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  1. This old map of Babylonian origin is a good example of an older map being more abstract than modern maps. Here is what I read about it when I was following the ancient art history course on Khan Academy. This was part of the chapter on Cuneiform writing. Taken from : https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/ancient-art-civilizations/ancient-near-east1/the-ancient-near-east-an-introduction/a/cuneiform More information about the map on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylonian_Map_of_the_World By the way, some of the maps shows in the posts above m
  2. Hijabg

    Spirit world

    I like to think about the spirit world as if it was the Internet. Most places, things and peoples will have their place there, and you'll be able to interact with some aspects of them, but you will be able to travel between them as if there was no distance. Also, depending on your cultural interface, you might see things others might not, or see them differently. There is the easily accessible part of the spirit world, with publicly accessible shrine-terminals you can unlock with the right combination. There are also parts of the spirit plane that are quite similar to the Dark Net, and that's
  3. What I find the most interesting about ancient maps is that the older they are, the more abstract they get. In the real world, this mostly means old maps were inaccurate representations of the real world, based on limited data, skills and tools. As for Glorantha, I am convinced the old mythic maps shown in the Guide are totally accurate representations of what the world was like at that (non)time. They are not abstractions of what Glorantha was like at the time, but accurate representations of how abstract the reality of Glorantha itself as a world must have been before Time was bor
  4. Like this famous map of The City of Wonders and the Holy Country (schematic aerial view, as seen from Leonardo's famous Pedalcopter, which is said to be based on Feldichi plans)
  5. My theory is the Issaries cult is involved in this scam: Secure your roof ! Your roof is the most important and vulnerable part of your cottage. Have your roof professionally inspected annually and keep your tree spike well maintained. Get in touch with your local Issaries Insurance representative for more information and a free quote.
  6. Nothing is invented. Everything is discovered.
  7. Hijabg


    I love this angle. What an insightful vision ! This also reminds me of the thread about playing the enemy's role in a HeroQuest. To bring this back to the main subject, Belintar, would this mean he had to emulate or amalgamate some older forgotten deities to establish his own godhead ? We know this is the recipe followed by the Seven Mothers when they "discovered" the Red Goddess. The identity of those forgotten powers Belintar have "discovered" to become the God-King might be the key to his fall and the strategy deployed by Jar-Eel to imprison him in lunar hell. Maybe they have a mythic
  8. Hijabg


    I've had the impression that the path to become a god was to take the role of an older deity that had been forgotten and that it was not possible to add new "signatures" to the contract. I draw a parallel with the corporate world: you can see the Great Compromise as a contract signed by corporations. Even if the CEO of any of the companies signing the pact was to change down the line, the corporation itself would still be forced to obey the clauses of the contract as it was originally signed. It might warrant a visit from the Gift Carriers, but if you think about it maybe the real pact i
  9. Maybe you could explain the ship-sinking part by using some mythical link with Tsankth, the pirate god from Vormain. Tsankth is also the Barracuda god, and his followers are known to turn their own ships into snapping biting monsters. Another Vormain link could be that what your players thought were mermen were instead Ratuki people, who can turn partially into sharks. They might be Hsunchen but it's not too clear as far as I know.
  10. There is that new viking survival game, Valheim, that is very evocative of Glorantha. It has runes, mythic beasts, standing stones altars on which you can offer sacrifice, a titanic branch spanning the whole sky (from an even larger tree, Yggdrasil), and to add fun to this already winning recipe you can even play in co-op with up to 10 friends. It's on Steam if you want to know more about it. Best game I have played in a long time.
  11. Each time you use the ritual to connect to your Facebook account, you are actually offering sacrifice to Atiar, the knowledge thief, and his brother Tien, the Face-Hunter. That being said, thanks a lot for sacrificing yourself and bringing those amazing pictures back from deepest echo-caves of the underworld.
  12. I've been told it's really good.
  13. Among the many films you can use as inspiration for heroquests there are two from Monty Python members that are particularly inspiring (in addition to being quite funny) : The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, from Terry Gilliam, and Erik the Viking, directed by Terry Jones.
  14. There is some information about Cliffhome in the Into the Troll Realms adventure book for RQIII. It's in the players' information intro for the Skyfall Lake scenario. Lunar Report on the Skyfall Lake Region [compiled 1584] This populous troll queendom is ruled personally by the heroquester called Cragspider. Her impenetrable castle, Cliffhome, perches atop the highest mountain of the region. Many able lieutenants assist her in dealing with her populace, for she is never seen outside of her home. There are no cities here, though many tiny villages dot the shores of the mi
  15. That could also explain why the elder races seems to be vanishing during the fourth age. It's not that they are extinct, it'just that they are hidden in those dark corners of the Great Forest, out of reach for humankind. I love that survival through compromise-between-old-ennemies idea because it just goes so well with my own angle on the 4th Age. In My Glorantha, the fourth age is when the Elder Races go into hiding, much like the Gods had to do during the Great Compromise. For the first 3 Ages since the birth of Time, gods could only be heard via ceremonies, and could only be reached by
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