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  1. There seems to be someone working on a Fantasy Grounds solution, I've attached the link to their twitter feed here https://twitter.com/MadBeardMan?s=09 but you need to scroll down to the bits about RQ - back in July he said he'd done about 10%
  2. A treasure map is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it - I think Olaf the Storyteller (from the Griselda stories) said something like 'it's a sure bet more money is made selling treasure maps than following them..'
  3. Aha! knew it was me! Thanks!
  4. this one I'm using Edge as the browser (in case that makes a difference..)
  5. Had a problem with making attack rolls on the NPC sheet, not sure if it was just me tho - clicked the button but nothing happened..
  6. I've been looking through Plunder and reading the forum topic on economics and am trying to gauge just how much reward an adventure should bring - I usually aim at enough for the players to get some of what they want (upgraded armour, spells etc) but not everything. Any thoughts on how much a character should make on any given adventure? As an example, a patron is offering the party 30L each for a rescue mission, with an additional 30L if it's particularly successful. Doesn't sound much, but that's a whole year's pay for a warrior..
  7. There's a name generator here http://www.backtobalazar.com/glorantha-name-generator/ which may be useful
  8. In the Enchantments section there's mention of other enchantments, 'such as the Death Swords of Humakt, the Aluminum Tridents of Wachaza, and the Issaries Staves.' I've scanned through my old copy of Plunder which has Aluminium Tridents, any ideas where I can find write ups for the others?
  9. That brilliant, thank you! I might have spotted one other issue, a critical crush should do max weapon damage, plus max damage bonus plus max damage bonus again (according to the Well of Daliath). This looks to roll one of the damage bonus dice.
  10. The sheet I'm using is this version How do I upgrade to the new one?
  11. Is there a timescale for official VTT support, or is there any user created content on Roll20 (like the character sheet) that can be shared?
  12. Healing Trance - speeds up natural healing and available to a few cults
  13. Thanks everyone, I really like the Baroshi idea - a chaos fighter earth god would be a perfect fit! Any thoughts what the cult might look like for spells/skills associated cults etc? Impede Chaos, Shield, Enchant Copper and Enchant Iron spring to mind..
  14. Any advice on earth deities for male characters? One of my players wants to play an Esrolian warrior type earth follower, but the options for this seem limited. Maran Gor seems to be the only one, but even then he can't progress to Rune level. I think it's an interesting choice but with limited potential, any suggestions for ways round this/2nd or alternate cults etc?
  15. I've a player who has newly acquired the sorcery spell conflagration, and I think I've managed to overthink this and confuse myself how it works! The spell says if cast at a person it does damage until they move away - so is it the victim who is set ablaze, in which case I assume a Pow vs Pow is required? And is the damage general hit points (so does the weakest armour protect) or to a rolled location? However, if it's the victim how do they then move away? So maybe it's the area they are standing in - in which case is it still Pow vs Pow or should they get a Dex x3 roll to get out the way (similar to Create Fissure)? Also if it's the area on fire is the damage rolled against each leg as per the fire rules (P157 of rule book)? I'd be very grateful for any views on this!
  16. Learning spirit magic spells (P105) - Learning from Cult, do cults still teach their spirit magic spells to members of associated cults, albeit at full cost?
  17. Healing Plants (P72) - is the D12 on the Seasonal Potency chart meant to be a D10, and if not what is the % equivalent for curing disease - if it's capped at the same 95% for D10 could this be made explicit. Also, the example has Muricane spend 3 MP to refine the medicine from treating Systematic poison to curing the Shakes - should this have been 4 MP? I think the last sentence of the example should make it clear it's percentage being rolled - my first reading of it was the potency was refined to D10 and she rolled a lucky 10..
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