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  1. Has anyone a list of the knights who directly served Queen Guinevere?
  2. Is anyone aware of a comprehensive list of those knight taking Lancelot's side against Arthur?
  3. I've just purchased it. As I remember the chronology I must have owned or at least seen this book once. And future.
  4. “In Vulgate V, Morgan, Sebile, and the Queen of Sorestan kidnap Lancelot. This seems to be the episode Malory gives in Book VI, although Malory has four queens: Morgan and the Queens of Norgales, Eastland, and the Out Isles.”
  5. Has the location of Sorestan been determined within the canon of Pendragon? Has a name for the Queen of Sorestan ever been found in any lore?
  6. Do you mean this, by chance? https://www.chaosium.com/the-pendragon-campaign-pdf/ If so, I may have to buy and download.
  7. Hello, I seem to recall, in earlier editions of Pendragon, a by-year chronology of the events of Arthuriana. Due to shelter-in-place considerations I am about 75 miles from my game books. Can anyone provide me with the timeline from Arthur's coronation to the final battle at Camlaan? In particular, I'm hopeful to (re)learn in which year Merlin's imprisonment began. Thank you.
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