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  1. How exactly is the struggle between the Bad Man and the Shaman run? It says it is Spirit Combat but it does give the spirit combat of the Bad Man. The rules do not state the Bad Man’s spirit combat skill in becoming a Shaman stage four - the Ordeal. Pardon me if this has been brought it before.
  2. Thaz, Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Does the Morale only work with a military regiment? Will it work with a Hero Band? Such as five or six starting adventurers? Are there any conditions on the Morale Spell? Do all the members of the regiment have to be Humakti?
  4. On page 360 of the Runequest Glorantha rulebook, it states that by Shamanic Ability Magic Attack, “Each point adds +1 to the shaman’s effective POW towards overcoming an opponent’s POW when casting a spell, in addition to the normal benefit of the fetch’s POW being added to the shaman’s for such rolls.” Magic Defense is the same. My question is - what exactly is the benefit of adding the fetch’s POW to the shaman’s effective POW? Is it is a straightforward as it reads? Simply add the two POW’s together for magical attack and defense? Are they added if the shaman is discorporate and the fetch is guarding the shaman’s body? On page 358 the shaman is given a Second POW as a benefit of being a shaman. But it says nothing about adding the two POWs together for spell casting or defense on page 358.. To me that is a big deal and there is no mention of it until one gets an offhand reference under shamanic abilities. An clarification on this would be helpful.
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