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  1. Although I prefer "all in one" books, the idea of an OQ3 with interesting new directions and rules is too tempting to ignore.
  2. Hi, Camazotz here, alias Tori Bergquist. I've been gaming since 1980, when I started with the Otus D&D set and Gamma World 1st, then graduated to Traveller, RQ2 and Tunnels & Trolls (among others) around 1983-1985. I published a fanzine (The Sorcerer's Scrolls) from 1984-1989 and have been published over time in a variety of media. In fair disclosure when it comes to MRQ debates, I did write a couple books for Mongoose (Tales of the Black Kingdom and books 2 and 3 of Messantia) but I agree that as a publisher Mongoose has issues, but I tend not to assume it's because their evil....just
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