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    Red box D&D opened the door many years ago. Soon after I started playing Call of Cthulhu and Elfquest. Later got into GURPS and Cyberpunk. Took a break from playing for a while. A few years back a friend invited me to take part in a D&D Ravenloft campaign, which pulled me back in. These days I'm playing a couple different CoC 7e games, and looking to dive into some Delta Green soon.
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    Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.
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    I'm interested in movies, music, travel, and all things horror.

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  1. Nice! I'm running a couple of games right now, and playing in another, but if times align and you need another player, I would be interested in joining.
  2. I'd be interested in seeing an "official" answer here as well. I have been running combat and giving the characters the opportunity to fight back or dodge as a reaction to any attack focused on them (as opposed to a proper Action). It typically works well, but I've wondered if I have been inadvertently giving them an unfair advantage in combat by doing so.
  3. So the physical copy of Harlem Unbound is a beauty to behold, and something I'm happy to have on my shelf... But I just noticed this morning that the supplement has been listed as coming soon and available for pre-order on Roll20! So for those of us looking for additional resources on the platform, it seems we will have some soon! I plan on preordering. I'm hoping we'll continue to see additional supplements, scenarios, and campaigns added to Roll20 soon. Looks like the bundle will be available for use beginning on August 26th.
  4. I haven't broken into this yet, but I picked up a copy of Devil's Gulch and Down Darker Trails recently. I've got my hands busy with a couple of groups playing classic-era scenarios right now, but I've got what feels like a cracking idea for the Western setting with some basis in history. I'm excited to delve further into these. I need to start translating in-the-moment improvisation as a Keeper to actually creating a longer scenario from whole cloth.
  5. I have the boxed set... but would happily pony up again if Horror made the jump to Roll20. I'm happy to have one shots and shorter scenarios to choose from, but I also feel like the longer campaigns would really lend themselves to the platform
  6. That would be great! I'd love to check it out. Our first session with TLB starts Sunday afternoon, so I'm getting all my proverbial ducks (and deep ones) in a row...
  7. This is cool - thanks for all the info! I've only logged about 50 hours on Roll20 so far, with it split pretty equally between being a player and a GM. Up to this point, I've been using some of the modules already prepped for the platform (Paper Chase, Edge of Darkness, Crimson Letters, getting ready to run The Lightless Beacon and The Haunting). I know that before too long both I and my players will be ready to move on to scenarios or campaigns that aren't on the platform. I've played with the dynamic light a bit, though I haven't used the torch light API. I use Photoshop for my job
  8. Oh that's great to hear! I've read that there's a lot already on Fantasy Ground, but the vast majority of people playing in both my regular groups were already on Roll20, so that made the most sense. I really hope they bring a lot over. To an extent, I don't mind rebuying things if they've been designed to work with the platform.
  9. I had sent a message to Roll20 support just to inquire about the possibility for additional CoC materials, and Masks was one of the main requests I made. Their response was rather vague, but they did say they were "absolutely bringing more products from Chaosium Inc. to Roll20." I'm so fresh to the platform that I don't really have a gauge on what their workflow / timeframe looks like... but hopefully we'll see Masks make the jump soon.
  10. Hey folks! While I've been playing CoC off and on since the 80s, I am a relative newcomer to the VTT world. I just started using Roll20 in May as a player, and in June as a Keeper. I'm part of a couple of regular ongoing games using the Roll20 platform, and for the most part I've been pretty happy with it. I would love to see Roll20 add some additional rules sets, scenarios, and campaigns - but that's another discussion. I was wondering if any of you have go-to sources you use for additional resources to use in Roll20, either for existing modules on the platform, or for building out thing
  11. In the past, I've typically been a "physical media first" kind of buyer. But between this, the Malleus, and the new release of Does Love Forgive? I took the plunge and grabbed several items in PDF. I can't wait to dig into these, and I greatly appreciate that Chaosium will put the PDF purchase price toward the purchase of the physical volume. I'll definitely want to add these to my shelf!
  12. No worries. Thanks for the response, and good luck on filling the slot! 👍
  13. Sorry for the double-post, but I noticed a thread on the Roll20 forums today where people were discussing a desire to see more Cthulhu materials published on the platform. Perhaps if they see a good amount of interest, we'll see some more materials there soon.
  14. I would love to see some additional modules and campaigns released for the Roll20 platform. I've heard mention of Fantasy Grounds having Masks, but both of my groups currently play on Roll20, and I'm not keen on jumping back and forth between platforms. Whether it's individual scenarios or something larger like Masks or Horror on the Orient Express, I hope that we do see some additional 7th edition material added to the Roll20 marketplace.
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