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  1. GM didn't think that through. Exactly. This could have been a great opportunity to force the players to choose between thirst and dehydration on one side, and being drunk, reeking of bad breath and dealing with a hangover the day after on the other side. It might be weak beer, but you have to drink a lot of it to stay hydrated in the Wastes. Maybe some stranger has seen this magical artefact in action and is plotting to acquire it, by force, by ruse, or otherwise. Maybe that stranger is a priestess from the Paps, and this magical bottle comes from there, maybe dating back
  2. Another source would be the old Nomad Gods board game, or its french edition, Les dieux nomades. Not exactly a great source of background information, but one to consider nonetheless. The french edition also has a nice map.
  3. That campaign log is pure gold. I remember reading it entirely over a few days like it was a novel a few years ago. If you read this Mr. Okamoto, thanks again for sharing those amazing stories with the community at large. I wish there were more campaign logs as riveting as this one ! It must have been so amazing to play this whole campaign with Sandy Petersen as a Game Master. His rendition of the Plateau of Statues is one of the clearest and most gripping images I have of Glorantha in my mind, and his twisted and at times almost sadistic sense of humor only made the whole thing eve
  4. I actually have bought them in print, thank you very much. I have bought pretty much everything related to Glorantha and Runequest that has been sold by Chaosium and its publishing partners over the years. As well as pretty much everything edited in french. And a whole bunch of Cthulhu stuff, as well as everything for Pendragon, Stormbringer, and Nephilim, And more obscure things as well that were not Gloranthan but were close like Chaosium's reedition of Carse and Tulan of the Isles from Judges Guild. I am willing to spend a lot of money when it's worth it, like I did on Glorantha:
  5. Don't spend ressources then. Just share it online, for free, in its current state. No editing whatsoever. I am disheartened to read about all those artificial obstacles that are being raised to prevent us from reading that document, and even more so when it's clear none of those issues will ever be resolved in time: Arkat's Saga in its current shape and form will never be shared with us, ever, since if Chaosium decides to ever publish it, it will be heavily edited and transformed into something else. We will never read the old original manuscripts. Never ever. When I think back abo
  6. That's the whole point. Glorantha is evolving continually, and as such it used to be different from its current state, and those differences, and how they evolve, have value from my point of view. It's an essential document for what we could call Gloranthan historiography. I do not buy the argument that sharing this historic document in its current messy state would prevent any kind of future publication. Budget, timelines, human ressources, expertise, those are real issues that could prevent such publication. But sharing a draft that is already circulating publicly ? The only peopl
  7. I do not see how sharing the raw material online or as part of the Stafford Library prevents Chaosium from publishing it in a more polished manner in the future. Since you say yourself it would only appeal to a handful of people, it would certainly not hurt the sales of those future products. I am sure I must not be the only one who has bought practically each and every edition of everything I could find in print about Glorantha since immemorial times. Your re-edited and illuminated version of the Abiding book might well be destined to achieve great success among new converts, but for us
  8. Do you think it's the same for dragons ? Or is that a distinctive features of "newts" ? Maybe all True Dragons are material projections of the Cosmic Egg ?
  9. As a GM I like to use allegories to help me understand and explain alien concepts - for example I use the Internet as a kind of metaphor for the Spirit World. The allegory I've been using for understanding and roleplaying Dragonewts behavior is that for them Time is flowing backwards. They were born in the future, and in that future, beyond the cycle of reincarnations, they used to be perfect dragons. They are not evolving through dragonewt stages but devolving toward nothingness, trying to reach beyond the O (zero ?) of the Ouroboros. When their current life is over, they go to slee
  10. Isn't it "Phare à Hon" in french ? En français, ne devrions pas plutôt écrire "Phare à Hon", tel qu'expliqué dans la vidéo ci-dessous?
  11. Far out ! Farro is also a type of wheat grain you can cook to obtain something similar to rice or barley. I've discovered it last year and it has become a favorite since. It has a nutty flavour and keeps a relatively firm texture even after being cooked.
  12. Like the Godlearners ?
  13. He even has his own rune: He was in a famous hero band called Na-Metal Airship or something like that.
  14. That's a recurring theme in Sandy Petersen's work isn't it ? I really like the Gloomshark idea. I think it fits really well. And it has tentacles ringing its mouth...
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