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  1. So I've bought a copy of luther arkwright, do I also need a copy of mythras? Which version?
  2. What's peoples thoughts on the pros and cons of the different versions? I started running stormbringer again last summer after a break of 35 years For our group it felt a bit clunky so I moved to elric. Feels a bit smoother. To me anyway. Now I'm reading the elric of melnibone game which is basically elric with RQ2 rules. Seems, pretty decent. What do the rest of you think?
  3. Back in the 80s we played almost exclusively the chaosium games including ringworld. Why now 35+ years later do we still play stormbringer/elric? It's the setting, the eternal champion and its the freedom that brings. I also play RQG but for me at least there is a feeling of constrainted by the lore that there isn't with stormbringer. The only limit is your imagination. The rules are brp light, its fast, its easy and the setting is great 👍
  4. Hi Bill. Current plan is a weekly game between 8 and 1130/1200 cet. So would prefer a regular group ie it's not a one shot if that's your question. We're currently playing through some of the smaller published scenarios with an aim to tackling the rogue mistress campaign once the group has gelled. Feel free to pop on the discord if you want to discuss further.
  5. Hi, we've recently kicked off a weekly elric game on a Fri night. Euro time zone 2000 cet, 1900 gmt. Were using roll20 vtt and discord. We've a steady 4 players atm could always use 1 or 2 more. Rules system is elric although looking at adopting a new magic system. Language is English. Play style is relaxed and friendly. If interested pop on our discord and say hello https://discord.gg/xVZtne956B
  6. That would also work. Tbh it's not like a vtt is a complicated bit if software. The value would be the integration, the journals, char sheets etc.
  7. A solution would be for chaosium to produce their own vtt. Id have thought it would be on their radar what with covid etc. Could be a gold mine if handled correctly.
  8. Ah that's a new one to me, I'll have a look. Thanks 👍
  9. Who's astral Allen?
  10. There's a gap in the market here imo. Imagine if chaosium built one supporting BR and you could pay to access your coc, rq etc addons in the compendium with char sheets and so on. Maybe with mobile device portal ala dnd beyond.
  11. Shame isn't it. For me as a returning gamer this is a big selling point. If you look at what's provided out the box on d20 if you launch say a zweihander or dnd game where there's a player guide, char sheets etc.
  12. Hi as most of Europe starts to lockdown again thanks to covid, I'm looking for systems with good vtt integration. I see there's a character sheet on roll20 but no compendium etc. Which is a shame as other games seem a lot more integrated. Any thoughts on this? Anything been announced?
  13. I'm in Zurich, did you ever get a stormbringer game running?
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