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  1. Woah! That is a cool article. I had no idea that so few of the population were initiated into minor cults!
  2. Perfect! I'm finding this information helpful. It's giving me a rough idea about the scale a town needs to be to support a temple.
  3. As part of my runequest campaign I've been working on building a random town generator. I'm curious as to what the density of temples is like in dragon pass. I've been going off of the town sizes found in Guide to Glorantha village (<500), town (300-1000), small city (500 - 6000), large city (6000 - 25000), metropolis (25 000 +) Do villages usually only have shrines? If so, to how many gods? Would a town only support one minor temple? How many shrines could be found? In small cities, do we start to see major temples? If so how many? Are there minor temples as well? In
  4. I love this discussion. It should be noted that this might be a cultural solution to a lot of potential conflict problems. If you can find a family tie between clans, it might result in an inter-clan dispute being resolved more "peacefully" than otherwise.
  5. Good idea g33k! That's inspired me to modify and make my own family history charts.
  6. I love this discussion. I've been spending a long time thinking about how I want more RPG's to be about inward growth rather than outward domination. It's one of the reasons I've made the switch from DnD to Runequest. I feel like there's more room for that kind of storytelling in Runequest. I really think Heartquintessence's idea is moving strongly in the right direction.
  7. Once again, thanks for all of the suggestions everybody! I feel like I have an endless amount of movies to watch now.
  8. Thank you everybody! This is really helpful! That traditional symbols book looks really handy...
  9. Hi everyone! I'm curious as to the origins of the Gloranthan runes from a design perspective. Are there any sources or information out there as to why they look the way that they do? Why death a cross, harmony three lines etc?
  10. The comic would be a good idea! Thanks for the suggestion Beoferret.
  11. I love art collages! One of my favourite activities is to recommend reading lists/film lists to people. It's so challenging to choose films. Glorantha is such a unique fantasy setting because I feel like it distills a lot of mythic ideas from across the world (while also adding Greg's unique vision). As a lover of mythology, there's so many easter eggs scattered throughout the world. I really dig how Ernalda is depicted with twin snakes, symbols that go hand in hand with earth and fertility around the world. I think it will be a challenge to bring to the table what I want to do wit
  12. I have! That is a pretty cool book. It's one of those books where it made me want to get some more in depth information on the topic, so I started swimming through the reference list.
  13. I've always loved the pre-columbian history of the Americas and have considered running a RQ game set in those settings. There's a variety of mythologies to play with. Amazonian, patagonian, incan, north-west coast.... just to name the tip of the iceberg. There's clashes between large empires and smaller mini-systems. Also there were some cool mummy-kings who had way more political power than your average dead. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/fascinating-afterlife-perus-mummies-180956319/
  14. So many cool movie suggestions. Tanna looks pretty awesome. A lot of these are going to end up on my own personal movie watching list.
  15. These have all been great suggestions! Hopefully more pop up. The Bahubali movie seems really rad. I've always wanted to try some Bollywood films out and it looks like a good segway. (Probably just for my own personal movie night, I doubt my group would be keen on subtitles.) The Moana suggestion might resonate strongly with my group because half of them are obsessed with Disney princesses. But hey! If that what it takes to steer my group into the realm of myth, so be it! There's also an australian film called Ten Canoes, it's one of my favourite films because just watching feels li
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