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    I've been playing RPGs since the early 80s, including a bunch of Pendragon, Coc and Runequest
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    D&D 5e, 13th Age, various Gumshoe games
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    Gaming via Roll20 for the duration
  1. I am fairly generous with checks - giving them for crits, any sort of action that would earn normal glory and using them as fuel for thematic mini-games during a session; plus I will use trait and passion checks like compels in Fate and offer them to players who are willing to get their characters into trouble. My houserule for checks, which is mine, is to resolve the check as soon as I give it and to only physically put a tick on the sheet if the check is successful - any ticks will automatically increase next winter phase. This was originally done to make winter phase a little quicker b
  2. Thanks, I think I will experiment with both and see which I like best. Are there evocative token sets that you like?
  3. I am looking in to reviving my long quiescent Pendragon campaign via Roll20 and I was wondering if there are any useful resources that people like to use for their games? For instance - I see that there are a few pre-built Pendragon character sheets that I can add but which is the best to use? Are there particular art assets or token sets that people think give a good vibe for game? Regards Luke
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