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  1. That may well be. However entertainment is chock full of rewarding content that doesn't cater to expectations. It's challenging no doubt, but as GMs and designers we are also story tellers. Success or failure should depend on the quality of the story we tell, our ability to subvert and redirect expectations. Done properly it can be incredibly rewarding. We should feel empowered to take chances, and not be limited by orthodoxy.
  2. I don't need slack. Strange, in my opinion, to rely on orthodoxy in a realm of pure imagination. And that's what RD is proposing, Imaginative play & world building. If you don't like a thread, simply move on.
  3. I don't see this as a barrier. I think players familiar with RQ could invest in the idea that Chaos (I'm unfamiliar with RQ cosmology) and a Great Old One are one and the same, could have a real epiphany. There's a ton of room for discovery, role playing, and adventure in discovering that one fact alone. Having RQ characters adapt to other worlds would be really neat to GM.
  4. Rifts does it well... 😬 I've always thought Rifts is the National Enquirer version of BRP
  5. Because they're all BRP based, the settings and modules could be used as-is, with small conversions at the table. What occurs to me is having a CoC Great Old One level event snap the barriers between the multiverse, and the Heroes (gathered from multiple planes of existence) are tasked with saving... well, everything
  6. My father and I thoroughly enjoyed the comics, many moons ago. If he could see all of this, know that those comics and that RPG he brought home for me have had this kind of lasting effect, I think he'd be quite happy.
  7. M&M's DnD roots drive me crazy. I'm really not fond of that game, although M&M has some great parts to it (the wonky damage system notwithstanding). You're on the money regarding Hero. It's much easier if you get hero Designer, which does the math for you. You just need to watch the point totals. HD is spendy though, considering it's age and clunkiness. You could be close to $100 US for the main books plus the software. and maybe the Powers book. Makes for a large buy in. Where BRP nails it is the community. Us. The BRP community is very accepting of homebrews and variants on
  8. Like Kloster I switched from Superworld to Champions in the 80's. Part of the attraction with HERO was how cleanly it scaled upward. It felt more like a comic book adventure. BRP remains my go-to for pretty much everything else. BRP is gritty, realistic, and easier to write for.
  9. You ever read someone's post and go "dang, I wish I said that"? That's me with this one. 👍
  10. 1. There is a very real speed limit in space. Light. Very fast, granted but that's it. No more. Complicating accelerating to light speed is that time slows the faster you go. When you reach c, time, for you, stops. Small point - i agree entirely with benchmarking acceleration, but depending on the ships relative velocities, the faster ship may simply not react quickly enough. 2. I'm not sure what you mean by this. Weapon facing will always be an issue, so vehicles still need to turn. Vehicles can't instantly change course. 4. weapons will only be effective if they hit. Any weapon, ev
  11. I can't say you're wrong but not all environments have ducks, hobbits and faeries right? But you're absolutely right... the system can't crush smaller characters, the same way it shouldn't nerf more powerful ones. I should take a look at that, make it part of figuring out what can happen at values less than 11. This is all an experiment really. I'm not married to any of it. Just seeing where it goes
  12. Hi Weasel. I'm familiar with it. Don't like it. Here's why. Using a STR 20 SIZ25 creature, we have something that's about 2.4 metres by 218 kg, or about 8 ft, 480 pounds Using RAW, this creature can carry 30 kg without penalty, vs a body weight of 218 kg, or about about 14%. At the other end of the spectrum, using RAW start with a STR 10 and SIZ 10 creature. This creature can carry at 0 penalty around 15 kg, which is 25% of their body weight, vs 14% for the stronger creature i used in the first example. Admittedly this system favours stronger characters. At the end of RAW
  13. I don't want them to be tracking pencils and empty flasks. I don't care. That's no fun! Adding spreadsheets to the mix though, that changes everything. There's the list of items a PC feels is too important to give up. I, as a GM, now have a system to penalize their packrat behavior, If it's not too heavy, it may be too bulky to carry 200 k on foot (an ENC system must allow for weight and bulk). It holds players and characters to a higher standard of realistic action because what you have on your person does matter. This tells me when the PCs are holding too much dross to carry weapons, armor,
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