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  1. OK, I have a tentative time-line here, thanks to Daniel Fahey (slightly different from @soltakss') https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2020/07/griselda-stories-time-line.html Feel free to comment.
  2. OMG downloaded the rules; hope to find some time during my hols to read them.
  3. I'd actually love to see a "graphic novel"-style Gloranthan comic book by Jan, the continuation of Prince of Sartar by Kalin, and humorous vignettes by Dario. With covers by Dan for all of them 🙂
  4. "Cane canaille" is pretty good-- especially if she dances the can-can.
  5. GianniVacca


    FWIW we are using the Dream/Thella Rune and the Dragon Rune a lot in our Ignorance & Kralorela games.
  6. Fascinating stuff to read! ..and plenty of ideas for Kralorela. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/3080219/liangzhu-5000-year-old-chinese-civilisation-time
  7. From https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/intro-mythos/: Who is the fasting prophet? Which Kingdom has he appeared in? Ignorance?
  8. My online RQG GM (Steve; I don't think he's on this forum) has created a zillion macros and we have just about everything needed to play on Roll20: strike ranks, augments, spell effects, spell durations,... but he's been improving that for two years now. Maybe Chaosium should simply purchase his macros 🙂
  9. (Real question) Is it on purpose that it is less appealing to create a sorcerous character than a theist one?
  10. Soon... (alas only in print 'n play)
  11. Do we know who created the Runes as illustrated in the classic RQ2 book? They are much more evocative and beautiful than the ones in the RQ1 book.
  12. this Vingan outlaw is also pretty kewl (from the same pinterest account)
  13. I'm not sure Illumination frees you from _everything_ The Guide to Glorantha tells us that draconic mysticism is the same as Illumination (boxed text at the bottom of page 9). I don't think we have any hard figures but I believe there are many illuminated mystics in Kralorela, yet Kralorela doesn't strike me as a society where people run amok doing whatever they want. I think illuminated Kralori still think Godunya has a higher understanding than theirs and that they still must obey or at least respect Him.
  14. Advertised in Issue No.6 of Wyrms Footnotes. What did this become?
  15. Wyrms Footnotes Issue No.4, page 24 Godday used to be called Holyday
  16. Wyrms Footnotes Issue No.4, page 12 "the three Wells of the Yar-arni" - what are these wells? - who are the Yar-arni?
  17. Wyrms Footnotes Issue No.3, page 26 "Goblins" are listed amongst the Elemental spirits, along with Salamanders and Undines. ???
  18. Wyrms Footnotes Issue No.3, page 24 Who is "the gentle Grey Mistress"?
  19. In Issue No.2, Sartar is called "Sartar of Bullshill". I do not recall this moniker being used anywhere else.
  20. To the Kralori, anything non-Kralori is "demonic". In my Glorantha, Basko is definitely Darkness [anyway in East Genertela the main opposition is not Chaos vs Anti-Chaos, but Ignorance vs Splendour, and Nightmare vs Anti-Nightmare]. The Basko-Sekever relationship is more complex. It could be a Kralori construct (i.e., anything anti-Kralori is labelled "Sekever", just like many Christians label as "Satanic" anything non-Christian). TBH there might also be a web of reciprocal influences.
  21. (off topic) These is no such thing as "Japanese characters" -- they are just Chinese characters used to write the Japanese language. From the Wikipedia: Kanji (漢字, pronounced [kaɲdʑi] are the adopted logographic Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese writing system. They are used alongside the Japanese syllabic scripts hiragana and katakana. The Japanese term kanji for the Chinese characters literally means "Han characters". It is written with the same characters as in Traditional Chinese to refer to the character writing system, hanzi (漢字).
  22. It's not. For instance, final -s is pronounced [t] -- hence "internet" written inteones in Korean 🙂 But we are deviating. Again, for want of details about the various writing systems, I recommend we use R/W [language] and Speak [language]. Anyway, what good does it do to you to know how to read the Latin script when trying out to figure out the meaning of a text written in Finnish?
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