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  1. There is some information about Cliffhome in the Into the Troll Realms adventure book for RQIII. It's in the players' information intro for the Skyfall Lake scenario. Lunar Report on the Skyfall Lake Region [compiled 1584] This populous troll queendom is ruled personally by the heroquester called Cragspider. Her impenetrable castle, Cliffhome, perches atop the highest mountain of the region. Many able lieutenants assist her in dealing with her populace, for she is never seen outside of her home. There are no cities here, though many tiny villages dot the shores of the mi
  2. That could also explain why the elder races seems to be vanishing during the fourth age. It's not that they are extinct, it'just that they are hidden in those dark corners of the Great Forest, out of reach for humankind. I love that survival through compromise-between-old-ennemies idea because it just goes so well with my own angle on the 4th Age. In My Glorantha, the fourth age is when the Elder Races go into hiding, much like the Gods had to do during the Great Compromise. For the first 3 Ages since the birth of Time, gods could only be heard via ceremonies, and could only be reached by
  3. Where are the white elves ? if they are still part of Yelmdrya, but are gone from this world, how can we contact them ? Greg Stafford, The World of Plants, in Rule One Magazine, issue #9, http://www.ruleonemagazine.com/Iss9/WorldOfPlants.php
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