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    Played mostly Warhammer, Paranoia. Interested in mythology, anthropology etc.
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  1. 1. Yeah, absolutely. The moon is actually a giant ovum up there, waiting to be impregnated. Orlanth is faithful to Ernalda, so what we need is his little brother to do the job. The name of this myth is Luke Skywalker blows up the Death Star. Remember, Obi Wan's voice tells Luke to forgo the machine (Mostali) help and to use his organic, maybe Aldryami, but most essentially Draconic intuition, when blowing his load. That's when he becomes a man. It becomes the PC's job to find the myth of Luke Skywalker and do the Hero Quest. 2. Ouroboros Its a Draconic illumination. Life begins anew. Let there be Light and Dark. Maybe the Moon is actually an ovum of Glorantha the spider herself.
  2. Dragon Pass and Prax especially have a Western feel to them. With the ducks and all, we could fix Dragon Pass as California and Prax as the surrounding desert. Dragon Pass belongs to the Dragons, who represent Zen. The Orlanthi are settlers and the Lunars are invaders. Holy Country, where the Orlanthi come from, should be New Orleans. The golddiggers who settled California belong to that strain. It's a slave-owning feudal society, basically Catholic. The Pharaoh is the Pope. Peloria should be New England. Yelm worshippers are Puritans, so Protestants. Lunarism is what you have in Hollywood. Tarsh is Los Angeles. There's a dialectic between old and new. Eventually the dragons eat everyone up. ... Such an interesting conversation I have to jump in. I never played in Glorantha but did own the Finnish translation of the 3rd edition as a child. The rules were too hard so we played other games, especially Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that was much influenced by RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu. Recently I bought the scans of Wyrm's Footnotes, which are most fascinating. The layout and feel have much in common with the Principia Discordia, another product of that time and place.
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