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    I started with 6e Cthulhu and just spiraled out from there. Also a big historical war game (boardgame) player and boardgame player.
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    The Great Pendragon Campaign, Call of Cthulhu 7th,
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    I'm a chemist

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  1. If your FLGS doesn’t participate in Bricks and Mortar, ask them to sign up! Doesn’t cost em a thing. Beyond that, you get the books and PDFs for MSRP, help Chaosium, and also help your local nerd shop. Mine has the ability to do pulls on both comics and physical items, so I have a standing pull for all new Call of Cthulhu books. I wait a week or two for the distribution process, but I get to keep a local business afloat by doing so.
  2. Any timeline on when the Travellers Companion will be out for POD? I’m honestly not in a rush, but it would be nice to know.
  3. Will these books be shipped to brick and mortar stores? I ask because I like my local shop and want to support it, and in fact have a standing order for all new Cthulhu book releases. I don't want to end up buying the same book twice though.
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