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  1. Fascinating! I'm relatively new to the hobby, but in what I've been able to study its history, I can't recall dual starter / sourcebook box sets being made that way. I thought the Runequest Sartar Set was going to be just a Starter Set, for example. Sounds like a smart move, since this way veteran players with the rulebooks will still be interested in these products. I guess my doubt then would be if that means hardbacks aren't going to to be made for those products, and if they are, how much crossover could they potentially have. Excited either way!
  2. As @SentinelHillPress covered most of what's been published for Gaslight and Dark Ages, I just wanted to add that, surprisingly, Dreamlands has had even less support from Chaosium. I can only think of The Dreaming Stone as a direct supplement. Sure, you can go there in and there are occasional scenarios in old collections and some write-up about it in the Kingsport sourcebook, but not much else. You could also look at ArcDream's The Sense of The Sleight-of-Hand Man campaign.
  3. No Man's Land is a pretty rare one, and WW1 setting has been virtually unexplored ever since, so that'll be a great addition. Tatters is currently on POD at DriveThruRPG so don't know how scarce it really is. Same goes for Spawn of Azathoth, which had a 2004 edition, I think. I would love to see Dark Designs and Sacraments of Evil, which are both Gaslight scenario collections. It would be a nice complement to the eventual release of 7E Gaslight. Same goes for The Dreaming Stone campaign for Dreamlands, which is also kind of hard to find nowadays.
  4. Jon Hook recently mentioned a Baltimore sourcebook called Mobtown in a recent interview in The Good Friends of Jackson Elias podcast.
  5. I guess Rick will soon answer this more thoroughly, but in a recent video he uploaded to the CoC Facebook group, he showcased two options for the box set: a 1 inch rules box set, and the larger 2 inch box set that includes all supplements.
  6. I'm currently running Tatters of the King, and as @alter mentioned, John Tynes' Hastur Mythos is pretty much essential reading. I use his vision of Hastur as entropy, and show The King in Yellow's corruption through surreal dream visions, heightened melancholy and the characters seeing iconography from the play subtly appear in different places. I interpret that sense of corruption as internal, but it could be noticeably by how the characters behave; deeply introspective, spouting obscure references from time to time, constantly on edge, or weirdly passive.
  7. I recall the first couple of prologue episodes from the livestream were uploaded to podcast platforms, but are there any plans to upload the rest (and other materials, potentially)?
  8. I can think of Crimson Letters (Keeper's Rulebook), Paper Chase and Edge of Darkness (Starter Set), Missed Dues (Keeper Screen Pack), Saturnine Chalice and Dead Light (Dead Light and Other Dark Turns), The Crack'd and Crooked Manse (Mansions of Madness), Spirit of Industry (New Tales of The Miskatonic Valley), Whispers of Harlem (Harlem Unbound), Scritch Scratch. These come to mind in terms of what's available for 7e that I've read, but there probably are more, and even more if you begin counting previous editions and such (althought I've heard that the scenarios from the first editions of the game had a problem structuring resolutions outside of combat.)
  9. You're right. Totally understandable! Merely speaking from curiosity. As for the general state of the POD situation, you're making available two of the most sought after products in the game's history; I think no one can say with a straight face that you aren't listening to the fans. I think I speak for many when I say that we trust how you decide to go forward with this. From what I've seen, CoC has grown a lot in the last couple of years, and making new people have the possibility to engage with the game's rich history while they're also enjoying the consistently excelent new stuff being produced shows a commitment that goes way beyond what most other game companies are willing to do. It sounds challenging, and even if a vocal minority doesn't see that, many of us deeply appreciate you going the extra mile.
  10. This is a really great resource for those looking for a comprehensive guide of what to seek out for a Lovecraft Country campaign. Really recommend it!
  11. I originally got H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham as a PDF, but when I decided to get a physical copy, I opted for the original Arkham Unveiled (I got it cheap as a used copy on the second hand market). The main deciding factor was just how awful the CGI art and the layout is on the 2003 version. From what I recall from comparing versions on the YSDC wiki, the only real additions in terms of content were the inclusion of Dreams in the Witch House, CoC d20 stats, and The Book of Uncle Silas (good scenario). As for the descriptions of Arkham itself, I think they're basically the same. I also recall that @SentinelHillPressmentioned that Arkham Unveiled is also their favorite version on their first Miskatonic Country Buyers Guide, so they might have more insight on that. Also, Mike Mason recently mentioned on a Facebook group that he's mainly working on the Arkham & Lovecraft Country book(s?) this year, so maybe they're not thaaat far away from being realesed (2022?). Anyway, I think Arkham Unveiled probably has you covered until then, especially when you also have the great M.U. sourcebook.
  12. I know it's not the same thing, but last time I checked it was available as POD on DriveThru RPG. At least the "let it eternal lie". It'd be interesting to see what the company considers its biggest mishaps, although I understand how that could be insulting to some of the people involved. Tonally, I've read this is the most Lovecraftian campaign they've published (along with Tatters of The King), so it may need some heavy homebrewing to fit as a Pulp-style campaign. Maybe someone who has ran it could give better insight, tho. At least regarding Tatters (which seems to be on a similar wavelength and which I'm currently running), I can see how maybe someone could pulp it up, but at the same time, it'll probably go against the atmosphere and psychology of the campaign. Maybe Low Pulp?
  13. This is amazing news. Should we expect this and Horror On The Orient express to be released simultaneously? I'll definitely get both.
  14. I think that stating on the list that the Horror On The Orient Express 7e update will be done by 2022-2023 can be a little bit misleading, considering they just said that the 7e update of Beyond The Mountains of Madness is at least four years away, and Rick mentioned here that BTMoM has a higher update priority than HoTOE. They've been pretty transparent about that it will be probably more than that.
  15. Oh, didn't know that one was Hastur related. I love that setting. How much does the scenario offers in terms of setting information? I'd love to set something in Franco's Spain.
  16. The Mysteries of Mesoamerica book from Pagan actually has like 80 pages on background information. I think that would definitely be the place to go for what you're looking. I recall there being some copies left in the Arkham Bazaar, and of Mortal Coils as well.
  17. The campaign Tatters of The King really is the place to go. Ripples From Carcosa is a nice multi-era collection of scenarios dealing with Hastur. Also, there's a great write-up on the Hastur Mythos on Delta Green: Countdown, if you can get your hands around a copy.
  18. I've seen most of the POD titles are early 7th edition releases, before the new production values were set. Can we also expect Secrets of Tibet as a POD soon? I think it can work really well as a complement to Children of Fear, or the classic Tatters of the King
  19. I see there no longer are any copies of the Core book in the US warehouse. Will they be restocked eventually?
  20. To anyone interested, Rick recently mentioned a potential January release for the HoTOE reprint in the CoC Facebook group. Fingers crossed.
  21. As a very happy costumer, I trust your gut feelings. Excited for what surprises I might find tucked in the back in the future!
  22. Thanks for the guidance @oldschooltommy! Was the Terror Australis map for the whole country? Now I wonder if the new version has one, but can see why it wouldn't.
  23. Thanks, Rick. Great to know that! Is there a particular rationale behind which products include it? I know it's just a nice little added bonus, and it really won't determine if I buy a product or not, but now I'm curious. Love all the work you've all being doing with CoC 7th. Amazing news! Really excited about those reprints, in general.
  24. I have Berlin The Wicked City, Masks of Nyarlathotep and Down Darker Trails, apart from the base set for CoC 7e, and was pleased to see the first two came with a map (and understand why DDT didn't, since it's a more general setting). This made me think about which other supplements include a map. I know bigger versions of some are available at the Red bubble store, but which ones already come with the smaller version included? Would love to know if Reign of Terror and Harlem Unbound come with one.
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