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  1. Cool thinks looking to to Cthulhu rising. I looked at Alien RPG but I have never played it and did not know the difficulty of it.
  2. going to run a hard sci-fi’s setting not elder gods or that. It pre faster than light travel. Players are scientists sent on a 4 month hibernation trip to researcher a problem and help the colonist. Mid way they get woken up to find an unknown ship. They board it and are greeted by an AI. Explore the ship find the crew in hibernation. As they play found out the ship uses an experimental FTL engine that causes some of the crew to go violent/crazy and as it gets worse their bodies will break down on a molecular level. Turns out it is then engines side effect. But the Corp that sent them o
  3. I am new to Call of Cthulhu I just have ran the starter scenario and a couple of the solo mission. My group is wanting to run a sci fi /horror scenario along the lines of the movies sphere and Pandorum. I think CoC might me a good rule system for it. I have the though the ages with the Icarus as an example but I was wondering if there are any websites with resources for CoC in a scifi setting. Looking for things like skills and occupations. Thanks for any help you can offer. Thanks
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