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  1. I decided to leave Cult Lores as is. I thought of organizing them into a tree based on pantheon, but finally decided that it was taught by the cult itself and therefore would be narrowly focused at lower levels. And less to learn at higher levels then something as broad as plants or spirits, for instance. In an earlier version I incorporated Customs with Homeland Lore, but I wanted to continue allowing experience checks in the former and I don't like having them in lores. I'm considering combining some other skills but haven't pushed into that yet.
  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the rune point recovery system. The idea is great but the system itself makes it so easy that having a system at all seems unnecessary. I only allow rune point recovery on the cult's holy and high holy days and sacred time. Moving the magic point sacrifice to +1% makes a lot of sense to me. And I love the idea of rewarding criticals and specials, I think I would make it a vision from the god that adds to Cult Lore. I have a Humakt that collects weapons and shields from conquered foes to sacrifice. That is the kind of thing that I want to encourage.
  3. A couple of months ago I posted a draft skill tree system for lores and got some good questions and comments. Below is the result we've been using and enjoying, in case anyone is interested. My goals were: 1) To make lores more useful at the lowest levels to make them more interesting for players. 2) To require specialization in lores as skill level intervals, since being 100% in something as broad as plants or spirits didn't work for me (I realize that that number often comes with penalties due to the difficulty of knowing something in particular, but it is not fun to always be roll
  4. My memory is that the Varmandi settled in the Arfritha Vale, got kicked out and settled in the Ormthane Valley, then got kicked out of there and ended up in their current location, which has very little agricultural value (which led many Varmandi to migrate to Antorling when it was founded). They are a war clan now, though there is enough memory of their peace clan days that the women of the clan elected a peace leader prior to Korol Serpent-Tongue. In my game they have a strong and necessary reciprocal relationship with the Hiording where the Varmandi serve as military allies while the H
  5. Can anyone point to examples of explaining/playing spirit world travel of discorporate characters? I'm a bit confused by the RQG descriptions of the region and vortices and how they map to the middle world.
  6. One of the Seven Mothers was (and is) Eurmal in disguise.
  7. The line from the book tells me that the Tusk Riders have formed a spirit cult around Redeye. So anything needs to start from the premise that it already has such a cult in operation with a priest and worshippers. The Ernalda/Gouger/Redeye connection is interesting. Ernalda sent both of them as punishment, but their worshippers are very, very far afield from the earth goddess! So in my game I am assuming that they were captives of Ernalda released upon the world as punishment. In my game, I have adapted the backstory from In a Merry Green Vale (a great source of ideas if you are playing i
  8. I would guess that Hon-eel got Charisma from Eurmal. Whether she wrested it out of him or Eurmal gave it to her as part of a trick (on her or someone else) or he just was in the mood to do so randomly that day (or all of the above) would make a good myth.
  9. The original Rainbow Mounds scenario had an adamantine column that cut through one of the columns that was associated with or connected to the dragonewt plinth that sat atop the mound.
  10. I second @David Scott on introducing the characters gradually. I did not do that and the players were overwhelmed with named and personalities (since I had also just introduced them to their clan, Hiording). Several players paired up with NPCs (Aileena, Brightflower, Squinch, Thrilla), but it hasn't really lasted.
  11. As a GM, do you give your players full value for treasure? If they find a gem "worth" 300L, do you let them sell it for the full amount (or more, with bargaining)? I'm not much of a believer in objective value, things are worth different things to different people. A merchant is going to turn around and try and sell it, so they are only going to offer half or so of the price they think they can get. If they can figure out who would really want something (copper necklace with Extinguish matrix to the Aldryami), then they may get a good bit more than 'list price'.
  12. Thanks for all this! My players were looking to recruit a blacksmith to revitalize the Apple Lane forges. I will suggest they find a redsmith for now and plant the seed for an adventure to find and recruit Piku's son.
  13. Thanks for this. I have a couple of other adventures queued up that will provide similar opportunities, including the dragon/queen scenario from the GA. In this case, I have moved the Stone Woman to Tarkalor Keep and the enthralled bad guy is one of the PC's brothers. So she could become an ally in the Varmandi/Colymar feud with the Orleving/Malani.
  14. Yes, I'm open to that possibility. The book emphasizes how she is mostly just hungry and that that is what she has used the NPC to accomplish, so I think that is an incentive. None of the players are Earth cultists and I don't think they will be interested in worshipping her, though in my game the tower she has moved into is highly strategic so they may realize the wisdom of finding someone that will worship her. As a daughter of Maran Gor she would probably prefer female worshippers, though she is in no position to be picky.
  15. I'm very interested in your experiences running Broken Tower, particularly if your players ended up bargaining with the Stone Woman (successfully or not). I'm running a version of it soon and am intrigued by the notion of the players allying it, I could see that potentially happening. Did your players try this, what did they offer and what was the result? Curious how many cows/season would result in a truce or even alliance.
  16. Okay, so maybe a dozen?
  17. How common would blacksmiths (as opposed to redsmiths) be in Sartarite cities and clans? What would they be? Dwarves? Third Eye Blue? Humakti? Other?
  18. I love having a fillable character sheet in this Zoom era! I would like to be able to customize it to add things that are important to my game in lieu of things that I'm not using (more passions, less sorcery). Is it available in a raw form that I can edit with Adobe Pro or Publisher or something?
  19. It depends on your gamers, of course. But economics has already been introduced in RQG on a micro scale with occupations, cost of living, hides, harvest rolls, etc. If they want to play within the kind of social structure that RQG introduces and encourages, then economics is going to come with it. My players are trying to develop Apple Lane, encourage another clan to defect to their tribe, fund a new shrine, navigate between competing interests of their tribe and clan, and figure out how to get to an important artifact buried in a cave-in. All of these have economic implications and require me
  20. Yeah, I think there are great opportunities for someone to write about the economics of Dragon Pass and Glorantha. The original writings were focused on spiritual and military, RQG has amplified the deep social aspects of the world, the time is ripe to flesh out the economics.
  21. This is the kind of guidance that I was looking for when I started this thread, a somewhat objective limitation on the spell.
  22. I'm only seeing a handful of non-Dwarf mines and no quarries. Nothing in Dragon Pass, for instance.
  23. Is mining and quarrying the exclusive province of the dwarves? I've looked through my pdfs and can find almost no mentions of it, though obviously the many metals, gems, and stone needed for all sorts of things must come from somewhere. But I don't remember seeing mines or quarries on maps, or reading that mining or quarrying was part of a clan or tribe's economy. Is it a sacred process that only dwarves are allowed to do (i.e. Mostal is to mining what Dormal is to seafaring)? I would assume at the least that elves mine copper and trolls mine lead, since they aren't getting that from dwarves!
  24. In the absence of guidance on this important area, several authors in the Jonstown Compendium have put ideas and even mechanics forward. Someone mentioned Secrets of HeroQuesting. 6 Seasons in Sartar had some interesting insights and examples, though I don't believe mechanics. In a Merry Green Vale, which is generally much more about backstory than mechanics, does lead you through a long and complex heroquest with mechanics.
  25. No, I didn't see that as having a negative effect on farmers or farmland in my clan (Hiording). I could see some reasons why it could: The clan is adjacent to Boldhome. The clan had more than a few losses in the Dragonrise, disrupting the harvest. The clan is north of Dangerford where Lunar troops would be living off the land, as it were. The clan had a large lunar troop contingent that wasn't killed in the Dragonrise and that cleared out their storehouses before fleeing north. You want it to. And I ignored the premise in the book that the omens for 1625 were
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