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  1. Yeah, it's Classic Fantasy. It says that, "Magic-users are typically not trained in the use of weapons; therefore, the magic-user Combat Style may only be developed with Bonus Skill Points" Strange wording. It sounds like str+dex isn't used. Maybe it's saying you just don't get the 5% bonus that most of the combat classes have.
  2. Magic -Users can only build their combat style with bonus points. Does that mean the max they can start at is 10%?
  3. Thanks also for pointing out another Mythras forum. I didn't know about that one.
  4. Thanks for the advice. So much to learn.
  5. I'm new to the system and I was wondering how do you quicken up combat with characters who have 100% skill or above in their combat styles? It seems like it's a parry fest.
  6. When you are passive blocking is the parry of locations automatic? Ex- When the location is attacked you don't have to do any kind of parry roll, right? Can the circumvent parry special effect beat passive blocking?
  7. In a cycle can you parry with your sword and passive block with your shield and still attack with the sword if you have the action points, correct?
  8. For a noob like me this should prove helpful. Thanks!
  9. With this rule can the magic point cost of casting a spell be zero?
  10. Will Unearthed Companion come out first or will it be the Greymoor project?
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