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  1. Not particularly. I get far worse from the folks I investigate. You haven't threatened my family, for example. It seems Maniria has a lot more going on than I was aware of when working there previous! I was told 'just worry about Harrek'. As I said, a place where a GM can do some world building in relative peace without worrying excessively about the plot line. But there's stuff going on as well, which, long term, is probably a plus. It was a bit of a void at the time. - From a forest overlooking the sea (which is already rising here in Maine)
  2. Voriof

    Wolf Pirates

    This is interesting information - and food for thought. Though for me, I wonder if Gloranthan piracy, especially in the Holy Country, would be more akin to that found in the Mediterranean during the Classical period? But then, reports for the time seem to indicate that every other headland concealed a lurking pentekonter or hemolina. * Pirate fleets in the ancient times could reach great numbers - up to several hundred vessels - until Pompey's campaign in the first century BCE. One of my professors pointed out that, from the point of view of the Trojans, the Hellens were the biggest pirat
  3. For what it is worth to anyone, Greg sent me off to Maniria way back in the day to write because he felt it was a place that was not going to be heavily touched by the upcoming trouble - certainly not to the level Dragon Pass will be. A good, quiet place for people, especially NEW PEOPLE, to build a campaign and a world to their liking. A place with history but it was very much a place where players might become the movers and shakers as there really wasn't much of a future script other than, say, Harrek returning and burning everything to the ground. AGAIN. As to the Rokari and Ashara, I
  4. A bit of necromancy, but it's good to see Renvald Meldekbane still fighthing the good fight! - From a forest by the sea
  5. ...or the ritual merely said, 'this is not a ship or a boat, move along, move along' in a way the guardians would accept. Sidstepping (and probably eroding) the Closing enough to avoid it. From a forest overlooking the sea J Kyer
  6. Voriof

    What is canon?

    Well, he could be just wearing that loincloth and the armor is forming around him as he becomes... GUITAR GOD. I'd go with Prog Rock. Have you seen a Captain Beefheart cover? Or listened to Rush? (though I would consider glam rock along the lines of Spinal Tap... er... say... Isn't that mountain range a spine? (Where did I put those those 14" trilithons anyway?) From a forest overlooking the sea... of silliness J Kyer
  7. Voriof

    Walrus ivory?

    Dear Sir, I appreciate the extremely high-octane nightmare fuel that you have seen fit to post for me to see. Thank you very much. That being said, insect ivory? Sure! Why not? That said, I wonder what the chitin of a big rhino beetle mandible would be useful for. Though I think that's pretty much troll territory and chitin. I am not sure that chin would be useful as a carving material compared to ivory. I am going to have trouble unseeing that picture though. Yours, from a forest by the sea, without holy cripes bugs, J Kyer
  8. Voriof

    What is canon?

    Either that or Argrath is undergoing apotheosis into a GOD Of PROG ROCK! Which, for my lights, would be completely worth it. Now, where did I put those King Crimson albums? From a forest by the sea and silliness, J Kyer
  9. Really looking forward to this caravan getting on the road. From a forest overlooking the sea, J Kyer
  10. Voriof

    Walrus ivory?

    And I'm sure there's something along the coasts that can be *cough* harvested. Certainly any of the oh-my-god-so-many monsters along the Wenelian coastlines would suffice. Probably why the islanders at Iron Harpoon got shellacked by the Sea Folks. I always wanted to explore the seas and islands off the coast there but never got the chance. FWIW. Warlus-oids and pseudo-Narwhals are cold-water critters but I am sure there's some sort harvest-able analog in the islands and and waters. Some nice isolated beaches and rocky island breeding colonies. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, you're a
  11. Notes which were eminently useful as background, I might add. You really helped me dial up the 'heck, this place is broken' vibe to where it really needed to be to be. I really haven't looked at the modern version of Maniria/Wenelia but the point was to give plenty of social, political, and above all cultural differences to create conflict which, one hopes, the descendants of the Trader Princes might either mitigate or take advantage of. *addition* That said, I seem to recall Nick always found them to be decadent, decaying and verging on irrelevance (that's a poor choice of words) but I
  12. FWIW, the former was what I intended when I wrote it as a little Easter egg. Issaries headed west on his journey but Castelain headed east. But that was a long time ago and the world has changed greatly since then. And Castlain was never really a thinker. He did the things that needed to be done and hoped for the best. He was, I think, well rewarded for his trust in the world. Again, FWIW, Ashara was something Greg rattled off from the top of his head and then just gave that big old grin of his and went on to the next problem with the manuscript. Wenelia and Manira were sort of the
  13. So much this. Though... "That place will be destroyed in year X unless you *yes, you* do something about it..." works for me. Sorry, just wandered in from the forest after a long walk. J Kyer
  14. Ah, I miss Wenelia. Someday, I think I'd like to go back there. It seems a lot has changed over the years. I have a lot of traveling to do, it seems. J Kyer
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