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    First got into RPGs in 1988 via the Games Workshop version of RuneQuest 3rd edition. Collected pretty much all of the Avalon Hill material but sadly stopped playing RPGs in 1994 when I went to University, and I didn't check back in until the RQG quickstart arrived. With the arrival of the new edition and new material I'm firmly back into Glorantha.
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  1. I'm signed up for Trouble at Days Rest tomorrow which I'm very much looking forward to. https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online/schedule/sessions/e6fd0488-2b12-4942-9948-5fbe4e92a01e Does anyone know which virtual table top system will be used?
  2. My question is would it be considered likely or even possible that an assistant shaman also becomes an initiate of a major Orlanthi cult, such as Orlanth himself? Or are they limited to lay membership? I'm aware that Kolat is considered the Orlanthi shaman tradition cult, but we don't have an RQG writeup for him yet.
  3. So it is. I had completely missed that. I saw the Borderlands & Beyond was in the US so probably just assumed the Cults book was as well. Thanks very much - copy purchased.
  4. You're right, of course, but I feel this is my weakness! Sellers on Amazon inflate to ridiculous levels in my experience. eBay is a better option but there are still slim pickings. Abe Books seems a good place to keep an eye on. Any other locations people are willing to share? (I realise that more experienced collectors are likely to want to guard their resources closely)
  5. Probably not by much. Agree - probably not by much. But I'm interested in what would differ. Heortland is the old country, and the Orlanthi who migrated to what would become Sartar were doing so for reasons of cultural and religious differences and freedoms. Not much will have changed in just 300 years, and Sartar is still reasonably close to Heortland, but I expect there are many subtle differences which to an outsider would seem very small, but to the people in question will seem significant, almost strange.
  6. I would dearly love to be able to get some of the Hero Wars and Hero Quest material, but finding it is a challenge. I did manage to find a battered copy of Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars on eBay, but despite regularly looking I have yet to see any other material.
  7. Cheers all. As a returning player the new system for rune(divine) magic is a significant change, but a refreshing one. The move from holy hand grenade to divine arsenal (or close) is most welcome.
  8. I'm catching up with as much RuneQuest material as I can cram into my non-working waking hours, having been away for so long, and I came across an episode of The Grognard Files where MOB enthusiastically talked about the new edition. It's in episode 22. Around 9 minutes into the episode MOB talks about the changes to Rune magic and explains how in the new edition (RQ:G) initiates don't have to sacrifice for specific spells, they just gain rune points with that deity and gain access to all of the spells for that cult (plus the common rune spells). This is actually the system David Ch
  9. The music is called 'The Orgy', and indeed in the film this is what is going on in the scene, but the images which come to mind when I hear this are that of a bustling ancient city.
  10. This is excellent, thank you. I would suggest that this is stickied somewhere for reference. For new or returning players without existing groups (e.g. me) I really struggled to know where to look.
  11. I don't see why you wouldn't do this. If nobody uses it then no harm done (other than a little work for you guys). PS - I didn't know you had a newsletter - I've just subbed. Thanks.
  12. Wow. Those pictures look quite beautiful. Always good to have a sacred but unattainable goal.
  13. I'd never heard of this either. This sounds a lot like the History of Middle-earth by Christopher Tolkien, in that it's a wealth of early material presented almost as literary archaeology. Is that fair?
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