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    I discovered gaming at age 12 or so, circa 1981, with the Holmes Basic Edition D&D boxed set. I played a variety of games from that time on, including D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Gamma World, Traveller, Boot Hill, the James Bond RPG, Marvel Super Heroes RPG, and others. I dropped gaming in an anxiety-fueled existential crisis during law school, but a few years later was enticed back by a friend in Seattle who got a job at WotC and was given permission to playtest (pursuant to a NDA we all had to sign, no less) what became 3.5 D&D (and which I grew to loathe). After dropping 3.5, burned out, I stumbled into the beginnings of the ODD retro-clone revival after moving to Houston. I soon after also became a BRP fan. In 2019, after doing Jungian studies and working with a Jungian analyst, I became enthralled with the Arthurian legends and started reading Jungian analysts’ books on the subject. I soon realized Chaosium, my favorite game company, had a venerable King Arthur game I had heard of but never played. This “synchronicity” and confluence of my interests being too strong to ignore, I immediately bought and read KAP 5.2, the amazing GPC, and Paladin, and am presently deeply in love with their sublimity and am in mid tumble down the dreamlike Pendragon rabbit hole).
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    King Arthur Pendragon, Paladin, Call of Cthulhu (all settings), Tales from the Loop, James Bond RPG, D&D (and all varieties and clones unless 3.5-based), Traveller, DCC RPG, MCC RPG
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    Houston, TX
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    Dissatisfied Lawyer, Nerd. Interested in Philosophy, Psychology, Dreams, the Occult, Mythology, Comparative Religion, Film and Television, Publishing, Law (especially Entertainment Law), Art, and Literature.
  1. Sorry for dropping out of the conversation, folks. I wasn't aware of the d100 roleplaying G+ group when I made one for BRP, and I agree there is no need for two, so I deleted the one I made. "I liquidated the group. They were insolent!" See you in the existing d100 G+ group! BTW, if anyone is running any BRP games via G+ anytime soon, I'd love to glom on as a player. I want to get my BRP and G+ legs under me, and that sounds like a great way to do it.
  2. Hi, gang. I just created a G+ "Community" group for those interested in BRP gaming. Please feel free to join and use as the General Will may dictate. https://plus.google.com/communities/104195121155593021440
  3. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but can someone point me to this. This sounds fantabulous.
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