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  1. Although I prefer "all in one" books, the idea of an OQ3 with interesting new directions and rules is too tempting to ignore.
  2. I just ordered it on rpgnow and have been reviewing the PDF....the new edition looks great! Very nice edition and I love the new art, thinking this will be my go-to iteration of BRP going forward. Been talking with my cohorts this morning about the rules and campaign ideas already.
  3. My MW campaign uses the core, Advanced Sorcery, Dark Ages Cthulhu and an occasional nab from the BGB.
  4. I have a lot of blog content for MW I'd be happy to provide.
  5. An 800 page book with everything. All the stuff....every magic system option outlined in Advanced Sorcery, full bestiary with 300+ beasties, the MW rules with full errata, and as much extra kitchen sink goodness thrown in as possible. It can be more than one book for ease of use I suppose.
  6. No edition warring here for me, either. I like BRP BGB but at this point after reading about the financial troubles of Chaosium I'm just happy we still have a Chaosium to continue making cool games. And as for the D100 family....it's all good. I think the only "warring" I've really noticed tends to come from some of the D&D/OSR crowd that likes to slip in and imply there's some conflict going on, but not sure they should be taken all that seriously....
  7. Intriguing. Also gives me a bit of hope since I am sort of worried Chaosium plans to mitigate BRP in its library down the road.
  8. Wherever Alephtar lands I'll be waiting, just keep us posted. Renaissance is certainly a good iteration of the RQII/Legend mechanics.
  9. Although Outpost I9 and Fractured Hopes are both really cool (I am considering using both for future games) I wonder if anyone's tried pitching a Future World type product to Chaosium (same principle as Magic World)? I wonder if, with the changing of the guard back to Stafford and Petersen that such a concept might fly....Magic World benefits from being a reissue of Elric!, but BRP could really use a generic all-purpose SF companion similar to what GURPS Space does for GURPS or an even better recent example, the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion, which is an excellent toolkit system....designed to make building your own SF setting easy.
  10. Face to face tabletop, but a few of my players bring laptops, phones or tablets....I do have one group that is like GMing to a sea of laptops. Personally I don't use any devices as GM other than a tablet for emergency referencing of books I didn't bring. For me its old school all the way, electronics just end up distracting.
  11. That's a really good way of putting it, and helps me better understand why my BRP games when I run them just feel smoother and more "involved" than other games I run. Seriously....I don't get to run it often, but every single game I do run for BRP is a fantastic experience, very down in the dirt and detailed, where little details can matter a great deal. That just doesn't happen with certain other game systems that shall remain nameless (but obvious).
  12. Just got my PDF on rpgnow and ordered the physical copy from Chaosium...kudos to another great book for MW!
  13. Done! Aside from the Sorcery book that was announced, here's my wish list: A GM guide with useful campaign tools A Bestiary to expand the core monster range; BRP/RQ titles have always suffered by comparison to D&D/Pathfinder in terms of sheer volume of monsters to pick from A player book that focuses on interesting player options, professions, and maybe more player-friendly races A seafaring guide A GM screen An exotic locales guide....sort of a "Manual of the Planes" for MW...I'm thinking of Rogue Mistress as a point of reference here (one of my all time favorite modules) Adventures not tied to setting; I imagine a setting book is a good idea, but I am a homebrew junkie.
  14. Got the PDF...didn't preorder, will snag it when my FLGS gets a copy, though (it will be in distribution, correct?). Good sourcebook, I am already planning a campaign with it and blogged a bit about it today. Time for a sequel!
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