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    Where did all the white people go in Glorantha?
  1. The Eleven Lights artwork

    You obviously have not seen the artwork from KoDP which is quite obviously based on Nordic/Germanic sources, nor read the statements from Jeff stating the Orlanthi are nothing like those cultures. Unless you have decided to ignore all that evidence.
  2. The Eleven Lights artwork

    So we should ignore it and chalk it up to a tight artwork budget?
  3. The Eleven Lights artwork

    Anglo-Saxons may well look similar to Slavs but they look nothing like ancient Italians or this And this Quote from Jeff Same thing for steads/buildings the previously much maligned artwork from King of Dragon Pass, which is now reappearing, looks nothing like what we were told Orlanthi buildings look like. Jeff
  4. The Eleven Lights artwork

    Based on the artwork in The Eleven Lights have Orlanthi gone back to being based on Nordic/Anglo Saxons?
  5. Roll20 Anyone?

    No as I said in PM I had a long string of medical problems hit shortly after that and no time to work on any RQ sheets.
  6. Roll20 Anyone?

    The RQ3 is far from optimal for RQ:G, you ran that game with the Numtini and the guy that wanted to do a horrible thing to the dead femal Greydog didn't you?. I think we had a discussion around about the time the Quickstart was supposed to be released about doing something about an Roll 20 sheet but like this time we were advised not to do anything and let the professionals sort it out. If anyone one is interested in running the Quickstart and you do not have a Pro account I can setup a game and give you GM privileges. With Pentallion's permission I could a copy over the characters he put so much work into as well.
  7. Roll20 Anyone?

    Which is why I have not created any amateur/fan to be released to the production server and offered it as custom content. Apart from D&D all the sheets are made by fans / amateurs who pay for the privelege of expanding the service.Since you seem to despise that sort of thing you should probably stay awy from Roll20.
  8. Roll20 Anyone?

    That fellow you cannot contact made the post right above yours.
  9. What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    RQ3, It was a great improement over RQ2. If you are going to include any version of Mongoose RQ you might as well include a bunch of FGU games as well, since a lot of them were hacks of RQ.
  10. Roll20 Anyone?

    I did a quick hack of the RQ3 sheet to handle runes, passions strike ranks etc, if you have a pro or know someone with a pro who set you up as GM I can send yo the source to use as a custom sheet.
  11. Yeah failed my English roll there, but given Greg Stafford's comments and the differences in art between Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes/ Sartar Companion and The Coming Storm it is easy to see where this is going.
  12. Except that is explicitly ruled out "Three of Glorantha’s four major human racial types roughly correspond to Earthly equivalents, but the fourth is unique."
  13. There are no races in Glorantha that equate to Caucasian. From G2G Three of Glorantha’s four major human racial types roughly correspond to Earthly equivalents, but the fourth is unique. • Agimori: a dark-skinned race native to Pamaltela. • Veldang: a blue-skinned race with no Earthly equivalent. Their skin is not bright blue, but slate colored. The Veldang are native to Pamaltela, where they are found in Zamokil and Fonrit. • Vithelans: they resemble Earth’s East Asians. They inhabit the East Isles, Kralorela, Teshnos, and Vormain. • Wareran: a fair to olive-skinned race that inhabit most of Genertela, and Umathela in Pamaltela.
  14. Isn't she the wrong skin tone too since there are no white humans in Glorantha.
  15. Online Play

    I have been running a Cthulhu game there for a while and will be running a one shot on the 16th Dec. https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/62727/uncle-timothys-will and maybe loooking for new players in my regular game in the new year. There are number of CoC games running, did you try the Looking for Group search? Make sure you set it to look for CoC or you will be swamped by D&D.