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    Gaming in RPGs since the 90s. D&D, Shadowrun and Dragonlance. And then came Runequest...
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  1. That was definitely the best part or Argrath's Saga. Gives hope for the future
  2. Speaking about this part of the post quoted: Kallyr's Lightbringer quest on the livestream and it being a major part of the upcoming campaign book the PC's can be a part of by helping...or trying to stop.
  3. Now that’s an interresting scenario. Could influence the Sartar rebellion and the war in Dragon Pass in a big way. Kallyr could perhaps light the flame of Sartar...
  4. I believe Yelm is mentionned sometimes as the source of illumination. It could explain the sunstop and the Nysalor/Gbaji project sponsored in part by Dara Happa.
  5. What is the opinion of solar worshippers concerning Lunar way and its use of chaos?. Both cultures consist of the lunar heartland and acknowledge the rule of the Red Emperor as Moonson and successor to the ancient Solar Empire. Worshipping Yelm must be quite challenging as he expects absolute obedience to HIS laws and Darra Happan traditions. However if you live by those rules he generally seems like a benevolent and just ruler. He took part of the Great Compromise and supports stability and order. Then came along the Red Goddess and her values of change, inclusiveness and use of chaos.
  6. I love the idea of an Arkat leading the Chariot of Lighting sect. It being a Malkioni henotheism sect that worships Orlanthi gods would appeal to versions of Arkat as a Hrestoli knight and Humakti. Perhaps having God Cleaver the Unbreakable Sword.
  7. Similar to Arkat laying waste to Dorastor and the surrounding lands and then retiring to a peaceful life afterwards.
  8. I would like to get some additionnal info or opinions on Arkat’s role in the Hero Wars. There is limited material on the subject exept that 5 Arkats return and seem to have problems working together. Any toughts would be appreciated.
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