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  1. Forgive me for asking this, but who is John Wick? As for the "naming matter", I think that a lot of it hinges on the take on Arthur that you're using. If you emphasize the "post-Roman Britain invaded by Saxons", the pre-Saxon place names definitely work best. If you're focusing more on the later medieval romances, in which the Saxon wars and other such fifth/sixth century elements are downplayed or even omitted, the more modern names can work - within limits. (No matter which Arthur, I would advise against using modern place names where the present-day place name is too strongly associated with Britain after the Middle Ages - and especially from the Industrial Revolution onwards.)
  2. Or they believed that protesting Uther's behavior was a sure-fire way to have him invading and ravaging their lands next. (In Geoffrey of Monmouth's version, Uther's army takes the initiative in attacking Gorlois' castle while Uther is in Tintagel, begetting Arthur, which makes it less likely that they were only obeying Uther out of fear of him.)
  3. Gorlois? I thought it was Vortigern.
  4. I was thinking along the lines of "If Gorlois and Igraine have noticed Uther's eyes straying towards Igraine - noticed them enough to become concerned and leave, others at the court might have done the same". (That's how it is in Geoffrey of Monmouth. Malory's version makes the general ignorance of Uther's true motives more convincing; Uther approaches Igraine in secret, asking her to become his mistress. She refuses, and tells her husband.) As I mentioned in a previous post, I suspect that the real reason why the whole business of "Uther is lusting after the wife of one of his nobles" doesn't get commented on by everyone else or raise any concerns is that the central point was to give Arthur a "miraculous conception". In earlier such stories (such as the conception of Heracles), the person who masquerades as the husband is a god or other superhuman being, the husband himself does not perish, and raises the child as his own. I suspect that Geoffrey felt the need to tweak the story to have Arthur be openly Uther's son - meaning that the husband whom Uther impersonates must die quickly, and the most economic way of having Gorlois die is to have him slain in battle against Uther the same night. Having the other characters addressing the morality of Uther's conduct would have distracted from what, to Geoffrey, was the central point.
  5. Thanks. Of course, the whole reason why Gorlois left Uther's court without permission was because of Uther setting lustful eyes upon Igraine. Uther (assuming that he's thinking straight enough to consider such matters) is probably hoping nobody's going to ask what led the Duke to depart like that. (It might help Uther's case in the Great Pendragon Campaign that Gorlois had been in rebellion against Uther for years before Igraine became the center of their quarrel.) One other possible means of disposing of Gorlois (depending on how Merlin is portrayed in the campaign); Merlin arranges Gorlois' death in captivity, so as to ensure that Igraine will be widowed quickly, Uther can marry her, and ensure some level of legitimacy for Arthur. (And, in that scenario, it'd be tempting to even imagine his involving the player knights in the abduction of the infant Arthur, as portrayed in the Great Pendragon Campaign, as a way of getting back at them for giving him that problem....)
  6. Some years ago, I wrote a set of annotations for the Fantagraphics Books soft-cover reprint of "Prince Valiant", discussing the legendary and historical background of Foster's strip. Greg Stafford put it up on his site for a while, but with his passing, his site has gone down. I've been rewriting "Prince Valiant Annotations" for the more recent hard-cover reprint from Fantagraphics Books, but I'll need a new host for it, with Mr. Stafford no longer with us. Does anybody have any helpful suggestions for where to find a new host?
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