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    First got into RPGs in 1988 via the Games Workshop version of RuneQuest 3rd edition. Collected pretty much all of the Avalon Hill material but sadly stopped playing RPGs in 1994 when I went to University, and I didn't check back in until the RQG quickstart arrived. With the arrival of the new edition and new material I'm firmly back into Glorantha.
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    Mike, Cheshire UK

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  1. It would, and it would go well with Dario's other work on there.
  2. Got the PDF for the spells. Got the hardcover for the art. Somehow those amazing pictures just look better in print.
  3. I like this. It would take up more screen space but will give more functionality. Are you thinking 100% custom only, or will you still be able to add from the sheet for a specific weapon on set SR (as you can now)?
  4. Yes, I agree. Multiple actions in a round is a pain, and the one you've given (archers) is the best example of this. Modifying strike ranks is easy enough, even though it is manual.
  5. What is the problem you're having with the turn order in Roll 20. It's not perfect, but I find that it works well enough for me.
  6. Apologies for the necro here, but are there still plans to make the Sartar Companion available as POD via Lulu? Sartar Kingdom of Heroes was also available as POD until recently, but I can no longer find it on the site. Here is the Lulu page for Moon Design: Lulu I'd also be interested to know if there are any plans to make The Missing Lands available as PDF or POD.
  7. That's the beauty of the Heroquest rules - there really aren't that many of them! The book is 250 pages of mainly background. There isn't really any exclusive content in here, but personally I found the presentation of the information both useful and enlightening and the information is presented in a different way from other books. For example, there are some sample play sessions featuring Samastina and Cragspider, and I loved these more for flavour than for giving an example of the rules. The Heroquest Glorantha book is actually one of my favourite Gloranthan books, from a purely physical perspective (it just feels great, and the binding is top quality - I realise how nerdy this sounds!) and aesthetic perspective (the layout is top draw and the art is subtle yet high quality). Is it worth getting for what you want? I really can't answer that, but I love it.
  8. I don't know where you're based OP, but the Heroquest Glorantha book is actually a really good overview source IMO - underrated in fact. It's also one of the best looking books, again IMO. It's also on sale if you're in the UK, EU or Aus. HeroQuest Glorantha - Hardcover - Chaosium Inc.
  9. This is fantastic news. The order of works is a surprise, but it's all good. Very much looking forward to these.
  10. I can't wait either, but I better wait to read it or Trotsky will do terrible things to my PC.
  11. I played in a session at PAX earlier this year which was run on Foundry. The GM, a top bloke called Manuel Molinier, was using Foundry and I believe he said he had built the integration himself. It worked very nicely. There were a few bugs, but it was still a work in progress and I was very impressed.
  12. Welcome @Losky. You may have already seen these, but there are player versions of the maps for the Broken Tower available here. These remove most of the locations which will enable/force your players to explore. Also if you're not already, make sure you use the character sheet for Runequest available within Roll 20 - it's excellent. Have fun.
  13. I thought it went very well Simon, in fact it was excellent. And your advice here is clearly ridiculous. If you don't lick them how do you know what they taste like? Thanks for running the game.
  14. I'm signed up for Trouble at Days Rest tomorrow which I'm very much looking forward to. https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online/schedule/sessions/e6fd0488-2b12-4942-9948-5fbe4e92a01e Does anyone know which virtual table top system will be used?
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