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  1. Let me ask a question. Is it known when will we be able to get the MM from the local game-stores (in the USA)? Mr. Meints (below) said it would not be until January. Is it still valid?
  2. Dear Ejlertson, In addition to great suggestions already posted by other honorable members of this forum, Kevin Ross's scenario "Tell me, have you seen the Yellow Sign?" from "The Great Old Ones" collection might be of interest to you. This is one of my favorite CoC supplements ever, I highly recommend it. There are also other resources that I do not know that well: The Repairer of Reputations for Trail of Cthulhu or Shreds and Tatters by G. Colter, Moreover, you can find several episodes of "The Good Friends of Jackson Elias" regarding Hastur, Carcosa etc. See below:
  3. I suspect honorable Gattamelata to be a Yithian, who actually lives 5 months from now, and who just accidentally revealed that MM will still not be available in Europe. Is it a hint that another disaster is coming? Why a Yithian needs Malleus Monstrorum?
  4. Dear All, As another example of a sight-impaired individual, I want to loudly proclaim my support for the 9 font size. After all, it is better to see HotOE with the smaller font size, than not to see it printed at all. Also, I agree with honorable stadi that CoC books are comfortable to read. I think there were maybe only two pages in two different 7ed books that were a little problematic to me (I will try to find them). I do not even think it was in the English edition. It only happens when the interline spacing is sacrificed for more text on the page. However, I know people (mostly in my f
  5. Dear Grimmshade, My general rule is that if an investigator lost SAN points due to a particular encounter, I do not require another SAN test for the same encounter happening in close future. However, if the investigator has not lost any SAN points, then I would most probably require another test. Of course, the notions of "encounter" and "close future" are vague and allow for some interpretation. The good way of handling "Getting used to awfulness" rules is to tell your players, that they should write down every encountered Mythos entity on their character sheet (there is a box for t
  6. Dear Loïc and others, Now I also remember that one interesting idea I had was to emulate somehow the real, academic life of students. Usually, since they were pursuing the Cthulhu Mythos, and everyone was mainly focused on the action/ plot, there was not enough time to include scenes from their normal day at university and sometimes my players were even forgetting they are playing as students. So, if for some reason one player was not participating in a longer scene, I was handing him/ her some sort of a quiz, that I had prepared beforehand. It was usually about classes, other students,
  7. Dear Loïc, I have been running a campaign for completely new players in which they are roleplaying MU students. "Doors to Darkness" has four simple scenarios that can be easily linked to the Miskatonic University and could serve as an introduction to the campaign (or in my case as a linked sequence of adventures). The only problem is that each scenario presents a different Mythos entity so to avoid "monster show each session" I had to change them properly. They worked very well for inexperienced players. To give you a context, the campaign is about a professor, who is a long-living s
  8. Dear All, After all, ColoradoCthulhu was right, my players did not have much time to roleplay servants (only 4 sessions total). Not because the whole idea was bad—I think they had tremendous fun—but because the plot went in a direction that made it no longer possible. In other words, at the end of another scenario, one player experienced a bout of madness and became extremely suspicious about other characters. Without any reason, she knocked out one of the Servants and started searching his pockets to find some clues about his motivations (like some letters, telegrams, secret note
  9. Dear Dolingen, You can check out this post: where I refer to "Monophobia" which contains three scenarios for single investigators. I have run all of them and they are very good. The adventures are written in a very organized manner and do not require much preparation. The collection also features some comments on running one-on-one sessions. From other free options, "The Haunting" from the Quickstart rules is a good choice. It might be a little too demanding for one player, as it is originally written, but giving her/ him one NPC friend or decreasing stats of involved threats works
  10. Dear GothmogIV, I was preparing this scenario some time ago, but eventually did not have chance to run it. Thus, my ideas might be of rather limited value. Nevertheless here they are: I was not using pre-generated characters, so had to do some work adjusting the story to fit to my campaign. The main change was that only one player's character (let's call her A) had connections with Stowell. So I made it a "family story", namely, I mixed the backstories of pre-gens into one in such a way that she had motivation to meet most of them. For example, she was having an affair with Arnold M
  11. I have just noticed the facebook post with maps for the campaign, and they are splendid! Will the handouts/ maps be printed separately, like in the physical version of Masks, or will they be only included inside the book?
  12. Dear people of good will, I was asked to prepare a 1-2 sessions scenario for camping with five friends, that happens in a few weeks. It is the first time I am doing this, so I would like to use your vast knowledge and ask for some recommendations/ advice. Firstly, do you know any CoC scenario that could fit particularly well the anticipated atmosphere of sitting around the campfire, in the night, next to a lake and a forest, under the bare sky with a full bloody moon, etcetera etcetera? So far I have looked at the convention scenario "Camp Sunny". Secondly, if you have ever done anything
  13. Dear ajtheronin, The link for: Arkham/H. P. Lovecraft's Arkham (Mike's Post) Cthulhu by Gaslight (Mike's Post) Guide to the Miskatonic Valley (Mike's Post) does not work anymore, as an "Open letter to chaosium" topic has been hidden by a moderator, according to Mr. Trifletraxor (see topic below). I do not know why, but it happened soon after I asked there a question if Arkham & Guide are going to be separate books, and if they will have anything to do with "The Tales of the Miskatonic Valley". I hope it is not my fault.
  14. I do not think this was moderator's decision to delete/hide the thread, since there was nothing outrageous posted there. It was a discussion about future Chaosium releases, with even company members adding their input. So I suspect it might be a bug, that some content can not be accessed by regular members, as David Scott pointed out.
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