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    I started playing RPGs since I was a kid. My introduction to the hobby was through D&D but I moved hastily to Chaosium games like Call of Cathulhu and RuneQuest. After that, I tried as many games as I could.

    In the 21st century, my interest drifted to less crunchy games like HeroQuest, Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse.
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  1. She's sporting Moon (duh!), Death and Fertility runes! I thought those runes are asssocciated to the Seven Mothers not Herself. Now I'm intrigued...
  2. I agree with @French Desperate WindChild, more variety on body shapes is always welcomed. Not every earth cultist is a super-model. But, in fairness, Chaosium is improving on this aspect. The upcoming GoG is a good example. Its art shows male nudity and people with different complexions.
  3. Or you have to atone yourself after your time in the army before being completely welcomed in your original community. I can imagine some zzaburi specialising in PTSD treatments. 😄
  4. I'll update my comment to: "5e D&D INT". 🙂 But I like that spirit magic is limited by your CHA.
  5. It's kind of funny that RQG INT is becoming equivalent to D&D INT, a dump stat unless you're a wizard.
  6. Funny thing, the most I learn about western sorcery the most I think you'll basically end up playing Ars Magica: Glorantha. 😄
  7. That's intriguing. Can you elaborate?
  8. Sorry for not being clearer, I was trying to answer the "wasted mastery on a critical". My point is: It isn't wasted as the mastery bumps down your opposition’s roll. Unless the opposition rolls a fumble, obviously. But in that case it's a complete victory for you. In any case, QW method of handling masteries is way more straightforward.
  9. All rolls are opposed on HQG and QW. 😉
  10. I don't have the rules at hand, but the free quickstarter defines intelligence as: "Reasoning, memory, problem-solving, inspiration, knowledge, also useful for some kinds of magic." I'm quite sure you can improve a lot of those traits in real life. And, in any case, not all RQG rules are based on "real life." (Whatever real life means in a fantasy game.)
  11. Hi Jeff, Why is Int the only attribute you can't improve during gameplay? Thank you.
  12. I can't say anything about Conan as I haven't read the original books. But, In the case of Lancelot, he isn't a Mary Sue because he ultimately fails as a knight because he can't keep his pants on control his passions. He isn't perfect, he doesn't outdo every single other character and not everyone is ok with his antics. That character is Gawain. What I'm trying to say is: Powerful character =/= Mary Sue @Akhôrahilexplained it way better than me in the first page. Exactly, and it narrowly avoids the White Saviour trope because Sartarite people are based on ancient Eastern Mediterranean peoples. All the Draconic powers Argrath displays makes me think of Draconic Mysticism. And the official sources states all Illumination paths are, basically, equivalent. I was talking about the genocide in Peloria and how the Argrath Saga presents it as a good thing. Apart of lighting the Flame of Sartar as, again, stated in Argrath Saga, there is the small detail of the Sartar rune Argrath sports in Prince of Sartar.
  13. Finally we found the answer for the OP question. 😂
  14. It's an interesting point of view, because my issues with Argrath are from a fiction point of view. As I said before, he shares too many traits with the Mary Sue trope. I'm starting to think one of the reasons "Argrath is bad" is so prevalent now is because people are more and more interested in the Lunar Empire. You know, the designated villains of the Argrath saga. Story-wise they are great: Seven conspirators tried to get rid of their oppressors manufacturing a new goddess, kickstarting a revolution that got completely out of control. She managed to conquer a patriarchy and feminised the lands and started to spread the new gospel everywhere. Finally failing due to the weight of her own hubris and contradictions. In any case, I agree with you. Argrath-as-metaplot is problematic if it isn't handled well.
  15. I reckon my contact with the character is the Guide, the Glorantha Handbook and King of Sartar, so I don't know about the development of the character itself. But you made another good point about Argrath's Mary-sueness. He is Arkat, but better. He managed to gain all this powers and cool toys without alienating his allies. It's like Arkat confronting Nysalor in the battle of the Tower of Dreams with the support the of Brithini, the hrestoli, the trolls, the Orlanthi and a chap from Wales. But I'm starting to derail the topic...
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