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  1. It has arrived in Australia at last. Waylaid by Vadrudi pirates, becalmed by Molanni misfits and almost taxed out existence by a Lunar Tax Demon, but somehow it has arrived. Fill your boots!
  2. I'd argue there is a fair bit of disorder, but not much Chaos. Maybe after drinking the slab one might find themselves spending the night in the lock-up for exhibiting a bit of that disorder...
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm impressed with Joerg's knowledge levels, and was already indebted to soltakss because I have been using the stuff he did 15 years ago about a Pavis campaign timeline as a base of what happens when. Having the priests of a stasis rune cult knocked off via causing such precipitious movement seems likely to succeed only occasionally. I'm also struggling with it being a random reason for death as part of the family history of a character as it is such an unremarkable way to die (absent any foul play) - not enough excitement and gossip comes from a mere slip of the
  4. I am going to be starting a game soon where the characters are from Real City. So the focus is more on what is going on in the Rubble and the Pavis cult than what is going in in Prax. Luckily I have access to Ian Thomson's excellent material (full speed ahead and damn the canon!) as well as the official stuff. in Pavs:GtA (page 368) it is stated: "At the beginning of the Lunar Occupation, there were five Priests of Pavis. All were old men." By the time of the Pavis Box (say 1617-1618) Benderri is described as an old man and all the other priests are much younger. I note I'm leaving Gin
  5. I approach this issue from a different perspective. Instead of 0hp being death, a character is unconscious up to a negative hp total of CON - 10. So a character with a CON of 14 would be unconscious in the 0 to -3HP range, but would be dead at -4HP. It has the realism of healthier characters being able to take more damage and still recover, whilst still keeping combat deadly (the critical success can still cause an instant-kill). I recognise that it might take some urgency out of the game which comes from a situation where is only a few strike ranks to heal a fallen comrade; howeve
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