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  1. Dear @Wulfgar22, Mine is all right. It was printed in the USA. By the way, I noticed that "Dead Light..." fits very nicely into the "Masks of Nyarlathotep" slipcase (instead of the original cardboard.) It is really neat, since "Saturnine Chalice", with its Nyarlathotep connection, can serve as a good side scenario to be played between Peru and New York chapters.
  2. Dear All, I have just learned that Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan has uploaded 500 of its oldest manuscripts online. They can be accessed for free here. Just go to Biblioteca Digitale and scroll down to see a catalogue of some really old manuscripts written in different languages. Once you click on one, you will get to the catalogue entry website. There is a link to the digital version, in Risorse esterne section. If you have enough patience to translate the website from Italian, and high Library Use, you can find there many texts and pictures, which could serve as nice additions to your
  3. Dear @Lloyd Dupont, If you bought pdfs from Chaosium, DriveThruRPG, and probably some other stores, you should have plain-text handouts available somewhere. See Mr. @Mike M's post below. I do not see them available on the Chaosium website, but maybe they are planning to upload them in the future?
  4. Dear @MandilarasM, To all good suggestions mentioned above (I will list them here for my convenience: timing, immune monsters, spells, law enforcement, social repercussions, underworld) I would add the Sanity cost. I noticed that during my games Sanity is one of the most important stats to my players with each Sanity Point valued immensely. Murdering people (especially innocent ones) should heavily affect the mental state of investigators and could correspond to a significant SP loss. It can be role-played as (mere) stings of remorse or could change the character completely (leading to so
  5. Dear @Lloyd Dupont, Since against all grim warnings and discouraging comments you bravely decided to run the campaign, I thought it would be nice if we prepared you the best we can for this perilous journey and provided some advice regarding the Peru adventure. It is the newest addition to the campaign and thus, there is much less available information online than for other chapters. Unfortunately, writing this takes much more time than I expected, so I will be publishing my thoughts in parts, instead of waiting until I have all of them ready. I hope it will prove helpful and not a mere p
  6. Dear @Lloyd Dupont, Some are, some are not. Most regular cultists probably only know one form of Nyarlathotep and would not recognize their god if it materialized in a different one. However, high priests, heads of particular cults, those who maintain contact with cults on other continents certainly know that Nyarlathotep comes in different shapes. I mean people like M'Weru (Kenya chapter), or Omar al-Shakti (Egypt chapter), or Gavigan (England chapter), or Ho Fang (China chapter). I might be wrong, but I believe this is first suggested in the Kenya chapter in the description of Cult
  7. Dear @Lloyd Dupont, Maybe I am wrong, but I think there are too many unknowns for us to help you effectively. You said that: you have never run CoC, you have read the rulebook a bit, you want to prepare MoN in one week, you are not into horror, you do not like insanity mechanics (am I right?) you want to run it as a fantastic story (if I understand correctly,) you want to try a long and entertaining campaign. I think this is too little information. If you are an experienced game-master, who loves to improvise and has a lot of free time, then our adv
  8. Dear Ejlertson, This looks like a nice idea. After our discussion, I also thought that probably we overcomplicated the whole mechanical aspect, and now you managed to simplify it very well. I like that you put more emphasis on the role-playing aspect ("character is convinced the object brings good fortune".) Last time I completely forgot that the Grimoire has a box on amulets and talismans (page 18), many entries with "Create" spells (starting page 82, especially "Create Curse Tablet" and "Create Curse Whistle") and "Enchant" spells (starting on page 106). Most of them are probably
  9. Dear All, I do not have much to add, as I prefer the 1920's setting, but I recently found an interesting video by a Youtuber who explains why he plays almost exclusively in the modern setting. He also references a set of modern scenarios by Chaosium titled "Petersen's Abominations", which I do not think was mentioned yet.
  10. Dear StevenGEmsley, This reminds me of the "Whiskey Speech" by Noah Swear Jr. See for example this youtube video. A great recording to play when investigators find themselves at a political gathering in the prohibition era town. This is my stand, and I will not compromise! Probably people have been discussing this since the beginnings of RPGs; from my experience drinking alcohol (in reasonable amounts) can help run a better game. One just needs to hit the Ballmer's peak.
  11. Dear SunlessNick, I think the quoted post has the information you seek.
  12. Dear Ema, I had the same problem running this scenario. However, there is a nice way out. Simply "transfer" this confusion on investigators. Give them several apparently contradictory descriptions, and when they ask for clarification, just say: "I told you exactly what they look like." Do not show them any pictures, let their imaginations misguide them. This should confuse your players; both fueling their curiosity and enhancing the feeling of "weirdness" of the entire situation. "Clarity" and "vagueness" of description can be treated as tools, used by a Keeper to build a desired atm
  13. Dear @ajtheronin, In the recent interview Mr. Mike Mason revealed that there is a book "Cults of Cthulhu" in layout now. It seems it might be released this year. He also said that a "Reign of Terror"-like campaign set in regent England is in preparation. I do not see these books on the "Upcoming, hinted or announced" list, so thought it would be good to let you know. Also, as he explained, the "Guide to the Miskatonic Valley" will be a separate book for the players, containing background information on the region. I am very excited for this one, it could be very helpful. So
  14. Dear Grimmshade, It is not a rule that you are forgetting. It is a consequence of how ties are decided within the "opposed rolls" system. You can look at the "opposed roll" plot here. If Mr. Dumb (skill level 10) faces Mr. Dumber (skill level 9, just one point less) we can all agree that they will probably both fail their rolls since they are so weak (there is around 82% chance of them both failing.) But if they both fail, Mr. Dumb wins because he has a better skill, so ties go to him, even if it is just 1 point difference! Including all outcomes, Mr. Dumb has almost 92% chance of winning
  15. Dear Grimmshade, Yes, I completely agree with you. The freedom of choice is quite big and can be even expanded by a creative Keeper. Sometimes I play one-shot sessions where there are no dice rolls, no game mechanics involved at all, and we just develop narrative. That means that PCs almost always succeed in their actions, with difficulties/ possibility of a failure being entirely allocated in the storyline and not in (sweet) randomness of dice rolls. I also believe that each option that the game provides should be thoroughly understood by the Keeper. Even at the mathematical leve
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