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  1. But before history there was no Time, so there is no reason why your opponents in the Godtime should have to be questing at the exact same time as you. Maybe they started their quest a generation earlier. This aspect of Glorantha breaks my brain so it might be completely off base.
  2. Our Babeester Gorian and our Sundome Templar both fumbled their Dance rolls at Apple Lane's Applefest and ended up both entangled beside each other to the Maypole on top of the sacred hill. ...then the Krarshtkids attacked.
  3. A great evening for our Babeester Gorian! Thane of Apple Lane had to clear out the quest zone of Jackobears with his companions, and lost rune points. Ceremony of fertility was disrupted and our Babeester Gorian/Orgovale Summerian was very frustrated for various reasons, but the massed forces were dispersed. Thane of Apple Lane had to protect 5 kids and a young Telmori against an ambush by 7+ baboons! Very very very lucky but thane is basically tapped of rune points at this point. Start children's Lightbringer Quest. Thane plus kids. Ambush begins. Of course it does. Thane, wh
  4. "Behold! I am the chosen one! Faithful servant of Mordax, Lord of Spoons! You pay him tribute every time you eat soup."
  5. In the campaign I am in, which is using various published materials, we are basically all initiated into weird things as a result of Heroic actions. At least in my case, it's now meant doing a lot of Divinations on holy days to try to figure out "When are your holy days?" "What skills do you favor?" "What are your rites?" "What magic do you have?" "Do you like long walks on the beach?"
  6. We are stuck because our campaign has brought back a light with a Fate rune. So our Yelmalian has it but no one else in the world does. 😕
  7. Just went back to Beast Valley for the Great Hunt (in the shadow of Kero Fin!) and brought Clatterhoof back with me to Apple Lane. Reeeeeeally looking forward to when the Varmandi first get to see we've added him to Apple Lane's tug-of-war team at this year's Applefest.
  8. Gringle and Quackjohn were going to Nochet, but we don't know where they are. Everyone knows that Piku is now in Old Man Village on the Orlmarth tula. Only we know that his son is going to finish his apprenticeship soon and if we can restore the smithy at Apple Lane, Piku will encourage him set up shop there, since we returned Piku's blue gem.
  9. Quack quack quackquackquack quack quaaaaack!
  10. Indeed, So insanely stupid I wrote a bad epic poem in another language.
  11. We killed a dream dragon and our Babeester Gorian said, "Sure I will join this cult" and then forgot about her temple and then there was a penitent acolyte who showed up and then starved to death waiting and our Babeester Gorian was kinda guilty about that. And now I can mention that maybe our Babeester Gorian should consider taking snacks up to the temple on her new seasonal pilgrimages. We brought three new stars to Orlanth's ring. No one noticed much. Even though we were meteors landing on the Starfire Ridges. The Orlmarth were kind of supportive, but cult supporters kinda thin on the gr
  12. Duh-doo doo-de-doo doo-de-doode-doo-dedoo Doo-de-doo doo-de-doo doo-de-doode-doode-doo Duh-doo doo-de-doo doo-de-doode-doode-doo Doo-de-doo doo-de-doo doo-de doo-doo-doode-oo Dadoo-doo-dedoooo Daddo-doo-dedoooo Dadoo-doo-dedoooo Doo-de-doode-doode-dooo Duh-doo doo-de-doo doo-de doode-doo-dedoo Doo-de-doo doo-de-doo doo-de doode-doo-dedoo (Enjoy the earworm!)
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