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    What is canon?

    Prompted by some of the comments above I think for me, the biggest issue with more recent publications is the discord between concepts/words and visual elements. To go back to the example I raised earlier - As far as I can remember, Sartarites were heavily influenced by Iron/Dark Age Germanic-base culture (and Celtic, depending on your take there). This was - and is - fully demonstrated through specific use of singular terminology (things like Wyter, Wapentake, Thane) and conceptual notions (social structure/activities/processes). And commensurately, for many years, the vis
  2. Virane

    What is canon?

    If you read the rest of my post I think you'll find that's not disagreement at all Playing to existing tropes is always what marketing people recommend as a go-to. MOST of the time they are right. But not always
  3. Virane

    What is canon?

    I think Skyrim is in fact a perfect AID to getting people into Glorantha, rather than a barrier! If I have a new player, it's where I go to. With new players/GMs, there's a really, really high chance they have played and enjoyed Skyrim. It's a great starting point if you're someone who prefers their Sartarites to be more Saxon or Celtic and your Lunars more Roman (as they have been through much of Glorantha's RPG history). Both Skyrim and Glorantha (originally) pull from similar historical source material. Despite recent shifts, the Lunars always had a strong Roman element. Legions,
  4. Virane

    What is canon?

    I always find this conversation interesting, and I do have a bit of an issue with the assumptions a lot of folks project with YGMV/YGWV. I think it's important to not just handwave that statement happily all the time. For some people, that's awesome. They LOVE the idea! It's freeing! It's amazing! And good for them! But for other folks, their brains may not work that way. They would prefer to have a concrete world provided to them - and no judgment should ever be applied for any reason to that desire. It's neither better nor worse, just different. Some people might say
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