Lunar book would have been very different. So sure, you can tell a story where the Empire was always the monster empire underneath. But not every story has to be that. Why are we even arguing this? One of the great things of Glorantha is that so much of it is presented as in world subjective, rather than objective from the
  3. Ideally I'd like to see at least two Hero Wars Campaigns, one from the Sartarite viewpoint, one from the Lunar, and following very different trajectories. In each, the side that is followed should be the 'winner'.
  4. Sure it wasn't Kallyr that was supposed to be Orlanth (after Broyan)? Step forward Broyan - YOU shall embody Orlanth (Oh bugger, he's dead) Step forward Kallyr - YOU shall embody Orlanth (What? What do you mean she's dead as well? Oh well, there's always that one) Step forward Argrath - YOU shall embody Orlanth (What? No, no, I'm sure he's got nothing of Storm Bull in him. What could possibly go wrong?)
  5. Does that mean the Red Emperor is part of the cosmic order? So when he goes missing something is out of whack? Or to look at it another way, if both are gone, neither is needed any more?
  6. In Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes five rebellions are mentioned (p.271) For three of them dates are mentioned elsewhere in the book Righteous Wind 1611, p. 364 (although interestingly GTG v1 puts this at 1610, p. 171) Starbrow's rebellion 1613 Firebull Moot (which I assume is the rebellion of the Firebull Clan) 1615, p.230 Two of them aren't further mentioned in SKoH Season of Five Storms Black Arrow Callings Those two are also not noted in GtG or Runequest, Roleplaying in Glorantha. Do we know anything about them other than their names?
  7. At least at one time, indeed so. Hopefully still now. If your player doesn't like the future in KoS (and I certainly don't) then it is up to them to make a different future. Remember, at least when it was written, KoS was not meant to be the 'canoncial', this is the way the world goes, future. You want peace between Orlanth and the Red Goddess? People in this thread have given ideas, maybe some of them work for you. You think it can't happen? Well, that's the way you tell your stories. In the end we all make our own stories. YGMV. Just don't tell me something I want to do in my Glora
  8. I don't know about favourite, but one that always sticks in my mind is turning people into herdmen. That's pretty awful if you think about it, but well within the Praxian compact.
  9. I agree, with a couple of important exceptions. See my last post for what I think of 'canon'. Peace would involve change. Which makes absolute sense to me. What's the point of the game if not to change something? These are the Hero Wars. You have to change things and make it happen. It's the end of a Gloranthan Age. Things do not stay the same. Another point of my understanding of the two books was that that was what was going to happen without player intervention. So, yep, things are mess unless the players make it otherwise. Which to me makes for the foundation a for a goo
  10. The way I understood it was like this: Think of a hand fan, The guard at one end is KoS, the guard at the other end is the never written Lunar book. Both of them leave the world in a mess (but very different messes). The ribs and leaf spread in between are the different stories that a role-playing group can tell. Some 'good' endings, some 'bad' endings. Some neither. All up to the group. Your story. YGMV. There's so many ways it could turn out. My understanding (and I repeat that again deliberately) was that there is a vast range of possibilities spread out before you
  11. It does depend what you mean by "coexistence". There are plenty of examples in our history of societies that each would have liked to make the other disappear, but have coexisted because they simply couldn't achieve it. But unless Lunar and Orlanthi coexistence is to be anything other than armed to the teeth hostile coexistence, one or the other probably has to change in some way. For example, either the Lunars go "Yep, we were wrong about chaos, we are all us - except for chaos" or Orlanthi Wind Lords have to fight bad chaos (to some definition of bad chaos) but not good or controlled
  12. Only by KoS - which, at least when it was written, was never meant to be 'the' canonical future
  13. Who played Runequest back in the 80's
  14. I certainly hope so. Otherwise the world is all screwed up by the time the Hero Wars are over. There is always another way to violence and Glorantha after time began is built on compromise. How? That's up to the PCs and GM. Anything that seems reasonable to them. I can think of a couple of answers. Sedenya and Orlanth split the middle air. Yelm doesn't always rule the sky. Half the time it's in darkness. So it could be a time thing. Another option is exactly what they rule in the middle air. Orlanth is storms and wind. That's movement in the middle air. Sedenya is in origin a Solar g
  15. I can go with that. Most of the establishment would be against the white moon cultists, as I understand it. Is the tension with Great Sister political or religious or both? (of course there may not be that much separation between political and religious)
  16. Even with this you want some tension between the two. Yelmites who might resent the Lunar intrusion (for such things four hundred years is nothing). Tension produces stories.
  17. Thanks for the rec Thanks for the reference, but I don't know if the the Harono story is exactly what I'm after. If I have the story you mean it's called "The First War" and it describes Harono and Lady Drero. He just admires her virtue and declares himself her protector. She does nothing. Better is the passage just after that, under "The Second War" where Ernalda confronts Orlanth. Still not quite what I'm looking for, as it doesn't involve much of a journey, but Ernalda is certainly active in that one. On Elmal/Yelmalio he'd happily do for the fire tribe emissary, but I w
  18. Thanks for the replies. I can see the points about Yelm, replacing that with another solar god. That will probably make the food exchange make more sense. I'll make some changes to that bit. I'll post a revised version, but I'll give it a little longer to see if there are any other suggestions. I do want to write another one (at least) about Ernalda. One would be where Yelm actually has to exert himself to win her. It might suit the Yelmic point of view that the universe just gifted her to him. A just reward for his divine righteousness. But I doubt the Ernaldans would see it that w
  19. I wanted to try my hand at a myth that could be used as a basis for an Ernaldan Heroquest. This is what I came up with. It's my first go, so I doubt I've got it right. Feedback welcome. --- This is the story of Ernalda and the spindle. You need to learn this story, as all other stories of the great Goddess. In those days Ernalda lived on the slopes of the great Mountain, with her mother Asrelia and her sisters and the rest of her family. It was a time of peace and plenty, when everyone had enough to eat. But Ernalda, even though she was then only one of many earth Goddesses, wa
  20. Which leaves an interesting opening for a group of Lunar PCs. Can you save the movement? And who of those in charge are sympathetic to your cause? If it's the Hero Wars, heroes can make a difference.
  21. Sounds fine and reasonable to me. I've been toying around with how to move the whole eleven lights to Colymar PCs.
  22. Thanks Jeff What was the population before it fell to the Lunars? Is there a lot of empty space/abandoned buildings or have they been refilled?
  23. I'd forgotten about them
  24. I think I may have read that back in the early 00's and it was what spurred my thinking. What I was postulating was an even more explicit Lunar victory. Possibly even Lunar Heroquesters (PCs) are the ones that help the Goddess shed her red skin. While those barbarian windbags are kicked in the teeth and sent packing having got nowhere near the Moon. But my real point is that all these stories and more should be possible. Argrarth the heroic liberator Argrath the tormented hero who realises just how much is being lost Argrath the reincarnation of Arkat who doesn't care abo
  25. Was wondering how mining works in Glorantha. Metal is the bones of the gods, but only *sometimes* (and I seem to remember rarely at that) turns up in bone shape. Who does the mining? There's no miner occupation for Sartarites in SKoH (but there is one for stickpickers). What God do miners worship? For Olanthis is it Esolia (the body of the earth) or Ty Kora Tek (the hidden wealth of the earth)? Actually neither seems right to me. They may need propitiating, but I suspect there is a different god for miners. Almost certainly an earth god. Where is metal found? Glorantha is mag
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