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  1. I've seen several mentions of large Lunar farm manors operated with slave labor being established in the Dragon Pass area. There was supposedly one in Apple Lane, and also in Nymie Vale-- certainly others that I'm not aware of. The GM adventure book says that for the one near Apple Lane, that by 1626 the nobles have fled, the slaves escaped, and the manor is in ruins. I presume most of the other ones in the region are similar, except for the documented Lunar holdouts in the vicinity of Alda Chur. Were there ever any maps of these places? Or descriptions, including numbers of workers, overseers, Lunar nobles, etc? What would they have looked like? As always, looking for both canon references as well as your own speculation or local variations. Thank you!
  2. I asked this question on the Facebook group, recently, and got some good answers. I explicitly asked with a view toward creating "gameable moments" in an upcoming campaign, and I urge everyone to adopt that attitude, or as the Olds say around here, "Maximum Game Fun."
  3. I would like a hardcopy of the revised "King of Sartar" novel. There are a few listed as available on Amazon, but I would like to purchase from Chaosium, to support the company, and also to take advantage of the free PDF policy. I also can't tell if the Amazon copies are the revised edition (the picture is certainly wrong for that) or an older printing. There don't seem to be any copies in the USA warehouse of Chaosium. Are there any plans to reprint this book, or should I resign myself to buying from Amazon? Thank you!
  4. I have continued to read on, and can confirm this problem does not occur in Chapter Two.
  5. I was about to ask the same question. Those pictures are good enough, and evocative enough for my proposed Glorantha campaign, that I would buy a book that contained them, not only as play aids, but also to support the authors.
  6. So as a new Glorantha enthusiast, I am doing the recommended thing and reading the "Prince of Sartar" web-comic. And it is there I discovered an annoying problem with incorrect links: Many (at least six so far) of the "next" button links on the Prince of Sartar web-comic when you are viewing the English version of the will take you to the next episode, but on the German version of the comic. I have attached a picture to better explain this. I have to back out of the comic to a previous index page and then manually select the next episode if I want to see the English version. If I understand the authors' intent correctly, if you are on the English page, then the "next" button should take you to the next English episode, not a German one. That makes sense, right? I think this is probably just an oversight and it could be easily fixed. I fear you may be losing potential readers because of this snafu. It should be a minor task to set things right. So far this has happened on the first five panels of chapter one. It also happened on the transition from the Chapter Title Page to the first episode. I don't know how much farther it goes, because that is how far I am in reading the web-comic. Obligatory technical details: This happens to me on a Windows 10 PC, using the Chrome browser. I am connecting to the web-comic from a USA ISP. Anything else you need to know? By the way, I have been reading the comic, perusing the forums, ordered the GM screen-- I feel that there is some sort of hidden Bingo Card for new Glorantha fans, and I am wondering what the next few entries are for me to check off and then win this cool game? Pretty sure one of them, at least in the age of COVID 19, is for me to GM an online game, but beyond that I am stumped. 😉 (I considered posting this on the web-comic's own forum, but I think this Glorantha one gets more traffic and will more quickly get to the attention of someone who can fix this.)
  7. Hello again, OP here. The replies here have been everything I could have hoped for! Thank you for your insight. Here are probably my top three takeaways: 1. OK, the area was called the Grantlands. I understand why that information wasn't included in the one sentence that RQG devoted to the area, but once you know the term a whole world of search engine queries opens up to you. 2. This one is embarrassing, but also proves my instincts were correct. This area and its brief description got me excited enough to ask my original question-- I knew there was something there that I was interested in. I made this post early this morning, and then as part of the answer @jajagappa let me know that it was also called the Borderlands. And this is where I get embarrassed, because I already read the description of Borderlands, and ordered one of the last remaining copies of the Glorantha Classics reprints. Nowhere in my memory of the description does it say that the Borderlands are the Grantlands, or southern Zola Fell valley. I assumed in my ignorance that it was somewhere else on the continent. I just ordered it because it was supposed to be a great campaign and the "help exiled Duke establish a new land" was something that interested me. Now I find out that it is actually the same region that my RPG radar pinged on earlier! 😆 And of course, to add insult to injury, guess what package arrived in my mailbox this very same evening? Of course-- Borderlands and Beyond. 3. I really feel for people who said they liked the area before 1625. My only solace was that recently I heard on an old episode of "Mythic Tales of Adventure" an interesting comment by Greg Stafford that this new history was just legends that came down to us from the Third Age written by the Orlanthi victors. He said he could totally envisage someone writing a campaign where Argrath and the White Bull heretics are cleansed by the victorious Empire, the Glowline is extended, and a millennium of peace, tolerance, and Lunar unity descends upon the continent. I like that YGMV was built into the system from the start. Thanks again, everyone.
  8. So help out a newcomer to Glorantha. Make sure I have this straight in my head-- The Zola Fel river valley, AKA River of Cradles has three broad regions: 1. Northern stretch, centered around Pavis/Big Rubble. Sartartite/Pavis urban culture mostly. 2. Central region, "Sun County", culturally Yelmalian. 3. Southern Region. Page 126 of "Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha" says the lower valley had been settled by Lunar farmers, but this colony was destroyed around 1625. Where could I find out more about this colony? Seems like an interesting region, and ripe for a campaign setting. Also, wouldn't the ruins of Corflu be here as well? Or are they completely submerged? Do Wolf Pirates range along that coast? Is there any canonical writing on this post Lunar colony in 1625 or later? Or has your Own Glorantha (May Vary) touched down in this area? How did you handle it? Keep in mind I am new to Glorantha, and my next planned purchase is the Bestiary, so I am a few months budgeting time away from owning Sourcebooks or Guides. But if someone is interested enough to summarize those sources, or even just speculate on their own theories, or point me to some blog posts or other material, I would be very grateful. I am interested in the Lunar Colony, both before and after 1625, and in that whole southern Zola Fel region in general. Thank you!
  9. Where can I get a good, large map of the town of Clearwine? Either a file that I download and take to local copy shop to have them print on their large color plotter, or a poster-sized map that I order from a company? Even better if the numbers and text entries are a separate layer that I can turn on and off for printing. Or just not on the poster map from the notional merchandise selling company. That way I can add my own label dots as needed. After all, I still have the smaller map from the GM screen to reference. I seem to remember seeing a place where you could buy these maps, and even have pillows and duvet covers printed with them, but now I can't find it. Somehow the warranty on my eyes expired after my 40th birthday, and I'm squinting too much at these little pictures and tiny texts. Clearwine, of course, is the town that is the royal seat of the Colymar tribe, in the nation of Sartar among the Dragon Pass region of Glorantha. This map in the attached picture would be perfect, but bigger is better, or something similar to it. I'm not picky, just near-sighted. Or maybe a smarter, tech savvy person can tell me how to extract the existing Clearwine map from the GM Screen Map Pack (which I own) into a high resolution single file I can take to my local copy shop? But I am willing to pay for someone licensed by Chaosium who already sells this item. Seems like that would be easier all around. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!
  10. If you ever run any more one-shots on Roll 20 for new players, I just found out about Glorantha and would love to play in a game. I'm the kind of person who needs to experience the systems in an actual game to really understand them. Thank you!
  11. OP here, I want to thank everyone for the great advice. It seemed like a clear consensus that the GM Screen should be my next purchase, so I ordered it. Also, after weeks of looking, and being sure that there weren't any hard copy versions of Glorantha Classics left, suddenly I was able to order "Borderlands and Beyond" here. So I did. I only budget myself $100 spending money per month, and those two items were 2/3 of all of it, even including my two Gencon discount codes. After some more thought and reflection, and considering all the input that it really is a good introductory campaign, I am going to run the updated Apple Lane campaign from the GM Screen adventure book. I feel like I will still be able to focus on most of the themes I wanted to. Also there seems to be a lot of Jonstown Compendium items available cheaply that fit right into that area, so even better. 😀 Meanwhile I will be reading Borderlands and Beyond, and my Ebay copy of Sun County, to see if either of those could be my next campaign. I have also been reading through Dorastor Land of Doom, because I am still drawn to Riskland, but right now there doesn't seem to be a legal way to get this PDF, and used copies are in the $200 range. No matter how much I love Riskland, I am always going to nope right out at that price point. Or am I wrong, and there is a legitimate way to purchase the DLOD PDF? Anyway, my gratitude for the welcome, and advice from old hands here. I played two RQG games at online Gencon, and it reinforced to me that my decision to buy into Glorantha was not a mistake.
  12. Hello Friends I have decided to get into Glorantha. So far I have purchased the core rule book, and listened to the first seven or eight episodes of the Tales of Mythic Adventure Podcast (very rough start, but now liking it a lot). The podcast suggested a few locations I might be interested in, and based on that I bid for some products on Ebay-- the Dorastor book was sniped away from me in the last ten seconds (well played!) but I did score Sun County for what I thought was a reasonable price. I am new to Glorantha, and almost completely new to the BRP ruleset. Which is weird, since I have been roleplaying since 1979, but I guess I never met the right people who were into Glorantha, and my Pulp needs in those days were filled by the Daredevils RPG and later by Evil Hat's Spirit of the Century. I am going to run a game to help better learn the world and the rules, and tailor it similarly as a teaching game for new players. The themes I personally want to focus on are low-fantasy, community level adventures in mostly one small area. I loved the idea of settling a new land, and creating a new clan-- that is why I was bidding on the Dorastor book, so I could read the Riskland campaign setting. Also really lean into the "everyday" magic and life in an extended family, and building up a homestead from nothing. Also, interaction with gods, but in a smaller scale way-- answers to prayers for minor problems, divine assistance with the birth of a calf, that sort of thing. I want to keep the scale small and personal. From the other research I have done, and also my luck in bidding, I am now thinking Sun County might be good for me, especially since there are at least three new Jonstown books for it, and I could easily work with the Sandheart Militia framing device of those adventures. Or is there something else, some other location and published adventures that would fit in with what I want my game to be? I would love some explicit advice like, "Run the adventure from the Quickstart rules, but set it in X location, then have your players do Y published adventure, it fits with what you want, then use the farm management rules from Z book...." and so on. I am not afraid to spend money or track down older books, if that is what it takes-- within reason. The $40 I spent on Sun County is probably near my limit for what I am willing to pay for an out of print RPG book, and I know that is pretty much the lower end for some Glorantha stuff. Thank you for any advice or encouragement you can offer. It seems like there are a lot of smart people here. 😉
  13. Does the leatherette edition have artwork from the front and back cover of the hardback editions inside it somewhere? Or do we just lose those pieces if we buy the more expensive book?
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