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  1. UPDATE: OMFG It worked out. I was sure we were going to die. 6 hours of conflict resolution (we are still struggling with the rules and Roll20 is not helping particularly) of me being terrified that my decisions were going to get us all killed. They still might get us killed but I think we won this round. I miss the creepy music.
  2. Oh, so like my normal rolls except with some criticals and successes too? You strike a hard bargain!
  3. I think mythically, Odayla is the White Bear, but I like your suggestion about it being the bear you killed. Problem is that I think this happens "offscreen" during most character creation. The issue I have with the idea that you just stack 3 spells plus get the skills of a bear is, well, that is hardly "semi-divine" if you compared stats against, say, a real white bear. I would think the incentive would just be to stack your 5-point Bear Strength and Bear Skin and keep the remaining four points for something like, uh, I dunno, 4 Heal Wounds. Game balance logic is not Glorantha myth
  4. So serious question. As a result of one of my decisions, I have been informed that I have the opportunity to gain a Rune from a small selection of Runes. One of these runes is "Fate". There is another thread about the Fate rune not being used by PCs in RQ:G. If you have it, does that mean just a new nifty tattoo? Or would there be some effects? Certainly none of the existing magic operates through the channeling of the Fate rune. My backup rune would be very, very practical but the Fate rune has a huge cool factor.
  5. The rules are not clear, but I read Transform Self as requiring an Odaylan to stack all three Rune spells with the Transform Self cast. That is nine Rune points in one cast, only castable on Wildday. It had better make me turn into the biggest baddest white bear possible, amped up by the benefits of the individual Rune magic spells.
  6. The big glowy thing on the second ziggurat from the left? Got it. The music... it's so beayutifull!
  7. ...and I am losing my mind in the Sky Realm. What the heck is happening? I am making these mysterious choices for people without a clue as to the consequences. Things are very, very trippy. The cryptic blankets are not helping. My companions or I could go splat in the blink of an eye. I don't care so much about us, but if we fail, grandpa and my cousin are going to suffer and I do not want to disappoint them. I think there are three Lunars about to get up in our grill. I am a lover not a fighter.
  8. Urox and Eiritha were player characters in a game. And Eiritha died to save Urox and Urox was still going to die. But the player threw dice and a d6 landed on Wakboth and knocked him over and the GM took that as an excuse to have a cube of the spike squash Wakboth, to prevent a party wipe and save the world. Even if it is not true, it is right.
  9. Can you use a passion or a skill or a rune to aid with downtime rolls?
  10. I am a player in a new Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha game. My fellow players and I are playing in Sartar and are pretty standard Sartarites. I was looking at rune priest / rune lord requirements and I find myself in a maze of twisty passages all alike. I was looking at this for purely selfish purposes but also to help my fellow players. I will start with the general question that probably applies to all the cults and then get to my specific one. The beginning of the section lays out some requirements. These include a certain level of skills and a certain level of devotion to go
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